ECW Hardcore TV 5/22/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 5/22/1999
From: Queens, NY & Philadelphia, PA

1.) Balls Mahoney defeated New Jack in a street fight
2.) ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam defeated Skull Von Krush

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Throughout the show there are several highlights from Hardcore Heaven highlighting the key matches from the pay per view. I’ll be covering content related to Hardcore TV.

2.) It’s noted that Jerry Lynn broken his nose and possibly a broken orbital bone during his match with Rob Van Dam at the PPV. Apparently, Lance Storm saw that Lynn was bleeding from his ear and knew that could be a fractured skull. Storm drove Lynn to the hospital, which is out of character for Storm to do for Lynn.

3.) Jack starts off with a crutch shot to the back of Mahoney. The match is clipped as Mahoney hit a top rope frog splash and both men are bloodied. Jack dove off the balcony onto Mahoney through a table in the crowd. Mahoney is helped into the ring by security and Jack follows shortly afterward. Jack tries for a cover, but Mahoney kicks out at two. Mahoney stops Jack on the top and hits the Nutcracker Suite for the clean win. (NR. It’s a clipped match and rightfully so. I’d imagine the match was nothing but weapon shots and what we needed to see was shown in this format. I was shocked that Mahoney won the match.)

4.) Steven Prazak is sitting down backstage and hypes up what was seen at Hardcore Heaven. He talks about what he saw backstage after the event. He puts over the talent for putting their lives at risk for the sake of extreme. Steve Corino is sitting next to Prazak and Prazak says the best part of the show was Corino not being on the show. Corino threatens he’ll kick Prazak’s ass right now. Corino wants him to take the glasses off, but Prazak doesn’t take them off. Corino is getting tired of ECW not respecting him and he falls down.

5.) Backstage, Cyrus is with Justin Credible, Jason and Lance Storm. Cyrus hears that people think that the Impact Players will be ECW Tag Team Champions soon. Storm calls the Dudley Boys cowards and Tommy Dreamer only beat up a woman. Storm says they don’t sweat anyone. Credible focuses on Sabu and insults him for not knowing English. Credible asks if Sabu understands what being banned means. Sabu can’t wrestle anywhere. Credible is mad that Sabu rained on their parade of having Sid beat in the ring.

6.) Krush clotheslines RVD during his entrance and tosses RVD through the ropes to the floor where RVD hits the railing. Krush continues to work over RVD with strikes around ringside. Krush whacks RVD over the back with a steel chair. RVD backdrops Krush over the railing into the crowd. RVD leaps off the railing to hit a crossbody on Krush. RVD kicks a chair into Krush’s face in the crowd. They trade several strikes in the crowd before returning to ringside. RVD springboards off the railing, but it met with a powerbomb onto the floor. Krush delivers another chair shot to the back as we go to commercial.

Krush scoop slams RVD and removes his elbow pad to mock The Rock. Krush runs the ropes only to stomp RVD. Krush runs into a boot in the corner. RVD leaps off the top but misses a kick. Krush atomic drops RVD and ducks a spin kick. Krush drops RVD with a superkick. Krush hammers away on RVD against the ropes. RVD sunset flips Krush for a two count and Krush delivers a clothesline. RVD hammers away on Krush, but a knee lift stops his momentum. Krush comes off the ropes to deliver a leg drop for a two count. Krush takes RVD over with a snap suplex before heading to the top rope. Krush leaps off hitting an elbow drop for a near fall. Krush slams RVD and heads to the top rope again. Krush misses a top rope frog splash. RVD hits a standing hurricanrana to send Krush into the corner and dropkicks a chair into Krush’s face. RVD sends Krush into the corner and monkey flips Krush onto a chair for a near fall. RVD springboards off the ropes to do a flip and dropkicks a chair into Krush’s face.

RVD hits the rolling thunder for a two count. RVD avoid a chair shot, but Krush plants RVD with a DDT for a near fall. Krush heads to the top rope, but Alfonso crotches Krush over the top rope. RVD kicks a chair into Krush’s face. RVD heads to the top hitting the frog splash for the win. (**. The match was okay, which is better than I expected from Krush. There was never a doubt how this was going to play out. The crowd didn’t seem to be all that interested in the match, which is shocking for a RVD match at this point.)

Final Thoughts:
It was mostly a recap of Hardcore Heaven with a couple of filler matches that weren’t all that necessary to see. I’ll give the episode a pass and I’m hoping that next week will have more developments.

Thanks for reading.

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