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OVW TV 3/9/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) Sean O’Haire defeated Mr. Black to become the head of security for Bolin Services
2.) Mark Jindrak defeated OVW Heavyweight Champion Prototype in a non-title match
3.) Robert Briscoe defeated Ray Ramsey to become the OVW Senior Referee
4.) Rob Conway & Nick Dinsmore defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Damaja & Doug Basham by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Earlier in the day, Kenny Bolin was with Mr. Black and Sean O’Haire. Bolin talks about how the winner will the lead of security and wants them to have a good clean match. They agree to have a clean match.

2.) Black controls O”Haire with a headlock and shoulder blocks O’Haire for the early advantage. O’Haire attempts a scoop slam but Black is too big and shoves Sean away. O’Haire kicks Black in the midsection and attempts a suplex. Black counters with a snap suplex but misses an elbow drop. O’Haire hammers away on Black with right hands and kicks in the corner. O’Haire avoids a splash in the corner and kicks Black. O’Haire comes off the ropes to hit Black with a forearm strikes. O’Haire connects with a clothesline and leaps off the middle rope missing a back splash. Black drops O’Haire with strikes and another clothesline. Black power slams O’Haire for a two count. O’Haire comes off the ropes with a leaping forearm strike. Jerome Coney gets on the apron but Kenny Bolin grabs a baton and tosses it to O’Haire. O’Haire whacks Black with it and gets the cheap win. (1/2*. That was a lackluster match. Black is far too limited in the ring and O’Haire couldn’t carry him to anything worthwhile.) After the match, Bolin tells Black that he is going to be O’Haire’s lackey in order to be in Bolin Services. Black decides he’d rather quit and is attacked by Bolin and O’Haire. Jerome tries to help out Black and he gets tossed to the mat by O’Haire. O’Haire and Bolin stand tall to end the segment.

3.) Jim Cornette interviews David Flair in the ring. Cornette talks about David Flair getting attacked by the Undertaker recently. David thinks that Taker hasn’t seen the last of the Flair family. David has a victory over OVW Heavyweight Champion Prototype. David was attacked by Bolin Services recently. David thinks he deserves a rematch against Prototype and believes that Cornette knows he deserves it. David has also had enough of Bolin Services. David wants a tag match against Prototype, Sean O’Haire and Kenny Bolin. Cornette wonders if David has anyone in mind that he could tag with. David says he has a partner and it’s already signed. David reveals that Ric Flair will be his tag team partner in the upcoming tag team match! OVW Heavyweight Champion Prototype comes out and is shocked to hear this news. Cornette wants David to promise that Ric will be here to team with him. David assures Cornette that there will be a tag match. Cornette decides to book the match at Six Flags on April 5th. Prototype is pissed about this announcement. Prototype doesn’t want to leave the ring, that’s how upset he is about this announcement.

4.) Prototype calls Mark Jindrak a punk and a loser. Jindrak doesn’t like that comment and suggests that Prototype fight him tonight. Jindrak was awful on the microphone there.

5.) Jindrak ducks a clothesline and comes off the ropes with a forearm shot followed by a dropkick on Prototype. Jindrak takes Prototype out with a springboard clothesline out of the corner for a near fall. Jindrak goes for a backdrop but Prototype blocks it and hits a bulldog coming off the ropes. Prototype hammers away on Jindrak in the corner several times. Prototype continues to work over Jindrak with strikes for a near fall. Prototype clotheslines Jindrak and gets another two count. Prototype hammers away on Jindrak in the corner to keep control of the match. Prototype takes Jindrak over with a snap suplex for a two count. Prototype sends Jindrak into the corner a few times followed by an uppercut. Prototype goes for a cover but Jindrak kicks out at two. Prototype sets Jindrak up and drives him down with a vertical suplex. Prototype locks in the figure four on Jindrak in the middle of the ring. David Flair has returned to ringside and is taunting Prototype by strutting on the floor. Prototype swings at David and that allows Jindrak to take Prototype down with a rollup and gets the three count! (*. That would be Jindrak’s first TV win, similar to David Flair. That wasn’t much of a match, really. Jindrak had a few moments showcasing his agility, but that was just about it.)

6.) Ray Ramsey has an old OVW referee named Phillip Fare, who hates Briscoe as much as Ray does. Briscoe spears Ramsey and delivers right hands. Fare takes Briscoe off of Ramsey for all the right hands. Ramsey takes advantage of the distraction and pummels Briscoe. Ramsey misses a fist drop and Briscoe tries to get back to his feet. Briscoe drops Ramsey with right hands. Briscoe accidentally clotheslines Fare and Ramsey holds Briscoe. Fare doesn’t go to hit Briscoe and instead counts the fall when Briscoe has an inside cradle on Ramsey. (DUD. Who cares about the referee feud? I certainly don’t.)

7.) Synn shared some pre-tape comments regarding her match with Nidia on April 5th. She thinks that Nidia isn’t strong enough to handle her whip. Her favorite thing in life is hurting pretty girls. She has a tape to show and it is footage of Synn getting beaten up various times in OVW to prove her toughness. They also show her getting some moves in. It’s basically a hype video for Synn.

8.) OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Doug Basham and Damaja cut a promo in the ring about defending the tag titles tonight against Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway. Basham talks about beating them in their own match, the iron man match. Basham reveals that there will not be a rematch tonight. Basham looked at the rulebook and it says that the champion don’t have to defend the titles more than once in a thirty day period. Basham says there isn’t anyone that can change that. Damaja thinks it is too bad because he was looking forward to getting in the ring with the suck ups that are Conway and Dinsmore. Damaja doesn’t think anyone would have told him about that stipulation. Damaja remembers doing everything and getting nothing in return from OVW. He is no longer going to get jerked around. OVW owner Danny Davis slides into the ring and confronts them. Davis expected all of this from Doug, but not Damaja. Davis knows that Basham is a coward and knew that when Basham quit the business four years ago that he didn’t have the balls. Davis says that Damaja was just a punk four years ago and he took him in to train him and make him something. Davis still considers Damaja to be a punk. Davis doesn’t think that Damaja has any balls, either. Davis reminds Basham that he owns the company and says that he has the power to overrule everyone and thus the tag titles will be on the line tonight. If they don’t defend the titles then they will not enter the Davis Arena ever again. Damaja tells Davis that he may not like how it turns out.

9.) Dinsmore and Basham start off the tag match with Basham working over the arm of Dinsmore, but that’s short lived. Dinsmore takes Basham down to the mat with a top wrist lock. Bahsam backs Dinsmore into a corner and delivers a knee lift. Basham runs into a back elbow and Dinsmore tags in Conway. Conway works over Basham with an uppercut for a two count. Basham elbows Dinsmore and they trade a few chops. Conway elbows Basham but misses a leaping fist drop. Conway rams Basham into the corner and stomps away on Basham several times. Conway kicks Basham away and connects with a clothesline for a two count. Dinsmore tags in and Basham is knocked down with a double back elbow strike. Damaja cheap shots Dinsmore from behind and chokes Dinsmore on the mat. Damaja shoulder rams Dinsmore in the corner but Dinsmore comes back with a back suplex. Conway gets the hot tag and cleans house on Basham. Conway hits a spinning elbow and a backdrop. Conway drives Basham down with a neck breaker. Victoria gets in the ring and elbow drops the referee. Conway scoop slams Victoris and goes for a neck breaker. Damaja plants Conway with the Brain Damage as the referee throws out the match. Basham hits a modified version of the Angel Wings. Dinsmore is being held down as Basham goes to the top rope but Danny Davis runs into the ring and stands over Dinsmore to make the save. Davis gets shoved by Basham and Davis decks both Basham and Damaja. Davis shoves Victoria down too. Davis tries to fight off both Basham and Damaja as he won’t fall down despite several right hands. Damaja plants Davis with the Brain Damage! Basham goes to the top rope hitting a diving headbutt! Victoria slaps Davis. Eventually, the locker room finally empties and they run off the Revolution. (*1/2. The match wasn’t much but that aftermath was nicely done and adds interest into the feud between Davis and the Revolution. Davis probably should have just taken the beating instead of trying to remain strong, but it was a good way to close the show.)

Final Thoughts:
A few feuds progressed along, so that’s a good thing. The show has lacked any overly good matches in recent weeks, though. I’m hopeful that changes soon.

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