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OVW TV 5/11/2002

From: Louisville, KY

1.) Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Doug Basham & Damaja in a non-title match
2.) David Flair defeated Johnny Spade
3.) Nick Dinsmore wrestled Flash to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dogg and Basham kickoff the title match with Dogg taking Basham down to the mat. Basham counters with a front face lock for a moment. Dogg gets a hammerlock on Basham. Basham mounts Dogg with forearm strikes. Basham kicks Dogg and delivers a shoulder block. Dogg tries for a press slam, but Basham gets out of it. Dogg hits a powerslam for a two count as Damaja made the save. Damaja works over Dogg in the corner with shoulder rams. Damaja misses a splash in the corner and is taken down by Dogg. Dogg splashes Damaja in the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Benjamin tags into the match and keeps a headlock on Damaja. Benjamin avoids a slam attempt and hits a crossbody on Damaja for a near fall. Dogg returns to the match and Damaja is taken down with a backdrop. Basham is also backdropped. The challengers hit stereo headbutts to the groin of the champions. Basham hits a reverse DDT on Dogg and pummels Dogg with right hands on the mat.

Dogg is double teamed in the corner. Damaja scoop slams Dogg and chokes Dogg on the mat for a few moments. Benjamin tries to get involved, but that distracts the referee allowing Basham to enter and leg drop Dogg for a near fall. Dogg fights back with right hands to Damaja, but Damaja connects with a suplex and chokes Dogg on the mat. Dogg is worked over in the corner by Basham with shoulder rams. Dogg plants Damaja with a spinebuster and both men are down. Benjamin gets the hot tag and hammers away on Basham. Benjamin clotheslines Basham followed by an overhead suplex. Benjamin suplexs Damaja and hits a springboard double clothesline. Benjamin hits a side Russian leg sweep on Basham. Damaja sends Benjamin to the floor. Dogg works over Damaja in the corner. Benjamin gets a rollup on Basham and pins Basham after Nidia decked Victoria on the floor! (**1/2. There was great crowd energy for this match and Benjamin was a standout performer. I’m really enjoying the Basham/Damaja unit as their heel group has been great. The non-title match victory should lead to a tag title match soon and now there’s reasonable doubt on who could win.)

2.) Bull Buchanan has been stalking David Flair lately and he’s been paid to make David’s life miserable. Buchanan watched Flair leave his home in his truck. Buchanan ended up breaking into David’s home. David left his porch door unlocked. Buchanan sees David’s dog and gives the dog a treat. Buchanan stole David’s dog during the home invasion. David shared cut a heated promo saying it was personal and that Bull was going to get his ass kicked. They got another video tape by Buchanan via FedEx. Bull has the dog in a crate in a cornfield all by itself. Bull tells Flair to find the dog before it’s too late. Bull questions if Flair has the guts to come get the dog at Six Flags.

3.) Flair backs Spade into a corner and Spade delivers a few chops. Flair responds with several chops of his own. Flair backdrops Spade and delivers another chop to the chest. Spade misses a boot and Flair misses a clothesline. Spade superkicks Flair and gets a two count. Spade works over Flair in the corner with strikes. Spade elbows Flair coming off the ropes and hits a middle rope elbow strike for a two count. They begin to trade chops until Spade eye rakes Flair. Spade slams Flair to the mat and goes to the top rope. Spade misses a swanton bomb. Flair hammers away on Spade hitting a hip toss and a standing dropkick. Flair hits a front suplex for a near fall. Flair delivers a knee breaker and locks in a figure four. Spade is forced to submit. (*1/2. Flair actually looked good in there and showed good fire. I guess all it takes is to steal his dog to get Flair fired up.)

4.) Footage of Leviathan taking on EZ Money is shown. Money elbows out of a chokeslam, but is driven down with a full nelson slam for a near fall. Money is sent into the referee in the corner. Prototype gets in the ring and gets maced by Synn. Leviathan hits the Demon Bomb, but the referee calls for the bell because Synn was in the ring. Money won the match by disqualification. After the match, Leviathan powerbombed Prototype and did the same to the referee. Leviathan grabs Synn, but more referees come out to prevent that from happening.

5.) Jim Cornette is in the ring with Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore for an interview. Conway is excited to wrestle on a WWF card representing OVW. Conway promises they are going to regain their OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. Conway says they are going to impress everyone with a victory. Dinsmore talks about Flash and puts Flash over as a great wrestler. Dinsmore also calls Flash a crybaby and he always has excuses. Dinsmore thinks that Flash deserves a spanking and he’ll be the one to give him one.

Flash makes his way out with Trailer Park Trash to confront Dinsmore and Conway. Flash tells Dinsmore if he spanks him then he’ll kick Dinsmore’s ass. Conway tells Trash that Revolution is trying to divide and conquer. Trash is pissed about being screwed out of the tag titles. Trash wants Dinsmore to put their tag title shot on the line. Dinsmore says that Flash wouldn’t beat him anyway. They slap each other and are held back as the show goes to commercial.

6.) Dinsmore and Flash lockup with neither man getting a clear advantage. Dinsmore shoves Flash in the corner and Flash kicks the bottom rope. Dinsmore gets wrist control on Flash as we see Damaja and Basham are at the commentary table. Dinsmore gets out of a wrist lock with one of his own. Flash breaks free and controls Dinsmore with a wrist lock. Flash tries to do an arm drag, but Dinsmore prevents it out of the corner. Flash chops Dinsmore in the corner, but Dinsmore fires back with chops of his own. Flash misses a crossbody and Dinsmore gets a rollup for a two count. Dinsmore keeps Flash on the mat with an arm lock. Flash presses his knee into Dinsmore’s back and pulls back on the arms. Dinsmore breaks free and locks in a modified cobra clutch. Dinsmore chokes Flash with his arms, but Flash counters. Dinsmore counters back into control and delivers a shoulder block. Flash hits a side Russian leg sweep and misses a leg drop. Flash rolls over and acts as if he blew out his knee. Dinsmore stops and is met with a superkick. Flash stomps on Dinsmore and chokes Dinsmore on the mat. Flash chops Dinsmore in the corner and chokes Dinsmore over the middle rope. Flash chokes Dinsmore over the ropes as the show goes to commercial.

Flash sends Dinsmore into the ropes and hits a clothesline for a two count. Dinsmore knee lifts Flash, but is sent to the floor. Flash takes Dinsmore out with a springboard crossbody over the top to the floor onto Dinsmore. Flash continues to work over Dinsmore in the corner with strikes. Flash forearms Dinsmore to the mat for a near fall. Flash keeps a sleeper on Dinsmore for a few moments. Flash hits a back suplex on Dinsmore and goes to the top rope. Flash is crotched by Dinsmore and crashes to the mat. Dinsmore chops Flash a few times and hits a backdrop. Dinsmore goes to the top, but gets distracted by Damaja and Basham attacking Conway on the floor. Flash hits a superplex off the top rope. Victoria gets in the ring, but Dinsmore stops Victoria with a slam. Johnny Spade throws powder into Flash’s face and pummels Flash. Flash tackles Dinsmore and hammers away on Dinsmore. Flash decks the referee. Dinsmore pummels Flash and also decks the referee. The referee calls for the bell to throw the match out. (***. A good match with the cop out finish to not have to change the WWF match for the OVW wrestlers. Flash displayed some good offense and they worked well together.) After the match, Trailer Park Trash and Rob Conway get in the ring and shove each other leading to right hands. Several referees come out and try to restore order. Several wrestlers come out trying to keep the peace, but they’re unable to. Redd Dogg and Shelton Benjamin come out to try and help but the brawling continues as the show ends.

Final Thoughts:
Another solid week for OVW television and I’m interested to see what happens at the WWF live event match for the tag titles.

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