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OVW TV 5/4/2002

Date: 5/4/2002
From: Louisville, KY

1.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Prototype & Sean O’Haire defeated Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway
2.) EZ Money defeated Leviathan by disqualification
3.) OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Damaja & Doug Basham defeated Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Prototype and Dinsmore kickoff the match with both men trading wrist control. Prototype takes Dinsmore down, but Dinsmore counters. Dinsmore elbow drops Prototype on the knee, but Prototype reaches the ropes quickly. Conway tags into the match and is backed into the corner by Prototype. Conway jabs Prototype several times. Conway hits a twisting crossbody out of the corner. Conway hits a hurricanrana on Prototype for a near fall as O’Haire made the save. Prototype comes off the ropes and is met with a double hip toss. O’Haire holds Dinsmore in the corner as Prototype delivers right hands. O’Haire enters the match and knee strikes Dinsmore followed by strikes. Dinsmore hits a leaping forearm for a two count on O”Haire. Conway returns to the match and is decked by O’Haire. O’Haire catches Conway and rams Conway into the corner. O’Haire runs into a big boot in the corner. Conway fights off both men until Prototype sends Conway into the ropes. Conway forearms Prototype off the apron. O’Haire delivers an over the shoulder backbreaker. Prototype stomps Conway on the floor while the referee was distracted. O’Haire chops Conway in the corner and goes to the middle rope hitting a sunset flip neckbreaker for a near fall, but Dinsmore made the save. Prototype covers for a near fall on Conway.

Flash and Trailer Park Trash have come down to ringside. O’Haire elbows Conway and Prototype enters the match managing to get a near fall. O’Haire goes to the top rope and misses a sunset flip neckbreaker. Conway struggles on the match, but makes the tag to Dinsmore. Prototype misses a strike and is atomic dropped by Dinsmore. Dinsmore sends Prototype into the ropes and delivers a backdrop. Dinsmore bulldogs Prototype, but O’Haire makes the save. All four men are in the ring and Dinsmore has a rollup on Prototype. Prototype kicks out and Dinsmore falls into Trash and Flash. Dinsmore is sent into the ring post and Prototype pins Dinsmore for the win. (**. A decent match between these two teams and the involvement of Flash and Trash allows for some more angle development. Dinsmore and Conway are so good in the ring that they should be on the main roster at this point.)

2.) EZ Money is Prototype’s mystery opponent for Leviathan this week.

3.) Leviathan backs Money into a corner and tosses Money across the ring. Leviathan slingshots Money into the ring from the apron and hits a backdrop. Leviathan stomps on Money followed by strikes in the corner. Money elbows Leviathan in the corner and goes to the top, but is slammed off by Leviathan. Leviathan delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Leviathan elbows Money and continues with strikes. Leviathan works over Money against the ropes. Leviathan misses a big boot and hits the ropes. Money nails Leviathan with a superkick. Money works over the arm and wraps the left arm of Leviathan around the ring post. Prototype cheap shots Leviathan from the floor and Money keeps control with strikes. Money misses a splash in the corner. Money hits a reverse DDT and goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Leviathan clotheslines Money a few times. Leviathan big boots Money coming off the ropes. Leviathan goes for a chokeslam, but Money elbows free. Leviathan plants Money with a full nelson slam, but Money kicks out at two. Leviathan sends Money into the referee in the corner and goes for the Demon Bomb. However, Synn comes in and maces Prototype. The referee sees Synn with the mace and disqualifies Leviathan. After the match, Leviathan powerbombed Money, Prototype and did the same to the referee. Leviathan grabs Synn, but more referees come out to prevent that from happening. (*. Just some typical angle advancement.)

4.) Dean Hill is in the ring with Kenny Bolin and Sean O’Haire. Bolin says he’s in the best shape of his life and credits O’Haire for the success. Bolin shows that he can touch his own feet. O’Haire takes protein bars away from Bolin, but gives them back so that Bolin can toss them to the fans. Bolin spits out water and prepares to jump rope. Bolin successfully jump ropes twice and gets frustrated. Bolin is going to arm wrestle Coach Clemons at the next big event and he’s warming up for it now. Bolin brings out Clemons cousin Bulldog Clemons. Bolin is confident that he could beat all the Clemons. O’Haire ends up distracting the referee and Bolin cheats to win the contest.

5.) Jim Cornette extends condolences to Lou Thesz. Lou passed away at the age of 86. They air a tribute video for Thesz that was aired on a WWF program in St. Louis.

6.) Bull Buchanan has been stalking David Flair lately and he’s been paid to make David’s life miserable. Buchanan watched Flair leave his home in his truck. Buchanan ended up breaking into David’s home. David left his porch door unlocked. Buchanan sees David’s dog and gives the dog a treat. Buchanan stole David’s dog during the home invasion.

7.) Jim Cornette is in the ring with David Flair for an interview. Flair has learned to live through his fathers enemies. Flair asks if anyone has come to Cornette’s house with a camera to invade his privacy and stole from him. Flair is drawing the line on this. Flair is sick and tired of Bull doing these sick things. Flair doesn’t care how big and bad Bull is. Flair is mad! Flair takes off his shirt and says he doesn’t care what he’s got to do. Bull is going bleed, sweat and pay the price. Flair promises to kick Bull’s Georgia ass!

8.) Before the main event, Redd Dogg gets on the microphone and says that everyone knows they want to challenge for the tag titles. Dogg has bad news saying that Benjamin’s flight has been cancelled. Dogg couldn’t pass up getting revenge. Dogg isn’t going to let Benjamin down. Nidia and Victoria are going to be handcuffed together.

9.) Dogg puts a front face lock on Basham and drop toe holds Basham. Dogg shoulder blocks Basham, but Basham retreats to the corner. Dogg avoids a clothesline by Damaha and stomps Damaja on the mat. Damaja eye rakes Dogg and sends Dogg into the corner. Dogg boots Damaja and hits a middle rope shoulder block. Dogg slams Damaja followed by a clothesline. Dogg slams Basham and hits another leaping shoulder block. Dogg avoids Damaja in the corner, but Basham tags in and clotheslines Dogg for a near fall. Dogg comes off the ropes and is met with a leg lariat. Damaja returns to the match and hits a vertical suplex for a near fall. Damaja decks Dogg with a right hand against the ropes. Damaja knee lifts Dogg and continues with a forearm strike. Damaja misses a clothesline and is dropkicked into Basham by Dogg. Dogg drops both men with right hands. Dogg hits a slam on Basham for a near fall. Dogg drops Damaja and drops Basham in the corner. Dogg hooks Basham on the top rope, but Damaja hits a back suplex off the middle rope. Basham hits a diving headbutt off the top and pins Dogg for the win. After the match, Victoria had choked Nidia with the handcuffs. Victoria chokes Nidia on the mat. (**. Dogg did a fine job trying to fight both men to win the titles. The action was constant and they did a good job of making the action feel desperate and intense for Dogg. They were able to drag this out a little longer before I’m sure Dogg and Benjamin win the tag titles from Basham and Damaja.)

Final Thoughts:
A solid episode for OVW this week with a good focus on promoting their May 11th event. David Flair cut a good promo and apparently all it takes is to steal his dog to get that level of emotion.

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