WCW Pro 1/14/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
: 1/14/1995
From: Dalton, GA

1.) Nasty Boys defeated George South & Gary McAllister
2.) Jim Duggan defeated Mark Kyle
3.) Brad & Scott Armstrong defeated Rob Starr & Ricky Santana
4.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Mike Corey in an arm wrestling challenge
5.) WCW Tag Team Champions Stars & Stripes defeated Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Diamond Dallas Page continues his segment of beating enhancement guys in an arm wrestling challenge. Page puts himself over as an international arm wrestling champion. Page explains the rules that if the man he challenges beats him, then they get a date with Diamond Doll. Page wins the arm wrestling contest easily. Dave Sullivan was seen again on the aisle watching from a distance.

2.) Patriot and Slate kickoff the main event tag match. Slater covers up to avoid being punched and Patriot backs away. Slater takes Patriot down to the mat with a drop toe hold, but Patriot counters with arm control. Bagwell tags in and back elbows Slater to the mat, but Buck tags into the match. Buck takes Bagwell down to the mat with a headlock, but Bagwell counters with a head scissors. Bagwell scoop slams Buck for a near fall. They counter each other on the mat with Buck tagging in Slater while having a head scissors on Bagwell. However, Bagwell is able to break free. Slater gets a two count with a rollup. Bagwell decks Slater with a right hand. Patriot tags into the match and dropkicks Slater for a two count. Slater knee lifts Patriot from the apron and Buck decks Patriot to the mat. Patriot is beaten down by Slater and Buck against the ropes. Buck slams Patriot to the mat again followed by a knee drop to the lower back. Buck tags in Slater and they deck Patriot to the mat with right hands. Slater stomps on Patriot’s lower back in the corner followed by jabs.

Slater delivers a side Russian leg sweep for a two count on Patriot. Patriot fights back on Buck with strikes and tries to tag in Bagwell, but Buck stops him. Buck tries for a piledriver, but Patriot counters with a backdrop. Bagwell tags in and hammers away on Buck followed by a dropkick. Slater avoids a dropkick but misses an elbow drop on Bagwell. All four men are in the ring brawling at this point. Buck is met with double back elbows. Slater has his boot off as Bagwell hit a fisherman suplex. Slater nails Bagwell with the boot and the referee calls for the DQ finish. (*1/2. There wasn’t much going on here for the action as they kept it rather simple and basic with the constant arm work. I like the team of Slater and Buck, though.)

Final Thoughts:
Another subpar episode of WCW Pro as the feature match didn’t do much for me. I wonder how long they will drag out Dave Sullivan challenging Page in the arm wrestling contest.

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