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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #77 1/14/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #77
Date: 1/14/2004
From: Nashville, TN

A video highlighting AJ Styles being voted Mr. TNA 2003 much to the disappointment of NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. During the video, Erik Watts patted a masked man on the shoulder saying they’ll take care of the match tonight. Jarrett and Callis knew that Goldylocks would fall into their trap. Jarrett wants to know who is under the mask.

Outside the arena, Erik Watts arrived with Goldylocks and AJ Styles.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is making a call to Tom and has a to do list on a white board. Tom says that Jeff needs to watch the masked man carefully. Jarrett promises that tonight will be Watt’s final night in TNA. They talk about Kid Kash needing to get the signatures. Jarrett wants to reveal the news this week and is given permission to do so.

Randy Savage’s “Are You Ready” is part of the opening video package, which I hadn’t noticed.

In the parking lot, the masked man attacks Jeff Jarrett while Don Callis freaks out. Jarrett gets into the building and Tenay mentions that the masked man is named El Leon. They get into the ring, which has straps for the opening match. Leon hits a swinging slam, but the Red Shirts come out. Leon clotheslines both men and is met with a kick from Jarrett. Red Shirts hit a back suplex/clothesline combo. They try to remove the mask and Jarrett grabs a chair. Leon kicks the chair and bails to the floor. Jarrett confronts Tenay at the announcers table. Don West keeps Jarrett away from Tenay for a moment.

Opening Contest: Kevin Northcutt & Joe E. Legend vs. America’s Most Wanted in a rawhide whipping match: They quickly go to the floor and start brawling with AMW having the early advantage. Harris hammers away on Legend in the ring. Legend boots Harris, but is met with a backdrop. Harris has a strap, but is stopped by Northcutt. Northcutt enters the match and whips Harris over the back. Harris atomic drops Northcutt followed by a clothesline off the ropes. Harris tries to use the strap again, but is stopped from behind. Northcutt whips Harris a few times. Storm dropkicks a kneeling Northcutt to get the advantage. Legend decks Storm from behind and chokes Storm over the ropes before using the strap. Storm takes Legend over with a standing hurricanrana and punches Northcutt on the apron. Northcutt trips Storm and Legend delivers a running kick. Northcutt returns to the match hitting a splash in the corner. Northcutt whips Storm a few more times with the strap.

Legend chokes Storm in the corner while the referee isn’t looking and Northcutt keeps control with stomps. Legend enters the contest and drop toe holds Storm onto Northcutt’s knees. Storm takes Northcutt down and catapults Northcutt into Legend on the top rope. Storm slams Legend off the ropes to the mat and clotheslines Northcutt. Harris gets the hot tag and cleans house with left hands and a clothesline to Legend. Harris clotheslines Northcutt to the floor followed by a full nelson suplex onto Legend. Harris clotheslines Northcutt and delivers another whip to the back. Legend is clotheslined with the strap and whipped by Storm. Harris mounts Northcutt with strikes. Harris takes off Northcutt’s shirt and Harris whips him a few times. Harris spears Northcutt for a two count. Harris locks in the Sharpshooter and Storm whips Northcutt. Legend dumps Storm to the floor and big boots Harris for a two count. Harris is whipped by Legend, but Storm enters to superkick Legend allowing Harris to win with a rollup. After the match, Northcutt hangs Harris over the top rope. Storm drops Northcutt to check on Harris and is attacked from behind. Red Shirts have Storm looking for the spike piledriver, but Harris has a chair to make the save. (**. It was okay, but the stipulation tended to slow the action down and stopped any fun momentum from building.)

NWA-TNA X-Division cut a promo after a highlight video about having the championship back and how everyone will hail Sabin.

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviews Shane Douglas, Michael Shane and Traci Brooks. Shane says the mark of a champion is how they respond to get the title back. Tonight is the first step to get back his belt even with a bad arm. Douglas says that they held him down last week and they will try again. Douglas says that they don’t like talent and asks if Shane will allow them to hold him down. Douglas will be wrestling Elix Skipper tonight and says his old school isn’t going to back down from Skipper.

Second Contest: Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Michael Shane in a number one contenders match: Daniels and Ki are arguing during Shane’s entrance. They begin to trade right hands as soon as the bell sounds. Daniels clotheslines Ki, but Shane decks Daniels from behind. Ki and Daniels continue to trade strikes. They keep knocking Shane away to continue to trade blows in the corner. Shane tosses Ki across the ring, but Daniels delivers a boot and a heel kick. We see that Sandman has arrived to Raven’s layer, but Raven isn’t there. Shane dumps Daniels to the floor. Shane forearms Ki for a near fall. Shane takes Ki over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Ki chops Shane a few times, but Shane returns the chops. Ki chops Shane against the ropes a few times. Shane sends Ki through the ropes, but Ki takes Daniels out with a suicide dive. Chris Sabin is watching the action. Daniels forearms Shane, but Shane sends Daniels into Ki for a two count. Shane decks Daniels to the canvas with a strike. Shane knee lifts Ki on the apron.

Daniels works on Shane with strikes and chops. Shane delivers a leaping forearm for a two count. Ki kicks Shane from the apron and Daniels atomic drops Shane. Ki hits a springboard kick on Shane as Daniels had lifted Shane into the air. Ki chops Shane against the ropes and Shane is worked over by both men. Ki delivers a few kicks to Shane’s chest. Shane ducks a kick and Ki knocks out Daniels.. Ki delivers a heel kick to Shane and Daniels delivers a strike. Shane eye rakes Ki in the corner to gain control. Ki kicks Shane’s injured arm and delivers a dropkick. Ki tries for a cross arm bar on Shane’s injured arm, but Shane holds on and Daniels delivers a strike to Ki to break the hold. Daniels delivers a tilt a whirl backbreaker to Ki followed by a Flatliner. Shane comes off the top and elbow drops Daniels as Ki had a submission locked in. Shane has a cover for a two count on Daniels.

Shane plants Ki with a DDT for a two count. Daniels tries for Angel Wings, but Shane counters with a backdrops. Daniels elbows Shane in the corner and tries for a middle rope Angel Wings. Shane rolls through a sunset flip, and Daniels hits the Angel Wings for a two count. Daniels sends Ki into the corner face first followed by a strike on the top rope. Ki locks in a dragon sleeper, but Daniels breaks free. Shane shoves Daniels off the top to the floor and drops Ki face first over the top turnbuckle. Shane tries for a superkick, but Ki blocks it and delivers a cartwheel kick. Ki hits a handspring kick in the corner. Shane Douglas comes out and is decked off the apron. Shane superkicks Ki and wins the match. (**1/4. A fine match, but the main takeaway was the issues between Daniels and Ki for me. That almost made it obvious that Shane was going to win since they have their own issue. Plus, it made the most sense to allow Shane and Sabin to have another singles match to finish off their rivalry. The finish was lackluster, but expected.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with two international partners to announce that TNA has officially signed an agreement with AAA. February 11th there will be an America’s X Cup which will see four of the best of AAA to take on four of the best in TNA.

Glen Gilbertti is the special referee for the next match. Gilbertti says they settle their issues internally and wants the best man to win the match. The person that loses the match will be out of the group.

Third Contest: Simon Diamond vs. David Young: Diamond has no interest in shaking hands with Young. Young slaps Diamond and is tackled. Diamond hammers away on Young before being pulled off by Gilbertti. Diamond hammers away on Young in the corner and hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Diamond decks Young and ducks a clothesline to send Young to the floor. Diamond sends Young into the guard railing shoulder first and continues with chops. Young counters a slam and low blows Diamond. Young continues to hammer away on Diamond followed by a boot to the face. Young sends Diamond into the corner back first. Young decks Diamond with a clothesline and delivers right hands. Young is saying he’s doing what Gilbertti told him. Gilbertti was slow to count for Diamond and Young sends Diamond through the ropes to the floor. Young sends Diamond into the apron back first. Young has grabbed a chair from ringside. Young tries to whack Diamond, but Gilbertti tosses the chair to the floor. Young drops Diamond with a right hand. Young misses a top rope moonsault and Diamond nearly wins with a rollup. Diamond superkicks Young and both men are down. Diamond takes Young over with a series of snap suplexs, but Young counters with a snap suplex of his own. Young heads to the top rope and is crotched by Diamond. Diamond hits a top rope hurricanrana. Gilbertti nails Diamond with the stunner and puts Young on top for the win. After the match, Johnny Swinger runs into the ring and attacks Gilbertti to save his partner. Swinger decks Young as well. Gilbertti has kicked Swinger and Diamond out of the group. (*1/2. The crowd wasn’t interested in this and I can’t really blame them. I’m not sure how Diamond and Swinger will fare being a face team now since nobody in the match came across as being likable in any way.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is outside Jeff Jarrett’s locker room. Hudson says they need answers, but Jarrett tells him he doesn’t have time for him. Jarrett tells Callis that he wants to know who is under the mask. Callis runs off to find out. Jarrett wants Chris Vaughn’s signature in his blood and sends Kash off to go get it.

Fourth Contest: Shane Douglas vs. Elix Skipper: Douglas misses a clothesline and Skipper hammers away on Douglas in the corner. Skipper clotheslines Douglas and delivers a few stomps. Skipper mule kicks Douglas in the corner and Douglas begins to beg off. Douglas sends Skipper face first into the middle turnbuckle to gain control. Skipper is saying his neck hurts, but Douglas keeps working over Skipper. Douglas locks in a neck vice, but Skipper fights out. Douglas drives Skipper down with a front vertical suplex. Douglas delivers a reverse rolling neck snap. Douglas goes back to the neck vice, but Skipper fights out again. Douglas connects with a TKO. Douglas casually beats on Skipper, but Skipper again battles back with right hands. Skipper spin kicks Douglas, but Traci Brooks gets involved to cause a distraction. Douglas decks Skipper from behind and locks in a full nelson stretch to quickly win by submission. (*. I don’t think anyone really bought into Skipper in a singles role here. Douglas didn’t have too much of an issue, but I don’t really see where Douglas fits in on the undercard. I think a feud with the X-Division would be a poor fit.) After the match, Low Ki runs in and makes the save. Douglas hits Ki from behind when Traci got involved. Skipper has gotten up and he decks Michael Shane, but is stopped by a low blow from Traci. Shane superkicks Skipper. Douglas continues to work over Ki in the corner. Christopher Daniels runs into the ring to help Ki and Skipper. Douglas pulls Traci to the floor to save her from Daniels. Skipper shakes their hands and Skipper wants to reform Triple X. Will Daniels and Ki shake hands? Ki walks off with not shaking Daniels hand. I mean, Daniels did smash his head with a chair literally two weeks ago.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with AJ Styles for an interview. Styles thanks the fans for the Mr. TNA award. Styles is determined to win a shot at the NWA World Championship. Hudson asks how Styles career would be impacted if they lost. Styles says that losing is not an option.

Fifth Contest: Kid Kash vs. Chris Vaughn: Vaughn attacks on the floor to start the contest hammering away on Kash. Vaughn rolls Kash into the ring and Kash begs off. Vaughn continues with right hands followed by a dropkick. Vaughn hits a springboard heel kick for a two count. Vaughn kicks Kash from the middle rope, but Kash delivers a chop. Kash holds Vaughn for a Muscle Buster and drives Vaughn down for a two count. Kash continues with overhand chops in the corner as the camera has been cutting back to Tiny the Timekeeper for his reaction after being bullied by Kash. Kash plants Vaughn with a back suplex for a near fall. Vaughn fights back with right hands, but runs into a boot in the corner. Kash dropkicks Vaughn on the knee. Kash drops Vaughn face first over the top turnbuckle and continues with right hands on the mat. Kash pummels Vaughn with several right hands to the forehead and Vaughn has been busted wide open. Vaughn drops Kash with a clothesline and a spinning elbow. Vaughn connects with a neckbreaker and a springboard moonsault! Kash avoids Vaughn in the corner and goes to the top rope, but Vaughn crotches Kash. Kash low blows Vaughn on the top rope. Kash hits a top rope powerslam! Kash finishes Vaughn off with the Monkey Maker for the win. (**. I thought this was solid enough considering Vaughn isn’t very experience. I could see Vaughn being a good addition to the X-Division if he’s given some time to improve because he has some fun offense.) After the match, Kash makes Vaughn sign the contract in his blood. Tiny enters the ring and attacks Kash! Tiny weighs too much to be slammed and decks Kash! Tiny spears Kash and delivers right hands! Kash gets a few strikes in on Tiny, but Don Harris runs out and knee lifts Kash several times. The Red Shirt Security runs into the ring to attack Don. AMW slide into the ring and they brawl with the Red Shirts.

A video highlighting the return of Father James Mitchell aligning with CM Punk and Julio Dinero last week is shown. Mitchell notes that Raven tried to kill him two months ago but failed to do so. Mitchell says that Raven discarded the Gathering and Mitchell is the one who set them free. CM Punk says that Raven will find nothing but broken dreams should he try for his destiny again.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is in Raven’s layer, but Father James Mitchell is there instead. Mitchell says that Raven is in hell because he can’t stand that he was outsmarted by Mitchell. Mitchell tells Sandman that he can back out because Raven won’t be here. Punk says they have something in common with Sandman and that’s following Sandman. They’ll never make that mistake again.

Sixth Contest: CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. The Sandman in a handicap canes on a pole match: Sandman hammers away on Dinero and Punk as Raven didn’t make his entrance. Sandman sends Dinero into Punk in the corner. Sandman dumps Punk and Dinero to the floor where he sends them into the guard railing. Sandman splashes them against the railing. Sandman takes Punk off the top with a hurricanrana. Dinero tries to reach the cane, but Sandman shoves Dinero to the floor. Punk jabs Sandman several times and delivers a shining wizard. Punk nails Sandman with a running knee in the corner, but misses a second attempt. Sandman begins to climb in the corner, but Dinero connects with a running powerbomb. Punk jabs Sandman followed by a clothesline. Sandman fights back with left hands, but Dinero yanks Sandman down to the mat. Dinero and Punk hit a side slam/elbow drop combo. They go to opposite corners and grab both canes from the poles. They nail Sandman several times with the sticks. Sandman hits two side Russian leg sweeps. Sandman delivers kendo stick shots but can’t get a three on Dinero. James Mitchell is on the apron and allows a double superkick for the three count. (*. The finish is disappointing as it’s a crutch TNA uses to allow pins to happen. There’s no reason these two couldn’t have beaten Sandman in a handicap match in a clean manner.) After the match, Sandman is beaten with the canes until security slides into the ring to make the save.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Erik Watts and Goldylocks. Watts agrees that losing is not an option. Watts tells Goldylocks that she needs to stay backstage because he can’t keep an eye on her and AJ Styles. Goldylocks doesn’t like the sound of that, but she thinks that Watts wants to breakup with her. Goldy tells Watts that she will not be ignored.

The Sandman is in the ring and wants to know where Rave was at. Sandman swore he was never going to dance with the devil. Sandman can’t rely on Raven but he’s going to go backstage and call the most hardcore chair swinging man he knows. Sandman is bringing Balls Mahoney with him next week to fight Punk and Dinero.

Don Calliis reveals that he can drop the biggest bombshell in wrestling history. A video plays that the most hated man in America is coming to TNA. They are bringing in… Johnny Fairplay.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett and Abyss for an interview. Jarrett declares tonight will be Watts final night in TNA. Jarrett notes that his men came through tonight and says that he comes through every night.

Main Event: NWA-TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett & Abyss vs. AJ Styles & Erik Watts: Watts and Styles attack on the floor leading to them brawling. Watts tries to chokeslam Jarrett, but settles for a big boot. Watts clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor. Watts continues to beat on Jarrett at the announcers table. Styles takes Abyss over with a hurricanrana. Watts catapults Styles into Abyss in the corner, but Abyss caught him. Styles manages to hit a tornado DDT for a near fall. Jarrett avoids a dropkick, but on a second attempt AJ connects. Watts delivers an axe handle from the top rope and prevents Jarrett from tagging out to Abyss. Styles keeps arm control after an arm drag. Abyss tags into the match and Styles heel kicks Abyss. Abyss drops Styles over the top rope gut first. Abyss press slams Styles chest first down to the mat. Jarrett hammers away on Styles followed by a dropkick. Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold for a few moments. Styles elbows free, but Jarrett yanks Styles down by his hair.

Abyss enters the ring and delivers a few chops in the corner. Abyss misses a splash in the corner. Styles nails Abyss with a Pele kick. Jarrett tags in and Watts gets the hot tag hammering away on Jarrett and Abyss. Watts drops Abyss with a big boot and chokeslams Jarrett for a near fall. Styles dropkicks a kneeling Abyss to the floor. Styles takes Abyss out with a somersault dive to the outside. Watts misses a crossbody on Jarrett and takes out the referee on accident. Jarrett has the championship and decks Watts! Jarrett goes for the cover and pins Watts to win the match. Wait, Mike Tenay gets on the microphone and tells the referee that Jarrett hit Watts with the belt. Bill Behrens comes out and tells the referee causing the match to restart. Jarrett chokes Tenay at ringside. Abyss tries for a double chokeslam, but Watts avoids it. El Leon is brawling with Jarrett as Watts chokeslammed Abyss! Styles hits a 450 splash for a near fall. Leon is beating up Jarrett in the crowd. Abyss is being double teamed, but sends Styles to the floor. Abyss clotheslines Watts to the floor. Styles hits a springboard forearm to drop Abyss. Goldylocks comes out to the ring and points at Watts saying she will not be ignored. Goldylocks low blows Abyss and Styles gets sunset flip on Abyss to win the match and earns a title shot. (**. A decent match with the ending involving El Leon not being all that surprising. I’m looking forward to AJ hopefully getting another run with the title.)

Godlylocks jumps into Erik Watts arm signaling that their issues were just a ruse. Don Callis is pissed about what just happened. Callis says that if this decision is allowed to stand then he will quit TNA Wrestling. Watts says if AJ doesn’t get his title shot then he will quit. Jarrett tells Watts to pack his bags. Jarrett tells Watts that TNA ownership will never let Callis go. Jarrett notes that Johnny Fairplay will be here next week.

Final Thoughts:
In-ring wise there’s nothing on here that stands out and there felt to be a lot of filler segments. The main angle between Jarrett & Watts has heat to it and it’s doing a fine job holding interest. I’m baffled by the ending scene with both Callis and Watts threatening to quit their jobs after Watts just wrestled to save his job. Those are important details to realize. I’ll consider this a thumbs down episode for TNA. I’m sure my mindset would be different if it wasn’t a PPV based company.

Thanks for reading.

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