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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #80 2/4/2004

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #80
From: Nashville, TN

A video highlighting last weeks episode starts the broadcast focusing on the Erik Watts situation where he brought Brian Urlacher in and he tossed Jonny Fairplay out of the ring. Don Callis also won a singles match against Erik Watts, which would lead to Erik Watts being fired. After the match, Jarrett is happy to be running the show with his crew of guys. Callis says there’s nothing for Jarrett to worry about regarding a title shot. Goldylocks entered the scene and demanded a talk with Callis.

The opening video is literally just clips of Jeff Jarrett since he’s running the show with his guys. That’s honestly terrific.

Jeremy Borash is on the microphone as the ringside area is full of the roster. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett, Johnny Fairplay and Don Callis make their way out. Jarrett says that the new management is running the show tonight. Jarrett introduces the lawyer that helped him get control. The lawyer has two things to cover tonight. The first thing is that the NWA Board of Directors is disbanding at 9pm CT. He talks to the talent about the contracts they signed. There is clause where if the wrestlers don’t do what TNA Wrestling wants them to do they can be fired due to breach. He says that Jarrett and Callis owns the talent. Jarrett says that either Swinger or Diamond signed the loyalty contract and if they don’t step forward that they are in breach of contract and they both will be fired. Jarrett tells Jerry Lynn that if the doesn’t win the American X Cup then he’ll be fired, too. Jarrett talks to Sonny Siaki saying that he likes him and tried to get him to sign, but Siaki listen to an advisor instead. So, Siaki will be wrestling Kid Kash tonight. If Siaki doesn’t win then he will be in breach of his contract and he’ll be fired. El Leon is next up and Jarrett says it is time to take the mask off. Jarrett says when Abyss wins over Leon tonight then he will take his mask off. Jarrett claims he’s a leader and he will live to his own standards. Jarrett has to defend the title and doesn’t know who he is wrestling. He knows it not Styles, D’Lo or Raven because they got taken out recently. Jarrett is confident that he will walk out the champion. Jarrett asks if anyone has objections.

Chris Harris grabs the microphone. Harris says he has had a problem with Jarrett for a long time. Harris says it is time for Jarrett to shut his mouth. Harris notes that Jarrett isn’t the same guy who stood for tradition and has changed. Harris says that they are tired of Jarrett making this the :”Jeff Jarrett Show” every week. Jarrett tells Harris that he will never be more than a midcard tag team wrestler. Harris says that AMW had some of the best matches in TNA last year. Harris tells Jarrett that he will have to standup as a man for once in his life. Jarrett tells Harris he can make him or break him and he’ll break him. Harris tells Jarrett he can’t break him. Harris heads towards the ring and brawls with Jarrett for a moment. Several wrestlers get in the ring to break them apart. Jarrett and the heels bail from the ring and up the aisle.

Scott Hudson is with the AAA officials and hypes up America’s X Cup taking place next week. There will be a great celebration in Mexico.

A video promoting the tag match between the ICP and the team of Glenn Gilbertti & David Young. Young is not a fan of clowns and is scared of them.

Opening Contest: Glenn Gilbertti & David Young vs. Insane Clown Posse (Shaggy 2 Dope & Violent J): Gilbertti and J start the match with J delivering an elbow and scaring Young into the corner. J shoulder blocks Gilbertti to the floor and plays to the crowd. Young is tagged in but he doesn’t want to go into the match. Gilbertti decks J in the corner and runs into a boot in the corner. J delivers a clothesline and tags in Dope. Gilbertti is met with a double hip toss and a double seated dropkick for a two count. Dope shoulder blocks Gilbertti to the floor and botches a somersault dive to the floor barely managing to get to the floor. J runs the ropes and hits a much better somersault dive. Young delivers a knee strike from the apron and Gilbertti delivers a clothesline. Young pummels Dope with several right hands on the mat. Dope counters a suplex with a DDT. Gilbertti tags back in and delivers a forearm strike to stop Dope. Gilbertti delivers a swinging neckbreaker and a DDT to Dope. Gilbertti hits a side Russian leg sweep followed by an elbow drop.

Dope and Gilbertti collide on clothesline attempts. Young and J are tagged in with Young getting freaked out and punched by both men. J hits a Death Valley Driver on young for a near fall. J hits a modified driver, but Young hits a spinebuster on Dope for a near fall. Gilbertti punches J and is sent into Young. Dope superkicks Young and J heads to the top rope hitting a moonsault. Dope climbs to the top rope and hits a leg drop for the win. (*. That went exactly as I expected it to go. ICP looked sloppy in there, but they aren’t about to lose since half the people in the crowd are likely there to see them in the first place.) After the match, Gilbertti and Young attack until 2 Tuff Tony slides into the ring and makes the save.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin. Hudson mentions that if Lynn doesn’t win the America X Cup then he’s fired. Lynn doesn’t like the breach of contract nonsense. Lynn promises to win the X Cup.

Second Contest: Sonny Siaki vs. Kid Kash: Siaki works over Kash at ringside with right hands. Kash gets control in the ring with several chops against the ropes. Kash misses a clothesline and Siaki hit a powerslam for a two count. Siaki pummels Kash with right hands in the corner. Kash battles back with chops and strikes against the ropes. Siaki counters a head scissors by dropping Kash to the mat gut first for a near fall. Siaki hits the ring post shoulder first and is dropkicked by Kash. Kash leaps off the top to hit a flying clothesline for a two count. Siaki drops Kash on his head with a dangerous overhead suplex. Kash elbows Siaki and is shoved off the top to the floor. Siaki comes off the apron, but is dropped face first onto the ring steps. Borash prevents Kash from using a chair, but is tossed down. Kash slaps Tiny and smashes Siaki with a chair. Sarah comes over with a broom and hits Kash a few times. Siaki recovers and punches Kash before sending him into the ring. Kash plants Siaki with a tornado DDT. Kash has the broom, but Borash distracts Kash. Siaki gets a rollup and pins Kash! (*1/2. I would have figured that Kash would win here to continue the story of forcing people to be fired to join the group. The action was okay, but rather basic. Siaki should be a heel as he fits that character much better than as a face.)

Don Callis comes out and tells Kash to get in the ring. Callis tells them that he runs the company and can do whatever he wants. Callis says that nobody can interfere in matches. Callis proceeds to insult Sarah, Borsah and Tiny. Callis fires Sarah, Borash and Tiny. Callis says that Siaki didn’t breach his contract and knows that Siaki will. Callis promises to fire Siaki when he breaches his contract. Siaki gets a few strikes on Kash and is met with a low blow by Trinity and a few kicks.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with America’s Most Wanted for an interview. Harris says that he crossed the line and insists that he had to cross the line. Harris is not ready to stand back. Jeff Jarrett enters the scene demanding to know who is going to challenge him and they are held apart by officials.

A video package highlighting Abyss putting AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown through tables is shown. It also promotes the feud between El Leon and Abyss.

Third Contest: Abyss vs. El Leon: They have a stare down before Abyss gets the advantage with right hands. Leon chops Abyss a few times followed by a shoulder block but neither man goes down. Leon jabs Abyss as he taunted him. Leon nails Abyss with a kick to the head and signals for taking the mask off. Abyss prevents that and is clotheslined over the top to the floor. Leon kicks Abyss from the apron and hits a somersault dive to the floor, which looked good. Abyss sends Leon into the ring steps shoulder first. Abyss grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up on the floor. Leon tries for a chokeslam on the floor, but Abyss counters with a side Russian leg sweep. Abyss rolls Leon into the ring and stomps away on Leon to maintain control of the match. Abyss continues with chops in the corner, but Leon fights back with chops of his own. Leon kicks Abyss in the corner, but is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Abyss tries for the Shock Treatment, but Leon breaks free. Abyss hits a press slam to drop Leon to the mat for a near fall. Abyss continues by choking Leon over the middle rope and hits a splash over the ropes. Leon elbows Abyss in the corner after they mess up a rollup attempt. Leon comes off the ropes to spear Abyss. Leon clotheslines Abyss in the corner a few times followed by a belly to belly suplex after ducking a clothesline. Leon savant kicks Abyss, but Abyss elbows Leon before hitting a slam for a near fall. Abyss taunts the crowd, but Leon has Abyss on his shoulders hitting a TKO for a two count. Abyss plants Leon with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss is trying to remove the mask, but AJ Styles runs into the ring and attacks Abyss to cause a DQ. Styles counters a press slam with a DDT. Abyss grabs Styles by the throat, but Leon slams Abyss. Abyss is clotheslined over the top to the floor. (*1/4. There wasn’t a whole lot going on here for entertainment. They are just putting matches out there to advance the major storyline instead of putting on good matches.)

AJ Styles says he wants a title shot and will go through Abyss if he needs to. Styles wants a shot at Jeff Jarrett. Don Callis comes out and asks the fans if they want Styles to get a title shot tonight. They say yes. Callis agrees to give Styles a title shot tonight. Callis is giving Styles a tag team title shot. Callis reveals that Styles tag partner will be Abyss against the Red Shirt Security tonight. Styles isn’t thrilled with that.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Sandman for an interview. Sandman asks if Hudson thinks he’s hardcore and he’s bringing the man who taught him how to be extreme. Terry Funk enters the scene and says that he knows the people think they wouldn’t be a good team, but Funk talks about Sandman calling him for help. Funk needed more insanity in his life and that’s why he agreed to the match.

Fourth Contest: Terry Funk & Sandman vs. Julio Dinero & CM Punk: Sandman is attacked on the floor until Funk gets to the ringside area leading to a brawl. Dinero works over Funk in the ring with strikes and chops. Funk fights back with jabs a left hand punch. Sandman leaps off a chair and misses Punk hitting the guard railing instead. Punk hammers away on Funk against the ropes. Punk taunts Funk until Sandman delivers a kendo stick shot to both Punk and Dinero. Sandman takes Punk down to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. Funk takes Dinero down with a neckbreaker and heads to the top rope. Funk misses a top rope moonsault. Punk dropkicks Sandman to the apron while Dinero hammers away on Funk. Punk jabs Funk with a chair shot to the midsection. Dinero plants Funk with a DDT onto a steel chair leading to a near fall. Punk and Dinero hit a spike piledriver on Funk for a near fall. Dinero and Punk continues to beat on Funk. Sandman is getting beaten up by Dinero on the apron. Punk and Dinero take Funk over with a suplex for a near fall. Punk accidentally hits a head scissors on Dinero as Funk moved, but it was messed up. Sandman bulldogs Punk onto a steel chair. Funk whacks Dinero with a kendo stick a few times on the floor. Sandman misses a top rope Swanton landing on chairs. Dinero and Punk hit a top rope elbow/side slam onto the chair for the clean win. (*1/4. It’s just a brawl and not much substance to it at all.) After the match, Funk throws some chairs to end the segment.

Mike Tenay had an interview earlier in the day with Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger. Tenay talks about one of the guys signing the loyalty oath with Jarrett. Diamond wants to know how they are giving Glenn Gilbertti creditability. Diamond says that their relationship with Gilbertti was just because they hung out with the same people and that this would be all about them. Well, that was a lie because it was always about Gilbertti. Swinger chimes in and reminds Tenay about their history as partners and friends. Swinger trusts Diamond and says they’d never do anything to hurt each other. Swinger says they have a bond that can’t be broken. Jonny Fairplay enters the scene and says he smells a lie. Diamond grabs Fairplay before walking off.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with AJ Styles for an interview. Styles says his back is against the wall and says he’s going to do the match. Styles thinks he could beat them at their own game and he could become the tag team champions.

Fifth Contest: NWA Tag Team Champions Kevin Northcutt & Joe Legend vs. AJ Styles & Abyss: El Leon pulls Abyss to the floor and they brawl around ringside. Styles is on the top rope waiting for the champs and hits a crossbody onto both men. Styles hammers away on the champs. Styles dumps Legend to the floor. Styles head scissors Northcutt to the floor and fakes a dive to the floor. Styles baseball slides Legend before taking Northcutt out with a springboard dive to the outside. Legend sends Styles into the crowd and is dropped over the railing. Styles hits a springboard somersault onto Legend. Northcutt gets control by rolling Styles into the ring. Styles is stopped by Northcutt in the ring, but delivers a forearm in the corner. Legend splashes Northcutt on accident. Styles jumps off of Northcutt to moonsault onto Legend. Northcutt nails Styles with a standing side kick and a sit out slam for a near fall. Legend tags into the match and takes Styles over with a back supklex as Northcutt delivers a clothesline for a near fall. Legend comes off the ropes to boot Styles in the face for a near fall.

Northcutt returns to the match and chops Styles to the mat. Northcutt tosses Styles overhead with a suplex for a near fall. Styles tries to fight back, but Legend overpowers Styles with strikes of his own. Legend keeps a chin lock on Styles, but Styles quickly gets to his feet. Legend yanks AJ down to the mat by his hair. Legend catches Styles on a springboard hitting a side slam for a two count. Legend sits Styles on the top rope and looks for a superplex. Styles drops Legend to the mat. Legend comes back with a backpack stunner for a near fall. Northcutt returns to the match sending Styles into the corner to deliver chops. Styles rams Northcutt into the corner face first. Northcutt grabs Styles and hits an overhead suplex for a two count. Legend tries for a suplex, but Styles breaks free to hit a Pele kick. Styles spin kicks Legend and fights back with strikes on the champs. Styles plants both men with a DDT. Northcutt stops Styles managing to deliver a low blow as the referee was distracted by Legend.

Chris Harris has some out onto the aprona dn is decked by Legend. Legend sends Harris into the guard railing ribs first. Northcutt hits the Northcutt Driver on Styles for a near fall. Legend is sent to the floor by Harris pulling the ropes down. Styles gets a rollup on Northcutt and wins the match! (**1/4. It was a decent match, but it probably dragged on a little too long. Styles worked well with both men. Northcutt showcased some impressive power moves throughout the contest. The distraction finish doesn’t bother me here as it allows for the titles to get off the Red Shirts, who aren’t over at a level to justify them being tag champs.)

A video highlighting Brian Urlacher’s involvement with TNA and the media that the appearance got is highlighted. They also talk about Jonny Fairplay being in the National Enquirer.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with the ICP. Shaggy 2 Dope jokes about looking at his forehead because there’s nothing there. Violent J doesn’t know who Hudson is and wonders where Mike Tenay is at. J says they came to the Asylum is hangout and have a good time. ICP reveal they are wearing spandex when talking about what they have to prove. They want to prove themselves to Jeff Jarrett and they want more scrubs to beat. They are doing something next week and challenge anyone to a street fight.

Erik Watts has arrived into the arena and tosses a chair into the ring. Watts has been banned from the Asylum and Tenay notes that Watts is not the mystery opponent. Watts says they got the weak link in Goldylocks. Watts is a man of his word and has stepped down from his authority role. Watts may have stepped down but he’s not gone. Watts reveals that he’s now a wrestler. Watts recalls nearly killing Jarrett when he first arrived into the company. Watts tells us that hell has just started for Jarrett. Watts calls out Jarrett to come down to the ring.

Goldylocks makes her way out and slowly walks to the ring to confront Watts. Goldy has some things she wants to talk to Watts about. Goldy takes Watts glasses off so she can see his eyes, because she likes to see his eyes. She welcomes Watts to feminism 101. Goldy says that the words “I’m sorry” are not words men say. She wants Watts to be sorry for stealing her spotlight and for never thanking her. Goldy says that she would be much happier pleasing herself and says it was always about her. Goldy kept the door open by herself once Watts opened the door. Goldy says that Watts let people walk all over him. Goldy she tried to teach him how to be a real man. Watts stands up, but sits down again per her request. Goldy talks a few vacations they had as she sits on his lap. Goldy recalls screaming Watts name last Tuesday and says she faked it every time. The only difference between them is that Watts pees standing up. Watts grabs Goldy and kisses her. Watts lifts her for a chokeslam, but Jeff Jarrett comes in with a nightstick to attack Watts with the Red Shirts helping. Watts sat down on the chair and has his hands taped together. They put the “new management” sticker over his mouth and Jarrett continues to beat on Watts. Dustin Rhodes slides into the ring and makes the save. He’s the mystery opponent.

Main Event: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes: Jarrett is clotheslined to the floor and Rhodes beats on Jarrett with right hands. Rhodes slams Jarrett face first over the announcers table. Rhodes delivers an elbow strikes against the guard railing before sending Jarrett into the crowd. Rhodes whacks Jarrett over the back with a steel chair. Rhodes punches Jarrett several times on the balcony, but Jarrett prevents being sent over the balcony. Jarrett kicks Rhodes in the groin, but Rhodes still tries to toss Jarrett over. Jarrett elbows free to avoid being sent to the floor. Rhodes rams Jarrett into the railing face first. Rhodes rams Jarrett into the railing as they are by the TNA dancers. Rhodes puts Jarrett into the dancers cage. Rhodes plants Jarrett with a DDT onto the chair on the aisle. The Red Shirts have come back out and attack Dustin in the ring. Rhodes comes off the ropes to hit a clothesline. El Leon has come back out and brawls with the Red Shirts. Dustin hit a drop down right hand followed by a bulldog off the ropes for a two count. Jarrett gets out of the corner and decks Rhodes with a right hand. Abyss has come to ringside as Rhodes hit a snap powerslam. Abyss pulls the referee out and Rhodes pummels Abyss with right hands off the apron. AJ Styles hits a top rope frog splash onto Jarrett for a two count! Rhodes atomic drops Jarrett and sends Jarrett into the referee in the corner. Rhodes goes for the Shattered Dreams and hits it. The Naturals toss powder into Rhodes eyes and deliver a chair shot allowing Jarrett to get the pin to retain the title. (*1/4. Rhodes didn’t look to be in the greatest shape, but he hit his usual spots and the constant interference was a bit annoying for the match. I doubt Rhodes will be involved on a regular basis so there’s no reason to not have him lose cleanly to Jarrett here.)

Jeff Jarrett stands on the announcers table to celebrate the win. Tenay asks for the director to repeat something in his headset. Tenay reveals that the NWA is going to name a new Director of Authority. Jarrett is pissed as the show comes to an end.

Final Thoughts:
The main storyline with Jarrett and his group controlling the company is played out and doesn’t scream original content by any means. That story has lated all of a week since there is a new DOA coming in and I’m sure they will be a thorn in the side of Jarrett. This week was a subpar effort and next weeks show is just a tournament for the X-Division that doesn’t really serve any real purpose.

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