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WCW Pro 1/28/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
From: Dalton, GA

1.) Dustin Rhodes defeated George South
2.) Nasty Boys defeated Mark Kyle & Mark Starr
3.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Al Phillips in an arm wrestling challenge
4.) WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Diamond Dallas Page comes out for another arm wrestling challenge where if he loses then Diamond Doll has to go on a date with the winner. Page wants the competition of the likes of Duggan and Savage. Page wonders if those guys are blind when it comes to the prize, Diamond Doll. His opponent this week is enhancement wrestler Al Philips. Page wins easily was Dave Sullivan was watching again.

2.) There was a sit down interview with Brian Pillman discussing his background. Pillman is proud to have played for the Bengals in the NFL. Pillman recalls playing against Walter Payton and put him on the turf. Pillman has always been told he’s too small and too slow to make it. Pillman talks about the surgeries on his throat causing the raspy voice. Pillman is determined to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

3.) Anderson takes Bagwell down to the mat by his hair to get out of a headlock. Anderson does it again and the referee gives him a warning about it. Anderson backs Bagwell against the ropes and delivers a few shoulder rams. Bagwell mounts Anderson with right hands and decks Anderson with more right hands. Bagwell atomic drops Anderson over the top to the floor. Arn regroups on the floor before returning to the ring checking on his teeth. Bagwell tries for a hip toss and eventually takes Arn over. Bagwell decks Anderson with a right hand. Arn complains of a closed fist in the corner. They exchange hammerlocks until Bagwell slams Anderson followed by more right hands. Anderson sends Bagwell through the ropes to the floor. Bagwell looks to hit Parker, but Meng gets in the way. Anderson comes off the apron to axe handle Bagwell on the floor.

Arn has Bagwell on the apron delivering a clubbing blow to his chest a few times. Arn rubs Bagwell’s eyes over the top rope and keeps control with strikes in the corner. Arn takes Bagwell down to the mat and stomps on Bagwell several times. Arn keeps Bagwell on the mat with arm control. Bagwell decks Anderson with a few right hands. Bagwell backdrops Anderson and he’s fired up. Bagwell hooks Anderson with a vertical suplex and drives Arn to the mat. Bagwell delivers a splash off the ropes for a two count. Bagwell gets distracted by Parker on the apron allowing Anderson to knee lift Bagwell from behind. Bagwell sends Anderson into the top turnbuckle and goes to the top hitting a crossbody. Arn rolls through and has a handful of tights leading to the pin. (**. A fine main event with Bagwell getting some solid offense. I like the finish as it’s just Anderson being smarter than Bagwell to hold onto the title. Anderson winning this way is far better than any kind of distraction or interference when it’s not necessary at all.)

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the episode this week with a strong feature match and I thought the Pillman interview was enjoyable and effective.

Thanks for reading.

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