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SMW Super Saturday Night Fever 1/28/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Smoky Mountain Wrestling presents Super Saturday Night Fever
: 1/28/1995
From: Knoxville, TN

The true opening match between D’Lo Brown and Brian Logan only showed the finish of Brown hitting a top rope moonsault to win the match.

Opening Contest: NWA World Champion Chris Candido vs. Boo Bradley: Bradley storms the ring and backdrops Candido followed by a right hand to send Candido over the top to the floor. Candido returns to the ring and wants to shake hands and Bradley accepts it. Candido misses a boot and is met with an atomic drop, clothesline and another atomic drop. Candido is sent into the ropes and Bradley dropkicks Candido to the floor. Bradley pulls Candido’s legs out of the corner to deliver a slam. Candido decks Bradley to gain control as apparently five minutes remain in the match. They run the ropes until Bradley leaves the ring and sits at ringside while Candido looks like a dope running the ropes. Candido taunts the crowd by posing and strutting when Bradley returned to the ring. Bradley removes his shirt and flexes for the crowd. Bradley shoulder blocks Candido, but Candido comes back with a hip toss and struts again. Bradley sends Candido into the corner and delivers a few strikes. Bradley sends Candido into the corners a few times, but is met with a boot to the chest and a swinging neckbreaker. Bradley kicks out after an elbow drop. Candido chokes Bradley over the middle rope and misses a splash falling to the floor. Candido grabs the NWA World Championship off the table at ringside. Candido hits Bradley on the apron with the belt and hits a middle rope leg drop. However, the referee asks the fans if Candido cheated and won’t count the fall. Bradley almost wins with a rollup, but Candido decks Bradley with a clothesline.

Candido takes Bradley over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Bradley gets to his feet out of a sleeper, but Candido takes him back down. Bradley scoop slams Candido but misses a leg drop. Candido low blows Bradley while the referee was out of position. The referee thinks that Candido hit Bradley low, but doesn’t have proof. Candido keeps Bradley on the mat with a sleeper again. Bradley gets up and jabs Candido a few times. Candido superkicks Bradley, but is met with a powerslam. Bradley misses a crossbody against the ropes and falls to the floor. Candido takes Bradley out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Candido goes to the top rope and misses a diving headbutt. Candido dropkicks Bradley into the corner and delivers a few chops. Bradley no sells the strikes. Bradley clotheslines Candido several times followed by a press slam. Bradley goes to the top rope, but Candido stops Bradley with a right hand. Candido hits a hurricanrana off the top for a near fall. Bradley sends Candido into the ropes and they collide heads. Tammy Fytch tried to get involved in a disguise, but Bradley hits Candido with her purse and manages to pin Candido for the win. (***. I thought this was better than I was expecting it to be. Sure the sleeper hold slowed the match down in a few moments, but the action aside from that was an enjoyable one.) After the match, Candido attacks Bradley with the loaded purse. Candido dropkicks Bradley, but is kicked by Bradley on a backdrop attempt. Bradley superkicks Candido to the floor.

Prior to the next match, Unabomb says that he wants to wrestle the Rock n’ Roll Express in a handicap match instead of of just Ricky Morton. However, the match needs to be a singles match per the referee.

Second Contest: Unabomb vs. Ricky Morton: Unabomb knocks Morton to the floor early on, but Morton comes back with strikes. Unabomb tries to go to the floor, but Morton returns to the ring and makes Unabomb look like an idiot. Unabomb works over Morton sending Morton to the floor again. Morton sends Unabomb into the ring post, but Unabomb no sells it and clotheslines Morton. Unabomb decks Morton over the back with a strike and follows up with a big boot in the ring. Unabomb chokes Morton in the corner followed by stomps and right hands. Morton slides through Unabomb’s legs, but is met with a right hand anyway. Unabomb drops Morton throat first over the top rope from the apron. Unabomb slams Morton followed by an elbow drop. Unabomb heads to the top rope missing a dive. Morton avoids Unabomb in the corner and hammers away on the big man. Morton dropkicks Unabomb and locks in a sleeper hold. Unabomb drops Morton face first onto the turnbuckle, but Morton goes right back to the sleeper. Morton continues to jump on Unabomb’s back causing Unabomb to dump Morton over the top to the floor and that’s a disqualification. (1/2*. They didn’t really do much of anything and I hate the finish.)

Third Contest: Tracy Smothers vs. Buddy Landel: Landel arm drags Smothers and taunts the crowd. Smothers puts a headlock on Landel followed by a hip toss to send Landel retreating to the corner. Landel arm drags Smothers and plays to the crowd, but Smothers quickly goes for a rollup managing a near fall. They try to hip toss each other, but neither man can deliver the move and they have a standoff. Landel kicks Smothers and gets arm control. Smothers counters with a wrist lock and then a hammerlock. Landel sends Smothers through the ropes to the floor. Smothers hits a sunset flip from the apron into the ring for a two count. Landel takes Smothers down, but is kicked away. Landel shoves Smothers a few times and is met with a slap to the face. Smothers is fired up as Landel is knocked out in the corner. Landel works over Smothers in the corner with chops, but Smothers counters with chops of his own. Smothers hip tosses Landel sending Landel to the corner. Smothers grabs Landel by the legs and drags Buddy to the middle of the ring. Landel avoids a figure four. Landel keeps a hammerlock on Smothers for a few moments, but Smothers takes Landel to the mat. Landel complains of a hair pull. Landel gets a head scissors on Smothers after getting out of a headlock. Smothers fights out of the head scissors for a moment, but Landel puts the hold back on.

There is five minutes remaining in the time limit of the match. Smothers pops out and puts a headlock on Landel to deliver a few right hands. Smothers hammers away on Landel with more right hands. Landel fires back with strikes and sends Smothers into the ring post shoulder first. Smothers rolls Landel back into the ring after some punches to continue the match. Smothers rams Landel into the corner face first a few times. Landel avoids Smothers in the corner and hits an elbow drop for a near fall. Landel misses an elbow drop and Smothers delivers a few clotheslines. Smothers nearly wins with an inside cradle. Smothers takes Landel down with a rollup for a two count. Landel sits down on Smothers, but Smothers counters. Smothers puts a spinning toe hold on Landel until Buddy reaches the ropes. Landel goes into his tights, but Smothers hits a leaping elbow strike. Smothers picks up the chain, but Landel hand another one and manages to nail Smothers with it to knock him out and wins the match. (*1/2. The action was rather limited and not all that entertaining or interesting. The finish popped the crowd since they apparently like a cheater like Buddy.)

Buddy Landel has come back out to watch the match from ringside. Buddy suggests that Dirty White Girl was in the parking lot with the Gangstas, which naturally pisses DWB off.

Fourth Contest: SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy vs. Jerry Lawler: Lawler misses a strike in the corner and is decked to the floor by Boy. Boy nails Lawler with another right hand in the corner to send Lawler to the floor to stall some more. Boy decks Lawler again in the corner as Lawler continues to stall. Lawler returns to the ring and misses a few rights leading to Boy dropping Lawler with punches and Lawler hides behind the referee. Boy backdrops Lawler and Lawler complains of a hair pull in the corner. Buddy gets on the microphone to tell the fans that five minutes have gone by in the match. Boy backdrops Lawler and Lawler stalls in the corner. Lawler had gone into his tights to get a chain but discarded the chain when the fans started to snitch on him. Lawler retrieved the chain when the referee turned around. Lawler wants to do a test of strength while clearly having a chain in his right hand. Lawler loses the test of strength for moment before decking Boy with the chain around his fist. Boy is knocked out as we’re told that ten minutes have gone by in the match.

Boy pulls himself up and is choked over the top rope by Lawler. Lawler hits Boy again with the chain, but isn’t going for a cover. Boy kicks out of a cover attempt. Lawler hammers away on Boy to keep control of the contest. Lawler hits a standing fist drop for a two count. Lawler continues to stop Boy’s momentum with strikes. Lawler rams Boy into the corner face first. Lawler sends Boy into the corner face first again. Lawler is given the championship by Landel and rams Boy onto the title in the corner. Lawel does a few pushups before managing a near fall. Lawler rams Boy head first onto the top turnbuckle, but Boy isn’t affected by it and rams Lawler into the corner a few times. Lawler face plants to the mat and Boy knee drops Lawler. Boy drops Lawler with a right hand. Lawler begs off in the corner, but Boy delivers a big boot. Boy continues with side slam, but Buddy rings the bell suggesting that the match has ended in a draw due to the time limit, but that’s not true. The referee comes out and talks to Buddy, who is claiming that an hour has passed. However, that’s not true and the match is restarted. Buddy has been barred from ringside for his actions. Lawler runs into the referee and is met with a side slam by Boy. Landel enters the ring and spikes Boy with a piledriver. Lawler is placed on top of Boy and the referee is rolled in leading to a three count and Lawler is the new champion. (*1/2. Lawler stalling is rather annoying and the constant interference was done to simply protect White Boy and continue the feud with Landel.)

Fifth Contest: Dirty White Boy vs. Buddy Landel in a lights out match: Landel has the match start as soon as the previous match ended. Landel chokes Boy on the mat and taunts the fans. Landel stomps on Boy in the corner and taunts the crowd while Boy can’t even get up to fight back. Landel is taunting Boy on the microphone while delivering strikes. Landel hits a swinging neckbreaker and continues to stomp on Boy. Landel decks Boy with a right hand, but Boy fights back from his back to stagger Landel. Landel chokes Boy on the mat again. Landel delivers an elbow drop, but Boy counters with a rollup and wins the match. The referee for sure did a fast count. After the match, Landel continues to attack Boy. Landel plants Boy with a DDT and steps over him before leaving the ring. (*. They didn’t do much, but I like that Buddy lost despite White Boy being destroyed by Landel and Lawler.)

Sixth Contest: The Gangstas vs. The Heavenly Bodies: Del Ray and Prichard go on the attack on Jack and Mustafa with wooden boards much to the delight of the crowd. All four men are on the floor brawling and the lighting isn’t great so it’s hard to tell what’s really going on. Looks like powder was thrown into someone’s eyes. Jim Cornette runs into the ring and stands with the Bodies before hitting D’Lo Brown with his tennis racket on the floor. The lights are turned on so people can see the brawling and the crowd loves that decision. I do too, so thanks. They are just brawling all around ringside using the wooden pieces. Del Ray and Mustafa are in the ring and thus the lights go down again. Del Ray back elbows Mustafa coming off the ropes. Del Ray hits a vertical suplex to keep control of the match. Del Ray climbs the ropes hitting a middle rope forearm drop. Del Ray slams Mustafa and tags in Prichard to hit a double team leg drop. Prichard pummels Mustafa with right hands on the mat. Prichard chokes Mustafa with a strap. Prichard chokes Mustafa over the top rope with the strap. Cornette chokes someone on the floor, but I can’t tell who it is. Prichard hammers away on Mustafa and Del Ray comes off the top to deliver a double axe handle.

Del Ray slams Mustafa and goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Jack tags into the match and backdrops Del Ray to gain control of the contest. Jack elbow drops Del Ray followed by a standing headbutt. Jack continues to work over Del Ray with strikes and knocks Prichard off the apron. Cornette delivers a few tennis racket shots on the floor to protect Del Ray, but is tossed down. All four men are on the floor brawling again. Jack hits Del Ray over the back with a wooden board. Jack tried a cover on Del Ray, but was too close to the ropes. Mustafa tags in and Del Ray almost wins with the match with a sunset flip. Mustafa decks Del Ray with a clothesline. Jack nails Del Ray with a clothesline followed by a standing headutt and puts a chin lock on Del Ray. Mustafa sends Prichard to the floor to prevent Del Ray from tagging out. Mustafa hits a back suplex on Del Ray and D’Lo Brown sends Cornette into the ring post face first. Mustafa tosses Prichard to the floor again as Del Ray continues to be controlled. Jack gets a two count following a belly to belly suplex.

Prichard gets in the ring with the wooden board and hits both Gangstas. Mustafa has Del Ray over his shoulder and delivers a powerslam. Jack leaps off the top missing a splash attempt. Prichard tags in and continues to use the wooden board. Prichard pummels Mustafa with the board. Prichard decks Jack in the corner several times. Prichard holds Jack allowing for Del Ray to hit a leg drop, but Mustafa breaks the cover. Cornette enters the ring and hits D’Lo with the tennis racket. The referee has thrown the match out. (***. I thought this match had great crowd energy and the brawling was fine for what it was. These two teams for sure have heat for the feud and I enjoyed the match.) After the match, Jack is sent into a table in the corner. Mustafa is sent into the table as well. D’Lo goes face first into the table. They continue to brawl into the crowd and eventually go backstage.

Main Event: Royal Rumble: This match is joined in progress as Landel is eliminated. Brian Logan, Candido, Smothers and Bradley are in the ring. Smothers misses a splash in the corner and Candido hit a swinging neckbreaker. Bradley slams Logan and misses a middle rope leg drop. There’s still more people to come out for the match. Jerry Lawler makes his way down to the ring. Lawler chokes Bradley on the mat after tripping Boo from the floor. Smothers works over Lawler in the corner and tries to eliminate Lawler, but fails to do so. Lawler almost tosses Smothers to the floor after a right hand.

Ricky Morton comes out as the next entrant. Lawler backdrops Boo Bradley over the top to the floor. Morton tries to toss Lawler out of the ring in the corner. Candido clotheslines himself and Smothers over the top to the floor to eliminate them both. D’Lo Brown comes out as the next entrant and is worked over by Logan in the corner. The next entrant is Unabomb. Unabomb goes after Logan hitting a press slam to eliminate Logan over the top to the floor. Unabomb sends Brown to the floor. Morton dropkicks Unabomb from behind to eliminate him and wins teh match! After the match, Unabomb attacks Morton hitting a powerbomb. Unabomb pulls out some sandpaper from his tights and rubs it on Morton’s face! Robert Gibson storms the ring to make the save. Lawler appears to have crotched the referee into the ring post during that beatdown. (NR. I liked the finish and aftermath. I’ve never seen sandpaper used before, so that’s different.)

Final Thoughts:
In-ring wise we got two entertaining matches and a title change with Lawler being the SMW Heavyweight Champion. The crowd was hot for the show and that made this a lot easier to watch. I’m going to give this a recommendation. I enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.

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