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House Of Hardcore VII 11/15/2014

Written by: Bob Colling

House Of Hardcore VII
From: Philadelphia, PA

Opening Contest: Danny Doring vs. Stevie Richards: Richards is wearing his BWO attire. Doring backs Richards into a corner, but backs away cleanly. Doring delivers a few chops in the corner, but Richards counters and chops Doring followed by a hip toss out of the corner. Doring beats on Richards with strikes to the upper back followed by stomps. Doring elbows Richards to the mat and taunts the crowd. Doring pulls Richards down by his hair to maintain the advantage. Richards almost wins with a rollup, but Doring nails Richards with a clothesline. They begin to trade right hands with Richards getting the advantage for a moment. Richards connects with a few running clotheslines and a swinging neckbreaker. Richards side slams Doring for another near fall. Richards pummels Doring with right hands in the corner, but misses a splash. Doring heads to the top rope hitting a leg drop for a near fall. Doring drops Richards with the Bareback for a near fall. Doring misses a clothesline and Richards hits a superkick for the win. (*1/2. A decent opener, but nothing all that great. Doring looked good in there and hit his key spots. The crowd popped for Richards, which was probably the right choice to go over to start the show.) After the match, Doring declines to shake hands, but then returns and hugs Richards to show respect.

Second Contest: Brian Myers vs. Christian York: Myers backs York into a corner and cleanly backs away. Myers shoulder blocks York and proceeds to taunt York and the fans. York shoulder blocks Myers, but runs into a dropkick. York works over Myers in the corner with a few kicks dropping Myers with a kick to the jaw. York ducks a clothesline and kicks Myers before hitting a running bulldog and a seated dropkick. Myers pulls York through the ropes to the floor and rams York face first onto the ring steps. York superkicks Myers and delivers a springboard moonsault off the railing onto Myers on the floor. York tries for a cover, but Myers kicks out. Myers yanks York off the middle rope causing York to hit the top turnbuckle back first. Myers takes York over with a snap suplex for a two count. Myers controls York with a chin lock on the mat. Myers trips York running the ropes after sliding to the floor. Myers elbow drops York for a near fall. York kicks Myers from the ring to the floor and clotheslines Myers a few times in the ring. York elbows Myers in the corner and hits a knee strike. York connects with a running cannonball in the corner for a near fall. Myers plants York with a sit out slam for a near fall.

York nails Myers with a rolling kick, but Myers drops York with a kick of his own for a near fall. Myers heads to the top rope, but York stops Myers. York tries for a superplex, but Myers is blocking the move. Myers tries for a backslide, but York counters with the Mood Swing neckbreaker for the win. (**. I was not expecting a victory by York here, but I enjoyed the action. There was some fun offense thrown in here and York showcased some exciting moves to pop the crowd. York took full advantage of an opportunity here.) After the match, Myers says he’s not leaving until someone else comes to the ring because he’s not happy about losing. Ricardo Rodriguez makes his way out to a good pop from the crowd. Rodriguez introduces Alberto El Patron. Patron talks about thinking he wouldn’t be able to wrestle for a year in America. El Patron gets cheap pops for ECW and for Vince McMahon being a dick. Patron declares they are wrestlers. Myers returns to the ring and confronts Patron. Myers shoves Ricardo only to get kicked by Ricardo and Patron takes Myers down with an arm bar submission leading to Myers escaping to the floor to end the segment.

Third Contest: Little Guido & Team Tremendous (Barry & Carr) vs. Anthony Greene, Ben Ortiz & Vik Dalishus: Guido and Greene kickoff the six man tag match. Guido takes Greene down to the mat for early control and slaps the back of Greene a few times. Guido locks in an arm bar, but Greene reaches the ropes quickly. Greene gets up and complains of a hair pull. Greene drops down to his knee and wants to do some mat wrestling. Guido instead stomps on Greene’s hand and takes Greene down with a fireman’s carry. Guido controls Greene with a front face lock. Greene reaches the ropes and complains of a hair pull before shoving with the referee. The referee ducks a clothesline and hip tosses Greene. The referee elbow drops Greene along with Guido. Vik enters the match and beats on Guido with strikes. Barry hits a missile dropkick on both Greene and Vik. Barry suplexs Greene and takes Vik out with a suicide dive to the floor. Barry tags in Carr while keeping Greene in the corner. Carr works over Greene with a chop in the corner. Carr slams Greene and Barry hits a moonsault off the ropes. Guido dropkicks Greene from the middle rope for a two count. Barry is tripped by one fo the ladies at ringside. The referee tosses the girls from ringside. Ortiz is waiting and clotheslines Barry to gain control of the contest.

Vik tags into the contest and works over Barry with a slam. Ortiz hits a slingshot senton from the apron onto Barry. Ortiz uppercuts Barry in the corner followed by a running forearm for a two count. Greene and Ortiz take Barry over with a suplex leading to a two count for Greene. Barry tosses Greene with a back suplex. Vik gets tagged in and prevents a tag for Barry. Barry slaps Vik on the middle rope. Barry stands on the middle rope taking Vik off the ropes with a hurricanrana. Carr cleans house with clothesline and head scissors Vik. Carr side slams Ortiz and catches Greene coming off the top rope. Carr tosses Greene into an STO from Barry. Guido hits a leg drop off the middle rope. Vik superkicks Carr to drop Carr to the mat. Vik is kicked by Barry from the apron. Carr has Vik on his shoulders and Barry hits a top rope Slice Bread. Greene enters and tosses Barry to the floor. Carr sends Greene to the floor and hits a somersault dive over the top onto all three opponents on the outside.

Barry hits a top rope shooting star press to the floor onto three men. Guido is standing in the ring and tries for a dive, but the referee stops Guido. The referee decides to hit a moonsault off the top to the floor onto everyone. Guido is stopped by one of the women at ringside. Guido kisses her and takes off her wig. Guido trips Greene off the middle rope and wins the match with a rollup. (**1/2. An enjoyable six man tag match with some fun dives to the floor and decent tag work. The finish was a little flat to end on a rollup, but the match was fine for where it was placed on the card. Team Tremendous is a lot of fun to watch and have a lot of charisma. The referee stuff was a little ridiculous and not needed.)

Fourth Contest: Eddie Edwards vs. Eddie Kingston: Early on, they trade some mat wrestling with neither man getting a lasting advantage and they have a standoff. Edwards comes off the ropes trying to shoulder block Kingston, but is unsuccessful. Kingston clotheslines Edwards, but Edwards comes back with a running dropkick. Edwards kicks Kingston and delivers a shining wizard for a one count. Edwards takes Kingston over with a series of snap suplexs. Kingston counters to hit a suplex, but Edwards connects with a third suplex for a near fall. Edwards runs into a boot in the corner and Kingston delivers an elbow and knee strike. Kingston plants Edwards with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Kingston connects with another neckbreaker and heads to the top rope. Edwards nails Kingston with a running kick. Edwards uppercuts Kingston several times and they trade strikes with Kingston sitting on the top turnbuckle. Edwards hooks Kingston for a superplex and drives Kingston to the mat. Kingston sends Edwards to the floor and takes Edwards out with a suicide dive to the floor. Edwards kicks Kingston off the apron and hits a suicide dive of his own, three times.

Edwards rolls Kingston into the ring and plays to the crowd before delivering several chops in the corner. Kingston counters with several chops. Edwards chops Kingston several times. Kingston decks Edwards with a spinning forearm smash. Edwards kicks Kingston in the corner and hits a backpack stunner. Edwards tries for a single leg crab, but Kingston kicks free and suplexs Edwards for a two count. Edwards blocks a clothesline and delivers a kick to the head. Edwards nearly wins after a double under hook suplex. Edwards heads to the top rope missing a double stomp. Kingston takes Edwards over with a side suplex. Edwards tosses Kingston with a German suplex. Kingston drops Edwards on his head with a suplex. Edwards comes back with a suplex on Kingston and both men are staggering. Kingston almost wins after a forearm strike. They trade slaps until Edwards delivers a knee strike for a two count. Kingston nearly wins following a spinning back fist. Kingston tries to toss Edwards, but Edwards lands on his feet and locks in a half crab! Edwards drags Kingston to the middle of the ring and kneels onto Kingston’s back. Kingston passed out and Edwards wins. (***1/4. Well, that was a hard hitting match full of big strikes and some dangerous looking suplexs. I normally don’t enjoy Kingston matches, but this is probably one of the best matches I’ve seen of Kingston’s. Edwards is always a lot of fun to watch and brought the best out of Kingston.)

Fifth Contest: Lane Anoai vs. Alex Reynolds vs. Tony Nese in an elimination match: Early on, all three men trade moves with Nese dropkicking Anoai and Reynolds stopping Nese with a knee to the midsection. Reynolds tosses Nese with a hip toss as Anoai hits a splash in the corner and a running knee on Reynolds. Nese chops Anoai followed by an elbow strike. Nese takes Anoai over with a standing hurricanrana. Reynolds drops Nese with a double knee strike. Reynolds takes Anoai over with a snap suplex for a two count. Anoai comes off the ropes with a crossbody for a two count. Anoai clotheslines Reynolds over the top to the floor. Anoai takes Reynolds out with a sloppy looking suicide dive. Nese takes Anoai off the apron with a top rope hurricanrana sending Anoai off the apron onto Reynolds with a somersault. Nese dives over the top to take both men out with a twisting dive. Reynolds nails Nese with a boot after dropping Nese’s leg over the railing. Reynolds works over Nese’s neck with a few strikes. Reynolds sends Nese to the floor, but Anoai connects with a missile dropkick and a few elbow strikes on Reynolds.

Anoai plants Reynolds with a swinging side slam for a two count. Nese returns to the match with a few left hands, but Anoai dropkicks Reynolds while also hitting a Samoan Drop on Nese. Anoai splashes Nese in the corner and tosses Reynolds with an exploder suplex for a two count. Nese delivers a few kicks to Reynolds and double stomps Reynolds after avoiding a German suplex. Anoai plants Nese with a Rock Bottom and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Reynolds stops Anoai with a forearm on the top turnbuckle. Anoai shoves Reynolds off the middle rope and misses a splash. Reynolds takes advantage pinning Anoai for the first elimination.

Nese hits a 450 splash for a two count on Reynolds. Nese goes to the middle rope, but Reynolds cuts Nese off. Nese strikes Reynolds to the mat and Reynolds hits a release German suplex off the middle rope. Reynolds hits a running yakuza kick for a two count on Nese. Reynolds knee strikes Nese several times followed by a cutter managing a near fall. Nese and Reynolds hit each other with kicks. Nese knocks Reynolds to the apron and nearly wins with a rollup. Nese powerbombs Reynolds into the corner with one arm. Nese almost wins with a reverse piledriver. Nese goes to the top rope, but Reynolds stops Nese. Nese kicks Reynolds on the middle rope and hits a reverse hurricanrana off the middle rope for the win. (***1/4. I enjoyed the three way dance as they all had moments to shine. Reynolds looked good in there and held his own very well. Nese was given the shine and didn’t disappoint. I think Nese and Reynolds could be a bigger focus in HOH over time.)

DH Smith cuts a promo saying that Davey Richards has a tummy ache and isn’t at the show. Smith thinks that’s just Richards saying that he’s afraid to wrestle them. Team 3D make their way down to the ring much to the surprise of the fans and get a good pop to cutoff the Killer Elite Squad promo. Bubba says they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. He also notes that the fans want them to put gasoline on them and light them on fire. Bubba knows the fans want to see a fight and see them go through tables.

Sixth Contest: Team 3D (Bubba & D-Von) vs. Killer Elite Squad (Smith & Archer): Team 3D start off brawling with Smith and Archer. Bubba splashes both men in the corner and D-Von clotheslines Smith while Bubba clotheslines Archer over the top to the floor. Bubba beats on Archer with a few chair shots. All four men are brawling around ringside. Smith and Archer double team Bubba in the corner followed by a shoulder block. Squad hit a splash and leg drop combo to maintain control. Archer hammers away on D-Von and the Squad hit the Hart Attack. Archer nails Bubba with a running big boot. Archer splashes Bubba in the corner while Smith pummels D-Von in the corner. Bubba dumps Archer to the floor and has Smith on his shoulders allowing D-Von to hit a top rope clothesline. Bubba slams Archer after avoiding a big boot. Bubba holds Archer’s legs to allow D-Von to hit the What’s Up. Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables. Smith lays D-Von onto the table and chokes him out. Archer goes to the top rope as Bubba sends Smith to the floor with a backdrop. Bubba grabs Archer and powerbombs Archer through the table leading to a three count for D-Von. (1/2*. That was an uninspired brawl and just a moment for Team 3D to get a cheap pop over a better team.)

Seventh Contest: Drew Galloway vs. Austin Aries: Galloway backs Aries into a corner and backs off cleanly. Galloway shoulder blocks Aries coming off the ropes leading to another standoff. Aries elbows free out of a headlock and arm drags Galloway. Aries gets out of a head scissors and dropkicks a seated Galloway. Galloway tosses Aries to the mat, but Aries takes Galloway down to the mat and nearly wins with a rollup. Aries manages a one count with a backslide. Aries locks in a submission, but Galloway reaches the ropes. Galloway kicks Aries a few times to gain the advantage followed by several strikes in the corner. Aries battles back with strikes, but Galloway stops Aries with a chop in the corner. Aries nails Galloway with a clothesline and sends Galloway over the top to the floor with a clothesline. Aries tries for a suicide dive, but Galloway stops Aries with a strike. Galloway slams Aries onto the apron. Galloway headbutts Aries followed by a stomp and chops in the corner. Galloway continues with a snap suplex for a near fall and keeps arm control.

Aries knee lifts Galloway and delivers a kick before being stopped by a clothesline. Aries tries to fight back with strikes, but Galloway stops Aries with a few strikes. Aries forearms Galloway while on the apron and drops to the floor. Galloway clubs Aries on the chest with ten strikes to taunt Sheamus. Galloway drops Aries with a short arm clothesline. Galloway decks Aries with another short arm clothesline for a one count. Aries avoids a clothesline and takes Galloway over with a hurricanrana. Aries gets sent to the apron and punches Galloway a few times. Aries rams Galloway into the corners a few times. Aries claps Galloway’s head several times and Galloway falls to the floor. Aries leaps off the top to axe handle Galloway on the floor. Aries takes Galloway out with a suicide dive. Aries gets a two count following a neckbreaker over the middle rope. Aries locks in another Last Chancery, but Galloway doesn’t submit. Galloway counters a head scissors by driving Aries down to the mat face first for a near fall. Galloway drops Aries over the top turnbuckle and kicks Aries to the floor. Aries sends Galloway into the ring post face first. Galloway tosses Aries into the ring post and both men are down outside the ring.

They begin to trade strikes upon returning to the ring. Galloway uppercuts Aries and taunts the crowd. Aries ducks a boot and forearms Galloway, but Galloway hits a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Aries fights out of a DDT attempt and hammers away on Galloway in the corner. Galloway nails Aries with a running big boot, but Aries kicks out at two. Aries gets out of a DDT with a knee breaker followed by a back suplex. Aries connects with a running dropkick in the corner. Aries tries for a brainbuster, but Galloway counters with a suplex attempt, but Aries knee strikes Galloway. Aries delivers a spinning forearm smash and dropkicks Galloway in the corner. Aries spikes Galloway with a brainbuster for the clean win. (**1/2. I didn’t find this to be all that entertaining and it felt kind of slow and plodding for the majority of the time. I’m thinking the size difference didn’t help matters and might have hurt the flow for the match. The crowd didn’t seem to be all that invested in the action either.)

TNA World Champion Bobby Roode reveals that he’s putting the championship on the line against Tommy Dreamer tonight. Roode is replacing an injured Ethan Carter III.

Eighth Contest: TNA World Champion Bobby Roode vs. Tommy Dreamer in an extreme rules match: Roode cheap shots Dreamer before the bell and stomps away on Dreamer to maintain the advantage. Roode elbows Dreamer to the mat, but Dreamer fights back with right hands. Dreamer backdrops Roode coming out of the corner. Dreamer clotheslines Roode over the top to the floor. Dreamer spits a drink into Roode’s face and hits Roode with a water bottle. Dreamer rams Roode into the ring steps face first. Dreamer sends Roode into the ring post and has a fan hold a steel chair. Dreamer sends Roode into the chair face first. Roode drops Dreamer over the guard railing groin first to stop Dreamer’s momentum. Roode focuses his attack onto Dreamer’s left knee with several strikes. Roode wraps Dreamer’s leg around the ring post. Dreamer almost wins with a sunset flip, but Roode dropkicks Dreamer to maintain control of the contest. Roode drives Dreamer’s knee down to the mat. Roode misses a knee drop as Dreamer rolls out of the way. Roode runs into a boot in the corner and Dreamer battles back with strikes. Dreamer bites Roode’s forehead in the corner. Roode elbows Dreamer, but Dreamer plants Roode with a neckbreaker for a near fall.

Beulah slides a chair into the ring for Dreamer to use. Roode delivers a drop toe hold onto a chair and nearly pins Dreamer. Dreamer elbows Roode, but runs into another boot. Roode misses a blockbuster off the middle rope. Dreamer puts Roode in the tree of woe before grabbing a steel chair. Dreamer places the chair in front of Roode’s face and delivers a running baseball slide dropkick. Dreamer plays to the crowd, but Velvet Sky comes out and low blows Dreamer. Beulah enters the ring and confronts Sky leading to a catfight. Beulah low blows Roode and Dreamer plants Roode with a DDT for a near fall. Dreamer slides a barbed wire board into the ring. CW Anderson comes out and plants Dreamer with a spinebuster.

The Sandman’s music hits. Anderson superkicks Sandman and taunts the crowd again. Spike Dudley makes his way out to the ring. Spike nails Anderson with the Acid Drop. Thea Trinadad hits a top rope moonsault, but Dreamer gets up quickly. Dreamer spikes Thea with a piledriver. Dreamer tries for a Death Valley Driver, but Roode counters and drops Dreamer onto the barbed wire with a Death Valley Driver of his own to win the match. (*1/2. A basic brawl between these two and they relied on the run-ins to fill time for the match. I’d say this was an underwhelming match and it seems to be the usual Dreamer match at this point.)

This was the final appearance of Beulah with Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer puts over Impact Wrestling television over the past weeks as the best TV wrestling in a long time. Dreamer praises Impact Wrestling for allowing a bunch of their talent to wrestle on the show. Dreamer mentions he celebrated 25 years as a wrestler. Dreamer’s daughters come out and they embrace Beulah. Dreamer gives Beulah the microphone. Beulah is getting emotional as the fans thank her. Beulah thanks the fans for the memories and loved her run that she’ll never forget.

Main Event: Hardy Boys vs. Young Bucks: Matt Hardy and Matt Jackson start off the tag match. Hardy has wrist control for a few moments, but Jackson counters with a wrist lock of his own. Hardy yanks down on Jackson’s arm a few times. Jackson dropkicks Hardy and taunts him. Jackson slaps Hardy after a shoulder block and keeps arm control. Hardy decks Jackson with a right hand in the corner. Hardy tries for a slam, but Jackson breaks free and is punched by Jeff. The Hardy’s punch Jackson a few times. Matt taunts Jackson and tags in Jeff. Jeff comes off the middle rope with an axe handle. Nick tags into the contest. Nick trips Jeff and they counter each other several times leading to a standoff after Jeff avoids a superkick. Nick hammers away on Jeff in the corner a few times. Jeff head scissors Nick out of the corner followed by a clothesline. Hardy’s hit a double leg drop on Matt and double team Nick with a fist drop/senton combo. Nick superkicks Matt for the first one of the match. Jeff is superkicked by Nick landing on both Matt Jackson and Matt Hardy on the floor.

Nick remains in the ring and takes everyone out with a springboard somersault dive. Nick and Matt return to the ring as Jeff was sent into the railing by Matt Jackson. Matt Hardy is worked over by Matt Jackson in the corner. Hardy tries to fight back with strikes, but Jackson stops Hardy by sending Hardy into the corner. Jackson back rakes Hardy in the corner. Bucks hit a senton/fist drop combo. Nick stomps on Hardy in the corner and chokes him for a moment. Matt Jackson climbs to the top rope and mocks the Hardy’s, but Hardy plants Jackson with a Side Effect! Nick and Jeff are tagged in with Jeff hammering away on Nick. Hardy forearms Nick followed by an atomic drop and leg drop. Nick avoids a dropkick, but Jeff kicks Nick into the corner. Jeff elbows Nick and hits the Whisper In The Wind for a near fall. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Nick and heads to the top rope. Jeff tries for the Swanton Bomb, but Nick got his knees up.

Matt Jackson and Matt Hardy tag into the match trading right hands. Hardy side slams Jackson for a two count. Hardy drives Jackson into the corner and hip tosses Nick into the ring. Hardy low blows Matt Jackson on the middle rope while the referee was distracted. Matt hits a powerbomb on Jackson for a two count. Jeff keeps a sleeper on Matt Jackson on the mat. Matt elbows free, but Jeff yanks Jackson down by his hair and tags in Matt Hardy. Jackson is sent into the corner back first and clotheslined for a two count. Matt Hardy locks in a sleeper on Matt Jackson. Hardy elbows Jackson coming off the ropes and chokes Jackson over the top rope. Jackson blocks a suplex to the floor and drops Hardy over the top rope sending Hardy off the apron onto the railing. Hardy prevents a tag to Nick. Jackson takes Hardy over with a northern lights suplex. Jackson spears Hardy coming out of the corner and both men are down.

Nick and Jeff tag in with Nick clotheslining Jeff and dropkicking Matt on the apron. Nick nails Jeff with a back elbow for a two count. Jeff clotheslines Nick and tags in Matt. Hardy’s try for Poetry in Motion, but Nick superkicks Jeff. Matt superkicks Matt Hardy and Nick kicks Jeff from the apron. Nick hits a slingshot face buster on Matt and moonsaults Jeff on the floor. Bucks hit a splash/standing moonsault on Matt Hardy for a two count. Nick knee strikes Matt Jackson off the apron on accident. Matt Hardy plants Nick with the Side Effect for a two count. Jeff tags into the match and the Hardy’s slam Nick to the mat. Hardy’s go to opposite corners, but Matt crotches Matt Hardy. Nick superkicks Jeff in the corner and Matt Jackson hits the Twist of Fate. Nick comes off the top with a Swanton Bomb for a two count. Matt powerbombs Jeff into the corner as Nick delivers a kick. Bucks hit a spike tombstone, but Matt Hardy pulls the referee out of the ring. Nick Jackson takes the referee out with a suicide dive on accident. Matt uses a chair on Nick before returning to the ring. Matt uses the chair on Matt Jackson a few times.

Matt Hardy signals for the Twist of Fate and hits it on Matt Jackson. Jeff Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb on Matt Jackson, but there’s no referee. A new referee comes out and Matt Jackson kicks out at two. Matt Hardy hits a rolling fireman’s carry on Matt Jackson leading to a senton by Jeff. Matt Hardy hits a top rope moonsault, but Nick Jackson pulls the referee out of the ring. Jeff Hardy leaps off the apron to take the referee out on the floor. Matt Jackson low blows Matt Hardy followed by a superkick. Matt Hardy is superkicked several times. Bucks superkick Jeff off the apron onto a table, which doesn’t break. Bucks hit a rolling fireman carry and a 450 splash followed by a moonsault for a three count on Matt Hardy. (***1/4. The closing minutes of the match were really good as it allowed the Bucks to shine with their explosive offense. I wonder how these two teams would have done if the Hardy’s were in their prime. I feel like it was noticeable just how far off the Hardy’s are compared to the Bucks. Hardy’s relied on their signature moves and it didn’t provide much more than that. A good main event, but not a classic encounter.)

Final Thoughts:
On paper, this might look like a really strong card and parts of it delivered quality action. Hardy’s/Bucks was a good match, but it’s not an all-time classic that some may want to see. Edwards/Kingston was solid, too. There’s enough quality here to give this show a recommendation.

Thanks for reading.


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