WCW Saturday Night 2/10/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW Tag Team Champions Sting & Lex Luger defeated Barrio Brothers
2.) Belfast Bruiser defeated Mike Marcello
3.) The Giant defeated Larry Santo & Pepe Prado in a handicap match
4.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated Bull Payne
5.) Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated VK Wallstreet
6.) The Nasty Boys defeated Manny Fernandez & Red Tyler
7.) Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman defeated The Cobra & Joey Maggs
8.) WCW World Champion Randy Savage defeated Chris Benoit

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Mean Gene interviews the WCW Tag Team Champions Sting and Lex Luger regarding what happened on Nitro last week. Sting has a big problem with what Luger did to the Road Warriors. Sting told Luger he wanted to be champions without excuses. Luger understands and apologizes for his instincts taking over. Sting says the difference between them is that he doesn’t take the pipe from Jimmy Hart. Sting declares he’s close to ending the team and friendship. Sting wants Luger to choose between him and Jimmy Hart. Luger asks for one more shot and Sting decides to give Luger one more chance.

2.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with Belfast Bruiser regarding Lord Steven Regal. Bruiser says that he’s chased the low life for a while and he’s going to destroy the scum. Bruiser notes that Regal ran from him and he’s not going to escape again.

3.) Mean Gene interviews the Giant and Jimmy Hart backstage. Hart says that the Giant is stronger and meaner than Hogan. Giant doesn’t know why Hogan keeps coming back only to be destroyed by Giant over and over again.

4.) Mean Gene interviews WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd and Kimberly regarding the title match tomorrow night at Superbrawl. Badd wants to know where the other 6.4 million dollars went. Kimberly doesn’t know what DDP did with the money. Badd is tired of DDP taking advantage of Kimberly. Badd promises to knock him out. Kimberly is not looking forward to the match tomorrow night and doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Kimberly has fun with Badd training. Badd returns to the segment and says he’s going to beat Page as if he had stolen something.

5.) Wallstreet bails to the floor and Pittman hip tosses Wallstreet in the ring. Pittman clotheslines Wallstreet followed by a tackle. Pittman locks in a top wrist lock, but Wallstreet doesn’t give in and reaches the ropes. Pittmn keeps a hammerlock on Wallstreet, but lets go. Wallstreet sends Pittman through the ropes to the floor. Wallstreet rams Pittman into the ring steps. Wallstreet nails Pittman with a leaping clothesline. Wallstreet tries for a cover, but Pittman kicks out at two. Wallstreet elbows Pittman and comes off the ropes missing a splash as Pittman got his knees up. Pittman hits a belly to belly suplex and misses a jumping headbutt. Wallstreet tries for an abdominal stretch, but Pittman counters with a rollup for the win! After the match, Big Bubba Rogers enters the ring and attacks Pittman. Joey Maggs enters the ring to make the save, but he’s stopped by the heels. Bubba plants Maggs with a gut wrench powerbomb. (1/2*. The match isn’t anything worthwhile, but this has to be seen as a major upset for Pittman to get a clean win over Wallstreet. So, that’s cool.)

6.) Mean Gene is with the Road Warriors regarding Superbrawl tomorrow night. They will face the winners of Harlem Heat vs. Sting/Luger tag title match. Animal says that everyone saw Luger hit him with a steel plate. Animal promises to get Sting and Luger at the end of the night. Hawk talks about grey matter that won’t matter to them. Sting and Luger have to pay for all their problems that Luger has created.

7.) Mean Gene interviews Ric Flair and Woman. Gene notes that Woman will be outside the cage and Woman says to never underestimate the power of woman. Flair gets down onto his knees and is happy that Woman is back. Flair talks about how people never thought he’d get the best of Hogan and Savage. Flair says they were wrong and proceeds to put over Woman. Flair talks about Savage losing women left and right until he’s now down to one. Flair continues to hype up the cage match with Savage saying that Savage will pay the price of a lifetime.

8.) Mean Gene interviewed WCW World Champion Randy Savage and Elizabeth. Gene wants an update on Hulk Hogan’s condition and Savage is confident that Hogan will get the job done at Superbrawl. Savage knows where Woman is going and says that Flair is bringing her down there with him. Savage is excited to take care of Flair inside the steel cage. Gene interviews Elizabeth and she’s happy to back in wrestling. Savage finishes off saying that Hogan will be at the PPV one way or another.

9.) Kevin Sullivan cut a pre-recorded promo regarding Brian Pillman. Sullivan broke a pencil and says that it’s going to be just them at the PPV and Pillman will be a free agent.

10.) Mean Gene interviewed Brian Pillman and Arn Anderson backstage following their victory. Anderson notes that Cobra and Maggs learned a lesson in respect. Anderson knows that Paul Orndorff broke a broom over his head. Anderson says that a stroke of the strap to the face will show what pleasure is really all about. Pillman says it’s better to give than receive. Pillman says it is time for everyone to respect him. Pillman says that Sullivsan is the sacrificial lamb.

11.) A video highlighting Diamond Dallas Page buying anything that he saw because he won 13-million dollars. Of course, Page won the money by stealing Kimberly’s bingo card.

12.) Savage goes after Benoit on the floor and hits an axe handle off the top in the ring sending Benoit to the floor. Savage continues to choke Benoit on the floor. Benoit decks Savage with a clothesline as the show goes to commercial. Benoit chops Savage several times in the corner and yanks Savage to the mat. Benoit continues with right hands. Savage nails Benoit with a back elbow. Benoit sends Savage through the middle rope to the floor. Savage pulls Benoit to the floor and gets sent into the ring post. Benoit sends Savage into the guard railing and delivers a few stomps in the ring to keep control of the contest. Benoit sends Savage into the corner back first and plants Savage with a spinebuster. Benoit locks in a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Savage manages to reach the ropes. Benoit takes Savage over with a snap suplex. Benoit drives Savage down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Benoit continues to work over Savage in the corner with strikes. Benoit sends Savage into the corner back first and delivers a few chops. Benoit plants Savage with a back suplex for a two count. Benoit slams Savage and heads to the top rope. Benoit leaps off missing a diving headbutt. Savage gets an inside cradle for a two count. Savage eye rakes Benoit and drops him over the top rope. Savage scoop slams Benoit and heads to the top rope. Arn Anderson runs out and Savage leaps off the apron to attack Anderson. Ric Flair comes out and attacks Savage on the floor. Savage is triple teamed on the floor as the referee has thrown the match out. Savage is sent into the ring post shoulder first. (**. An average match with the main goal being the aftermath to add some more heat to the cage match tomorrow night. Benoit looked good being the man in control and Savage did a lot to give him creditability.)

13.) Hulk Hogan cuts a promo via satellite while Savage was getting beaten up. Hogan says that Savage knew what he was getting himself into. Hogan says that Savage hoped that he’d get stomped by the Horsemen. Hogan says he may be down, but he’s not out. Hogan asks what Giant is going to do when all that is left is fear.

Final Thoughts:
As expected, they spent a lot of time promoting Superbrawl taking place the next day. I thought they did a good job to add some interest into the show. Plus, the main event plays a major part into the main event with Savage getting beaten down and casting doubt if he’ll be ready for the cage match.

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