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ECW Hardcore TV 11/15/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 11/15/1997
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Justin Credible defeated Chris Chetti
2.) Blue Meanie defeated Jason in a street fight
3.) ECW Television Champion Taz & Tommy Dreamer defeated Sabu & Rob Van Dam

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The match between Credible and Chetti is joined in progress to start the program. Chetti crotches Credible on the top rope and delivers a kick to send Credible to the floor. Chetti continues with a baseball slide before returning to the ring. Chetti hits a springboard heel kick off the top rope for a two count. Chetti scoop slams Credible and goes to the top missing a leg drop. Credible tries for the That’s Incredible, but Chetti breaks free to hit a powerbomb for a two count. Chetti misses a springboard moonsault and Credible plants Chetti with the That’s Incredible for the win. (NR. Considering it’s not a full match, I’m not going to give a rating. However, Chetti looked to be having a good night and it came across like it was a fun, competitive match. Credible continues to rise up the ranks.)

2.) Jason grabbed a microphone after the match and challenged anyone to a street fight. The challenge is accepted by Blue Meanie. Jason proceeds to insult Meanie saying he’s not an athlete and is a piece of crap.

3.) Jason plays with Meanie’s belly fat in the corner before going to the corner to avoid any punches. Jason slaps Meanie on the mat and goes back to the ropes. Meanie grabs Jason by the nuts and gets a rollup to win the match in less than two minutes. That certainly was not a street fight and was just a comedy segment for Meanie.

4.) Rick Rude makes his way down to the ring to introduce the ECW World Champion, Bam-Bam Bigelow according to Joey Styles. Chris Candido and Lance Storm attack Bigelow on his way out to the ring. Rick Rude chases them away with a chair shot as Bigelow is laid out. It looked like the back of his head was bloodied as a result of the attack.

5.) ECW Television Champion Taz cuts a promo about the upcoming tag match he’s involved in. Taz knows that Dreamer would rather pick Sandman as his tag partner, but Sabu burned Sandman with fire and can’t wrestle tonight. Taz wonders where Dreamer would think that he’d want to be his partner tonight. Taz hates Sabu and Rob Van Dam a little bit more than he hates Dreamer. Taz warns Dreamer that he’ll drop him on his head if he slips up just a little bit. Taz loves to fight Sabu and he loves that Sabu likes to fight him. Taz is out to get revenge on RVD, too. Taz claims his accolades are a shoot. Taz mentions the Pitbulls and promises to bring the fight to them if they show up. Taz wants them to bring Lance Wright.

6.) Shane Douglas and Francine make their way out to the ring to be interviewed by Joey Styles. Douglas says that they have made Bam-Bam Bigelow a little more cooperative. Douglas says that Bigelow can come out and do the job, but it won’t be like LT or Kimo. Douglas will regain the ECW World Championship. Douglas insults Philadelphia saying that Pittsburgh is where a pay per view should be held. Rick Rude makes his way out to confront Douglas. Rude says that Francine said Douglas is belt less and if Douglas’ penis was an inch smaller he’d have a wart on his ass. Rude enters the ring and has a confrontation with Douglas. Chris Candido and Lance Storm enter the ring, but Bam-Bam Bigelow runs in and cleans house to make sure Rude isn’t attacked. Bigelow clotheslines Storm and hits the Greetings From Asbury on Storm.

7.) RVD goes after Taz while Sabu focuses on RVD. RVD drags Taz to the floor and they trade strikes. Sabu hits a springboard back elbow to drop Dreamer for a near fall. RVD sends Taz into the ring post face first. Sabu delivers a slingshot somersault leg drop. Sabu tries for a springboard crossbody, but Dreamer slams Sabu. Taz argues with Dreamer allowing RVD to deck Taz from behind. Dreamer sends Sabu into the railing back first. RVD spin kicks Taz and delivers a kick to the ribs. RVD hammers away on Taz in the corner. RVD monkey flips Taz out of the corner and goes to the top hitting a frog splash. Sabu smashes Dreamer on the heel with a chair. RVD delivers a kick to Taz’s jaw. RVD misses a spinning heel kick and Taz tosses RVD with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Sabu gets in the ring and has a confrontation trading strikes with Taz. Taz gets a Taz Mission on Sabu, but Sabu breaks free to hit a springboard heel kick. Taz hooks Sabu to hit a tiger suplex to drop Sabu on his head. Dreamer punches Sabu against the apron. Sabu is dropped throat first over the railing. RVD takes everyone out with a somersault dive to the floor. RVD crotches Dreamer over the railing. Sabu drags Dreamer over the railing. Taz crotches RVD onto the railing and Sabu hits a springboard twisting moonsault onto everyone on the floor.

RVD and Sabu hit a rolling thunder/leg drop combo for a two count on Taz. Dreamer and Taz are worked over in the corner. Sabu and RVD hit springboard heel kicks. Dreamer splashes Taz in the corner on accident. Sabu takes Dreamer over with a hurricanrana. Taz locks in the Taz Mission and RVD leg drops Sabu on accident. Dreamer and Taz put stereo Taz Missions, but Taz lets go and sees something in the crowd. Taz goes after the Pitbulls in the crowd. Dreamer puts Sabu and RVD in a double tree of woe in the corner. Dreamer puts a chair in front of them and delivers a baseball slide dropkick. Dreamer gets a two count on Sabu. Dreamer tries for a double DDT, but gets whipped down onto a chair. RVD and Sabu miss a double leg drop and hit the chair. Dreamer ties RVD in the ropes and has a steel chair. Dreamer runs the ropes, but Alfonso trips Dreamer causing Dreamer to land onto the chair face first. Beulah goes after Alfonso and is clotheslined by Sabu. Alfonso rams Beulah’s head into the bottom turnbuckle several times. Dreamer takes Sabu down with a side Russian leg sweep.

Sabu slides a table into the ring and lays Dreamer down onto the table. Sabu and RVD miss splashes from opposite sides of the ring. Dreamer heads to the top rope but Alfonso whacks Dreamer on the heel with a chair. RVD jabs Dreamer with a chair shot onto the heel. Dreamer has removed his cast for some reason and RVD jabs Dreamer’s heel with a chair. RVD kicks a chair into Sabu’s head on accident and Dreamer kicks RVD. Dreamer plants RVD with a DDT onto a chair. Dreamer has the cover and pins RVD to win the match. (**1/4. I wasn’t expecting Dreamer to overcome the odds here at all, but it was a pleasant surprise. It seems like RVD and Sabu are losing a little bit of momentum in this feud, though.)

8.) Sabu has a ladder and tosses the ladder into a chair that goes into Dreamer’s face. RVD plays to the crowd. RVD dropkicks a chair into Dreamer’s ankle. Sabu tries to burn Dreamer’s heel, but the lights go out. The fire goes off, and Sandman is on the ladder causing the heels to bail to the floor.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this week was a productive episode and touched on the necessary angles they have going on. Sabu and RVD need to regain some momentum against Dreamer and Sandman, though. I’m still not liking the Taz/Pitbulls feud.

Thanks for reading.

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