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AAW Rise Of The Machine Guns 9/29/2007

Written by: Bob Colling

AAW presents Rise Of The Machine Guns
From: Berwyn, IL

Footage of the Murder City Machine Guns winning the AAW Tag Team Championships at the last show is shown. They defend against Christian York and Joey Matthews tonight.

Earlier today, Joey Eastman cuts a promo regarding the TLC match tonight with the Phoenix Twins. They have been feuding with Adrenaline Overdose for the last six months and it ends tonight. Tonight, they will inflict pain and use all the weapons provided to them. They are coming for the AAW Tag Team Championships.

Prior to the first match, Jimmy Jacobs cuts a promo wanting to figure something out with Dan Lawrence because he doesn’t want to wrestle Lawrence. Jacobs has a knack to start groups and start revolutions. He has a group with the Northstar Express and Arik Cannon. Jacobs is trying recruit Lawrence to help ruin AAW from the inside. Lawrence thinks about it for a moment. Jacobs needs an answer right now. Lawrence responds with a right hand.

Opening Contest: Dan Lawrence vs. Jimmy Jacobs: Jacobs takes Lawrence down to the mat and they trade strikes. Lawrence gets the better of the exchange delivering an elbow in the corner. Lawrence boot scrapes Jacobs in the corner ten times with the last one being a baseball slide. Lawrence hits a top rope crossbody for a two count. Lawrence continues with right hands on the mat. Lawrence slams Jacobs and heads to the top rope. Lawrence is knocked off the apron by Jacobs. Jacobs follows to the floor and stomps on Lawrence and chokes Lawrence on the floor. Jacobs chokes Lawrence over the railing to maintain control. Jacobs drops Lawrence over the railing, but Ryan Boz has come out to ringside to check on Lawrence. Lawrence gets back in the ring and is met with a knee lift. Jacobs delivers a few double stomps in the corner followed by an elbow drop. Lawrence tries to fight back, but Jacobs chokes Lawrence and delivers strikes on the mat. Jacobs stomps Lawrence in the midsection and keeps a bearhug on the canvas, but Lawrence gets up quickly. Jacobs knee lifts Lawrence followed by another double stomp and taunts Boz on the floor. Lawrence fights back with right hands, but Jacobs cuts Lawrence off. Lawrence drives Jacobs down with a neckbreaker. Lawrence hammers away on Jacobs and delivers a forearm smash and a heel kick.

Lawrence slams Jacobs and tries to go to the top, but Jacobs stops Lawrence with a strike to the midsection. Lawrence attempts a springboard, but slips off the ropes and dangerously lands on the mat. Jacobs delivers a senton splash. Jacobs taunts Lawrence for a few moments and slams Lawrence before going to the top rope. Lawrence stops Jacobs on the top rope with forearm strikes. Lawrence hits a top rope hurricanrana. Lawrence has a cover, but Jacobs kicks out. Lawrence drives Jacobs into the corner a few times over his shoulder. Jacobs hits a senton off the top and manages to win the match. (**1/4. A short opener, but I’m thinking this was cut a little short since Lawrence slipped off the ropes and they went into the finish shortly afterward. Jacobs going over makes sense considering he’s a top heel and has a new group to get over.) After the match, Ryan Boz gets in the ring to confront Jacobs. Boz has the cane and is clearly about to turn on Lawrence. Boz holds the ropes for Lawrence, but hits Lawrence with the cane. Boz hits the Boz Driver to leave Lawrence laying. Jacobs embraces Boz. Boz calls Lawrence pathetic and tells Lawrence he screwed up. Boz carried Lawrence for months and he’s hurt his back doing so. Boz wanted title belts and he lost the belts because of Lawrence. Boz plants Lawrence with another Boz Driver. A few wrestlers from the back enter, but Boz decks them and walks out with Jacobs to end the segment.

Prior to the next match, Joey Eastman cuts a promo saying that Brandon Blaze starts at the top and will run through Skull Crusher Rasche Brown.

Second Contest: Skull Crusher Rasche Brown vs. Brandon Blaze: Blaze attacks Brown for the early advantage. Brown misses a clothesline, but a back elbow strike connects followed by chops in the corner. Brown continues with forearms and chops in the corner. Blaze boots Brown in the corner a few times as Brown charged the corner. Blaze hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Blaze chokes Brown over the middle rope and the distracts the referee to allow Eastman to choke Brown, too. Blaze hits a side Russian leg sweep. Blaze continues with a few strikes to the shoulder and drives his knee into Brown’s back. Blaze hammers away on Brown with left hands, but Brown pummels Blaze in the corner. Brown nails Blaze with a lariat for a two count. Blaze back elbows Brown and tries for a suplex. Adrenaline Overdose come out to ringside and Brown hits a spear. Brown spikes Blaze with the Burning Hammer for the win. (1/2*. I dig Rasche Brown and his finishing sequence was nicely done. I didn’t think for second that Blaze was going to win.)

Backstage, Dave Prazak cuts a promo saying that his men got robbed of the tag titles. However, they get a shot to win a title shot on October 20th. Prazak is going to do everything he can to make sure his men win the match and get their tag titles back.

Third Contest: Charlie Mason Jr. & Tyme Paige vs. Michigan Invasion (N8 Mattson & Truth Martini) vs. The Absolute Answer (Caden Ames & Chris Able) vs. DP Associates Berwyn Branch (Conrad Kennedy III & Trik Davis): Davis and Ames kickoff the tag match with Davis hitting an arm drag and shoulder block. Davis nearly wins with a rollup. They counter each other on the mat a few times. Ames head scissors Davis through the ropes to the floor. Kennedy enters and works over Ames with uppercuts. Able tags in and Ames hits a springboard moonsault. Able elbow drops Kennedy for a two count. Kennedy knee lifts Able followed by strikes. Kennedy dumps Able to the apron, but Able hip tosses Kennedy to the floor. Martini enters and is met with an atomic drop by Able. Mason hits a sloppy head scissors on Able. Mason head scissors Martini to the floor and Mattson knee lifts Mason. Paige enters and hits a crossbody on Mattson. Paige head scissors Mattson and delivers a dropkick to send Mattson to the floor. Mason and Paige dump DP Associates to the floor. Mason and Paige leave off opposite corners to hit somersault dives to the outside!

Ames and Able are in the ring and Ames hits a dive to the floor after Able backdropped Ames to the floor. Davis stops Able, but Able press slams Davis into the corner. Ables hammers away on Kennedy, but Kennedy delivers a neckbreaker for a two count. Kennedy knee drops Able and Martini tags in to hit a double hip toss with Mattson. Kennedy tags in and keeps working over Able with stomps and strikes. Davis enters and double teams Able briefly. Able knocks Davis into the corner and Mattson tags in to drop toe hold Able. Martini puts a camel clutch on and Mattson delivers a dropkick for a two count. Mattson comes off the middle rope to axe handle Able. Kennedy tags in and uppercuts Able against the ropes a few times. Kennedy delivers a fist drop coming off the ropes. Davis tags in and kicks Able in the midsection. Davis tries for a cover, but Able refuses to stay down. Able delivers a jawbreaker and Paige hits a flying clothesline and a dropkick to Davis. Paige drives Davis to the mat with a facebuster after a dropkick by Mason. Kennedy enters the match and is met with a double spinebuster. Mason knocks Kennedy onto Paige’s knees and hits a splash for a two count. Paige has Martini on his shoulders and Mason hit a sloppy head scissors to Mattson off of Martini. Martini delivered a few low blows, but is slammed to the mat. Kennedy hits the CK3, but Able rolls to the floor. Ames forearms Kennedy, but is met with strikes. Davis enters and delivers a Codebreaker. Kennedy drops Ames over Davis’ knees. Martini knocks Davis off the top rope. Mattson leg sweeps Kennedy, which knocks Ames down too. Invasion hit the Michigan curb stomp on Ames to win the match and earn a title shot. (**1/2. A fine four way match as there wasn’t much lull to it at all. Mason and Paige are a fun team, but they need to slow things down sometimes because they can get dangerously sloppy. I like that the Michigan Invasion won as they usually have some decent heel work and seem to be the most polish team to challenge whomever wins the tag title match later on.)

Earlier in the day, Christian York was interviewed as he walking up the stairs. York smells something and it’s Joey Mercury’s ring jacket. York walks into the bathroom and looks in the mirror. York says this is the gimmick he’s been looking for his entire life. Joey Mercury comes out of the stall and clears his throat to get York’s attention. York was saying he would have called it Y&M. Mercury asks York what he is doing. York says he was seeing how he would look doing the character. Mercury reminds York they have a tag title match tonight. Mercury says when you win a title, you make more money and he’s all about the money. He hopes that York hasn’t changed too much. Mercury expects the jacket back at his locker in five minutes.

Prior to the next match, Silas Young cuts a promo. Young requests the fans stop singing along to his theme music. Young is mad about Krotch hitting him the balls and is positive it won’t happen again tonight because he has eyes in the back of his head.

Fourth Contest: Silas Young vs. Krotch: Krotch hides behind the referee and almost wins with a rollup. Krotch controls Young with a side headlock. Young lifts Krotch into the air, but Krotch gets another headlock on Young. Krotch dumps Young over the top to the floor. Young catches Krotch on a crossbody and rams Krotch into the guard railing back first. Krotch rams Krotch back first into the apron. Young rolls Krotch into the ring and taunts the crowd before stomping on Krotch. Young drives Krotch down with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Young goes to the floor and gets in Krotch’s sisters face before keeping control in the ring. Krotch staggers Young with a jawbreaker. Young tries for a suplex, but Krotch forearms Young. Young drives Krotch down with a backbreaker. Young tries for a cover, but Krotch kicks out at two. Young digs his knee into Krotch’s back. Krotch tries to get up, but Young keeps control. Krotch dropkicks Young and Young is hung upside down on the apron for a moment. Krotch runs into a back elbow, but falls down and low blows Young. Krotch atomic drops Young and hits a flying forearm. Young is driven down to the mat by Krotch for a two count. Young is sent into corner chest first and plants Krotch with a backbreaker for a two count. Young tries for a handstand moonsault, but Krotch got his knees up. Krotch gets a victory roll on Young and wins the match. (**. That has to be a major upset for Krotch to win this match. The action was fine for what it was. Young losing here is a little baffling, but maybe they are trying to get Krotch over.)

Prior to the next match, Joey Mercury takes some time to insult the fans. Mercury tells the fans he’s going to talk for an hour and prevent five star wrestling from taking place. Mercury puts himself over and his accomplishments. Mercury brags about making hundreds of thousands of dollars while Sabin and Shelley have not. Mercury says they are all about making more money as champions. Shelley yanks the microphone away to stop Mercury from talking. Shelley tells Mercury to shove it all up his ass. Fans taunt Mercury for being fired from the WWE. Shelley says they are the top independent tag team while Mercury and York were the top team seven years ago.

Fifth Contest: AAW Tag Team Champions Murder City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. Christian York & Joey Mercury: Shelley and Mercury kickoff the tag title match. Mercury tries to pull Shelley to the corner, but Shelley breaks free to avoid a double team. Mercury backs Shelley into the corner out of a lockup, but Shelley fights out and Sabin enters to keep the challengers away. Mercury bailed to the floor to regroup with York following. Sabin and York tag into the contest. York backs Sabin into a corner and tries to deliver a cheap shot, but Sabin ducks and nails York with a right hand. York shoulder blocks Sabin for a one count and is proud of that. Mercury takes fake pics of York for so an accomplishment. York controls Sabin on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Sabin breaks free and arm drags York. Sabin head scissors York. Shelley and Sabin punch York a few times. Shelley hits a bulldog and Sabin connects with a senton for a two count on York. York bails to the floor to regroup. Shelley is distracted by Mercury and York delivers a shot from behind. Mercury tags in and works over Shelley with strikes. Shelley ducks a clothesline and tags in Sabin. Sabin his a dropkick as Shelley had a Mercury in a neck vice. Guns try for suicide dives, but the challengers move to the aisle to avoids the high risk moves.

Guns gain control and hit forearms in opposite corners a few times. They also hit running mafia kicks in the corner to stagger the challengers. Shelley tries for a suplex on York, but York blocks it and delivers a few chops. Mercury grabs Shelley, and York decks Mercury on accident. Sabin dropkicks York from behind after a jawbreaker by Shelley. Shelley hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Sabin goes for a dive, but the referee stops him because he’s not legal. Sabin somersaults over the referee to take everyone out on the floor. Shelley kicks York on the side of the head and tries for a Slice Bread, but York avoids it. Shelley mule kicks York, but Mercury crotches Shelley on the top and Shelley crashes to the mat. York gets a two count after a knee drop. Mercury tags in and keeps control on Shelley with a right hand. Mercury knee lifts Shelley to the mat followed by a stomp. Mercury sends Shelley into York’s boots in the corner for a near fall. York tags into the match and elbow drops Shelley. Shelley misses a clothesline and York hits his version of the Stroke for a two count. Mercury tags in and the challengers hit a double gut buster. Mercury knee lifts Shelley coming off the ropes and delivers a stomp to the lower midsection and twists his foot. Mercury tags in York.

York rams Shelley into the corner back first and delivers a few stomps. York hits a rolling senton in the corner on Shelley. York tries for a cover, but only manages a two count. Mercury tags in and spears Shelley in the corner. Mercury keeps control with a forearm strike on the mat and locks a bearhug from behind on Shelley. Mercury takes Shelley down to the mat to maintain control of the contest. Shelley elbows free and nearly pins Mercury with a rollup. York grabs Shelley and they press Shelley’s ribs into the ring post. York pummels Shelley with right hands on the mat. York delivers a kick to the ribs. York and Shelley trade strikes with Shelley coming off the ropes and is met with an abdominal stretch. Shelley hip tosses free and tries to make a tag. Mercury tags in and elbow drops Shelley to keep the advantage. Shelley gets a few near falls, but Shelley refuses to stay down. Mercury has a front face lock on Shelley, but Shelley backdrops Mercury. York distracts the referee when Sabin is tagged in. Sabin can’t believe it. Mercury taunts Sabin on the apron and delivers an elbow strike to Sabin.

Mercury continues to work over Shelley in the corner and York tags in to do the same. Shelley avoids York in the corner and Mercury spears York on accident. Shelley drop toe holds Mercury onto York’s groin in the corner. Shelley kicks Mercury into York and Sabin gets tagged in. Sabin kicks Mercury and shoves York into Mercury. Sabin plants York with a tornado DDT after kicking Mercury. Sabin spikes Mercury with a brainbuster and York is sent to the floor. Mercury kicks the champs and comes off the middle rope only to be met with dropkicks in midair. Mercury kicked by the champions and Sabin almost wins, but York breaks the cover. York knee lifts Shelley to the apron and knocks Shelley to the floor. York stomps on Sabin in the corner followed by strikes with Mercury. Shelley hits a crossbody off the top onto the challengers. York sends Shelley to the floor, again. Sabin is kicked by Mercury and is driven down with a double facebuster. Mercury signals for the Snapshot. Shelley heel kicks York to the floor. Sabin gets a rollup on Mercury for a two count. Sabin stomps on Mercury in the corner. York misses a clothesline and Sabin takes York to the floor with a hurricanrana. Shelley misses a top rope crossbody. Mercury stalks Shelley and tries for a DDT, but Sabin delivers a kick. Shelley hits a standing Slice Bread with help from Sabin to win the match. (*1/2. One of the reasons I bought this DVD was to see this match and had hopes for a classic one. Instead, it’s 20+ minutes with very minimal entertaining wrestling. York and Mercury prevents the Guns from showcasing their exciting wrestling and it just dragged on and on. I’d say this was a major disappointment for me.)

Footage from the post show of September 8th where Jerry Lynn cut a promo. Lynn says it doesn’t matter who is put in the ring with him. Lynn says that AAW constantly found a way to screw him, but he eventually won the AAW Heavyweight Championship from Marek Brave. Lynn talks about wrestling Krotch, but knew he didn’t have a chance against him. Lynn talks about still standing despite Rasche Brown throwing everything at him. Lynn gets cutoff by Jayson Reign. Reign mentions how he defeated Chandler McClure and asks for a title match. Lynn says he’ll give him a title shot and prove he’s a fighting champion.

Chandler McClure comes out with a neckbrace and on crutches. McClure is out here to make a statement. McClure wants the fans to look under their seats. There is a letter under their seats. McClure reads the letter, but it’s hard to hear due to the poor sound. McClure is demanding the fans take responsibility for his injuries. Fans are throwing the letter back into the ring and they clearly don’t care about McClure. McClure promises to get his lawyer involved and limps out of the ring.

Backstage, Adrenaline Overdose cut a promo saying the talking is over. They are going to let the fear build into the Phoenix Twins. They will write the final chapter of their feud tonight in the main event. There will be blood and retribution tonight.

Sixth Contest: Danny Daniels vs. Arik Cannon: They collide on a shoulder block, but neither man budges. Cannon tries again and they don’t budge again. Cannon is tripped by Daniels as Cannon runs the ropes. Cannon is not thrilled with the trip by Daniels. Cannon delivers a few strikes to gain control of the contest. Daniels forearms Cannon and delivers a shoulder ram in the corner. Daniels gets rid of the Northstar Express for trying to get involved. Corbin trips Daniels on a dive attempt. Daniels rolls to the floor and spears Cruz into the railing. Cannon drops Daniels throat first over the guard railing. Cannon rolls Daniels into the ring and hits a snap suplex for a one count. They begin to trade strikes in the corner with Cannon delivering a backbreaker for a near fall. Cannon catapults Daniels into the bottom rope. Cannon hits a jawbrekaer, but runs into a strike. Cannon hits a running neckbreaker for a two count. Cannon connects with a rolling necksnap to maintain control of the contest. Cannon keeps a seated abdominal stretch on Daniels and switches to a cobra clutch. Daniels doesn’t stay down for long and gets to his feet to elbow free. Cannon knee lifts Daniels to the mat.

Cannon punches Daniels a few times in the corner and delivers an eye rake. Daniels elbows Cannon a few times. Cannon chops Daniels against the ropes and taunts the crowd. Cannon staggers Daniels with a headbutt and tries for a suplex, but Daniels rolls through. Daniels forearms Cannon a few times. Cannon holds onto the ropes, and Daniels pulls Cannon down. Daniels climbs to the top rope hitting a double stomp. Daniels connects with a running leg lariat for a near fall. Daniels chops Cannon until Cannon tries for a suplex. Cannon settles for a right, but Daniels avoids a slam attempt. Cannon hits a t-bone suplex for a near fall. Cannon signals for an elbow in the corner, but Daniels hits a double leg slam and a suplex for a two count. Daniels heads to the top rope, but Corbin gets involved. Cannon stops Daniels on the top rope looking for a suplex. Daniels blocks it and tries for a flip piledriver, but Cannon backdrops Daniels to the mat. Cannon misses a shining wizard and Daniels tosses Cannon to the floor. Daniels leaps off the top to hit a somersault dive to the floor onto the heels. Daniels tosses the Northstar Express out of the ringside area. Tyler Black comes out and kicks Daniels on the floor to help Cannon. Black gets on a microphone, but it’s not working. Black says Daniels is too old and cusses out the fans. Daniels spears Black into the guard railing and rolls Black into the ring. Daniels tries to piledrive Black and is met with two shining wizards by Cannon for the win. (*1/2. I tend to not enjoy Cannon’s matches and that holds true this time around. It’s just his style that doesn’t click with me. I have more interest in the apparent Black/Daniels showdown.)

Earlier in the day, Derek St. Holmes provided some workout with wrestlers. They are doing some jump rope. Holmes thinks his students are coming together. Holmes mentions he’s undefeated in open challenges and his students are doing patty cake. Holmes scares them off before leaving.

Prior to the next match, the Northstar Express cut a promo with Darin Corbin saying they aren’t going to be gone that easily. Corbin brags about being the only undefeated team in AAW. They get cutoff by their opponents. Priest says that the fans are tortured by their “wrestling” but to do a promo is just too much. Priest proceeds to do all of his catchphrases. Priest found a partner for tonights tag match.

Seventh Contest: AAW Heritage Champion Eric Priest & M-Dogg 20 vs. North Star Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz): All four men are on the floor to start until Cruz is rolled into the ring and Dogg drop toe holds Cruz onto Priest’s knee. Corbin misses a top rope crossbody. Priest slams Corbin to the mat and delivers a leg drop. Corbin works over Priest with strikes and drops Corbin face first to the mat. Dogg tags in and delivers a few strikes to Corbin. Dogg dropkicks Corbin for a near fall. Dogg hits a northern lights suplex for a two count and rolls through with a double under hook submission. Dogg delivers a few chops to keep control of the contest. Corbin avoids a back suplex, but Dogg delivered a leg sweep and elbow drop for a near fall. Dogg delivers a senton splash for a two count. Dogg knocks Cruz off the apron and kicks Cruz from the ring. Dogg is stopped by Corbin from behind with a knee lift. Cruz beats on Dogg outside the ring with a few strikes and rolls Dogg back into the ring. Cruz tags in to keep the advantage with strikes on the mat.

Cruz slams Dogg and keeps control with some choking. Cruz punches Priest on the apron. Corbin chokes Dogg over the middle rope and Cruz gets a cheap shot in from the apron. Dogg is double teamed in the corner briefly. Dogg lands on his feet and chops the Express, but is rammed into the corner back first. Cruz stomps Dogg to the mat. Cruz sits Dogg on the top rope and tries for a suplex. Dogg hits Cruz over the back and knocks Cruz to the mat. Dogg avoids Cruz and tags in Priest. Priest cleans house with clotheslines, but Corbin decks Priest from behind. Priest avoids a double clothesline and hits a double overhead suplex. Cruz kicks Priest and Corbin delivered a leg sweep. Dogg double stomps Corbin and avoids a splash in the corner by Cruz. Cruz is splashed by Dogg and Priest drops Cruz with the Happy Ending. Dogg hits the shooting star press to pin Cruz. (**. A fine tag match with an expected outcome. I like Darin Corbin and feel like he’d be a useful heel in a singles role. Dogg looked good in there, too. It was a fine undercard match.)

Earlier in the day, Josh Abercrombie says he’s not a lower level kid and has been setting the Midwest on fire. He’s going to prove that on October 20th.

Eighth Contest: Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries: Aries wants to shake hands, but Black isn’t interested in that. Aries backs Black into the corner, but cleanly backs away. Aries takes Black down to the mat and they trade some mat wrestling. Aries arm drags Black a few times for a two count and keeps arm control. Black arm drags Aries a few times and keeps arm control on the mat. Aries avoids Black in the corner and hits a springboard back elbow. Black avoids a dropkick by Aries and double stomps Aries on the back followed by a knee drop and leg drop for a two count. Aries avoids Black in the corner for a rollup managing a two count. Aries dropkicks a seated Black. Aries fakes a dive to the floor and axe handles Black from the apron. Aries rams Black face first onto the apron a few times. Aries hits a slingshot senton and a jumping elbow drop for a two count. Aries tries for a brainbuster, but Black fights out of it. Aries leg sweeps Black to the mat and delivers a swinging elbow drop for a two count. Aries tries for a suplex, but Black bails to the apron. Aries grabs Black on the apron, but Black drops Aries over the top rope. Black locks in a triangle choke over the top rope. Aries drops to the apron. Black elbows Aries on the apron. Black continues with strikes on the apron.

Black continues with right hands on the floor, but Aries comes back with chops. Black rams Aries into the apron and guard railing. Black rolls Aries into the ring and delivers a stomp. Aries comes back with a few strikes. Black decks Aries to the mat and hits a senton splash. Black keeps Aries on the mat with a choke hold as Aries is essentially choking himself. Aries elbows free, but is met with a dropkick for a two count. Aries rams Black into the corner back first. Black fights Aries off with several clubbing blows to the back. Aries knocks Black off the top rope. Aries knee lifts Black and delivers a neckbreaker over the middle rope. Aries decks Black on the apron several times. Aries rams Black into the turnbuckles and drops Black over the top rope. Aries takes Black out with a suicide dive to the floor. Aries hits a corkscrew splash from the apron fro a two count. Black rams Aries into the corner, but Aries delivers a strike to the back. Black counters a brainbuster with a lifting reverse DDT for a two count. Black signals for the buckle bomb, but Aries counters with a hurricanrana. Aries misses a dropkick in the corner. Black nails Aries with a yakuza kick and a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Aries gets an inside cradle on Black for a near fall. Aries backslides Black and delivers a kick. Aries tries for the brainbuster, but Black blocks it. Black nails Aries with a pele kick. Black spikes Aries with the Unabomb after countering the brainbuster for the win. (***1/4. I was not expecting a clean win for Black, but I’ll take it. It was a good competitive match and a big win for Black. These two would go on to have a series of matches in ROH a few years later so it’s cool to see how it all kind of started.)

Main Event: Phoenix Twins (Dash & Tweek) vs. Adrenaline Overdose (Bryce Benjamin & Shane Hollister) in a tables, ladders and chairs match: All four men are in the ring brawling to start. Overdose double team Dash, but Tweek helps out with right hands on Benjamin in the corner. Benjamin is met with a clothesline. Hollister is nailed by stereo yakuza kicks. A chair is wedged in the corner and Benjamin rams Tweek is sent into the chair face first. Benjamin ducks a chair shot by Dash and sits Dash on the chair to allow Hollister to deliver a running boot. Hollister continues with a neckbreaker and a dropkick by Benjamin for a two count on Dash. Tweek has a ladder and Hollister dropkicks the ladder into Tweek. Overdose use the ladder on the Twins and knock them to the floor. They throw the ladder over the top onto the Twins on the floor. Overdose hit stereo dives over the top to the floor. Dash nails Benjamin with a ladder on the floor to send Benjamin into the crowd. Twins trap Hollister in the ladder outside the ring and deliver a few stomps. Hollister is sent back first into the ladder in the corner. Benjamin comes in with a chair shot and Hollister hits Dash with the ladder. Twins are sent onto the ladder with a drop toe hold. Overdose choke out the Twins with the ladder, but Eastman prevents a tap out by grabbing their arms. Eastman gets in the ring and Overdose is met with a ladder shot to the face.

Benjamin has been busted wide open. Tweek jabs Hollister with a chair shot to the ribs. Hollister is sat on the top rope and Tweek tries for a cutter, but Benjamin hits a springboard bulldog on Tweek onto a ladder! Dash lays the ladder over the middle rope and tries to powerbomb Benjamin, but Benjamin slams Dash onto the ladder and almost wins with a swinging neckbreaker. Hollister kicks a chair into Dash’s face on the apron. Overdose set a table up on the floor. Benjamin stops Tweek, but Tweek hits a powerslam. Hollister is dumped to the apron and tries for a suplex off the apron to the floor. Dash blocks it, but is met with a shoulder ram. Hollister tries for another suples, but Tweek leaps off of Dash and kicks Hollister off the middle rope through the table on the floor! Benjamin is put in the tree of woe and a ladder is put in front of Benjamin. Twins whack Benjamin with several chair shots. Twins ram another ladder into a helpless Benjamin. Twins setup four chairs in the middle of the ring. Benjamin low blows Tweek and Hollister stops Dash on the top rope. Overdose have Dash on the top rope hitting a superplex onto the four chairs!

Tweek stands two ladders up in opposite corners. Tweek beats on Hollister with right hands and a scoop slam. Tweek is stopped by Hollister on the ladder and Benjamin hits a cutter off the ladder. Dash is on a broken ladder, but is stopped by Hollister. Hollister hits a clothesline off the top rope. Overdose hit stereo spears on the Twins. Benjamin loses his footing on the ladder, but hits a back elbow. Benjamin drop toe holds Dash into the ladder in the corner. Tweek is in a tree of woe with a ladder in front of his face. Hollister dropkicks the ladder into Tweek’s face. Overdose go under the ring to grab a table and set it up outside the ring. Overdose grab a second table and stack them. Tweek uses a baton, but Benjamin gets the baton and decks the Twins with it. Benjamin slides a ladder into the ring and lays it over chairs. Benjamin puts Tweek on a ladder and climbs to the top, but Eastman stops Benjamin. Dash slams Benjamin off the top through the ladder. Hollister gets back in the ring and is beaten down by the Twins. Twins slide another table into the ring. Tweek goes to the top as Hollister is laid onto a table. Benjamin nails Tweek with a chair shot and Tweek crashes onto the stacked tables. Dash is met with a chair shot and Overdose goes to opposite corners to hit stereo splashes onto Dash and Benjamin pins Dash. (***3/4. They delivered a fun TLC match here and it got a little sloppy in parts, but it’s a TLC match with not the strongest of equipment, so lets cut them some slack. I’d like to see the Guns defend against both teams and I think a match with Overdose would be a lot of fun. There was a suitable amount of crazy spots and blood to really close this feud off on a good note.) After the match, Eastman is in the ring and Benjamin has a chair. Benjamin whacks Eastman over the head with the chair. Overdose leave Eastman laying.

Final Thoughts:
The big matches delivered some quality action and the undercard had some decent action, too. Guns vs. Mercury/York was a major disappointment and went far too long, but the show as a whole was enjoyable. I’ll give this a mild recommendation to check out.

Thanks for reading.

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