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WWE RAW 8/12/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents RAW
From: Seattle, WA

Moments ago, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were seen walking in the crowd sitting down in the front row.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is with security and he’s pissed about Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar being at the arena and not wanting them there. Bischoff believes that Stephanie McMahon is responsible for this. If they screw up he wants them gone.

Triple H makes his way out to cut a promo and he’s greeted with massive cheers. HHH says he’s heard how people were disappointed in him for attacking his best friend, Shawn Michaels. HHH claims that they were never best friends and says he used Michaels to get to the top just as Michaels used him to stay there. HHH believes that wrestling is just business and he’s the better business man. HHH brags about his success and how Michaels wishes he could have accomplished the same. HHH believes he’s better than prime Shawn Michaels. HHH blames the fans cheering him for making him weak and losing to Hulk Hogan back in April. HHH thinks the fans used him and HHH got weaker everyday. That all stops right now. HHH is going to SummerSlam to mane Michaels and end his career. HHH wants Michaels to show his son who a real man is after their match and HHH says that will be him.

WWE Undisputed Champion The Rock makes his way out to cutoff HHH. Rock does his usual routine of catchphrases to start the promo. Rock addresses Lesnar for making mind games. Rock tells Lesnar that he’s got an ass whooping coming tonight. HHH stops Rock reminding him he’s in the ring. HHH asks Rock who he thinks he is. Rock tells HHH that he’s the champion and calls HHH a bitch. The crowd tells HHH he’s an asshole. HHH threatens Rock that he’ll get his ass kicked if he gets in the ring. Rock decides to walk into the ring. Rock asks if HHH wants to go one more time. HHH would love to wrestle Rock tonight. They begin to trade strikes with Rock hitting a clothesline. Lesnar gets involved from the apron and that allows HHH to hit a Pedigree on Rock. Lesnar is wearing a Hulkamania shirt, by the way. HHH leaves Rock laying in the ring.

Backstage, Rock is yelling at Eric Bischoff and wants a piece of Triple H tonight. Bischoff can’t give Rock a singles match with HHH as that’s a huge match. Bischoff promises to find a way to get something done for Rock.

Before the next match, Trish Stratus slaps Howard Finkel saying she did that for Lilian Garcia.

Earlier in the day, Christopher Nowinski tried to find out if Spike Dudley was able to have sex with Molly. Nowinski tells some random guy that he’ll get Molly by using an innuendo.

Opening Contest: Spike Dudley & Trish Stratus vs. Christopher Nowinski & WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly: Spike and Nowinski start off with Nowinski slamming Dudley followed by a snap suplex and a back suplex. Molly tags into the match and gets a two count on Dudley followed by a slap. Spike leg sweeps Molly and catapults her into Nowinski on the apron. Trish enters and runs into a clothesline. Trish arm drags and dropkicks Molly followed by a series of chops. Nowinski big boots Stratus to help Molly. Molly slams Trish for a two count. Trish kicks Molly into the corner and Nowinski tags in. Nowinski slams Trish, but Trish comes back with a bulldog and tags in Dudley. Dudley forearms Nowinski followed by a bulldog. Nowinski catches Spike on a crossbody attempt and sits him on the top rope. Spike knocks Nowinski off to hit a double stomp for a two count. Trish nails Molly with a kick to the face. Nowinski plants Spike with a double under hook spinning slam for the clean win. (*1/2. I hate the angle for Nowinski courting a virgin and making it so awkward and weird. The match was okay, but didn’t do much for me. A clean win is ideal for Nowinski as the loss doesn’t hurt Spike at all.)

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is walking until Goldust gets his attention. Goldust has an idea for Booker vs. Lance Storm tonight. Goldust suggests that if Booker wins they get a tag titles at SummerSlam. Bischoff likes the idea of that. He makes the match and is humped by mini-Dust.

Howard Finkel begins to cut a promo in the ring and notes he’s the lead announcer and first employee of the WWE. Fink says nobody has ever done it better than him. Fink issues an apology to Lilian Garcia for not getting what she had coming to her earlier. Fink begins to insult Garcia saying that he swallowed his pride while Garcia swallowed more than that. Fink is cutoff by the music of…. KANE! The fire still burns, but Kane doesn’t appear. Fink is relieved.

Backstage, Bischoff is talking with Rob Van Dam and the Hardy Boys. Bischoff says that he can guarantee a shot at Chris Benoit for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Bischoff says that the paper that Keibler was going to shred was saved. Matt Hardy chimes in and says he wants a shot because RVD lost the title. Matt wants a title shot, but Bischoff has coin and gives the match to Jeff Hardy. Matt isn’t thrilled about that.

Backstage, Big Show and Big Show are talking as they are teaming tonight.

Second Contest: WWE Tag Team Champion Lance Storm vs. Booker T: Storm throws his shirt at Booker before the match starts. Storm shoulder rams Booker and delivers a few right hands in the corner. Booker hip tosses Storm followed by a clothesline and a scoop slam. Booker kicks Storm but misses a leaping kick and crotches himself over the top rope. Storm decks Booker to the floor. Storm keeps control with chops in the ring and hits a heel kick for a two count. Storm works over Booker in the corner until Booker counters with strikes of his own. Booker gets a rollup out of the corner for a two count. Storm decks Booker with a strike to regain control of the contest. Storm plants Booker with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Booker fights out of a headlock with strikes to the midsection. Booker forearms Storm followed by right hands. Booker decks Storm to the mat with a right hand and a dropkick. Booker flapjacks Storm and does a spinarooni. Booker tries for the scissors kick, but Christian trips Booker. Goldust decks Storm from the floor and Booker hits the scissors kick for the win. After the match, Test and Undertaker enter the ring with Undertaker decking Test. Test hilariously runs away from Taker. Booker and Goldust continue to brawl into the crowd. Mini-Dust can’t make it over the railing. (*1/2. Nowhere near what they are capable of doing.)

Eric Bischoff remains in the ring with mini-Dust and says that Booker T and Goldust will be in the main event teaming with the Rock and Undertaker to take on Triple H and the Un-Americans. Bischoff has mini-Dust do some dance moves to entertain the crowd. Bischoff says that the entertainment stopped about three minutes ago. Jamal and Rosey enter the ring and sandwich mini-Dust. They lift the guy up by his arms and legs to slam him down to the mat. Jamal heads to the top rope as Rosey hands Jamal min-Dust. Jamal goes to the top rope with the guy over his shoulder to hit a powerslam! They leave mini-Dust laid out in the middle of the ring.

Eric Bischoff reveals his newest addition to RAW and it’s Stacy Keibler. Keibler does some teasing on the ramp and reveals her lingerie. Jerry Lawler is freaking out and she goes to the announcers table to dance on the table. Meanwhile, mini-Dust continues to be checked on.

Third Contest: Ric Flair & Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show: Flair drop toe holds Jericho and taunts him. Jericho chops Flair a few times in the corner followed by a backdrop. Jericho misses an elbow drop and Flair sends Jericho into the corner. Dudley sends Jericho into the ropes from the apron allowing a chop by Flair. Bubba tags in and clotheslines Jericho. Bubba misses a splash in the corner and crashes to the floor. Show grabs Dudley and sends Dudley into the corner. Show splashes Dudley in the corner. Show sends Bubba hard into the corner and casually steps on Bubba followed by a headbutt. Flair gets a tag as Show slams Bubba. Jericho holds Flair on the top rope allowing Show to hit a press slam. Show press slams Flair again. Flair fights back with a few chops, but Show regains control with a vertical suplex. Jericho tags into the match and jabs Flair several times. Jericho clotheslines Flair followed by an elbow drop several times. Jericho chokes Flair over the middle rope and taunts the crowd. Jericho misses a splash hitting the middle rope.

Bubba gets tagged in clotheslines Jericho followed by a backdrop and a splash in the corner. Show accidentally clotheslines Jericho from the apron. Jericho almost gets a cheap win with his feet on the ropes. Jericho runs into a side slam by Bubba for a two count. Flair chops Show against the ropes but runs into a press slam. Show tries for a slam but Bubba sends Show to the floor. Bubba plants Jericho with a flapjack for a near fall. Bubba jabs Jericho several times followed by an elbow smash. Bubba wants to get a table. Show chokeslams Bubba from the apron. Jericho tries for a springboard moonsault, but Bubba got his knees up. Show sends Flair into the railing, but Flair backdrops Show into the crowd. Jericho low blows Bubba to avoid the Bubba Bomb. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho and forces Bubba to submit. After the match, Jericho attacks Flair, but Flair pulls Jericho’s pants down and is ran off by Show but Jericho is already embarrassed. (**. The match was okay, but I was nervous that Bubba was going to get a win over Jericho here. Jericho needs to be rebuilt a little bit on RAW and hopefully this win, despite the embarrassment, begins that trend.)

Backstage, Coach interviews Chris Jericho who is mad about having his pants pulled down. Jericho doesn’t find it to be funny and says he’s going to prove he’s better than Flair. Jericho notes that his band, Fozzy, is performing next week. Jericho challenges Flair to a match at SummerSlam. Jericho is going to prove that he’s the king of the world and prove that Flair is finished.

A video package highlighting Shawn Michaels career is shown.

Fourth Contest: WWE Hardcore Champion Tommy Dreamer vs. Steven Richards: Dreamer has a kendo stick and Richards is using a chair. Dreamer hits a side Russian leg sweep and hits Richards with kendo stick shots. Richards stomps on Dreamer upon returning to the ring. Dreamer hits a neckbreaker on Richards. Richards hits Dreamer on the leg with the stick. Richards crotches Dreamer onto the chair and kicks the chair before stomping the chair onto the knee. Richards drives Dreamer’s knee down onto the mat. Richards continues to deliver stick shots. Dreamer avoids a splash in the corner. They begin to trade strikes with Dreamer hitting a spinebuster for a two count. Richards nails Dreamer with a superkick. Richards slams the chair onto Dreamer’s body. Dreamer crotches Richards and puts him in the tree of woe. Dreamer stands on Richards groin. Dreamer dropkicks the chair into Richards face. Dreamer tries for a DDT, but Richards slams Dreamer onto the chair for a two count. Dreamer blocks a stick shot and smashes Richards over the head with a chair to win the match. (*. A mostly boring hardcore match. These matches just feel so watered down and are lackluster. They don’ enhance the show at all.)

Fifth Contest: Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy: Hardy elbows RVD and runs the ropes before hitting a leg drop for a two count. RVD blocks a dropkick and catapults Hardy into the corner before hitting a kick off the middle rope for a two count. Hardy kicks RVD to the floor and runs on the railing, but RVD stops Hardy with a heel kick. RVD lays Hardy over the railing and hits a spin kick off the apron onto Hardy. RVD leaps off the top to deliver a kick to the face and a rolling thunder for a two count. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind for a near fall. They begin to trade strikes until Hardy plants RVD with a DDT. Hardy climbs the top rope, but is met with a kick in the corner. Hardy shoves RVD off and the referee goes down. Hardy misses the Swanton Bomb. Matt Hardy slides into the ring and hits the Twist of Fate on Jeff! RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. (*1/4. The point of this was the apparent heel turn of Matt Hardy, yet again. It hasn’t worked before so I don’t know why this would be any different.)

Backstage, Terri is with the Un-Americans talking about the tag title match at SummerSlam. Christian says they are looking forward to the match at SummerSlam. They are disgusted that the fans look up to Booker and Goldust. Test suggests that Terri stop cutting them off and being rude. Test reveals that he’s been granted a singles match against the Undertaker at SummerSlam. Test is going to bury Taker at the PPV. Storm says that they have a chance to get their hands on Rock and says his foundation is crumbling just like America.

In the production truck, Bischoff is pissed about Kevin Dunn showing a Smackdown ad. Dunn insists that’s not their fault. Bischoff announces that next week on RAW it will be the Rock versus HHH.

Main Event: WWE Undisputed Champion The Rock, Booker T, Goldust & Undertaker vs. Triple H, Test & WWE Tag Team Champions Lance Storm & Christian: Goldust hammers away on Christian to start the match and drops to his knees to deck Christian. They trade strikes in the corner until Christian runs into a butt bump. Storm tags in and is met with an arm drag. Booker tags into the match and works over Storm with chops and strikes. Booker heel kicks Storm and hits a superkick for a two count. Rock is tagged in and punches Storm several times. Rock tosses Storm over the top to the floor. HHH taunts Rock allowing Storm to deliver a cheap shot. Storm punches Rock against the ropes, but Rock hits a DDT. Rock flips HHH into the ring, but Christian nails Rock. HHH tags in and works over Rock with strikes in the corner. Test knee lifts Rock and that messes up HHH’s knee lift attempt. Christian tags into the match and Rock hits n overhead suplex. Booker tags in and Christian delivers several right hands. Storm chokes Booker while the referee is distracted by Taker.

Storm forearms Booker several times. Booker spin kicks Storm and knocks Christian off the apron. Storm superkicks Booker and tags in Test. Test elbows Booker several times in the corner. Test connects with a running clothesline in the corner, but Goldust makes the save. HHH tags in and chokes Booker on the mat. HHH hits a vertical suplex for a near fall on Booker. Christian tags in and controls Booker with a sleeper on the mat. Booker runs into a dropkick by Christian and Test tags in to keep control with stomps on Booker. Booker runs into a side slam by Test for a two count. HHH returns to the match with a sleeper on Booker as the fans chant for Taker. Booker elbows free until HHH delivered a face buster. Booker heel kicks HHH and both men are laid out. Test and Taker get the hot tags with Taker hammering away on Test followed by a big boot. Taker knocks everyone off the apron and hits running clotheslines on Storm and Test in opposite corners. Taker tries for a chokeslam, but HHH makes the save and all ten men are brawling. Taker clotheslines Test and HHH. HHH low blows Taker to prevent a chokeslam attempt on Test. Booker nails Test with a heel kick to prevent a pump handle slam. Taker grabs HHH for a tombstone, but HHH counters with a Pedigree attempt, but Rock saves with right hands and knocks HHH to the floor. Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Test, but is pulled to the floor by HHH. Taker blocks a superkick by Storm to hit a chokeslam. Taker tries for the Last Ride, but Test delivers a big boot and manages to pin Taker for the win. (**1/2. There was some good energy in the match, but they avoided having the major matchups for an extended period of time. I love that Test got the pin over Taker as it clearly proves that the Un-Americans are getting a mega push and this is yet another attempt for Test to get over. I’ve enjoyed Test since the Alliance run and feel like he has the potential to be a worthwhile heel on RAW.)

Final Thoughts:
The opening segment and the main event were solid, but everything in between felt lackluster and boring. When the main event consists of the majority of your main event scene, it’s going to hurt the whole show. They’ve begun to announce matches for SummerSlam, which is shaping up nicely. RAW continues to be hit or miss.

Thanks for reading.


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