NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #83 2/25/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #83
From: Nashville, TN

A video from last week highlighting Mike Tenay revealing Vince Russo as the new Director Of Authority. The video also goes over the history between the two men dating back to November 2002 where Russo helped Jarrett win the NWA World Championship. June 2003, Russo hit Jarrett with a guitar allowing AJ Styles to win the NWA World Championship. We are reminded of Jarrett destroying Russo with countless weapon shots leading to Russo being stretchered out and off television for many months.

Opening Contest: Jerry Lynn vs. Petey Williams vs. Juventud Guerrera: Guerrera goes right after Lynn with stomps and Williams joins in to double team Lynn in the corner. Williams arm drags Lynn, but Guerrera hip tosses Williams. All three men miss elbow drops and they have a standoff. They do a three way go-behind spot. Guerrera takes Lynn to the floor with a hurricanrana. Williams gets a two count on Guerrera following a springboard clothesline. Lynn leg drops Guerrera over the middle rope followed by a slingshot splash. Williams leg drops Lynn from the middle rope for a two count. They do a three way arm bar with nobody submitting. Guerrera puts an abdominal stretch on Lynn while Lynn had a leg lock on Williams. Guerrera dropkicks a seated Lynn for a two count. Guerrera chops Williams and they do a three way reverse DDT spot where Lynn almost pins both men. Lynn works over Williams in the corner with kicks and a rolling neck snap. Guerrera dropkicks Lynn and does the same to Williams. Williams suplexs Guerrea, but Guerrera counters with an arm bar. Lynn breaks the hold and drops Guerrera with a tilt a whirl backbreaker.

Williams kicks Lynn in the corner. Williams sunset flips Lynn, who tosses Guerrera a with a German suplex. Williams spikes Lynn with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Guerrera plants Williams to the mat face first for a near fall. Guerrera slams Williams before going to the top rope, but Lynn crotches Guerrera. Lynn spikes Guerrea with a DDT out of the corner for a near fall. Williams connects with a side Russian leg sweep on Lynn for a two count. Guerrera powerbombs Williams, but Lynn plants Guerrea with a TKO. Williams leaps off the top to hit a splash and pins Guerrera as Lynn is holding his shoulder. (**1/4. I didn’t like the constant three person moves as it was a bit played out when they did it multiple times. The action was okay, but probably a bit disappointing.)

Bill Apter represents Total Wrestling Magazine and awards America’s Most Wanted a plaque for being the tag team of the year. Mike Tenay is awarded the best innovative wrestling plaque. I’m fairly certain that Total Wrestling Magazine had a very short run.

Mike Tenay is in the ring and says that he was stunned and skeptical about Vince Russo being the new Director of Authority. Tenay believes Russo will do the right thing after talking to him. Tenay thinks that Russo will bring them into the right direction. Tenay notes that Russo promises to keep Jarrett’s ego in check. Vince Russo makes his way out to join the segment. Russo recalls laying in bed covered in bruises and his wife Amy asking how it got to this point. Russo believes he deserved every chair shot that Jarrett gave him. Russo made a decision to kneel to television ratings and sold his soul to the devil. Russo lists the things he sold to which were nudity and violence. Russo notes that he got the success and money by doing those things. Russo acknowledges that those things were wrong and he was playing for the wrong team. Russo brings up Eric Bischoff saying that he has a dark side. Russo says Bischoff was wrong and that he was the anti-Christ. Russo reveals that he’s been forgiven and he’s a changed man. Russo needs people to believe in what he’s telling them.

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett makes his way out and Mike Tenay wonders what this is all about. Jarrett is smiling as he heads to the ring to confront Russo. Jarrett thought he’s seen and heard it all until tonight. Jarrett thinks that Russo is kidding himself and everyone. Jarrett says that Russo is as sincere as everyone else he’s ever worked for. Jarrett thinks that Russo is up to something and Jarrett knows what it is. Jarrett thinks that Russo is seeking his forgiveness. Jarrett tells Russo his hard feelings went out the window when he beat Russo up months ago. Russo tells Jarrett that the curtain is about to come down on the Jarrett show. Russo thinks Jarrett needs to accept that they had their run at the top. Russo says it’s not about them and thinks that Jarrett needs to pass the torch. Jarrett slaps Russo for suggesting that others have earned the spot. Jarrett tells Russo it will always be his time and tells Tenay to leave the ring right now. Jarrett shoves Russo down and says it’s time he take another beating. Jarrett gets in Russo’s face and wants Russo to show him something. Jarrett slaps Russo again dropping Russo to the mat. Russo tells Jarrett that he just showed the guys in the back everything they needed to see. Russo tells Jarrett to enjoy his night off because one man’s dream is about to become his destiny. Russo leaves leaving Jarrett confused in the ring.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with the juggalos and asks where the ICP are at. ICP are finishing up their latest album. They are excited to be at the arena to see live wrestling.

Second Contest: Simon Diamond vs. Johnny Swinger: Diamond runs to the ring and Swinger bails to the floor. Swinger runs into the crowd to get away from Diamond. Swinger hides behind the referee in the ring and decks Diamond for the advantage. Swinger works over Diamond in the corner with strikes and chokes. Swinger continues to hammer away on Diamond in the corner. Diamond fights back with a clotheslines and right hands. Swinger sends Diamond through the ropes to the floor. Swinger sends Diamond into the guard railing back first. Swinger chokes Diamond with a camera cord. Swinger pummels Diamond with right hands. Swinger decks Diamond with a right hand for a near fall. Swinger locks in a sleeper hold, but Diamond breaks free and gets a sleeper on Swinger. They collide on a double clothesline. Diamond delivers a few more right hands and a sit out powerbomb. Diamond takes Swinger over with the Simon Series, but Swinger counters a third suplex. Diamond backdrops Swinger followed by a superkick to send Swinger to the floor. Swinger goes into his jeans and gets brass knuckles. Swinger decks Diamond with the brass knuckles to win the match. Swinger put the weapon into Diamond’s knee pad. A second referee comes out and tells the referee what happened. Thus, the match must restart. Swinger pummels Diamond in the corner with right hands. Swinger knee lifts Diamond and goes into the knee pad to get the brass knuckles again. The referee stops Swinger from using the brass knuckles and Diamond fights off Glen Gilberti, Kid Kash and David Young. The referee has called for a disqualification. Diamond is triple teamed until 2 Tuff Tony cleans house. (1/2*. The crowd did not care about this and I have to agree.) After the match, David Young hit a spinebuster and Rude Boy tries to help out, but he’s laid out by Swinger. Kash delivers a chair shot, but the Black Shirt Security make the save.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Shane Douglas, Michael Shane and Traci. Douglas sent a message to Konnan last week. Jeff Jarrett enters the scene and asks if Douglas saw what that was all about. Douglas tells Jarrett you can’t trust Russo as far as you can throw him. Douglas promises that they have Jarrett’s back. Jarrett talks to the Naturals who just happen to be there and they want them to take care of Chris Harris.

Third Contest: Konnan & Ron Killings vs. Shane Douglas & Michael Shane: All four men are in the ring brawling with Douglas and Shane getting the advantage. Konnan clotheslines Shane and Killings scissor kicks Douglas. BG James is on commentary for the match. Konnan sends Shane over the top to the floor and hip tosses Douglas. Konnan holds Douglas’ legs for Killings to hit a top rope leg drop to Douglas’ groin. Shane pulls the top rope down and Killings crashes to the floor. Shane leaps off the apron to hit a somersault dive onto Killings. Douglas baseball slides Killings to the floor. Douglas hits a rolling neck snap on Killings. Douglas rams Killings into Shane’s boot in the corner. Killings fights back with right hands but runs into a boot in the corner. Shane elbows Killings a few times followed by an overhead belly to belly suplex. Douglas spikes Killings with a piledriver and decks Konnan on the apron. Douglas slaps Killing, but Killings fires back with right hands. Killings ducks a clothesline and forearms Douglas. Konnan gets the tag and hits a rolling thunder clothesline on Shane. Konnan face plants Shane and clotheslines Douglas. Konnan backdrops Douglas over the top to the floor.

Shane drop toe holds Konnan face first into the middle turnbuckle. Douglas rams Killings onto the apron face first and Douglas taunts Killings on the commentary table. BG attacks Douglas after being slapped. Killings stomps on Douglas while Konnan powerbombs Shane! Konnan has the tequila sunrise locked in on Shane, who is tapping out. Traci hits Konnan with her cast. Shane superkicks Konnan and gets the pin. (*1/2. I’m glad that Shane got the pin even if it was with help from Traci. The action wasn’t all that bad, but it wasn’t memorable by any means.) After the match, Konnan is a little frustrated with Killings, but BG cools them off as they leave the ring.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with America’s Most Wanted. James Storm is out for six weeks with a shoulder injury. Chris Harris gets a shot against Chase Stevens tonight. Harris wonders why Vince Russo didn’t book him in a rematch with Jarrett tonight. Harris says tonight is about revenge for what the Naturals did to Storm.

Fourth Contest: Chris Harris vs. Chase Stevens: Stevens knee lifts Harris to start the match, but Harris fights back with an atomic drop. Stevens fights out with strikes, but Harris hits a delayed vertical suplex leading to a near fall. Stevens boots Harris in the corner and delivers a running clothesline for a near fall. Stevens takes Harris over with a snap suplex. Stevens works over Harris with strikes to the ribs. Harris tries to fight back, but an eye rake stops him. Harris mounts Stevens with a Thez Press and delivers more right hands. Stevens comes off the ropes with a flying forearm for a near fall. Harris plants Stevens with a full nelson slam for a near fall. Stevens kicks Harris followed by a heel kick for a near fall. Harris powerslams Stevens out of the corner for a near fall. Harris hooks Stevens for a Catatonic, but Stevens counters with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Stevens misses a top rope moonsault. Harris hits a spear, but Stevens kicks out at two. Harris plants Stevens with the Catatonic to get the three count. (*. I’m not surprised by the result and how Harris really didn’t have too much of an issue here.)

Jeremy Borash announces that Vince Russo has made another match.

Fifth Contest: Chris Harris vs. Andy Douglas: Douglas enters the ring and backdrops Harris for a two count. Douglas punches Harris several times on the ribs. Douglas knee lifts Harris and locks in a seated abdominal stretch. Harris bulldogs Douglas out of the corner. Harris is distracted by Stevens, but Harris fights the Naturals off. Douglas hits a double arm DDT for a near fall. Harris sends Douglas into Stevens and gets a rollup on Douglas for a three count. (1/2*. Okay, we get it.)

Vince Russo goes to ringside and tells Jeremy Borash that another match has been ordered. Harris wrestling the Naturals in a handicap match.

Sixth Contest: Chris Harris vs. The Naturals in a handicap match: Harris is double teamed in the corner as James Storm has come down to ringside. Harris clotheslines the Naturals to gain the advantage. Stevens clotheslines Harris and Douglas chokes Harris to maintain control of the contest. Harris continues to be worked over in the corner. Douglas comes off the ropes with an elbow drop for a two count. Naturals backdrop Harris for another near fall. Stevens keeps a chin lock on Harris. Stevens heads to the top hitting a flying forearm for a two count. Douglas leaps off the top, but is met with a strike in midair. Douglas stomps on Harris in the corner. Harris comes out of the corner to clothesline Douglas. Stevens kicks Harris in the ribs before being tagged back in. Harris kicks Stevens to the mat and backdrops Douglas over the top to the floor. Douglas has a chair, but Stevens comes in and misses a chair shot. James Storm superkicks the chair into Stevens face allowing Harris to get the win as Storm held Douglas on the floor! (*. Well, I’m not sure why they’d have the Naturals lose three matches to one guy, but whatever. This makes sense if Harris is getting elevated.)

Backstage, Vince Russo tells Scott Hudson he knows what he’s doing. Chris Harris enters the scene asks if Russo liked doing what he just did and doesn’t believe Russo has changed. Russo tells Harris that he’s not ready. Russo says that Jarrett has been doing this for twenty years and not nearly two years. Russo says it is his job to get Harris ready. Russo reveals that Harris gets his rematch on March 17th against Jeff Jarrett. Russo says that Harris will hate him for the next three weeks. Russo promises that Harris will have everything he’s ever dreamed of and he needs to trust him. Harris shakes Russo’s hand.

Seventh Contest: Raven & Sabu vs. CM Punk & Julio Dinero: Raven and Punk kickoff the match with Raven stomping Punk in the corner. Raven superkicks Punk and jabs Dinero several times. Raven clotheslines Dinero over the top to the floor. Sabu takes them out with a springboard dive to the floor. Raven rams Punk into the railing with a side Russian leg sweep. Sabu covers Dinero for a two count. Sabu hits a springboard heel kick for another near fall on Dinero. Sabu leg drops Dinero after a slingshot for another two count. Sabu hits a split legged moonsault for another near fall. Sabu has a chair and jabs Punk on the apron. Dinero avoids a leg drop off the top, but Raven clotheslines Dinero in the corner. Raven bulldogs Dinero and clotheslines Punk. Dinero nails Raven with a big boot for a near fall. Dinero drops Raven with a spin kick for a near fall. Dinero back splashes Raven in the corner. Punk enters and face washes Raven a few times in the corner. Punk misses a splash in the corner. Sabu gets the tag.

Sabu brings a chair with him and smashes Punk and Dinero with it. Sabu clotheslines Dinero over the top to the floor. Sabu leaps off the chair and splashes onto Punk in the corner. Sabu leg drops Punk with a chair. Raven kicks Mitchell on the floor. Sabu hits a double springboard moonsault on Dinero. Raven whacks Punk over the head with another chair shot. Raven and Sabu mess up a chair shot, which was weird. Raven plants Punk with the Raven Effect DDT for the win. (*1/4. Needless to say that was sloppy and I have to think this is the conclusion to the feud between Raven and the Gathering.) After the match, Raven cuts a promo saying that he will not be stopped as he wants Jeff Jarrett. Raven has not forgotten about his destiny. Raven is coming for Jeff Jarrett. Raven isn’t happy about Chris Harris getting a title shot on March 17th.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with NWA Tag Team Champion AJ Styles regarding the tables match coming up next. The winner of the match is able to choose their tag partner to be champion and the loser picks their partner to be the number one contender. Styles fully intends to put Abyss through two tables. Styles notes that Abyss tried to end his career and says this is personal between them.

A video promoting the America’s X Cup II taking place on March 10th. It will be between Mexico and Canada.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is shoved out of the way by blonde female. Jonny Fairplay enters the scene. Jonny says there will be no show this week. Jonny says he’s the star of the show and AJ Styles is an extra. Jonny has a surprise for AJ Styles tonight.

Main Event: NWA Tag Team Champion AJ Styles vs. NWA Tag Team Champion Abyss in a tables match: Styles hammers away on Abyss, but is sent into the corner. Abyss misses a splash and is dropped over the top rope. Styles head scissors Abyss to the floor. Abyss avoids a baseball slide and sends Styles into the guard railing. Abyss sends Styles into the railing ribs first. Abyss hammers away on Styles against the railing. Abyss grabs a table, but Styles baseball slides the table into Abyss. Styles takes Abyss out with a somersault dive to the floor. Styles sets a table up on the floor. Abyss knee lifts Styles and again sends Styles into the railing. Abyss grabs another table and sets it up on the floor. Styles dropkicks Abyss to stop his momentum. Styles hammers away on Abyss and rams a table into Abyss’ face. Styles lays Abyss onto the table. Styles looked for a dive, but Abyss got onto the apron. Abyss tries for a press slam, but Styles breaks free and dropkicks Abyss. Abyss stops Styles with a clothesline.

Abyss slides a chair into the ring and jabs Styles in the midsection. Abyss whacks Styles over the back the chair. Abyss splashes down onto Styles with a chair on Styles chest. Abyss tries again, but Styles low blows Abyss with the chair. Styles kicks Abyss into the ropes and delivers more right hands. Abyss tosses Styles over the top with an overhead belly to belly suplex sending Styles through a table on the floor, Abyss is up 1-0. Abyss sets a table up on the floor and slides another table into the ring. Abyss tries for a powerbomb, but Styles fights out with right hands. Abyss tries to chokeslam Styles, but Abyss sends Styles into the corner. Styles kicks Abyss to the apron. Abyss springboards off the table to hit a hurricanrana and Abyss crashes through a table on the floor from the apron! We are tied at 1-1.

Styles signals for the Styles Clash, but Abyss backdrops out and plants Styles with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss puts Styles on the top turnbuckle and sets a table up in the ring. Styles fires back with right hands and tries for a sunset flip, but Jonny Fairplay enters the ring and moves the table. Styles low blows Fairplay and hits the Styles Clash. Abyss splashes the referee in the corner on accident. Styles jabs Abyss with a chair and whacks Abyss over the back. Styles tries to set the table up, but the table is broken. Styles whacks Abyss a few times with a chair and Abyss lays onto the table. Styles tries for a springboard 450 splash, but the table doesn’t break. Styles springboards off the top to splash Abyss through the table, but the referee is knocked out.

LEX LUGER is walking down to the ring. Luger picks up Styles and press slams Styles through a table on the floor! Luger wakes up the referee and the referee sees Styles on the floor on the table. Abyss is awarded the match and titles. After the match, Luger taunts Styles and delivers a few shots before rolling Styles into the ring. Luger puts the Torture Rack on Styles in the middle fo the ring. Abyss is loving this as Styles is knocked out. (***. I enjoyed the match, but I’m not a fan of the finish. I don’t understand how earlier in the show a referee came out to correct a miscall, but in the main event it’s ignored. You’ve got to keep some level of intelligence to the show. These two always work well together and I look forward to their matches against each other.)

Final Thoughts:
I’d say this was an average show at best, but the crowd just wasn’t invested in a lot of what was provided. I think Chris Harris is going to be Russo’s next project to get into the main event. Raven is clearly still in the mix for the championship, too. The NWA World Championship scene is certainly getting interesting, but there’s not much on the undercard that’s holding much entertainment value at this point.

Thanks for reading.

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