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NWA Cyberspace No Gimmicks Needed 6/25/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Cyberspace presents No Gimmicks Needed
From: Wayne, NJ

Opening Contest: The SAT (Joel & Jose) vs All Money Is Legal (Murda & Pusha): Joel and Jose attack AMIL from behind to gain the advantage. Murda goes to the top rope to hit a crossbody onto Joel and a dropkick sends Joel to the floor. Murda hits a suicide dive tornado DDT on the floor and Pusha connects with a dive to the outside. Joel hits a snap powerslam for a two count on Pusha. Jose gets a two count on a rollup. Jose continues with strikes against the ropes. Pusha dropkicks Jose followed by a neckbreaker and tags in Murda. AMIL plant Jose with a bridging flatliner for a two count. Murda is worked over in the corner by SAT. Joel delivers a clothesline in the corner and a vertical suplex for a two count. SAT keep control on Murda while the referee is distracted by Pusha trying to get into the match. Joel hammers away on Murda in the corner and takes some time to choke Murda. Murda is kicked by Joel in the chest. Jose tags back into the match and the SAT’s are keeping a slow pace to work over Murda. Murda shoves Jose to the mat and Murda hits a top rope facebuster. Pusha gets the tag and hits a missile dropkick. Pusha hits a hurricanrana to send Jose to the floor. Pusha tries the same on Joel and after a struggle is able to take Joel over. Pusha delivers a backbreaker and tags in Murda. Murda is stopped on the top by Jose. Jose tries for a sunset flip, but Murda blocks the attempt and hits a top rope hurricanrana! Pusha gets tagged in and the AMIL hit a flapjack/flatliner combo. Joel delivers a running kick to Murda in the corner followed by a clothesline. Pusha leaps off the top to hit a leaping kick for a two count.

Joel misses a shining wizard and is nearly pinned by Pusha. Pusha hits a springboard bulldog on Jose. Joel spikes Pusha with a reverse tombstone piledriver. Pusha kicks Joel in the corner, but is stopped on the middle rope. SAT have Pusha on the top rope hitting a double vertical suplex for the win. (***. There were a few moments of sloppy action, but the high spots here were actually rather good. The action held by interest throughout and it’s a good way to start the show. SAT’s look to be in better condition than they were at the end of their TNA run. An enjoyable opener by two young teams.) After the match, AMIL attack SAT in the crowd using steel chairs. They were protecting Billy Firehawk from an SAT attack.

Bill Apter comes out to the ring to host an interview segment called Apter Alley. NWA Cyberspace Cruiser-X Champion Sonjay Dutt makes his way out to part of the segment. Dutt acts like he’s the Rock and pretends to forget the town and asks Apter what it is. Dutt tells Apter that he’s not a stepping stone and reminds Apter he’s a champion. Dutt believes that makes him the greatest cruiserweight ever. Dutt is not afraid of Elix Skipper and insults Skipper by saying Christopher Daniels dumped him. Dutt doesn’t care that Daniels has a championship. Apter wonders why Dutt isn’t defending against Skipper tonight. Dutt thinks that Skipper is a cockroach. Dutt tells Apter that if Skipper can defeat Matt Striker tonight then he’ll consider giving him a title shot.

Second Contest: Matt Striker vs. Elix Skipper: Striker controls Skipper with a headlock to start the contest. Skipper takes Striker down to the mat and they roll around for a moment. Skipper gets wrist control for a moment until Striker counters. Skipper keeps Striker on the mat and maintains the advantage with a headlock. Skipper trips Striker and they continue to focus on mat wrestling. Skipper arm drags Striker and Striker misses an elbow drop. Striker eye rakes Skipper to get the cheap advantage followed by a strike against the ropes. Skipper dropkicks Striker and backdrops Striker over the top to the floor. Skipper hits a twisting crossbody over the top to the floor to take Striker out. Striker kicks Skipper in the face and delivers a strike to maintain the advantage in the ring. Skipper kicks Striker on the back. Striker bails to the floor when Skipper gets up. Striker catches Skipper on a slingshot attempt and hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Striker delivers a neckbreaker and a dropkick to knock Skipper towards the corner. Striker beats on Skipper with a few strikes. Skipper battles back with right hands, but Striker almost wins with a rollup. Striker nails Skipper with a big boot for a two count. Skipper tries for the Play of the Day, but Striker counters with an ankle lock. Striker blocks a backslide and gets a key lock on Skipper, but doesn’t get a submission. Skipper tosses Striker into the corner with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Skipper clotheslines Striker a few times followed by a standing spin kick for a two count. Skipper continues with a back suplex and a headstand twisting leg drop for a near fall. Striker plants Skipper with the Play of the Day, but Skipper kicks out of his own move. Skipper tosses Striker with a headlock for a near fall. Skipper tries for a slam, but Striker hit a Lung Blower and a back suplex managing a two count. Striker waits in the corner to deliver a superkick, but Skipper counters and drops Striker on a tilt a whirl. Skipper does it again and the referee gets kicked by Striker. Sonjay Dutt slides in and misses a chair shot attempt. Skipper has the chair still and Striker pretends that he got hit by the chair. The referee calls for the bell and gives the match to Striker by disqualification. (*1/4. I was rather bored by this for the most part. I don’t think these two mesh well together, at all. I’m fine with the finish as they’re building to a Dutt/Skipper match and delaying that will add more interest. Skipper needs a better worker to help carry the match.)

Backstage, Julio Dinero is asked by Bill Apter where CM Punk is because they have a tag title defense tonight. Dinero tells Apter that Punk is working on a deal to join WWE. Dinero says he’s defending the title on his own because he won the title on his own to begin with.

Third Contest: NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champions Julio Dinero vs. All Money Is Legal (Murda & Pusha) in a handicap match: Dinero and Pusha kickoff the title match with Dinero hitting a fisherman suplex and a running powerslam for a two count. Pusha gains control with a few right hands. Dinero sends Pusha into the corner with a head scissors. Murda tags in and is met with a spinning elbow in the corner. Dinero hits an elbow drop off the middle rope. Dinero kicks AMIL away in the corner and hits a moonsault off the top for a near fall. Dinero is dropkicked on the knee and dropkicked while laying on the mat. AMIL double team Dinero with a drop toe hold/flatliner and locked in a submission, but Dinero doesn’t give up. There’s some music playing…

Mo Sexton makes his way out and the crowd goes nuts. Dinero delivers a neckbreaker to stop Pusha. Dinero reaches for the tag, but is pulled back. Pusha elbow drops Dinero and tags in Murda. Murda hooks Dinero and hits a snap suplex. Sexton is punched on the apron which brings Sexton in to deliver a stomp before going back to the apron. Dinero hits a full nelson slam on Murda. Sexton gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines and a dropkick. Sexton plants Pusha with a powerbomb. Sexton hits an ace crusher on Murda. Sexton goes to the top rope hitting a frog splash on both men. Sexton tries for a cover, but only manages a two count. Sexton is dropkicked by Pusha and rolled up by Murda with Pusha also on the cover allowing for a three count and we’ve got new champions. (*1/2. Imagine having a guy like Mo Sexton being super over on your roster and proceed to have him lose and kill the crowd. I don’t get it here, but whatever. I suppose it’s because CM Punk left and they wanted to switch the titles, but I wouldn’t have Sexton lose the match. It just seems like a wrong decision.) After the match, Dinero is rightfully pissed about losing the titles and attacks Sexton. AMIL return to the ring and help Sexton to his feet. John Shane comes out and has something to say. Shane says AMIL are the champions only because the Solution got stuck in a traffic jam. Shane has a contract in his hand. Shane tells them to enjoy being the champions, but the Solution will get them. It’s really hard to hear thanks to poor microphones.

Fourth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Internet Champion Josh Daniels vs. Mike Kruel: They go right after each other with Daniels getting control on the mat, but Kruel counters. The focus of the match early on is mat wrestling. Daniels hip tosses Kruel, but is kicked away. Kruel tries to lock in a cross arm bar, but Daniels blocks it. Daniels gets a hammerlock on Kruel and keeps control on the mat. Kruel gets a top wrist lock on Daniels after countering a hammerlock. Daniels takes Kruel down to the mat with a suplex, but Kruel gains control with a head scissors on the mat. Daniels gets a body scissors on Kruel, but Kruel counters with a half Boston Crab and switches to an STF. Daniels controls Kruel with a hammerlock briefly. They continue to counter each other on the mat. Kruel back elbows Daniels and continues with strikes against the ropes. Daniels forearms Kruel followed by a snap suplex for a two count. Kruel avoids a German suplex by sending Daniels chest first into the ropes for a near fall. Kruel gets another two count following a neckbreaker and twists Daniels neck. Kruel switches to a choke hold in the middle of the ring, but Daniels refuses to give in. Daniels chops Kruel in the corner, but runs into an overhead suplex by Kruel for a near fall.

Kruel elbows Daniels over the apron and chokes Daniels over the bottom rope briefly. Kruel catapults Daniels into the bottom rope to maintain control of the contest. Daniels runs into a knee lift leading to a near fall for Kruel. Daniels chops Kruel and Kruel responds with strikes. Daniels dropkicks Kruel on the knee followed by a knee lift. Daniels clotheslines Kruel for a two count. Daniels headbutts Kruel into the corner and plays to the crowd but misses a splash. Kruel hits a northern lights suplex, but Daniels blocks another attempt. Daniels tosses Kruel with a suplex of his own. Daniels sends Kruel through the ropes to the floor. Daniels sends Kruel into the guard railing and delivers a running forearm smash against the railing. Kruel stops Daniels on the apron with a knee lift. Kruel tries for a suplex, but Daniels counters with a German suplex for a near fall. Daniels clubs on Kruel trying for a full nelson suplex, but Kruel avoids it and plants Daniels with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Daniels backdrops Kruel and tries for a suplex, but Kruel counters and locks in an ankle lock. Daniels manages to reach the ropes. Kruel waits for Daniels to get up and tries for a powerbomb, but Daniels avoids it. Daniels is able to get an inside cradle on Kruel and wins the match. (**1/2. These two worked fairly well together as their styles are quite similar to each other. I was entertained by this more than I was expecting to. Kruel is a good in-ring wrestler who just lacks a personality otherwise he’d probably be doing bigger things in a bigger company. Daniels has even less personality than Kruel but they luckily produce some entertaining wrestling.)

Fifth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Women’s Champion April Hunter vs. Jazz: Hunter flips off Jazz to start the match. Jazz controls Hunter with a headlock. Hunter counters with a top wrist lock Jazz punches Hunter, but can’t break free from the hold. Hunter shoulder blocks Jazz and arm drags Jazz a couple of times. Jazz bails to the floor to regroup. They taunt each other once Jazz returns to the ring. Jazz wants a test of strength, but Hunter raises her arm high so that Jazz can’t reach her. Jazz reaches her hand and Jazz has control for a moment. Hunter takes Jazz down to the mat for a two count. Jazz runs into a boot and Hunter locks in a head scissors over the top rope. Hunter heads to the top rope missing a neckbreaker attempt. Jazz stomps on Hunter and delivers an elbow over the apron. Jazz delivers a kick to Hunter and gets a two count. Jazz hooks Hunter and connects with a butterfly suplex for a two count. Jazz takes Hunter back down to the mat with a chin lock, but doesn’t get a submission. Hunter breaks free with an arm drag, but Jazz delivers a spin kick to the chest and locks in an STF. Hunter is trying to reach the ropes and manages to break the hold. Hunter fires back with strikes in the corner. Hunter hits a fully nelson slam for a two count. Rodney Mack makes his way down to ringside to cheer on Jazz. Jazz stops Hunter with a jawbreaker. Jazz stomps on Hunter in the corner and sits Hunter on the top rope. Jazz tries for a suplex, but Hunter shoves Jazz off. Jazz decks Hunter off the top rope to the floor. Mack delivers a cheap shot to the back on the floor. Slyck Wagner Brown runs out and attacks Mack on the floor. Brown and Mack brawl toward the backstage area. Jazz has a sharpshooter on Hunter and Hunter is knocked out allowing Jazz to win the title. (**. There’s some decent action and they held my interest for the most part. Jazz winning the title isn’t a major surprise and the finish protects Hunter for an eventual rematch.)

Sixth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Cruiser-X Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Nick Berk vs. Shark Boy vs. Chris Hamrick in an elimination match: Hamrick and Berk kickoff the title match. Berk controls Hamrick with a wrist lock, but Hamrick counters with a hammerlock. Berk counters with a wrist lock of his own. Hamrick arm drags Berk, but Berk comes back with an arm drag. They trade a series of arm drags and Hamrick kicks Berk in the face. They continue with arm drags and they have a standoff. Dutt and Shark Boy tag into the contest. Dutt knocks Hamrick off the apron and hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Boy also knocked Berk off the apron. Dutt and Boy trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Boy dropkicks Dutt and plays to the crowd. Boy hammers away on Dutt in the corner with right hands. Dutt drops Boy face first over the top turnbuckle for a two count. Dutt takes Boy over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Boy fires back with right hands, but Dutt knee lifts Boy. Dutt tags in Berk and Berk hits a split legged moonsault for a two count. Berk controls Boy with a chin lock on the mat. Berk delivers a knee drop for a two count. Dutt returns to the match and comes off the middle rope to punch Boy in the midsection. Dutt delivers an elbow drop off the ropes for a two count. Boy fights back with right hands to stagger Dutt. Dutt knee lifts Boys coming off the ropes.

Berk rams Boy into the corner face first. Berk continues with shoulder rams in the corner to keep control of Boy. Dutt choked Boy in the corner and Berk keeps control with a headlock. The referee sees Berk using the ropes for leverage. Boy gets to his feet and drops Berk with a back suplex. Dutt tags in and prevents Boy from tagging out to Hamrick. Dutt takes Boy over with a snap suplex and heads to the top rope. Dutt misses a diving headbutt. Berk tags in and Hamrick gets the tag. Hamrick cleans house with right hands and standing dropkick. Hamrick sends Dutt and Berk into each other. Hamrick and Boy deliver punches in opposite corners. Dutt and Berk are sent into each other and Boy bites Dutt’s ass. Hamrick is stopped on the top rope by Berk. Boy spikes Berk with a piledriver for a two count as Dutt broke the cover. Dutt spikes Berk with a piledriver. Boy and Dutt trade right hands. Hamrick wants Berk in the corner and proceeds to hit a middle rope piledriver to eliminate Berk first.

Dutt kicks Hamrick followed by a cutter for a near fall. Berk is being helped out of the ring. Hamrick nails Dutt with a running boot in the corner followed by a clothesline for a two count. Hamrick sits Dutt on the top turnbuckle, but Boy comes over and hits a sunset flip powerbomb as Hamrick superplexs Dutt. Boy gets a two count on both men. Dutt drop toe holds Boy onto Hamrick and hits a moonsault on both men managing a two count on both men. Dutt gets a rollup on Hamrick, but Boy almost steals the match with a rollup on Dutt. Hamrick clotheslines both men and hits a top rope leg drop on both men. Dutt kicks out at tow and Boy kicks out, as well. Hamrick sits Boy on the top rope, but Dutt decks Hamrick from behind. Hamrick hits a vertical suplex turned into a stunner on Dutt for a near fall. Hamrick is kicked by Dutt and Boy hits the Dead Sea Drop to eliminate Hamrick.

Dutt chop blocks Boy and focuses on Boy’s left knee to keep control of the match. Dutt locks in a figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring. Boy rolls over and Dutt reaches the ropes to break the hold. Boy kicks Dutt chest first into the corner. Boy fights back with right hands and a facebuster followed by a neckbreaker for a two count. Boy works over Dutt in the corner with right hands. Boy hits a running bulldog out of the corner for a near fall. Dutt sends Boy into the referee and the referee goes down. Boy boots Dutt in the corner and tries for the Dead Sea Drop and hits it! However, there isn’t a referee. Dutt has grabbed a sign, but Elix Skipper slides into the ring and accidentally hits Boy with the sign. Dutt dropkicks Skipper to the floor and Dutt pins Boy to retain the title. (**1/2. The finish was not done very well as Skipper barely hit Boy with the sign. I was most interested in Hamrick as he had the most exciting offense. Once Hamrick was eliminated the excitement for the match decreased.) After the match, Shark Boy is punches Skipper out of frustration and they begin to trade blows.

Backstage, the SAT and Matt Striker attacked Josh Daniels with Striker hitting Daniels over the arm with a steel chair.

Seventh Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Rodney Mack: Mack and Brown trade strikes to start the contest. Brown kicks Mack followed by a leg lariat and pummels Mack with right hands on the mat. Brown takes Mack out with a suicide dive to the floor and delivers more punches. Mack’s manager gets a few strikes in but is sent into the post by Brown. Mack beats on Brown with blows on the floor. Mack sends Brown into the guard railing and clotheslines Brown over the railing into the crowd. Mack drives Brown down on the floor with a vertical suplex. Mack rolls Brown into the ring and has a steel chair. The referee stops Mack from using the chair. Mack accidentally hits his manager with the chair. Brown hits a leg drop onto the chair on Mack. Brown whacks Mack on the left knee with the chair and the referee has disqualified Brown. Brown locks in the Stretch Muffler, but lets go. (NR. I was kind of looking forward to this match and the action was enjoyable for the brief brawl that we got. I’m interested in a stipulation match between the two men in the future. There is some heat to this feud for sure.) After the match, Brown whacks Mack over the head with a chair shot. Brown challenges Mack to a street fight at the August show. Mack enters the ring to confront Brown. Mack slaps Brown and wants to finish it right now. That leads to them brawling in the ring until security comes into the ring to break them up.

Eighth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Michael Shane: Jarrett shoulder blocks Shane to start the match and does a strut to taunt the fans. Jarrett hip tosses Shane and does another strut. Shane dropkicks Jarrett followed by a few arm drags and does a strut of his own to taunt the champion. Shane ducks a right hand and hammers away on Jarrett in the corner. Shane decks Jarrett’s manager off the apron. Shane continues with right hands but Abyss comes out and trips Shane. Jarrett stomps on Shane to keep control of the contest. Jarrett stomps on Shane in the corner. Jarrett back elbows Shane to the mat and taunts the fans. They begin to trade strikes with Shane getting the advantage. Shane gets a sunset flip on Jarrett for a two count. Jarrett clotheslines Shane for a two count. Jarrett chokes Shane over the middle rope. Jarrett orders Abyss to stalk Traci on the floor and they head towards the backstage area. Abyss returns to ringside per Jarrett’s orders. Jarrett misses a splash and hits the middle rope. Shane is stopped by an eye rake. Abyss accidentally trips Jarrett and Shane delivers a swinging neckbreaker. Shane blocks a few right hands and clotheslines Jarrett followed by an atomic drop and a forearm smash.

Shane runs into a boot in the corner, but connects with a snap powerslam for a two count. Shane heads to the middle rope missing an elbow drop. Abyss holds a chair on the floor and Shane sends Jarrett into the chair leading to a two count. Jarrett is given brass knuckles and decks Shane with them. Shane no sells the brass knuckles and superkicks Jarrett’s manager. Abyss enters to plant Shane with the Black Hole Slam. Jarrett thinks Shane is down because of the brass knuckles and pins Shane to retain the title. (*1/4. A lackluster title defense here, but it’s clear that they are setting up a feud between Abyss and Jarrett. It’s just a matter of time before Abyss turns face and challenges Jarrett for the title.) After the match, Abyss grabs Traci Brooks and goes for a chokeslam, but doesn’t do it. Jarrett yells at Abyss and shoves Abyss in the corner. Abyss grabs Traci a second time, but puts her down and leaves the ring. Traci low blows Jarrett and Shane recovers in the corner to deliver a superkick to leave Jarrett laying.

Main Event: Mana vs. Abyss in a last man standing match: They waste no time brawling on the floor trading strikes on the aisle. They enter the ring where Mana works over Abyss with chops against the ropes along with headbutts. Abyss tries for a chokeslam, but settles for a clothesline. Abyss splashes Mana in the corner followed by a big boot. They brawl into the crowd and Abyss grabs a crutch from a fan to use on Mana. Mana gets the crutch and whacks Abyss over the back. Abyss gets a kendo stick and hits Mana over the head a few times. Abyss sends Mana into a bunch of chairs. Abyss whacks Mana over the back and rams Mana face first onto a chair. Abyss smashes Mana with a chair shot to the face. Mana has been busted wide open as a result of the chair shot. Abyss has a staple gun and uses it on Mana a few times. Mana gets to his feet at the count of seven. Abyss grabs a table by the merchandise area. Abyss sets the table against the wall. Mana spears Abyss through the table. Abyss is crawling around as Mana hits Abyss with a trash can. They begin to trade strikes in the crowd. Abyss sends Mana into the wall and sets another table up. Abyss grabs a second table to setup on top of the first one. Abyss rams Mana into a scissors lift a couple of times. Abyss orders the scissors lift to be raised as Mana gets on the lift, as well. They begin to trade right hands. Abyss has his chain and punches Mana off the lift through the two tables.

Mana gets up before the count of ten and Abyss can’t believe it. Abyss has a chair in the ring and smashes Mana over the head. Mana doesn’t go down after another chair shot. Abyss nails the referee with the chair shot on accident. Abyss goes under the ring and grabs a bag of tacks. Abyss dumps the tacks on the mat. Abyss tries for a chokeslam, but Mana elbows free. Abyss tries for a powerbomb, but Mana gets out of it and chokeslams Abyss onto the tacks! Jeff Jarrett enters the ring with a guitar and smashes Abyss over the head with it. Mana is standing and the referee awards the match to Mana. (*. There’s a major flaw in the match. The referee was counting both men down and they both got up before ten and then Jarrett delivered the guitar shot. So, the count should have restarted, but they didn’t do that. It’s a bloody match, but it’s just a match with a couple of big spots and basic brawling in between. I remember reading that these matches between the two men were bloodbaths and crazy brawls, but that really hasn’t been the case in the matches I’ve seen between them thus far.)

Final Thoughts:
There’s a couple of decent matches, but for the most part it’s a very average show at best. I think they are building towards bigger more interesting matches, so I’m curious to see how future shows go. I’m intrigued by a Jarrett vs. Abyss match, as well. That being said, I can’t recommend this show.

Thanks for reading.


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