WWE Smackdown 8/15/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Seattle, WA

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way down to the ring to start the show. Lesnar is wearing a Hulkamania shirt as we had saw on RAW. Lesnar had an X through “running wild” on the back and rips the shirt off. Heyman cuts a promo saying that praying and taking vitamins didn’t accomplish anything against Lesnar. Heyman says that Hogan was gasping for his last breath and allows the fans to see the footage again. Lesnar left Hogan laying in his own blood. Hogan insisted on getting up on his own without any help after the show went off the air. Heyman brags about Lesnar being the man to end Hogan’s career. Heyman says that Hogan was a stepping stone for Lesnar. Heyman says that the blood of Hulkamania is on Lesnar’s hands. The peoples blood will be on Lesnar’s hands at SummerSlam. Lesnar chimes in and says he’s going to end The Rock’s reign at SummerSlam.

Rikishi makes his way out to confront Lesnar. Heyman suggests Rikishi stop on the floor, but Rikishi ignores the warning and gets on the apron. Rikishi grabs the microphone and says he’s going to back that ass up and make him kiss his ass. Rikishi enters the ring and ends up clotheslining Lesnar over the top to the floor. Heyman begs off in the corner, but Lesnar pulls Heyman out to make the save from a stink face.

On Velocity, Hardcore Holly shaved the back of Rico’s head while Rico was styling Marc Lloyd’s hair. Later in the show. Rico hit Holly with a kick and that’s led to this six man tag.

Opening Contest: Hurricane, Shannon Moore & Hardcore Holly vs. Billy, Chuck & Rico: Billy and Holly start off with right hands. Holly shoulder blocks Billy followed by a dropkick. Billy tags in Rico and Holly slings Rico into the ring to deliver chops. Holly tosses Rico with an overhead suplex. Moore tags in and is met with a few kicks by Rico for a two count. Moore nails Rico with a spinning heel kick. Hurricane tags in and hits a leg drop off the middle rope as Moore had a backslide on Rico. Chuck tags in and Hurricane tries for a chokeslam, but Chuck elbows free. Hurricane takes Chuck over with a hurricanrana and a shining wizard. Hurricane tries for a cover, but Chuck kicks out at two. Hurricane gets caught in the corner and is dropped over the top rope by Chuck. Chuck continues with an overhead suplex. Chuck rams Hurricane into the corner with a few shoulder rams. Chuck controls Hurricane with a chin lock. Chuck knee lifts Hurricane coming off the ropes and Hurricane gets his legs pulled by the former tag champs.

Billy misses a clothesline and a tilt a whirl attempt. Hurricane drops Billy with a neckbreaker. Moore and Chuck are tagged in with Moore cleaning house and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Moore heads to the top hitting a twisting moonsault on Chuck. Moore and Hurricane brawling with the former champs. Chuck catches Moore, but lets him go allowing Billy to hit a cobra clutch slam and Chuck pins Moore. (**1/4. A fine opener, but a bummer result. I was kind of digging the idea of Moore and Hurricane being a contending tag team. They must still value Billy and Chuck, but as their current gimmick it seems like it may have ran its course.) After the match, Matt Hardy runs into the ring to make the save for the babyfaces. Hardy embraces with Hurricane and Moore. Hardy also shakes hands with Holly. Matt had just turned on Jeff, so a babyface reaction probably isn’t strong.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is with Dawn Marie and she doesn’t appear to be happy. Marie promises to never screwup ever again. Stephanie asks if she knows why she’s apologizing. Stephanie explains why Marie screwed up and how she was going shred the contract that gave Rob Van Dam a rematch. Now, Chris Benoit has to defend against RVD at SummerSlam. Stephanie is happy with signing Matt Hardy and suggests that Marie dress more professionally. If she messes up again she’ll be fired. She wants Chris Benoit and Marie leaves to do so.

Backstage, Edge has arrived to the building.

During the break, Matt Hardy is happy talking to Hurricane and Moore. Hardy promises to be there always. Matt thinks that Smackdown is ready for Smackdown version one.

Backstage, Stephanie meets with Chris Benoit. Stephanie is livid that Benoit has to defend at SummerSlam, but she knows that he’ll retain the title. Stephanie tells Benoit that he’s wrestling the Rock tonight. She wants Benoit to make Rock tap out. Benoit promises to make him squeal.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd is with Kurt Angle. Angle says that because Mysterio stopped mowing lawns and put on a mask to cheat and beat him means nothing. Angle says that his win doesn’t count. Mysterio enters the scene and asks if his win didn’t count. Mysterio challenges Angle to a match at SummerSlam so he can make the win count. Angle laughs until realizing that Mysterio is serious. Angle accepts the challenge. Angle continues to taunt Mysterio until Mark Henry walks up. Henry tells Angle he’s calling him little man. Angle insults Henry’s body odor and says he wants some action tonight. Henry accepts the challenge.

Second Contest: Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry: Henry shoves Angle to the mat to showcase his strength advantage. Henry shoves Angle into the ropes to deliver a shoulder block and smirks at Angle. Angle tries to takedown Henry, but Henry counters with an over the shoulder attempt. Angle wiggles free and is met with an elbow strike. Henry press slams Angle and delivers a clothesline for a two count. Henry splashes Angle over the middle rope and slides to the floor. Henry is favoring his left ankle after doing that move. Henry misses a splash in the corner and Angle kicks Henry several times on the injured leg. Angle chop blocks Henry a few times. Henry drops Angle with a clothesline. Angle delivers another chop block. Angle keeps a leg lock on Henry, but doesn’t get a submission. Angle is kicked into the corner, but manages to roll through and takes Henry down with the ankle lock on the bad leg. Henry kicks Angle through the ropes to the floor. Angle is met with a knee lift upon returning to the match. Henry decks Angle a few times and tries for a press slam and drops Angle to the mat. Angle boots Henry in the corner. Angle gets out of a powerslam attempt and locks in the ankle lock again. Henry is forced to tap out giving Angle a clean win. After the match, Mysterio hits a hurricanrana off the top rope and nails Angle with a 619 on the floor. Angle is bleeding from the forehead from something. (*1/2. The match was okay and the clean finish is the right move since Angle is far more important than Henry at this point. The aftermath is fine to add some hype for the SummerSlam match.)

Third Contest: Brock Lesnar vs. Rikishi: Lesnar takes Rikishi down with a fireman’s carry and they have a standoff. Lesnar tries to shoulder block Rikishi, but has no luck. Rikishi decks Lesnar with a clothesline for a two count. Rikishi hammers away on Lesnar in the corner. Rikishi misses a spear in the corner. Lesnar nails Rikishi from behind with a strike and wraps Rikishi’s arm around the ring post a few times. Lesnar controls Rikishi with an arm bar, but doesn’t get submission. Lesnar stomps on Rikishi, but Rikishi battles back with right hands. Lesnar elbow strikes Rikishi to avoid a backdrop attempt. Lesnar tosses Rikishi overhead with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Lesnar locks in a bearhug. Rikishi fights out with right hands, but Lesnar drives Rikishi into the corner. Rikishi hits a clothesline and a Samoan Drop. Rikishi hits a belly to belly suplex. Rikishi signals for a back splash and hits it in the corner. Lesnar drops down in the corner. Heyman gets in the ring and is sent into the corner. Rikishi splashes Heyman in the corner. Rikishi chooses to stink face Heyman, but Lesnar is up. Rikishi nails Lesnar with savant kick. Rikishi delivers the stink face to Heyman! Lesnar slides into the ring and plants Rikishi with the F5 for the win. (*1/2. A mostly basic match and exactly what you’d expect here. I don’t think anyone could really believe that Rikishi would be prevailing at all here.)

Backstage, Torrie Wilson is getting ready.

Backstage, Funaki is with Nidia for an interview. Nidia knows that Funaki isn’t here to talk about Wilson but instead about how hot she is. Nidia shows off her body and wants Funaki to touch it. Funaki doesn’t want to because Jamie Noble will kick his ass. We hear a disagreement and Batista tossed Rev. D-Von through a door. Batista says “there’s your respect.”

Fourth Contest: Nidia vs. Torrie Wilson: Nidia starts off with a chop and kick to the gut. Torrie kicks Nidia in the corner followed by a few clotheslines. Torrie takes Nidia down to the mat and catapults Nidia into the corner followed by a rollup for a two count. Torrie misses a clothesline and Nidia plants Torrie with a DDT for a two count. Torrie stops Nidia wit a jawbreaker, but Nidia comes back with a clothesline for a two count. Torrie drops Nidia over the top rope throat first followed by a snap suplex for a near fall. Torrie kicks Nidia to avoid a backdrop and slaps Noble on the floor. Nidia baseball slides Noble on accident. Torrie slaps Nidia and heads to the top rope, but Noble grabs her leg. Billy Kidman comes out and attacks Noble. Torrie hits a swinging neckbreaker, but Noble decks Wilson with a clothesline allowing Nidia to get the win. After the match, Kane’s music hits and says the fire still burns. Kane doesn’t appear. (1/2*. At least they kept a fast pace and it didn’t overstay it’s welcome.)

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero are on the phone saying hello to family wanting them to watch the show tonight. Chavo says that Edge will regret spearing Eddie. Eddie says that Edge got lucky and he’s tired of Edge. Eddie is tried of hearing about Edge’s good looks and Eddie claims he has a better smile. They’ll have a lot to smile about tonight.

Fifth Contest: Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Edge & Rey Mysterio Jr.: Edge and Chavo start the tag match. Edge flapjacks Chavo and taunts Eddie on the apron. Edge dropkicks Eddie off the apron. Eddie trips Edge from the floor and Edge backdrops Chavo to the floor onto Eddie. Eddie rams Edge into the guard railing and rolls Edge back into the ring. Chavo tags in Eddie legally. Eddie delivers several forearm strikes and elbow smashes. Chavo chokes Edge over the middle rope while the referee is distracted. Eddie eye rakes Edge and is driven down to the mat gut first. Rey hits a springboard splash and a standing moonsault on Eddie after knocking Chavo off the apron. Rey hammers away on Eddie, but Chavo comes up from behind. Eddie plants Rey with a powerbomb and tags in Chavo. Chavo hits a slingshot splash for a two count. Chavo uppercuts Mysterio followed by stomps. Chavo delivers a backbreaker and a back suplex. Eddie hits a slingshot senton for a two count on Mysterio. Eddie drives Mysterio down with a backbreaker and locks in a chin lock. Chavo slams Mysterio for a two count. Mysterio nails Chavo with a spinning heel kick. Chavo crawls to the corner and tags in Eddie. Eddie nails Edge off the apron and Mysterio takes Eddie over with a hurricanrana.

Edge tags in and clotheslines Eddie followed by a backdrop to Chavo. Edge monkey flips Eddie out of the corner and hits a forearm smash. Edge spears Chavo in the the corner after a face plant to Eddie. Eddie avoids a spear to spike Edge with a brainbuster. Eddie climbs to the top rope, but Mysterio shoves Eddie off the ropes. Mysterio nails Chavo with the 619! Kurt Angle appears and puts the ankle lock on Mysterio outside the ring. Edge saves Mysterio, but Eddie comes over. Edge spears Eddie into the railing. Angle rolls Mysterio into the ring with an ankle lock. Chavo dropkicks Mysterio. Edge spears Chavo! Edge spears Angle! (**1/2. This felt like a small sample size of what to expect from these four guys. I’m fine with the continued hype for Angle/Mysterio. If that was really their first part of a longer match, I’m excited to see what they do in the future. Smackdown Six is going to rule.)

Backstage, Marc Lloyd is waiting outside The Rock’s locker room. We see footage from Global Warning Tour in Australia. Rock is with Lloyd after the video. Lloyd reminds Rock that he tapped out to Benoit two weeks ago. Rock dismisses the world squeal and says that Lloyd looks like he knows what it means. Rock makes Lloyd bend over and Rock tells Lloyd he meant bend over backwards not bend over. Rock tells Lloyd to leave the scene. Rock cuts a promo saying that there’s no way that Benoit will make him tap twice. Rock mentions his RAW match with Triple H for one more time. Rock brings up Brock Lesnar’s messages the last few weeks. Rock has a message for Lesnar and that is.. “just bring it.” Rock tells Lesnar in a few different languages.

We see a banner promoting Rock vs. HHH on RAW in the crowd, which was done by Eric Bischoff.

Main Event: WWE World Champion The Rock vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit: Benoit has wrist control to start the match. Benoit shoulder blocks Rock and is met with a few arm drags. Rock controls Benoit with a hammerlock and headlock. Rock shoulder blocks Benoit and decks Benoit with a clothesline. Rock slams Benoit face first down to the mat. Benoit plants Rock with a back suplex. Benoit nails Rock with a short arm clothesline. Benoit stomps on Rock in the corner followed by right hands. Benoit drives Rock down with a backbreaker for a two count. Benoit rams Rock into the corner face first and delivers a few chops. Rock fires back with chops in the corner and right hands. Rock tosses Benoit with an overhead suplex for a two count. Benoit sends Rock into the corner chest first and begins to hit German suplexs. Benoit hangs on to hit five of them, but Rock kicks out at two. Benoit keeps control with an arm bar on Rock. Rock punches free from Benoit. Benoit misses a clothesline and Rock hits a DDT. Rock goes for a cover, but Benoit kicks out at two. Benoit chops Rock several times and avoids a Rock Bottom. Benoit plants Rock with a DDT. Benoit heads to the top rope hitting a diving headbutt for a near fall. They both struggle to their feet.

Rock hammers away on Benoit after blocking strikes. Benoit ducks a right hand, but Rock hits a dragon screw leg whip and locks in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Benoit crawls to the ropes to break the hold. Rock argues with the referee and is met with a running back elbow. Rock pops up and plants Benoit with a spinebuster. Rock goes for the People’s Elbow, but Lesnar is on the aisle. Rock jumps to the floor and has a stare down with Lesnar until Benoit attacks from behind. Benoit clubs on Rock’s arm and locks in the Crossface. Rock is staring at Lesnar similar to two weeks ago. Rock is fading, but manages to reach the ropes to break the hold and Lesnar is shocked. Benoit elbow drops Rock a few times. Rock plants Benoit with a Rock Bottom after ducking a clothesline to win the match. After the match, Rock tells Lesnar to bring it and stares at Lesnar in the ring as Lesnar remains on the floor. (***. As expected these two had a fun main event and a competitive one at that. I liked that Rock was able to overcome the distraction and pinned Benoit clean to give him momentum towards SummerSlam. I think Benoit is an underrated opponent to Rock as they always seemed to have really good matches.)

Final Thoughts:
An enjoyable episode of Smackdown this week as it had a good flow and the main event delivered. The Smackdown Six is going to be a lot of fun to watch over the next several months. I’m really looking forward to this era of Smackdown.

Thanks for reading.

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