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WCW Saturday Night 8/28/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: 8/28/1999
From: Casper, WY

1.) Jim Duggan defeated Dave Taylor
2.) Disco Inferno defeated Bobby Blaze
3.) Vampiro defeated Lash LeRoux
4.) Public Enemy defeated Vincent & Horace
5.) Meng defeated Barry Horowitz
6.) BA & Swoll defeated Hugh Morrus & Jerry Flynn by disqualification
7.) Juventud Guerrera defeated Norman Smiley
8.) Mona defeated Dee Dee Venturi
9.) Dean Malenko & Shane Douglas defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Duggan backs Taylor into a corner, but Taylor cheap shots Duggan with forearms for the advantage. Duggan comes out of the corner with a clothesline and clotheslines Taylor over the top to the floor. Duggan plays to the crowd while Taylor stalls on the floor. Taylor works on Duggan with right hands, but gets sent shoulder first into the ring post. Duggan pummels Taylor with more right hands. Taylor regains control with right hands in the ring. Duggan drops Taylor with a right hand and gets a two count. Duggan rams Taylor into the corner and misses a splash. Taylor delivers an elbow strike to Duggan’s neck several times. Taylor misses an elbow drop and Duggan gets a second wind. Duggan delivers ten punches in the corner to stagger Taylor out of the corner. Duggan connects with a scoop slam and finishes Taylor off with a running clothesline and a knee drop for the win. (*. Well, this was just an extended squash for Duggan. Duggan’s act continues to get his act over.)

2.) Disco Inferno cut a promo saying he’s trying to be a top guy and he’s going to take on a guy that’s been copying him. As expected, Inferno took care of business against Bobby Blaze winning after the Last Dance.

3.) Lash LeRoux has some paint around his eyes, similar to Vampiro.

4.) Vampiro starts with a top rope spinning heel kick to knock LeRoux down. Vampiro continues with a clothesline followed by several strikes. Vampiro nails LeRoux with a spinning kick to LeRoux’s chest. Vampiro kicks LeRoux while the referee is distracted. Vampiro stomps on LeRoux followed by a scoop slam. Vampiro clotheslines LeRoux in the corner and drops LeRoux gut first to the mat. Vampiro superkicks LeRoux over the top to the floor. Vampiro springboards off the top to hit a crossbody on LeRoux. Vampiro sends LeRoux into the guard railing back first and into the ring steps face first. LeRoux decks Vampiro off the top rope and leaps off middle rope to hit a head scissors. LeRoux plants Vampiro with a sit out powerbomb for a two count. LeRoux forearms Vampiro and delivers more right hands. LeRoux connects with a clothesline. Vampiro stops LeRoux with a top rope hurricanrana followed by slam. Vampiro wins following the Nail In The Coffin. (**. A decent match between these two. I’m glad LeRoux had a few moments to shine and Vampiro pulled out some exciting moves.)

5.) A vignette promoting Coach Buzz Stern, who was formerly known as Glacier.

6.) Guerrera acts like he’s spanking someone so the camera zooms in on Smiley. Smiley has neck control for a few moments. Guerrera hits a wheelbarrow bulldog and Smiley rolls to the floor. Guerrera chops Smiley against the ropes and ducks a few clotheslines. Smiley stops Guerrera with a scoop slam and taunts Guerrera by dancing. Guerrera nearly wins with a rollup and keeps Smiley on the mat with a headlock. Smiley beats on Guerrera with chops in the corner. Smiley plants Guerrera with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Smiley drives Guerrera down to the mat with a double under hook slam. Smiley continues to work over Guerrera with strikes on the mat. Smiley runs into a boot in the corner and Guerrera hits a head scissors before hammering away on Smiley in the corner. Guerrera drops Smiley over the top rope throat first and hits a sunset flip, but Smiley doesn’t fall down. Smiley does the Big Wiggle, but Guerrera arm drags Smiley. Guerrera counters a slam by hitting the Juvi Driver for the win. (*3/4. I wasn’t expecting Guerrera to actually hit the Juvi Driver here. I’d say this was a little disappointing because Guerrera didn’t get to showcase his high flying moves. I was more bored by this and that bums me out.)

7.) Coach Stern is motivating trainees to workout hard.

8.) Scott and Douglas start the main event with Douglas hitting a front suplex and a reverse rolling neck snap. Steve tags in and is met with a hip toss. Malenko enters as Douglas hits a backdrop. Steve is met with a double clothesline and a double vertical suplex. Malenko briefly had the Cloverleaf on Steve, but Scott caused a distraction and Steve clotheslines Malenko. Malenko is double teamed with strikes in the middle of the ring. Steve boots Malenko in the corner and continues with a scoop slam. Steve slams Scott onto Malenko. Douglas is held back by the referee. Scott chokes Malenko on the mat before switching to a sleeper hold. Douglas crotches Steve on the top and Malenko nearly pins Scott with a rollup. Malenko drives Scott down with a back suplex. Douglas gets the tag and cleans house with a snap powerslam for a two count. All four men are in the ring with Scott nailing Douglas with a superkick. Malenko pulls Steve to the floor and Douglas spikes Scott with the Pittsburgh Plunge for the win. (**. This was mostly a formula match and they weren’t given a lot of time to make this a better match.)

9.) The Revolution cut a promo with Malenko and Douglas saying that they are going to takeover WCW with Benoit and Saturn in there too.

Final Thoughts:
An average episode of Saturday Night this week as there wasn’t too much going on. I’m thinking last week was a mirage.

Thanks for reading.

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