NWA-TNA Impact 10/5/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is standing outside Jim Cornette’s office and promotes what we’ll see this week. Borash enters the office with several wrestlers where Cornette is talking about being stressed. Cornette says somebody in the room is going to be fired. Eric Young, Shark Boy, Norman Smiley, David Young and Elix Skipper were in the room. James Mitchell and Abyss enter the room. Mitchell wants a promise that Abyss would get a title shot if Abyss can get the NWA World Championship from Samoa Joe. Cornette tells Mitchell if he can produce the title then he has a deal.

Opening Contest: Team 3D vs. Matt Bentley & Frankie Kazarian: Shane Douglas is on commentary with the Naturals behind him. Bentley and D-Von kickoff the tag match. Bentley is met with a spinning elbow strike and a clothesline by D-Von. D-Von slams Bentley and gets a two count after an elbow drop. Kazarian tags in and they miss a double clothesline. D-Von clotheslines both men and Bubba tags in to hit a snap suplex on Kazarian. Bubba continues with elbow drops. AMW appear on the ramp to watch the match. Kazarian eye rakes Bubba and taunts D-Von. Kazarian nails Bubba with a big boot as we see the James Gang on the other ramp. The show goes to commercial.

Kazarian and Bentley have kept control over Bubba by choking Bubba over the middle rope. Bubba chops Kazarian to fight back and follows up with strikes in the corner. Bubba hits a snap suplex on Kazarian for a two count. D-Von is tagged in as is Bentley and D-Von cleans house with strikes and a backdrop on Bentley. D-Von side slams Bentley followed by a lifting reverse DDT on Kazarian for a two count. 3D hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo on Bentley followed by the 3D on Kazarian to win the match. (*1/4. An obvious outcome here and the action was rather boring. Bentley and Kazarian seem to be going through an identity crisis.) After the match, Bubba says they were going to start at the bottom and work their way up. They don’t have an opponent for Bound For Glory in three weeks. Bubba addresses the three tag teams around the ring and they challenge any tag team. Bubba promises to become the NWA Tag Team Champions.

Rhino is the focus of a pre-tape video package where he’s promoting the street fight against Christian Cage at Bound For Glory. Rhino hypes up Detroit and how it’s tough to live there. Rhino is going to show Christian a nightmare at the PPV.

Father James Mitchell and Abyss are in the ring to call out Samoa Joe. Mitchell says that Cornette made a deal with the devil to retrieve the NWA World Championship. Mitchell says that Joe can return the title or they can have a fight for it. Samoa Joe makes his way out with the NWA World Championship to confront Abyss. Abyss chokes Joe, but Joe delivers several strikes. Abyss chokeslams Joe and grabs the championship. Jeff Jarrett runs to the ring and takes the championship. Abyss confronts Jarrett and now Jarrett is getting attacked by Joe and Abyss. Joe nails Jarrett with a running boot and grabs the title. Abyss decks Joe with several right hands. Joe snap powerslams Abyss coming off the ropes. Joe grabs the championship and leaves the ring.

We see footage from Mexico where AJ Styles won a trophy and was confronted by LAX during an interview. Konnan and LAX proceed to attack Styles and several other wrestlers join in on the attack. Styles is sent into a garage door and is left laying.

Second Contest: LAX vs. Jeff Watson & Tyler Black: As expected, LAX dominate the match. Homicide hits a middle rope cutter on Black and Hernandez hit the Border Toss on Watson to win the match with a double pin.

Konnan and LAX stand behind a cage to cut a promo. Konnan promises to regain the titles at Bound For Glory. Konnan mentions that Cornette gave Styles and Daniels the advantage in an Ultimate X match, which they never had experience in. Konnan says we’re going to see a level of violence we’ve never seen before. Konnan is going to show us just what 5150 is all about.

Third Contest: Loser Gets Fired Match: The match consists of Shark Boy, Norman Smiley, David Young, Elix Skipper and Eric Young. They all start brawling in the ring as Larry Zbyszko comes out to ringside. Smiley does the Big Wiggle on David. Eric yanks the wig off of Zbyszko after being rolled into the ring. David hits a spinebuster on Smiley, but doesn’t go for the cover. Eric tries for a wheelbarrow suplex, but Shark Boy counters it. Shark tries for the DSD, but Eric counters. Zbyszko hits Eric in the gut with a golf club and Shark Boy pins Eric with a rollup. As a result, Eric has bene fired. (1/2*. This makes sense for the storyline that Eric has actually been fired to confirm his paranoia.) After the match, Eric is devastated and so are some fans.

Backstage, Jermey Borash is with Christian Cage and NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett doesn’t want to talk about this tag match and complains about not having the title. Jarrett promises to execute Sting at Bound For Glory. Jarrett is confident that Sting’s career will come to an end. Jarrett will go through Kurt Angle if he has to. Christian has a microphone and says the biggest star talks last, which is him. Cage promotes the show going primetime in November. Cage won his match at No Surrender and thinks Jarrett should be worried about him. Cage thinks that Jarrett should follow his lead tonight since he beat him for the NWA World Championship.

Main Event: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett & Christian Cage vs. Ron Killings & NWA Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels: Cage and Daniels begin the main event. Cage tags out to Jarrett. Jarrett and Daniels trade holds after a lockup. Jarrett knee lifts Daniels a few times in the corner. Daniels takes Jarrett down and delivers a boot followed by a heel kick for a near fall. Jarrett stops Daniels with a knee strike and tags in Cage. Daniels drop toe holds Cage before tagging in Killings. Cage is hip tossed by Daniels and Killings followed by a double elbow drop. Daniels slams Killings and they do some breakdancing before stomping Cage. Killings is stopped by Cage with right hands. Cage misses a clothesline and Killings hits a running powerslam. Jarrett gets involved and is decked. Killings is sent to the floor as the show goes to commercial.

Jarrett sends Killings into the railing to maintain control of the contest. Cage elbows Killings to the mat and mocks Killings by dancing for a moment. Cage wrenches Killings neck and Jarrett tags in to choke Killings over the middle rope. Jarrett splashes Killings over the middle rope and does a strut. Jarrett elbows Killings to the mat and taunts Killings. Killings hits a stunner out of a vertical suplex, which was sloppy. Daniels gets tagged in and decks Cage off the apron. Daniels plants Cage with an STO and a sit out powerbomb on Jarrett for a two count. Cage tries for the Un-Prettier, but Daniels counters. Cage elbows Daniels in the corner and is stopped on the top rope. Daniels hooks Cage for a superplex, but Homicide hits Daniels with a slapjack. Jarrett pins Daniels before Cage could hit a frog splash. After the match, Cage is not happy with Jarrett for stealing the pin and gets a microphone. (*1/2. The finish needed to happen to protect Daniels for the PPV. The action was okay, but nothing special.)

Jarrett yanks the microphone away from Cage. Jarrett wants the championship and Samoa Joe comes out with the title. Joe jabs Jarrett several times but misses a knee strike and crashes to the floor. Jarrett has the NWA World Championship, but Cage plants Jarrett with the Un-Prettier and Cage has possession. Rhino slides into the ring and GORES Cage! Samoa Joe has the NWA World Championship again and walks off.

Bobby Roode says that the interview process for his new manager is complete and he’ll let us know who the manager is next week.

Final Thoughts:
Action wise this weeks show left a lot to be desired, but they are promoting the feuds fairly well leading into Bound For Glory. I’d say I’m quite interested in the PPV at this point.

Thanks for reading.

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