NEW WrestleFest 25 8/14/2021

Northeast Wrestling presents WrestleFest 25
From: Poughkeepsie, NY

Cody Rhodes started the show and addressed the crowd from the aisle way. Cody essentially put over the company and show. Cody believes they are headed to a golden age of professional wrestling. Cody regrets not having his first post-WWE show in NEW. Cody credits the NEW fans for motivating him and helping him achieve success outside of WWE. Cody puts over various talents on the show and says they can’t let Fuego Del Sol suffer the same fate as Flip Gordon. Cody really likes Fuego.

Opening Contest: Waves & Curls (Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen): Cassidy starts off with a shoulder block and soon after there is a standoff with Jordan. Quen tags into the match leading to a standoff between the two teams. They want to do a standoff and a dance off. Private Party try to cheap shot their opponents and fail. Waves and Curls hit an atomic drop and springboard clothesline. Cassidy is met with a leg drop/senton combo before bailing to the floor. Quen and Cassidy are met with dropkicks. Brandyn kicks Quen in the corner, but Cassidy causes a distraction allowing a midair dropkick by Quen. Quen delivers a vertical suplex to Brandyn for a two count. Quen stomps on Brandyn and tags in Cassidy to keep control with a scoop slam. Cassidy slams Brandyn and taunts Jordan on the apron. Quen returns to the match as Cassidy delivers a scoop slam. Brandyn is choked over the bottom rope and met with a kick to the face. Brandyn is sent into the corner and Cassidy misses a splash off of Quen’s back. Jordan gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines. Jordan delivers a slam to Cassidy and press slams Quen to the mat. Jordan connects with running clotheslines and a running bulldog/leg lariat combo for a two count on Quen. Quen forearms Jordan a few times, but is met with a Hart Attack/Sling blade combo for a near fall. Cassidy tags back into the contest and delivers several forearms. Cassidy pummels Brandyn, but is met with a couple of kicks. Jordan hits a sit out powerbomb and assists Brandyn with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Jordan grabs Quen for a chokeslam, but Quen is saved by Cassidy and they deliver double kicks. Brandyn is taken off the top with a hurricanrana and a cutter in midair to give Private Party the victory. (**1/4. It was okay, but nothing special. I’ve seen Waves and Curls a few times and they have potential to breakout soon in the tag division. The match was a little sloppy, but the action was decent enough to start the show.)

Backstage, QT Marshall is interviewed and says that wrestling has revolved around Cody Rhodes for years now. Marshall was going to challenge Cody to a match tonight, but the state athletic commission wants to check his pulse and blood pressure. QT blames Cody for his blood boiling. QT needed to contact NEW to get his own graphic for the show. Marshall promises the fans they will get their money worth tonight.

Second Contest: NEW Live Champion Keith Youngblood vs. Gio Galvano vs. Christopher Battle vs. Lucky Ali vs. Channing Thomas in an elimination match: Thomas taunts everyone because he thinks he’s the best and is punched by everyone else. Galvano sends Thomas to the floor. Ali shoulder blocks Battle and is met with a double arm drag by Youngblood and Battle. Battle senton splashes Ali followed by a flip neckbreaker by Youngblood. Thomas pulls Youngblood to the floor and sends the champ into the ring post. Galvano dropkicks Thomas and kicks Battle several times. Galvano nails Ali with a springboard kick for a two count. Ali avoids Battle, who spears Galvano for the first elimination.

The remaining four men brawl in the ring. Ali and Thomas send Youngblood and Battle into the middle of the ring, but they counter and hit splashes in opposite corners. Thomas accidentally splashes Ali and is met with a double flapjack. Ali is taken over with a double backdrop. They try for a double pin, but neither man stays down. Battle and Youngblood trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Battle knee strikes Youngblood followed by a clothesline. Ali stops Battle on the top turnbuckle and forearms Battle several times. Battle shoves Ali off and Thomas delivers right hands to Battle. Battle blocks a superplex attempt by Thomas. Youngblood comes over to powerbomb Thomas, who takes Battle over with a superplex. Ali hits a top rope reverse splash and pins Battle for another elimination.

Youngblood decks Thomas and Ali knee drops Youngblood. Thomas and Ali team up to stomp on Youngblood. Youngblood kicks Ali and avoids a running splash by Thomas. Youngblood has a rollup on Ali for a two count. Ali drives Youngblood down with a reverse jawbreaker. Youngblood hits a spinning brainbuster, but Thomas tosses Youngblood to the floor and pins Ali for another elimination. We are down to the final two.

Thomas misses a strike and Youngblood almost wins with a sunset flip. Thomas atomic drops Youngblood followed by a fisherman suplex for a near fall. Thomas takes Youngblood down to the mat, but the champ almost wins with a rollup. Thomas tries for a backslide managing a two count. Youngblood superkicks a kneeling Thomas and hits the Falcon Arrow to win the match and retain the title. (**. That was just a harmless match to showcase some homegrown talent. Ali and Thomas came across well to me and I could see them becoming regulars in NEW. Channing works well as a heel and has some personality. Ali is an agile wrestlers that could be fun against other high flyers in the future.)

Backstage, Chris Moljo is interviewed. Moljo says he’s everyone’s favorite man crush. He’s wrestling Wrecking Ball Legursky tonight. Moljo is confident that he’s going to slap Wrecking Ball all over the ring. He calls Legursky a gorilla nerd.

Third Contest: Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. Chris Moljo: Moljo asks for a timeout after being shoved to the mat early on. Moljo chops Legursky in the corner and then runs away to deliver a cheap shot. Moljo runs into a clothesline coming off the ropes. Legursky chops Moljo in the corner to maintain the advantage. Legursky tosses Moljo across the ring. Moljo rams Legursky into the corner, but is caught on the top rope and slammed to the mat. Legursky clotheslines Moljo over the top to the floor. Moljo chops Legursky and knocks Legursky off the apron with a running strike. Moljo rams Legursky onto the apron face first and delivers a few chops. Moljo hits a jumping headbutt and an elbow drop for a two count. Moljo delivers a running hip strike for a two count. Legursky grabs Moljo by the throat, but misses a splash in the corner. Moljo hits a back suplex and comes off the middle rope with an elbow drop for a two count. Legursky shoulder blocks Moljo a few times to gain control of the contest. Legursky backdrops Moljo followed by a clothesline in the corner. Legursky slams Moljo and delivers an elbow drop. Moljo boots a charging Legursky, but is caught coming off the middle rope with a swinging side slam to give Legursky the victory. (*1/4. There wasn’t much going on here. Legursky is in better shape compared to the last time I saw him and his mobility is much better. The crowd didn’t seem to overly interested in this one and neither was I.)

Backstage, NZO cut a pre-tape promo with a bag of fries saying they were the worst fries he ever had. NZO asks who died and made Lawler king. NZO recalls Lawler had a heart attack on national television. NZO is going to make Lawler famous in his second life.

Fourth Contest: Megan Bayne vs. Tay Conti: Bayne backs Conti into a corner, but cleanly backs off. Bayne tosses Conti to the mat face first. Conti tries for a flying arm bar, but Bayne blocks it. Bayne also avoids a rollup attempt. Conti takes Bayne down to the mat and delivers a few kicks to the chest. Bayne rams Conti into the corner back first and sits Conti on the top turnbuckle. Conti blocks a strike and locks in an arm bar for a moment. Conti almost wins with a sunset flip and kicks Bayne. Conti misses a kick in the corner and Bayne delivers a back suplex. Bayne taunts the fans after a strike to the back. Bayne shoulder rams Conti in the corner a few times. Bayne hooks Conti with a suplex to keep the advantage. Bayne catches Conti running the ropes and delivers a backbreaker. Bayne continues with knee strikes in the corner. Conti is sent hard back first into the corner. Conti fights back with right hands to the midsection. Bayne atomic drops Conti and kicks Conti to the mat. Bayne comes off the ropes with an elbow drop for a two count. Bayne keeps control with a sleeper hold. Conti is driven down to the mat with a slam for a two count. Conti avoids a splash in the corner and rolls away to avoid a senton splash. Bayne knee lifts Conti and they begin to exchange strikes with Conti getting the advantage with forearms. Conti kicks Bayne several times and tries a clothesline, but Bayne doesn’t budge. Bayne misses a a big boot and a clothesline knocks Bayne off her feet. Bayne misses a splash in the corner. Conti forearms Bayne and delivers a bicycle kick a few times in the corner. Bayne plants Conti with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Conti counters a vertical suplex with a superplex and plants Bayne with a hammerlock DDT for the win. (*1/2. There were a few moments where the flow of the match came to a screeching halt and it took me out of the match. There wasn’t anything awful here, but the pacing of the match could have improved. Conti is an enjoyable underdog and Bayne has potential to be something in the women’s division with some improvements.)

Backstage, the NEW Tag Team Champions Club Cam are interviewed. Cam Zagami says his burner phone is on fire and says the Club Cam is all about hot chicks. Zagami says women want the whole piece. Antonio Zambrano chimes in and says they plan on walking out as champions in VIP fashion. They insult the interviewer saying that she has the face for radio, but could get into the club for the right price.

Fifth Contest: NEW Tag Team Champions Club Cam (Antonio Zambrano & Cam Zagami) vs. Inzanely Rude (RJ Rude & Zane Bernardo) vs. The Graysons (Tommy & JP) vs. Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson): Zagami and Rude kickoff the match with Zagami kicking Rude, but Rude comes back with a hip toss. Zambrano enters and is met with a dropkick from Rude. Bernardo comes off the top with a strike and Rude hits a blockbuster. JP tags in and is kicked by Bernardo a few times followed by a head scissors and dropkick. Bernardo manages a two count. Morton is tagged in to try his luck with JP. JP keeps a wrist lock on Morton, but Morton backs JP into the corner and Gibson holds JP. JP breaks free and taunts Morton before getting a right hand to the face. Tommy tags in and taunts Morton with poses. Tommy eye rakes Morton and delivers a few strikes against the ropes. Morton delivers a high knee lift to drop Tommy to the mat. Rude tags into the match and Morton hits a running Canadian Destroyer. JP tags back in and beats on Rude with strikes on the mat. Rude tries to fight out, but JP takes Rude over with a snap suplex. Zagami tags in and stomps on Rude followed by an elbow drop. Zambrano enters and knee strikes Rude followed by a scoop slam.

Zagami hits a side Russian leg sweep to take Rude down for a near fall. Rude stops Zagami with a jawbreaker and JP tags into the match. JP cheap shots Morton and backs away to work over Rude in the corner. Tommy dropkicks Rude in the corner and JP delivers an elbow drop for a near fall. Rude avoids a double back suplex and strikes the Grayson’s to hit a missile dropkick. Rude crawls to the corner and kicks JP away before tagging in Bernardo. Bernardo cleans house with clotheslines and a spinning Blue Thunder Bomb. Bernardo drops JP onto Tommy with a Death Valley Driver. Zagami attacks Bernando, but the champs are sent into each other. Rude hits a crossbody on Zagami. Nikki Duke hits a top rope hurricanrana onto Rude. Zagami and Zambrano hit a double Rock Bottom and Zagami pins Rude to win the match. (*1/2. I’m really liking Zagami and his heel persona. He’s easily dislikable and an entertaining act. The Express didn’t do much of anything with Gibson never even entering the match legally. So, that was a little disappointing. Anyway, I’m interested in the tag champs and look forward to seeing them compete in a regular tag match.)

Adam Page sends well wishes to Jake Manning for his upcoming NEW Heavyweight Championship opportunity. Page credits Manning for his career and admires Manning’s work ethic.

Sixth Contest: Eddie Kingston vs. Mike Verna: Verna decks Kingston to the floor with a right hand and Verna follows up with strikes on the floor. Kingston quickly counters with strikes of his own around ringside. Kingston takes Verna over with a snap suplex on the floor. They brawl towards the ramp, but Verna sends Kingston into the guard railing instead. Kingston chops Verna followed by an elbow strike and sends Verna onto the table around ringside. Kingston is pissed and throws a chair onto the table. Kingston drops the table onto Verna’s head. Kingston sends Verna into the railing back first. Kingston delivers a running knee in the corner, but Verna manages to catch Kingston in the corner and hits a buckle bomb followed by a snap powerslam for only a one count. Verna stomps on Kingston before grabbing a chair on the floor. Verna misses a chair shot and settles for a chop, but Kingston responds with one of his own. Verna sends Kingston hard into the corner back first. Kingston goes after Verna’s manager on the floor and that allows Verna to connect with a clothesline in the ring for a two count. Verna heads to the top rope hitting a missile dropkick. Verna ducks a spinning back fist, but Kingston drops Verna with a couple of clotheslines. Kingston is distracted again and Verna forearms Kingston in the corner followed by a brainbuster. Verna heads to the top rope leaping off missing a swanton bomb. Kingston takes Verna over with a side suplex for a two count. Verna tries for a Death Valley Driver, but Kingston breaks free and nails Verna with the spinning back fist for the win. (**1/4. A fine brawl that held my interest because it was much different than anything else on the show. Verna looked good in his moments of shine, but this was just a showcase of an AEW star at an NEW show.) After the match, Kingston cut a promo putting over Verna’s toughness, but still doesn’t like him.

Seventh Contest: NEW Heavyweight Champion Dan Maff vs. Jake Manning: They start off trading right hands with Maff getting the advantage in the corner. Manning ducks a chop and fires back with strikes and chops in the corner. Maff stops Manning with a chop in the corner. Manning struggles to backdrop Maff and they messed it up. Manning slams Maff followed by a clothesline over the top to the floor. Manning keeps up with attacking Maff on the floor from behind. Manning continues to work over Maff with strikes. Maff knee lifts Manning and looks to powerbomb Manning into the crowd. Manning gets on the apron and punches free. Maff catches Manning on a double axe handle attempt and rams Manning into the apron. Maff tosses Manning face first into the ring post a couple fo times. Maff taunts the fans while the referee nearly counts Manning out of the match. Maff works over Manning in the corner with a headbutt and chops. Maff boots Manning in the corner and heads to the top rope, but Manning slams Maff off to the mat. Manning punches Maff a few times, but Maff tries to do a hair yank, but there’s no hair to yank. Manning drops Maff with a series of clotheslines. Maff stops Manning by dropping Manning throat first over the top rope.

Maff drops Manning over the top rope throat first from the apron and manages a two count. Manning elbows Maff a few times before hitting a top rope clothesline. Manning can’t follow up with a cover attempt, though. Manning clotheslines Maff and a swinging neckbreaker. Manning sends Maff into the corner with a sunset flip leading to a near fall. Maff elbows Manning in the corner, but is stopped on the top rope. Manning hits a middle rope swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Maff catches Manning out of the corner, but Manning avoids the Burning Hammer. Manning delivers a stunner and heads to the top rope missing the Trust Fall. Maff catches Manning with a choke hold in the middle of the ring. Manning passes out and Maff retains the title. (**. There were a few sloppy moments and poorly executed moves that hurt the match. I’m not sure if Manning is staying over as an underdog in NEW as the crowd reaction didn’t come across strong during the match. I like that Maff is the champion and I hope he gets some stronger opponents in NEW in the future.)

A video promoting Brian Anthony’s return to NEW and he’s back to wrestle someone that has a name known around the world. Anthony is back to only wrestle the best and he’s challenging Matt Hardy. Anthony has beaten Matt Hardy in a TLC match before, Darby Allin and Jerry Lawler.

Eighth Contest: Matt Hardy vs. Brian Anthony: Anthony attacks before the bell and tosses Hardy to the floor. Anthony follows to keep control with strikes and rams Hardy face first onto the apron. Anthony sends Hardy into the guard railing ribs first. Anthony rams Hardy face first onto a table at ringside. Anthony uses the ring bell on Hardy’s head, which he completely missed. Anthony sends Hardy into the railing again and into the apron some more. Anthony rolls Hardy into the ring as the bell officially sounds. Anthony leaps off the top, but Hardy kicks Anthony and almost wins with an inside cradle. Hardy rams Anthony into the turnbuckles face first several times. Hardy clotheslines Anthony over the top to the floor. Hardy rams Anthony into the railing face first and onto the apron several times. Hardy tosses Anthony onto a table at ringside. Hardy clotheslines Anthony in the corner and sits Anthony on the top turnbuckle. Hardy delivers several right hands. Hardy hooks Anthony for a suplex, but Anthony is helped by his manager, Vito. Anthony headbutts Hardy off the middle rope to hit a top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Anthony chokes Hardy on the mat to keep control of the bout. Anthony jabs Hardy several times in the corner followed by right hands to keep Hardy down on the mat. Vito chokes hardy from the floor while the referee is distracted. Anthony controls Hardy on the mat with a sleeper.

Hardy tries to fight out, but is yanked down to the mat by his hair for a two count. Anthony delivers a leaping back elbow for a near fall. Anthony switches to a nerve hold. Anthony has Hardy on his shoulders, but Hardy wiggles free and they collide on stereo clothesline attempts. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Hardy elbows Anthony to the mat followed by a neckbreaker for a two count. Hardy comes off the middle rope to drop Anthony with an elbow strike. Anthony tries for the Twist of Fate, but Anthony connects with a kick to the face for a two count. Hardy plants Anthony with the Side Effect after countering a Twist of Fate attempt for a near fall. Vito grabs Hardy from the apron, but Anthony knee lifts Vito off the apron on accident. Hardy finishes Anthony off with the Twist of Fate for the win. (**. That went pretty much exactly as I expected it to go. Hardy competing on the Indies is just him hitting his highlights and not doing much outside of that. Anthony didn’t get much shine, which is a shame. Anthony tends to be an entertaining heel for NEW, but wasn’t really able to captivate the crowd.)

Prior to the next match, NZO cuts a promo that is similar to the promo that aired earlier in the evening. NZO continues to insult Lawler’s age and the fact that Lawler died on live TV. Lawler comes out and cuts a promo poking fun at NZO getting fired from WWE and not getting a second chance.

Ninth Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. NZO in a casket match: NZO starts off with a standing dropkick and pummels Lawler with right hands. NZO goes to the floor and walks past a few druids. NZO throws Lawler to the mat and delivers another right hand on the mat. NZO delivers a running kick to the ribs. NZO taunts the crowd from the apron. NZO does some shadow boxing while Lawler is against the ropes. NZO punches Lawler in the chest to drop Lawler to the mat. NZO slaps Lawler a few times before going to the top rope. Lawler sidesteps a missile dropkick off the top rope. Lawler goes into his boot and takes out a chain. Lawler knocks NZO out with the chain around his fist. Lawler rolls NZO into the casket and wins the match. (DUD. Well, that sucked. It was ridiculous that they did a casket match stipulation to begin with here. One of the worst matches I’ve seen in recent memory.)

Main Event: Sammy Guevara vs. Fuego Del Sol: Del Sol nearly wins with a few rollups in the opening moments of the match. Guevara doesn’t appreciate that and thought they were friends. Del Sol tries for another rollup out of a handshake, but only gets a two count. Del Sol uses the ropes for leverage, but Guevara kicks out again. Guevara can’t believe Del Sol is cheating now. Guevara delivers a big boot to gain the advantage. Del Sol hits a standing hurricanrana and a dropkick to send Guevara to the mat. Del Sol takes some time to pose in the ring. Guevara chops Del Sol in the corner eventually followed by a standing dropkick. Guevara runs the ropes and taunts Del Sol in the middle of the ring. Del Sol poses on the apron and is dropkicked to the floor. Guevara takes Del Sol out with a twisting dive to the floor. Guevara tries for a figure four and locks it in right in the middle of the ring. Del Sol counters, but Guevara reaches the ropes. They counter each other, but they both fall through the ropes to the floor. Del Sol allows a fan to chop Guevara. Guevara holds Del Sol, but a younger fan doesn’t want to chop Del Sol. A different kid hits Del Sol. Guevara avoids a tornado DDT and sends Del Sol into the ring post.

Guevara controls Del Sol with a chin lock and switches to a headlock on the mat. Del Sol delivers a jawbreaker and tries for a DDT, but Guevara goes to the middle rope where Del Sol takes Guevara off the ropes with a hurricanrana. Del Sol and Guevara begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Del Sol delivers a few forearm strikes. Del Sol connects with a springboard moonsault and a superkick for a two count. Del Sol leaps off the top, but is met with a knee strike. Guevara kicks Del Sol against the ropes. Guevara is tossed away and Guevara hits a roll of the dice for a near fall. Guevara plants Del Sol with a Codebreaker for a near fall. Guevara signals for the end and tries for a Burning Hammer, but Del Sol counters and drops Guevara over his knee for a near fall. Guevara spikes Del Sol with a tornado DDT and hits a double springboard cutter. Guevara drops Del Sol over his knee face first to win the match. (***. A good match, but not nearly enough to makeup for what was seen throughout the show. Del Sol is certainly gotten over as an underdog amongst the fans, which is nice to see. They worked well together and will probably have a better match at some point in AEW.)

QT Marshall comes out and says he’s tired of being disrespected. Marshall talks about Guevara being a main event guy while Del Sol only knows one move and didn’t even execute it. Marshall believes he should have been in the main event tonight. QT shakes Guevara’s hand and is kicked by Sammy after disrespecting Del Sol. Naturally, Del Sol plants Marshall with a tornado DDT to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
For an anniversary show this has to be one of the most disappointing shows I’ve ever seen from NEW. I tend to always check out the Poughkeepsie shows and had actually gone to two recent ones (Omega/Fenix and Prison Break). Those shows are significantly better than this showing. Had I traveled to this show, I would have been very frustrated and disappointed. I can’t recommend anything on the show as I’m sure the main event will be better elsewhere.

The next NEW show I’ll be covering is on October 2nd, Better Than You, which will feature Will Ospreay and MJF.

Thanks for reading.

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