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WWE RAW 10/7/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents RAW
From: Las Vegas, NV

This episode of RAW is the first ever RAW Roulette where wrestlers will spin a roulette wheel to determine stipulations for their matches.

Eric Bischoff is backstage with a few showgirls and explains the wheel behind him. Bischoff mentions a few stipulations that could be happening tonight. Bischoff spins the wheel and the first match is going to be a steel cage match.

Opening Contest: Big Show vs. Booker T in a steel cage match: Show knee lifts Booker in the corner several times, but Booker fights back with strikes. Show plants Booker with a side slam, but runs into a boot in the corner. Booker is stopped on the ropes and tossed to the mat. Show connects with a clothesline to turn Booker inside out. Show continues with a clothesline and steps on Booker. Show delivers a short arm clothesline to keep Booker down. Show chops Booker in the corner to maintain of the control. Show misses a splash and Booker tries to escape through the door, but is instead sent into the cage. Show splashes down onto Booker. Show decides against leaving through the door and sends Booker into the cage again. Show back suplexs Booker and is in complete control of the contest. Booker ducks a clothesline to spin kick Show. Show rams Booker into the cage head first and hits a vertical suplex. Show doesn’t want to leave through the door and goes back to beating on Booker in the corner with chops. Booker fires back with strikes, but a knee lift stops him. Show big boots Booker coming off the ropes. Show casually steps on Booker. Shoe tries to leave, but Booker delivers a few strikes against the cage. Booker leaping side kicks Show against the cage. Show is hunched over the top rope allowing Booker to hit the scissors kick! Booker begins to climb the cage but settles on the top rope to hit a scissors kick off the top! Booker is on the top of the cage, but Show grabs Booker’s leg. Booker low blows Show off the top rope! Booker manages to escape the cage to win the match. (*1/2. A good win for Booker who showcased some effective offense and I liked the usage of the scissors kick taking place off the top and over the ropes. Show continues to beat himself and appears to be a character that doesn’t have in-ring focus preventing him from winning matches.)

Chris Jericho runs out from behind and attacks Booker T on the floor. Jericho sends Booker into the cage face first and removes the protective padding on the barrier. Booker has been busted wide open. Jericho rams Booker into the unprotected barrier and into the cage again. Jericho pummels Booker with more right hands and asks “who’s the sucker?”

Backstage, Eric Bischoff hopes that the RAW Tag Team Champions Kane and Hurricane don’t end up like Booker T. Kane cuts Bischoff off and says he will take the RAW World Championship away from Triple H. Bischoff thinks that Kane has greed in him and they will defend the tag titles in a match. Bischoff spins the wheel and it’s a TLC match. Bischoff will decide their opponents later tonight. Kane tells Bischoff that luck is for losers in the ring.

Officials help Booker to the backstage area.

Backstage, Terri talks with Chris Jericho asking why he would attack Booker T for no reason. Jericho is sick of being overlooked and treated like a second rate citizen. Jericho recalls Goldust insulting his band and Booker insults him leading to a loss last week. Jericho shows Terri the blood on his fist. Jericho will do this to anyone that disrespects him. He’s an unbalanced and dangerous person. Jericho proclaims that he’s not a sucker.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is with RAW World Champion Triple H and the wheel is spun where it lands on a blindfold match. HHH is not happy about this stipulation. HHH promises that Kane’s life will never the same at the end of the show. Ric Flair introduces two women for Bischoff as a way to get an easier opponent. Bischoff liked that. William Regal enters the scene and doesn’t like the stipulations that have been announced. Goldust is there as well and Regal wants a regular singles match. Bischoff spins the wheel and the wheel lands on a Las Vegas Showgirl match. Regal likes the sound of that, but Bischoff explains that Regal will be dressing up as a showgirl. Goldust blows a kiss at Regal before walking off.

A vignette promoting Batista coming to RAW.

Second Contest: RAW World Champion Triple H vs. D’Lo Brown in a blindfold match: They start off looking for watch other and naturally walk right by each other. HHH backs Brown into the corner and talks smack, but Brown has walked off and HHH hits the turnbuckle chest first. Brown decks HHH with a right hand and almost hits the referee. HHH decks Brown and continues to deliver stomps against the ropes followed by right hands. HHH tries for the Pedigree, but Brown backdrops HHH and pummels HHH with right hands for a two count. Brown plants HHH with the Sky High! Flair tells HHH something on the apron and distracts the referee. HHH pulls the hood up and plants Brown with the Pedigree to win the match. (1/2*. It’s a harmless match that had some comedy behind it. They kind of ruined the stipulation because the way they were able to followup on their offense exposes the fact they can see through the hood.)

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking to Bubba Dudley, Christian and Jeff Hardy about the TLC match. Bubba asks if Bischoff has any idea what he’s asking for them to do. Christian doesn’t want to do it. Bischoff says they will be suspended if they refuse. Bischoff reveals they will pick their own partners. Goldust appears dressed as a Showgirl and walks off after taunting Bischoff.

Third Contest: William Regal vs. Goldust in a Showgirl match: Regal is fully dressed with heels and makeup. Regal plays the part incredibly well. Goldust flips Regal into the ring from the apron and delivers a leaping butt strike. Goldust sets Regal up in the corner for the Shattered Dreams, but bails to the floor and punches Lance storm. Goldust kicks Storm away, but Regal nails Goldust with brass knuckles. Regal covers and wins the match. (NR. Regal is comedy gold.)

Backstage, Terri is with Christian. Christian says that none of the Un-Americans will be his partner because he wants to win the match. Christian takes credit for winning three TLC matches and says he’s the best at it. Chris Jericho reminds Christian that the one TLC match that he lost was won by him. Jericho wants to be partners with Christian and they shake hands.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is with Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus. Bischoff reveals they will be wrestling in a paddle on a pole match. Bischoff says they are going double or nothing with the spin. The second spin lands on bra and panties because Bischoff forced it to stop. So, they will strip each other to their panties and the winner will paddle the loser. Bischoff spanks Keibler, but she doesn’t like that.

Backstage, Bubba Dudley approaches Tommy Dreamer to be his partner and Dreamer accepts. However, Spike Dudley is a little upset wishing he’d get the chance. Bubba changes his mind and picks Spike to be his partner with Dreamer’s blessing.

Fourth Contest: WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler in a bra and panties match: Keibler attacks Stratus from behind and rams Stratus face first onto the mat. Keibler rams Stratus face first onto the championship. Keibler kicks Stratus in the corner and chokes Stratus briefly. Stratus chops Keibler in the corner a few times. Stratus pump kicks Keibler, but is stopped by a kick in the corner. Stratus tries for a bulldog, but is sent into the corner. Keibler has Stratus in the tree of woe and removes the champs top. Stratus takes off Keibler’s top to even the match. Stratus chops Keibler in the corner and is met with a standing spin kick. Keibler tries to get the bottoms off, but Stratus counters and removes Keibler’s bottoms to win the match. After the match, Keibler nails Stratus with a kick to the head and climbs the pole to get the paddle. Stratus snapmares Keibler and proceeds to spank Keilber with the paddle a few times. Victoria comes out and trades strikes with Stratus on the floor. They ram each other back first into the apron and barricade. Victoria stomps on Stratus several times to get the advantage. Victoria rolls Stratus into the ring and delivers a savant kick. Victoria slams Stratus and hits a top rope moonsault. Victoria continues by sending Stratus into the ring steps shoulder first. (1/4*. If you’ve seen one bra and panties match you’ve seen them all. The main takeaway from this segment was Victoria’s attack on Stratus. I enjoyed that and I’m interested to see their eventual singles match for the title.)

Backstage, Coach is with Jeff Hardy wondering who is partner will be. Hardy asks “hey man, you wanna do this?” Rob Van Dam appears from behind the wall and accepts the offer to be Hardy’s partner.

Backstage, Coach is with Victoria and asks why she keeps attacking Stratus. Victoria wants to get Stratus’s attention and she’s been doing this to show just who Stratus really is. She wants to expose Stratus for the people she’s hurt and that’s because she hurt her. Victoria says it is Trish’s turn to get hurt.

Prior to the next match, Al Snow makes his return to RAW and the next match will be a street fight.

Fifth Contest: Al Snow vs. Test in a street fight: Snow and Test go under the ring to find weapons. They both grabs trash cans and other objects. Test hits Snow over the back with a street sign. Snow shakes the ropes to stop Test. Snow hits Test with dice in the midsection. Snow goes to the top rope with a sign, but Test nails Snow with a stop sign in midair for a two count. Test continues to hammer away on Snow. Test wedges a trash can in the corner, but Snow drop toe holds Test onto another trash can for a near fall. Snow hammers away on Test in the corner. Test sends Snow into the corner and nails Snow with a trash can lid on the apron for a near fall. Test puts Snow on the top rope and grabs a trash can. Test tries for a superplex but Snow drops Test gut first onto the trash can. Snow nearly wins with a crossbody off the top rope. Test tries for a powerbomb, but Snow nails Test with a trash can lid. Snow goes under the ring and grabs a bowling ball. Test gets up and misses a big boot. Snow leg sweeps Test and delivers another trash can lid shot. Snow grabs the bowling ball and nails Test in the face to win the match. (*. The demise of the Un-Americans is unreal. Test doing a job to Al Snow was not something I was expecting to see. I’m assuming Test isn’t of much value to RAW.)

Jerry Lawler is excited for the next match and hopes for an HLA match. Jim Ross reminds Lawler that it could be an inferno match, but Lawler looks to be worried about that.

Prior to the next match, Bischoff spins the wheel and it lands on It’s Legal In Nevada, but nobody knows what that means. The Godfather makes his way out with a bunch of ladies. Godfather knows what is legal in Nevada and says that the winner of the next match can take a ride on the Hoe Train.

Sixth Contest: Steven Richards vs. Jerry Lawler in a It’s Legal In Nevada match: Richards back elbows Lawler for a two count. Richards hammers away on Lawler in the corner and decks Lawler over the top to the floor. Richards delivers an elbow drop and a vertical suplex for a two count. Richards leaps off the middle rope, but Lawler got his feet up. Richards knee lifts Lawler a few times followed by right hands in the corner. Lawler takes his strap down and jabs Richards followed by a dropkick. Lawler slams Richards and comes off the middle rope with a fist drop, but Richards got his boot on the bottom rope. Lawler backdrops Richards, but Richards tries for a piledriver. Lawler counters a sunset flip by sitting down and pins Richards to win the match. (1/2*. The expected result for the cheap pop for Lawler to get action with a bunch of younger women.) After the match, Lawler enjoys himself with the ladies.

A vignette promoting Randy Orton suggesting he’s a “legend in the making” with comments from his father putting him over.

At The World in New York, Orton is there signing autographs and hugs a fan.

Backstage, Terri is with RAW Tag Team Champion Kane and suggests she’s slept with Kane. Kane says he’s been fighting the odds for a long time and he’s finally happy. Kane wants to be the first man to hold the tag, IC and World Championships at the same time. Kane knows the fans believe he can do it. Kane knows that Triple H knows he can do it, too. Kane is cutoff by Coach who says that HHH and Flair are attacking Hurricane. Kane runs over to find Hurricane as we see HHH and Flair beating on Hurricane. Officials finally come over as Kane has taken forever to run the hallway.

Main Event: RAW Tag Team Champion Kane vs. Chris Jericho & Christian vs. Bubba Dudley & Spike Dudley vs. Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy in a tables, ladders and chairs match: Kane decks everyone with right hands as everyone brawls in the ring to start the match. Kane backdrops Spike and side slams RVD. Bubba hammers away on Kane, but Kane backdrops Bubba. Jericho and Christian have grabbed a ladder and begin to climb for the titles, but are stopped by the Dudley’s. Kane hits Hardy with the ladder and rams RVD face first into the corner. RVD avoids Kane in the corner and along with Hardy double teams Kane. Kane clotheslines both men. Kane sends Hardy over the top to the floor. Kane rams Hardy into the ring steps and grabs RVD coming off the apron. Hardy runs the barricade to take Kane out with a dive. Bubba has a ladder and begins to spin around and knocks Christian and Jericho off their feet. Kane big boots the ladder into Bubba. RVD leaps off the top to kick Kane. Hardy and RVD clothesline Kane over the top to the floor. Jericho nails Spike with a clothesline and a back suplex. Jericho and Christian set a ladder up in the corner and send Spike chest first into the ladder. Bubba is sent into the ropes and backdropped by Jericho and Christian.

Jericho accidentally forearms Christian and Bubba jabs Jericho several times followed by an elbow strike. Bubba clotheslines Jericho over the top to the floor. Kane leaps off the top to hit a flying clothesline on Christian. Bubba slides a ladder into the ring and hits Kane with it. Bubba sets the ladder up and climbs, but Kane yanks Bubba off and hits a chokeslam. Kane catches Spike with a powerslam. Kane press slams Spike over the top tot he floor onto RVD. Jericho hits Kane with the ladder and Christian hit a reverse DDT on the floor. Kane is put onto the table and is met with right hands by both Christian and Jericho. RVD somersaults off the top to send the ladder into Christian and Jericho off the apron. Hardy sets another ladder up on the floor and hits Kane with a chair to the chest. Hardy sets another ladder up and climbs the ladder to hit a leg drop onto Kane through the table. Bubba tosses a ladder onto Jericho and begins to climb, but Christian powerbombs Bubba off the ladder as RAW goes to commercial.

Bubba and RVD try to climb ladders, but Jericho and Christian stop both men. Jericho bulldogs Bubba off the top of the ladder. Christian hits a reverse DDT on RVD off the ladder! Spike begins to climb the ladder, but is yanked off by Christian and tossed over the top to the floor. Christian tries to climb the ladder, but is struggling to even get started. Christian seems to communicate to RVD something and goes back to the ladder. RVD and Christian trade strikes with Christian stomping on RVD. Christian climbs the ladder, but Kane pushes the ladder over and Christian lands groin first on the ropes. Kane catches Hardy with a powerslam in midair. Kane clotheslines Hardy in the corner followed by a big boot to the floor. Kane sets a ladder up in the middle of the ring. Kane is stopped by Spike, but sends the ladder into Spike’s face. Kane rams the ladder into Spike’s chest. Jericho whacks Kane with a chair shot. Jericho hits Bubba with a chair shot and RVD heel kicks Jericho. Hardy splashes Kane in the corner after leaping off of RVD’s back. RVD goes coast to coast kicking a chair into Kane’s face!

Jericho tries to suplex Hardy, but Hardy counters and suplexs Jericho onto the ladder. Hardy stops Christian on the top with a slam onto a ladder. Hardy climbs the ladder, but is stopped by Bubba. Bubba jabs Hardy with a few strikes and hits a suplex off the ladder to the mat. RVD climbs the ladder and nobody is around. RVD is close to the belts, but Bubba climbs the ladder to stop RVD with right hands. Bubba drops off the ladder as well. Jericho now tries to climb the ladder with nobody around to stop him. Spike crawls over and is kicked away. Spike tips the ladder over and Jericho does a somersault off the ladder to the floor. Spike sets the ladder up and begins to climb. Christian stops Spike and tosses Spike over the top through a table to counter the Dudley Dog. Christian begins to climb the ladder slowly. Bubba sets a ladder up next to Christian. Bubba stops Christian with the Bubba Bomb off the ladder! RVD climbs to the top hitting the Five Star Frog Splash on Christian! Hardy misses the Swanton Bomb on Bubba. Bubba backdrops Hardy over the top through a table on the floor. RVD kicks a chair into Bubba’s face. RVD climbs the ladder, but is met with a chair shot by Jericho to the back. Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on RVD over the top of the ladder! Jericho is alone on the ladder, but Kane returns and stops Jericho. Kane chokeslams Jericho off the top of the ladder to the mat! Kane sits up and begins to climb the ladder. Kane manages to retrieve the titles and wins the match. (Jericho was seen moving to make sure the ladder didn’t tip because he’s a pro.) (****. As you’d expect with TLC matches, this was a car crash of a match with a bunch of big spots, but it’s overall a lot of fun. Kane was taken out of the match for a period of time and was kind of forgotten until the closing moments of the contest. This was probably the best match we’ve gotten on RAW in several months and is great TV match.)

RAW World Champion Triple H and Ric Flair appear on the aisle. HHH has a microphone and says he promised Kane’s life wouldn’t be the same after tonight. HHH says people can’t always be that happy. HHH asks how happy is Katie Vick. HHH knows it all and says that ten years ago Kane killed her. HHH reveals that Kane is a murderer. A close up to a stunned expression on Kane’s face closes the show.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a night of gimmick matches, and really aside from the great main event, I didn’t find this to be an entertaining show. I’m interested in the Victoria/Trish feud and Kane’s potential in the main event. Booker might be getting a slow build for that spot, too. Check out the main event, but there’s nothing much else going on here.

Thanks for reading.


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