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ECW Hardcore TV 10/30/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated Mikey Whipwreck to retain the title
2.) Tajiri defeated Jerry Lynn
3.) ECW Tag Team Champions Raven & Tommy Dreamer fought Justin Credible & Lance Storm to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles is standing in the ring to welcome everyone to the show and the crowd is going nuts. Sign Guy Dudley has entered the ring, but tells Styles that he’s not Sign Guy anymore. He wants Styles to hold the microphone and shut up. He says that six years ago he entered the arena as a fan just like the people there. He drove people to shows and set up chairs in the arena. He knew that ECW was special and wanted to be part of it. He was part of the hottest act for four years and was left in the shadows. Tonight, he’s going to make a name for himself. He says he’s the greatest manager in professional wrestling today. Sign Guy reveals his name is Lou E. Dangerously and is mocking Paul Heyman. Heyman doesn’t look to be thrilled about this development. Dangerously is going to bring back a former ECW World Champion. That man is revealed as being.. Mikey Whipwreck!

2.) Whipwreck gets in Awesome’s face, but is shoved down. Awesome shoulder blocks Whipwreck and catches Mikey on a leapfrog attempt to hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Awesome splashes Mikey in the corner followed by a splash off the ropes for a two count. Awesome big boots Whipwreck and clotheslines Whipwreck over the top to the floor. Awesome tries for a dive, but Mikey steps aside. Awesome leaps off the apron to splash onto Mikey. Awesome whacks Mikey over the back with a steel chair. Awesome sends Whipwreck over the railing into the crowd. Awesome leaps over and clotheslines Mikey in the crowd. Awesome tosses Mikey back to ringside and they return to the ring. Awesome plants Mikey with a double leg slam and points to the table on the floor. Awesome tries for a powerbomb, but Mikey counters with a hurricanrana. Awesome clotheslines Whipwreck and goes to the top only to be stopped by Whipwreck. Whipwreck hits a top rope hurricanrana and a swinging neckbreaker for a one count. Whipwreck hits a missile dropkick off the middle rope for a two count. Whipwreck goes to the top again, but Awesome stops Whipwreck with a powerbomb over the top through a table on the floor! Awesome hits a splash off the top rope to finish off Whipwreck. (**. There were a couple of hope spots for Mikey, but this was always going to be Awesome dominating and showcasing his skills. I feel like this is Heyman saying that Mikey could come back, but he’s going to start at the bottom.)

3.) Lynn has his ribs taped up due to Tajiri attacking him in the locker room last week. They lockup with Tajiri missing a kick and they trade strikes. Tajiri kicks Lynn in the chest to gain the advantage. Tajiri shoulder blocks Lynn, but Lynn comes back with a back suplex. Lynn works over Tajiri in the corner with a chop and manages a rollup for a two count. Tajiri kicks Lynn in the ribs and delivers several chops. Tajiri locks in the tarantula, but has to let go. Tajiri puts Lynn in the tree of woe and hits a baseball slide dropkick. Tajiri delivers a kick in the corner. Lynn charges back with a clothesline. Lynn chops Tajiri against the ropes, but Tajiri hits a handspring back elbow to send Lynn to the floor. Tajiri sends Lynn ribs first into the guard railing. Tajiri has a chair on the apron and leaps off to smash Lynn with it. Tajiri digs a wrench into Lynn’s forehead and Lynn has been busted wide open. Lynn counters by choking Tajiri with his own gear. Lynn blocks the mist with a chair. Lynn hits a reverse DDT onto the chair for a two count. Lynn stomps on Tajiri and hits a German suplex for a two count.

Lynn puts Tajiri in the Gory Special in the middle of the ring, but Tajiri breaks free. Tajiri low blows Lynn and delivers a backbreaker out of a tombstone position. Tajiri dropkicks a kneeling Lynn to maintain control of the contest. Tajiri continues with chops in the corner, but Lynn counters. Tajiri forearms Lynn to the mat and goes to the top rope. Lynn stops Tajiri with right hands. Tajiri hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the middle rope for a near fall. Tajiri bites Lynn’s forehead in the corner, but Lynn hits a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Tajiri hits a hurricanrana, but misses a spin kick. Lynn spikes Tajiri with the cradle piledriver, but Steve Corino enters the ring and attacks Lynn. Corino beats on Lynn with right hands. Lynn fights back to hit a cradle piledriver on Corino. Jack Victory is dropkicked off the apron. Lynn takes Victory out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Tajiri spits red mist into Lynn’s face and a kick to the head. Tajiri plants Lynn with the brainbuster to win the match. (***. While it may not have been a clean finish, I like that Tajiri went over here. I would be interested in seeing a Tajiri vs. RVD feud for the TV Championship at some point.)

4.) Raven has his head taped up and jokingly shoved Dreamer, but Dreamer mockingly laughed it off. Raven’s head is taped up due to Credible attacking him with a kendo stick on TNN.

5.) Dreamer and Credible kickoff the tag title match. Dreamer knee lifts Credible and delivers right hands in the corner. Credible decks Dreamer with a right hand after Raven let Credible go. Raven laughs at Dreamer and Storm slams Dreamer. Storm misses a middle rope elbow drop and Raven is tagged into the match. Storm clotheslines Raven after Dreamer let go and Dreamer laughs at Raven. Raven and Dreamer proceed to attack each other but then switch gears and go after the challengers. Raven knocks Credible off the apron with a right hand. Dreamer is sent into the railing, but backdrops Storm into the crowd. Dreamer rams Credible into the guard railing and Raven places Credible on a table at ringside. Raven shoves Dreamer off the top to crotch Dreamer on the top rope. Raven leaps off to elbow drop Credible through the table at ringside. Raven drop toe holds Storm onto a chair. Dawn Marie and Francine get in the ring, but they are kept apart as the show goes to commercial.

Raven sets a chair up in the corner and sends Credible back first into it. Raven decks Storm with a forearm and a headbutt to the groin for a two count. Credible plants Raven with a swinging DDT for a two count. Raven and Dreamer hit stereo DDTs, but Dawn Marie attacks the referee. Francine gets in the ring and we have a catfight. Francine tries for a DDT, but Marie counters with a leg sweep. Dreamer grabs Marie and exposes her ass, but Rhino comes out and clotheslines Dreamer. Rhino plants Dreamer with a spinebuster. Raven tries to DDT Rhino, but Credible hits the champs with kendo stick shots. Credible and Storm hit stereo piledrivers, but the lights go out. When they come back on…

SANDMAN appears on the balcony and the crowd absolutely loses their minds. Sandman gets in the ring and hits Victory and Corino with his kendo stick. The crowd is eating this up and it’s a great moment. Sandman has a stare down with Raven, but Raven backs off leaving Dreamer and Sandman in the ring. Dreamer and Sandman drink beer together to end the program. (**1/4. The match is alright, but I don’ think the issue between Raven and Dreamer is connecting or the fans care. They might be dragging out that storyline a little too long. I think with Raven returning he should be feuding with someone other than Dreamer. Besides, the feuding champions storyline has been done to death. Sandman returning is a great moment and I like that the ECW originals are wrestling the newer heels at the PPV.)

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the episode as we got two returns of ECW legends and some good wrestling. Next weeks episode is mostly highlight and interviews, so I’ll be skipping that episode.

Thanks for reading.

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