Xcite Wrestling Tales From The Dark Order 9/12/2021

Xcite Wrestling presents Tales From The Dark Order
From: Binghamton, NY

Opening Contest: Cheech vs. Dan Reeves vs. Mattick vs. TJ Epixx vs. Colin Delaney vs. Keenan Moore in a six way scramble: Moore and Reeves kickoff the match. Reeves has wrist control on Moore, but Moore cartwheels free and puts a headlock on Reeves. Moore dropkicks Reeves and avoids a spear in the corner to nearly win with a rollup. Moore kicks Reeves a few times over the back. Moore nails Reeves with a kick to the chest. Mattick shoves Moore into the corner and catches Moore off the ropes with a German suplex. Epixx enters and head scissors Mattick followed by a running knee in the corner. Epixx tries for a tornado DDT, but Mattick drops Epixx over his knee. Delaney arm drags Mattick a few times leading to a standoff. Cheech comes off the top to axe handle Mattick from behind. Cheech and Delaney double team Mattick, but they can’t put him away. Cheech goes to the apron playing to the crowd before hitting a slingshot senton onto Mattick. Cheech forearms Mattick and runs into an atomic drop. Mattick kicks Cheech and tags in Moore. Moore forearms Cheech followed by an uppercut in the corner. Moore continues with a knee strike and a tornado DDT on Cheech for a two count. Cheech kicks Moore a few times followed by a vertical suplex and is pulled out by Reeves. Reeves hits a side Russian leg sweep on Moore for a near fall.

Reeves drives Moore down to the mat with a front suplex for a near fall. Moore forearms Reeves a few times only to run into a clothesline. Reeves fakes a tag to Cheech since the fans wanted Cheech in the match. Moore punches Reeves a few times leading to Mattick tagging in and nailing Moore with a big boot. Mattick kicks Moore, but Moore avoids a slam and hits a springboard back elbow. Epixx and Reeves are tagged in with Epixx cleaning house on Reeves. Epixx takes Reeves over with a snap suplex and standing shooting star for a two count as Cheech broke the cover. Reeves avoids a backbreaker by Epixx, but not a baseball slide German suplex by Delaney. Mattick hits a suicide dive onto three of them on the floor. Delaney stops Epixx on the top rope and has Epixx omn his shoulders. Cheech comes over and hits a back suplex into the ring from the apron. Delaney and Cheech hit stereo dives to the floor. Epixx connects with a cartwheel dive to the floor onto everyone. Delaney kicks Epixx in the corner and hits a cutter while Cheech hits a German suplex ion Epixx.

Reeves is double teamed in the corner by Cheech and Delaney with several strikes. Moore kicks Delaney in the corner and Delaney has Moore setup for a backpack stunner after Cheech hit a double stomp leading to a near fall. Mattick leg sweeps Delaney causing a stunner to Cheech. Mattick runs into a spinebuster by Reeves. Moore drops Reeves over the top rope and hits a slingshot Codebreaker. Epixx nails Moore with a running knee. Epixx nails Delaney with a running knee strike, as well. Epixx sits Delaney on the top rope, but Cheech comes over and decks Epixx. Cheech powerbombs Epixx onto Moore, who was over Delaney’s knees. Cheech connects with a knee to Moore’s face and wins the match. (***. A good opening match and it’s great to see Cheech manage the win. Fuego Del Sol was originally suppose to be in this match, but pulled out a few days prior. The action was fast pace and held my interest throughout.)

Second Contest: Diamond City War Machine vs. Flower City Wrestling School Students: This is a completely un-advertised match involving various students. Since I don’t know their names weren’t shown on a name plate, it’s really difficult to provide the coverage I normally do. The action wasn’t too bad with everyone getting a moment to show what they can do. The finish was following a spin kick to the face. Flower City Wrestling Students won the match. After the match, Pat Sawyer enters the ring and acts like he’s going to put them over and proceeds to take them all out. Sawyer is pissed that they got a spot on the card, but he didn’t. However, it was announced he’d be wrestling Axel Lennox, so maybe he didn’t read the sheet?

Third Contest: Axel Lennox vs. Pat Sawyer: They brawl on the aisle to start the match. They continue to brawl around ringside. Sawyer drops Lennox on the apron with a back suplex. Lennox drops Sawyer over the top rope. Sawyer delivers a clothesline for a two count. Sawyer chops Lennox in the corner and drops Lennox over the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Sawyer almost wins following a leg drop. Sawyer misses a big boot in the corner and Lennox hits a neckbreaker. Sawyer avoids a cutter, but can’t hit a chokeslam. Sawyer sends Lennox into the referee in the corner. Lennox hit a cutter and Sawyer rolls to the floor. Sawyer looks under the ring grabbing a steel chair. Sawyer smashes Lennox with the chair and wins the match. (*. I feel like Xcite doesn’t do a great job of remembering stuff they’ve done. Sawyer has been a heel before and was actively trying to end the company at one point with a group. Anyway, Sawyer continues to improve and I can see him being a viable monster heel eventually for Xcite.)

Kaide picked HC Loc’s opponent the next match. Maxwell Keith is a flyweight and not seen as a threat to Loc. Commentators wonder what Kaide has against Maxwell. Maxwell doesn’t appear to be scared by any means. Kaide comes out before the start with a microphone to cut a promo. Kaide says he can pick the stipulation, as well. Kaide recalls Loc being a former referee in ECW. Kaide goes backstage to get a special referee. The special referee is… Kaide.

Fourth Contest: Maxwell Keith vs. HC Loc: Loc backs Keith into a corner, but backs away. Loc allows Keith to chop him and the chop hurts Keith more than Loc. Loc nails Keith with a chop and a chop to the back. Loc hooks Keith for a suplex and flips off Kaide before hitting a delayed vertical suplex. Loc nails Keith with a seated clothesline. Loc slams Keith to the mat and leaps off the middle rope hitting an elbow drop. Kaide provides a slow count, as expected, allowing Keith to kick out at two. Keith delivers a jawbreaker and a dropkick to send Loc into a corner. Loc nails Keith with a heel kick. Loc nails Keith with a rip cord lariat, but Kaide leaves the ring on the cover attempt. Kaide claims he needs to fix the ring skirt. Loc destroys Keith with a few more clotheslines. Kaide slowly counts, but pops Keith’s shoulder up. Kaide proceeds to spear Loc and puts Keith on top to count a three. (*. Credit to Keith for taking the beating. The match went exactly as you’d expect, really.) After the match, Kaide has Keith on his shoulder to celebrate and sits Keith on the top turnbuckle before grabbing a microphone. Kaide says he’s going to beat Brute Van Slyke tonight. Keith says he’s going to Disney World now that he won.

Fifth Contest: Evil Uno vs. Dan Barry: Barry takes Uno down to the mat with a headlock out of a handshake position. Barry gets out of a head scissors and lays over the top rope to taunt Uno. Barry dropkicks a seated Uno after a hip toss. They are doing some comedy in the opening moments as they joke around doing a test of strength. Uno shoulder blocks Barry and comes off the ropes to atomic drop Barry followed by a leg sweep. Uno eye rakes Barry while the referee is distracted. Uno blocks a kick and hands the boot over to the referee allowing Uno to hit a neckbreaker. Uno celebrates on the floor and plays to the crowd. Uno chops Barry in the corner to keep control of the contest. Uno connects with a jumping elbow. Barry fights back with a few strikes. Barry almost wins with a few rollups. Uno holds onto the ropes, but Barry connects with a neckbreaker. Uno hits the ring post and Barry stomps on his hand. Uno forearms Barry followed by a vertical suplex. Uno clotheslines Barry a few times but runs into a boot. Uno regains control with a neckbreaker over his knee for a two count. Uno waits in the corner and misses a running senton. Barry hits a springboard senton for a near fall. Barry runs into a boot by Uno. Uno heads to the top rope hitting a senton for a near fall. Barry dropkicks Uno to the floor. Barry hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Barry heads to the top rope hitting a moonsault for a near fall.

Barry sits Uno on the top rope and is knocked off by Uno. Barry delivers a kick to the head and hits a superplex leading to a near fall. Uno almost wins with a rollup and trades strikes with Barry. Uno plants Barry with a flatliner for a near fall. Barry elbows Uno and they trade go-behinds until Barry connects with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Barry kicks Uno in the midsection and tries for a springboard but is kicked in midair. Uno hits a twisting flatliner for the win. (**1/2. Once they got past the comedy aspect the match was enjoyable and they had some good offense throughout. They did a good job with the time they were given and having it in the middle of the card was a good position to have it right before the intermission.)

Sixth Contest: Joey Sassano vs. Alex Machetero: Machetero shoves Sassano into the corner, but doesn’t followup. Sassano clotheslines Machetero but runs into a big spinebuster for a one count. Machetero taunts the crowd and delivers a shoulder breaker for a two count. Sassano kicks Machetero several times but misses a kick and settles for a superkick. Sassano delivers a face crusher for a near fall. Sassano goes to the top rope trying for a crossbody, but is caught and driven down with a side walk slam for the win. (1/2*. A quick match for Machetero who seems to get some decent heel reaction from the crowd. Xcite has some interesting young talent that I’m thrilled to see develop and Machetero is one of them.)

Garrett Holiday surprises everyone by coming out with Father Derek .

Seventh Contest: Vince Valor vs. Garrett Holiday: Valor backs Holiday into a corner, but cleanly backs away. Holiday knee lifts Valor and delivers a strike in the corner. Holiday is met with a right hand from Valor. Valor decks Holiday with a right hand on the floor. Valor continues with strikes against the railing. They continue to trade blows around ringside. Valor is distracted by Father Derek and Holiday attacks from behind. Holiday keeps control in the ring with strikes. Holiday delivers a seated clothesline to Valor and taunts the crowd before getting a two count. Derek chokes Valor over the middle rope. Holiday hits a spinebuster for a two count. Valor tries for a Death Valley driver, but Derek saves Holiday. Holiday connects with a brainbuster for a near fall. Valor and Holiday begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Valor clotheslines Holiday a few times to get momentum. Valor plants Holiday with a neckbreaker for a two count. Valor hits a reverse spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Valor grabs Derek on the apron and Holiday almost decks Derek. Valor hits the Death Valley Driver for a two count as Derek put Holiday’s boot on the rope. Valor chases after Derek on the floor allowing Holiday to hit the Gory Bomb for the win. (*1/2. There wasn’t much going on here. I like the new look for Holiday and apparent attitude change. Previously, Holiday had been a good guy cowboy gimmick. His new look is much better and he seems far more comfortable and natural.)

Eighth Contest: Brute Van Slyke vs. Kaide: Van Slyke shoves Kaide to the mat and is met with a few strikes to the body. Kaide continues to punch Van Slyke several times and attempts a slam, but Van Slyke blocks it. Derek decks Kaide with a right hand from the floor. Van Slyke elbows Kaide in the corner and drops Kaide to the mat. Kaide shoulder blocks Brute, but can’t budge him. Kaide sends Brute to the floor with a leaping shoulder block, but Brute remains on his feet. Brute sends Kaide into the ring post shoulder first. Brute chokes Kaide over the railing. Kaide drops Brute over the top rope and connects with a leg drop over the apron. Derek distracts Kaide allowing Brute to gain the advantage. Brute slams Kaide off the top rope. Brute forearms Kaide to maintain control of the contest. Brute forearms Kaide in the corner. Brute delivers a running back splash to Kaide in the corner. Brute chokes Kaide on the mat. Brute chokes Kaide over the ropes and taunts the crowd. Kaide fires back with strikes to stagger Van Slyke. Brute shoulder blocks Kaide to stop his momentum. Brute squeezes Kaide’s midsection on the mat. Kaide hammers away on Van Slyke several times and avoids a splash in the corner. Kaide knee lifts Brute in the corner followed by a running knee strike. Kaide heads to the top rope hitting a flying clothesline for a near fall. Brute splashes Kaide in the corner followed by an exploder suplex. Brute nails Kaide with a discus clothesline for a near fall. Kaide avoids a splash attempt by Brute. Derek gets on the apron, but Brute delivers a strike from behind. Brute collides with Derek and Kaide delivers a spear a couple of times. Kaide hits a third spear to finally knock Brute off his feet. Kaide can’t lift Brute and HC Loc enters to smash Kaide with a chair shot to cause a disqualification. Loc jabs Kaide with a chair shot to the chest. Brute and Loc spike Kaide onto a chair with a piledriver. Holiday comes down to the ring with a door. Loc puts Kaide through the door with a back suplex in the corner. Loc lays Kaide against the door and delivers a sliding lariat against the door. (*1/2. The match was okay, but the main point here was the aftermath. I’m curious to see how a Kaide vs. Loc match could possibly go. I can’t imagine it would be a straight up match. I’m also interested in a stable of Brute, Holiday, Derek and perhaps Loc, as well. The match was effective is hyping up a bigger showdown between Kaide and Loc.)

Ninth Contest: Xcite Tag Team Champions (Nick Ando & Cloudy) vs. Jacoby Riddick & Isys Ephex: Ephex and Cloudy kickoff the title match. Ephex arm drags Cloudy for a quick takedown. Cloudy knee lifts Ephex and controls Ephex with a headlock. Ephex shoulder blocks Cloudy and delivers an arm drag to keep Cloudy on the mat. Ephex arm drags Ando and keeps arm control. Riddick tags in and Ando backs away into a corner. Riddick puts a headlock on Ando for control. Riddick kicks Ando into the corner and hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Ephex axe handles Ando and keeps a wrist lock on the mat. Ephex tags in Riddick and they double team Ando hitting a superkick for a two count. Riddick drives Ando into the corner with shoulder rams. Ephex tags in. Cloudy saves Ando by shoving Riddick off the ropes. Ando head scissors Ephex over the middle rope. Cloudy hits the 585 and Ando delivers a spear soon after for a near fall. Ephex is double teamed by the champs leading to a near fall. Cloudy chokes Ephex over the middle rope. Cloudy delivers a Codebreaker to Ephex and Ando connects with a slingshot senton from the apron for a two count. Ando stomps on Ephex to maintain the advantage. Ephex boots Cloudy while Riddick is sent to the floor. Ephex powerslams Cloudy for a two count as Cloudy makes the save.

Ephex avoids a double suplex and tags in Riddick. Riddick cleans house with elbows and backdrops Ando to the apron. Riddick kicks Ando to the floor. Riddick hits a missile dropkick on Ando. Riddick takes Ando out with a suicide dive. Riddick blocks a few kicks by Cloudy and hits a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Ephex has Cloudy over the shoulder and they hit a Gory Special into a cutter for a near fall on Cloudy. Cloudy takes Riddick over with a reverse hurricanrana, but Ando spikes Riddick with a piledriver for a two count. Cloudy plants Ephex with a tornado DDT. Riddick misses a wild punch and Ando hits a Falcon Arrow for the win. (**1/4. A solid tag match and I’m glad there was a clean finish for the tag champs. There wasn’t a lull in the action and it flowed rather well.)

Main Event: Xcite Heavyweight Champion Bill Collier vs. Sean Carr: Collier tosses Carr down to the mat and Carr regroups in the corner. Carr controls Collier with a side headlock for a moment. Collier shoulder blocks Carr once again and they go to opposite corners. Carr puts a wrist lock on Collier and Collier shoves Carr. Carr declares the venue to be his house. Carr knee lifts Collier in the corner followed by chops. Collier shoulder blocks Carr to the mat and comes off the ropes but Carr delivers a few arm drags. Collier decks Carr with a clothesline. Collier chops Carr to the mat and an uppercut. Collier takes Carr over with a snap suplex. Collier uppercuts Carr in the corner to keep the advantage. Collier sends Carr into the corner and misses a running boot. Carr drives Collier down to the mat with a knee breaker. Carr stomps on Collier’s leg and stomps to the thigh. Carr drives Collier’s leg down to the mat. Carr taunts Collier while stomping on the leg some more. Carr dropkicks Collier on the knee and gets a two count. Collier hammers away on Carr, but Carr stops Collier with a dropkick to the knee for a near fall. Collier hits a back suplex, but Carr holds onto the headlock. Carr keeps Collier on the mat and has a knee lock on Collier. Collier connects with a spinebuster and both men are down.

Collier decks Carr with a clothesline several times. Collier tosses Carr with a fallaway slam. Carr superkicks Collier and hits a flatliner followed by a moonsault for a near fall. Collier breaks free from Carr and hits a sit out Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Carr kicks Collier in the midsection to hit a tornado DDT for a near fall. Collier almost pins Carr with a rollup. Carr stops Collier with a strike, but Collier drops Carr over the top rope. Carr superkicks Collier followed by a rolling fireman’s carry. Carr goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Collier nails Carr with the spear, but Carr kicks out at two. Carr hits a German suplex and a shining wizard for a near fall. Collier gets a rollup on Carr after avoiding a superkick and manages to pin Carr to retain the title. (**3/4. It’s a good match, but it didn’t feel like it got past a first gear. It felt like the major action segment didn’t happen and it went from a long standing slow build to a quick rollup. This kind of format makes me think this isn’t their last match in Xcite. I hope they have a rematch and it’s a little bit longer with more meat in the middle before a finish.)

Final Thoughts:
A show full of solid in-ring action made for an easy watch with a show running less than three hours long (take out the intermission). Next show on November 6th appears to be Carr vs. Cardona, Collier vs. Colby Corino as the marquee matches. Those two alone will have me checking it out. This months show was worth the Twitch view.

Thanks for reading.

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