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WWE Heat 5/12/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat
: 5/12/2002
From: Hartford, CT

1.) WWE Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated Tommy Dreamer to retain the title
2.) Matt Hardy defeated Mr. Perfect
3.) Rob Van Dam defeated Goldust

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) WWF is no more and the company is known as World Wrestling Entertainment for the first time on Heat.

2.) Guerrero goes right after Dreamer with right hands in the corner and an elbow as Dreamer comes off the ropes. Guerrero stomps on Dreamer followed by a side suplex. Guerrero uppercuts Dreamer in the corner and delivers a boot scrape before taunting the fans. Guerrero pummels Dreamer with right hands in the corner. Guerrero slams Dreamer and goes to the apron missing a slingshot splash. Dreamer connects with a sit out spinebuster. They begin to trade right hands with Dreamer hitting a backdrop. Dreamer hits a side Russian leg sweep. Guerrero elbows Dreamer, but runs into a powerslam for a near fall. Dreamer tries for the Death Valley Driver, but Guerrero countered. Dreamer plants Guerrero with a DDT for a near fall. Dreamer heads to the top rope missing a splash. Guerrero spikes Dreamer with a brainbuster and hits the frog splash off the top for the win. (**. I enjoyed this one as Dreamer had a good near fall with the DDT spot. Guerrero earning a clean win is great, too. For a short match, they did a lot and it was solid.)

3.) A video package of Lita having neck surgery after breaking her neck on the set of Dark Angel. She will have a long recovery, but she will be back.

4.) Hardy and Perfect lockup, but neither man gets the advantage. Perfect sends Hardy to the floor. Hardy punches Perfect from the floor but returns to the ring and delivers more strikes both in the ring and on the floor. Perfect tosses Hardy back into the ring from the apron. Perfect dropkicks Hardy and delivers a few kicks to the ribs. Hardy boots Perfect in the corner followed by the Side Effect. Hardy slams Perfect and goes to the middle rope hitting a leg drop. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate for the win. (*. I was not expecting this match to be a squash match for the most part. I’d consider this a big win for Hardy.)

5.) RVD starts off with a dropkick to send Goldust to the floor. RVD misses a moonsault off the apron, but lands on his feet. RVD puts Goldust over the railing to hit a spinning leg drop off the apron for a two count. RVD elbows Goldust in the corner, but Goldust catapults RVD into the corner and RVD lands over his knees. Goldust continues with stomps in the corner to maintain control of the contest. RVD misses a spin kick and Goldust hits an atomic drop followed by a clothesline for a two count. Goldust tries for a backdrops, but RVD facebusters Goldust followed by a step over heel kick. RVD boots Goldust in the corner and comes off the top to hit a kick. RVD comes off the ropes to hit a somersault splash for a two count. RVD kicks Goldust and heads to the top rope hitting the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. (*. A dominate showing for RVD this time around. Another clean win for top talent, which is exactly what should be happening on a show like Heat.)

Final Thoughts:
Guerrero/Dreamer was a solid match, but everything on the show was quick and nothing happened to be long lasting or memorable. It’s a quick show and I tend to enjoy it regardless.

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