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CZW High Stakes V 3/8/2014

Written by: Bob Colling

Combat Zone Wrestling presents High Stakes V
From: Voorhees Township, NJ

Opening Contest: Alexander James vs. Caleb Konley: James is acting as the honorary CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion and this is a non-title match. James starts off by bailing to the floor to stall for a few moments. Konley keeps a head scissors on James, but that doesn’t last and Konley get a two count after breaking free. James knee lifts Konley followed by an uppercut. James knee lifts Konley against the ropes, but Konley comes back with a sleeper until James gets to the ropes. Konley forearms James followed by chops to drop James to the mat. Konley leg sweeps James and hits a standing senton for a two count. James is pulled out to the floor by Dewey. James yanks Konley off the apron dropping Konley back first onto the apron. James drives Konley down to the floor with a neckbreaker. James continues with a neckbreaker in the ring for a near fall. Konley elbows free and hits a suicide dive sending James into the railing back first. Konley connects with a springboard clothesline for a two count. Konley chops James, but is caught in the corner and is dropped over the knee neck first out of a Death Valley Driver position for a near fall. Konley superkicks James to avoid a clothesline and drops James down to the mat face first out of a crucifix bomb. Konley locks in an arm trapped Boston Crab to win the match by submission. (**. Not a bad opening match to begin the show with Konley looking good. James looks to be a rising heel as he garners some good heat from the crowd. I could see James getting a major push down the road just from his persona and heel work.)

Second Contest: Tommy Dreamer vs. Joe Gacy: Gacy takes Dreamer down to the mat with a front face lock, but Dreamer reaches the ropes quickly. Dreamer arm drags Gacy to the mat to maintain the advantage, but Gacy rolls over to get a hammerlock on Dreamer. They have a standoff after both missed a clothesline attempt. Gacy cheap shots Dreamer with a right hand. Gacy dropkicks Dreamer coming off the ropes and Dreamer bails to the floor. Gacy takes Dreamer out with a suicide dive. Gacy stomps on Dreamer followed by a choke on the apron. Dreamer drops Gacy over the top rope and leaps off the apron to hit a clothesline on the floor. Dreamer rams Gacy face first onto the ring steps followed by a drink to the face. Gacy drops Dreamer groin first over the guard railing. Gacy rolls Dreamer into the ring and gets a one count. Gacy blocks a sunset flip attempt and delivers a forearm drop for a near fall. Gacy chokes Dreamer over the middle rope and slaps Dreamer. Gacy uppercuts a seated Dreamer from behind for a near fall. Gacy manages a two count following a neckbreaker. Gacy misses a springboard moonsault attempt. Dreamer fights back with a swinging neckbreaker and clothesline. Dreamer boots Gacy in the corner and drives Gacy face first into the turnbuckle for a near fall. Dreamer brings a chair into the ring, but Gacy takes Dreamer over with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Dreamer blocks a go behind by going to the corner. Gacy slams Dreamer and goes to the top rope. Dreamer crotches Gacy with a right hand and hooks Gacy hitting a superplex off the top for a near fall. Dreamer tries for a piledriver, but Gacy blocks it. Dreamer tries for a Death Valley Driver, but DJ Hyde causes a distraction., Gacy superkicks Dreamer and leaps off the top hit a splash for the win. (*1/2. Nothing really going on here and I don’t like a cheap interference finish to protect Dreamer. Dreamer didn’t really accomplish much in the match while Gacy was solid enough. I don’t think that Gacy really benefits from this win all that much.)

Third Contest: Timothy Thatcher vs. Dalton Castle: Castle bails to the floor to stall and taunts the fans. Thatcher gets arm control and takes Castle over with a suplex after a headbutt. Castle screams in pain as Thatcher bends Castle’s wrist backwards. Thatcher takes Castle down with a headlock to keep the advantage. Castle tosses Thatcher with a headlock suplex and delivers a splash. Thatcher puts his knees on Castle’s back and puts a surfboard on Castle. Castle breaks free and gets a two count before kicking Thatcher and delivering a few axe handles on the mat. Castle dropkicks Thatcher on the mat. Castle grabs Thatcher around the waist. Thatcher regains control on the mat working over Castle’s left knee. Castle drops Thatcher on his neck with a back suplex. Castle clubs away on Thatcher over the back for a near fall. Castle keeps a front face lock on Thatcher, but Thatcher breaks free with several strikes. Castle takes Thatcher down to the mat again and keeps control with a chin lock. Thatcher uppercuts Castle into the corner and drops Castle to the mat. Thatcher is taken over by an arm drag and Castle rams Thatcher’s face onto the mat. Castle misses a boot and Thatcher puts a choke on Castle in the middle of the ring. Thatcher tosses Castle tot he mat with a headlock and keeps it locked in right in the middle of the ring. Castle breaks free with a Death Valley Driver into the corner. Castle connects with a dead lift German, but Thatcher kicks out and puts an arm bar on Castle to win the match by submission. (**. A slower pace match, but there’s enough here that held my interest and there were a few spots that were big enough to keep me focused. I liked the finish that Thatcher was able to get the submission seemingly out of nowhere. Castle was playing a more deranged version of himself, which was interesting to see.)

Fourth Contest: CZW Tag Team Champions Alex Reynolds & John Silver vs. Jaka & Sozio: Silver and Jaka kickoff the tag title match. Silver gains arm control, but Jaka breaks free by biting Silver’s hand. Silver tries for a shoulder block, but Jaka doesn’t budge. Silver dropkicks Jaka into the corner. Silver boots Jaka in the corner and tries for a crossbody, but Silver ges a two count on a rollup. Jaka hammers away on Silver with a strike. Jaka knocks Silver down with a strike and chokes Silver on the mat. Sozio forearms Silver, but Silver hits a hurricanrana. Silver dropkicks Sozio from a seated position for a near fall. Reynolds tags into the match and trips Sozio leading to a slingshot elbow by Reynolds from the apron after a springboard by Silver. Sozio eye rakes Reynolds in the corner and continues with a chop against the ropes. Reynolds elbows Sozio in the corner and hits a to rope moonsault for a near fall. Reynolds chases Sozio around ringside and Jaka tosses Reynolds with a German suplex. Reynolds is beaten up by a manager at ringside. Jaka headbutts Reynolds on the floor and back scratch. Jaka chops Reynolds on the floor to maintain the advantage. Jaka sends Reynolds into the guard railing ribs first.

Jaka keeps control with a headvutt on the mat for a two count. Jaka gouges Reynolds over the middle rope. Sozio tags in and stomps on Reynolds to maintain control. Sozio stomps on Reynolds and hits a snap suplex for a near fall. Reynolds breaks free with a jawbreaker, but can’t tag in Silver. Reynolds almost wins with a sunset flip, but Sozio regains control with a clothesline for a near fall. Jaka headbutts Reynolds in the ribs and taunts Silver. Jaka drives Reynolds down with a backbreaker and chokes Reynolds. Jaka splashes Reynolds leading to a near fall. Jaka puts a nerve hold on Reynolds, but doesn’t get a submission. Reynolds plants Jaka with a DDT, but Jaka no sells it and superkicks Reynolds. Sozio clotheslines Reynolds in the corner, but Reynolds hits a double stomp out of the corner. Jaka and Silver are tagged in with Silver cleaning house with clotheslines. Silver backdrops Jaka and does the same to Sozio. Silver forearms Jaka in the corner and monkey flips Sozio into Jaka in the corner. Silver hits a running cannonball in the corner. Silver tries for double slice bread, but is met with a boot to the gut. Silver dropkicks both men to the floor and hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Jaka stops Silver on the top rope with a strike. Jaka tosses Silver overhead with a suplex. Silver dumps Jaka to the apron, but Sozio nails Silver with a running boot. Jaka hits a top rope splash, but Reynolds makes the save. Jaka hammers away on Reynolds and runs into a boot. Reynolds sends Sozio to the floor. Reynolds counters a suplex by Jaka and suicide dives Sozio on the floor. Reynolds boots Jaka allowing Silver to hit a dead lift German for a near fall. Silver superkicks Sozio against the ropes and runs into a yakuza kick. Jaka tries for a cover, but Silver kicks out at two. Jaka and Sozio begin to argue with Jaka grabs Sozio after being slapped. Silver is sat on the top turnbuckle where Jaka tries for a Samoan Drop. Reynolds plants Sozio with a back suplex on the apron. The champs hit their move on Jaka taking him down off their shoulders with a modified DDT to win the match and retain the titles. (*1/2. The match isn’t bad, I just wasn’t invested in the challengers to Reynolds and Silver. There were a few repetitive moments and I didn’t buy into the challengers as serious threats. The crowd likes the Beaver Boys, but there wasn’t much heat attached to this one.)

Fifth Contest: Pepper Parks vs. Greg Excellent: Parks attacks Excellent before the bell and wins with match with a quick rollup. The match lasted only three seconds. The crowd was not happy about that. As a result, Parks got his wife, Cherry Bomb, back.

Pepper Parks grabs a microphone to cut a promo telling the fans that he told them. Parks told them all that he’d get his wife back and he did just that. Parks insults Greg Excellent for being an embarrassment and claims that 2014 will be their year. Excellent gets a microphone and admits that he’s been chubby his whole life. Excellent admits he may not have a lot of friends, but he may have one. That brings out LuFisto for a mixed tag match.

Sixth Contest: Greg Excellent & LuFisto vs. Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb: LuFisto goes after Bomb on the floor with chops around ringside. LuFisto chops Bomb against the guard railing while Excellent beats on Parks with strikes, as well. Bomb and Parks are sent into each other in the ring. LuFisto delivers a tit twister to Bomb and Excellent does the same to Parks. Parks is sent to the floor while LuFisto kicks Bomb several times. LuFisto nails Bomb with a sliding clothesline on the mat for a two count. LuFisto keeps Bomb on the mat with a head scissors and drives her face first onto the mat several times. LuFisto hits a somersault splash off the ropes for a two count. LuFisto kicks Bomb between the ropes on the side of the head several times. LuFisto splashes Bomb over the middle rope for a near fall. Excellent tags into the match and bites Bomb’s side followed by a scoop slam. Excellent scoop slams LuFisto onto Bomb, as well. LuFisto tries to slam Excellent, but obviously fails. Bomb kicks out of a cover attempt by Excellent. Excellent spanks Bomb a few times over his knee, but Parks does nothing about it on the apron. Excellent takes off his long trunks and is met with a knee strike by Parks. Parks fakes a tag and the referee allows it.

Parks works over Excellent on the mat with elbow strikes and stomps. Bomb chokes Excellent over the middle rope and the referee gets distracted by LuFisto on the apron. Parks leg drops Excellent and continues with stomps on the mat. Parks nails Excellent with a standing dropkick for a two count. Excellent grabs Parks by the groin coming off the middle rope and plants Parks with a sit down powerbomb. Bomb and Parks miss a double clothesline allowing LuFisto to hit a missile dropkick off the top and nails Parks with a running boot in the corner. LuFisto chops Parks several times in the corner. Parks misses a clothesline and LuFisto hits a side suplex on Parks for a near fall. Bomb sends LuFisto into the corner and to the floor. Excellent rubs Bomb’s face onto his chest and tried for a suplex, but Bomb breaks free. Parks hits a top rope flying neckbreaker for a two count on Excellent. LuFisto sends Parks into the corner face first. Excellent superkicks Bomb followed by stereo cannonball splashes in opposite corners. Excellent spikes Parks with a Tiger Driver after LuFisto dropped Bomb leading to a double pin for the win. (**. A decent match that doesn’t really standout. The crowd seemed to respond fairly well to everything. A fine undercard mixed tag match that didn’t over say its welcome.)

Seventh Contest: Alex Colon, Biff Busick, JT Dunn & David Starr vs. Azireal, Chris Dickinson, Jake Crist & Dave Crist: Busick and Azireal kickoff the match. Azireal gets a go behind on Busick, but that advantage doesn’t last long. Busick manages wrist control, but Azireal takes Busick down to the mat with a headlock. Azireal keeps a wrist lock on Busick and yanks Biff down to the mat. Azireal keeps his knee on Busick’s shoulder, but Busick rolls through, but Azireal keeps Busick down to the mat. Busick reaches the ropes, but Azireal keeps an arm bar on Busick until Biff bails to the floor after reaching the ropes. Dunn and Jake tag into the match with Jake taking Dunn down with a headlock, but Dunn counters with a head scissors on the mat. Jake pops up and controls Dunn with a front face lock and takes Dunn down to the mat. Dave tags in and hits a top rope senton to the back of Dunn for a two count. Dickinson tags in and drops Dunn with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Dickinson is backed into his corner and Dave tags in. Colon tags in as well and trades takedowns with Dave on the mat. Jake tags back into the match and plants Colon with a back suplex for a two count. Colon chops Jake in the corner followed by stomps to maintain the advantage.

Colon runs into a boot by Jake and Jake hits a flying crossbody off the top for a near fall. Dave tags in and knee drops Colon over Jake’s knee from the top for a near fall. Dunn and Dave lockup as the legal men with Dave chopping Dunn in the corner. Dunn plants Dave with a slingshot facebuster for a near fall. Starr tags into the match, but can’t keep Dave down on the mat long enough. Dunn tags back into the match to double team Dave with stereo dropkicks with Starr to a seated Dave. Dunn keeps an arm bar on Dave on the mat. Dunn is backed into the corner allowing Starr to tag back in and beats on Dave with a strike to the ribs leading to a near fall with a rollup. Starr runs the ropes and puts a sleeper on Dave in the middle of the ring. Busick tags in and chokes Dave in the corner. Dave fights back with chops out of the corner, but Busick chops Dave to regain control. Busick controls Dave in the corner and pummels Dave with right hands on the mat. Busick puts a body scissors on Dave on the mat. Dave hip tosses Busick out of an abdominal stretch.

Azireal and Colon trade strikes in the middle of the ring followed by a series of chops. Azireal misses a splash in the corner and dropkicks Colon in the opposite corner. Dickinson enters and cleans house with clotheslines. Dickinson is stopped by Busick with a knee. Starr is met with a Daddy Death Drop. Dickinson nails Colon with a spinning kick. Dickinson stops Busick and tosses Busick over the top to the floor onto everyone. Colon kicks Dickinson to the floor, but gets tripped and Azireal hit a top rope double stomp for the win. (**3/4. The finish was a little abrupt and I don’t think was the best way to end it. Once the match broke down, the action was more enjoyable. Dickinson, Busick and Azireal stood out to me throughout the match. Dickinson comes across like an absolute monster and should be used far stronger at some point.)

Eighth Contest: Masada vs. Mr. Tofiga: Masada is on a mission to end the Campaign, led by Drew Gulak. Tofiga knocks Masada to the floor and they brawl around ringside briefly. Tofgia slides a few chairs into the ring. Tofiga scoop slams Masada onto a steel chair. Masada bulldogs Tofiga face first onto a steel chair. Masada tries for a suplex, but Tofiga shoulder blocks Masada to block the move. Masada smashes Tofiga with a chair shot. Tofiga misses a splash in the corner. Masada forearms Tofiga, but is met with a clothesline out of the corner. Masada goes to the floor to regroup, but Tofiga follows to the floor. Masada hits Tofiga with a ladder to the midsection. Tofiga hits Masada with a ladder and tosses it into the ring. Masada has been busted wide open. Tofiga sends Masada into the ladder in the corner followed by a Samoan Drop leading to a near fall. Masada sends Tofiga into the chair in the corner head first. Masada whacks Tofiga several times with chair shots. Masada lays the ladder on Tofiga and hits a top rope moonsault and pins Tofiga to win the match. (1/2*. It’s a basic hardcore match and kind of felt like it dragged along.)

Danny Havoc makes his way out to the ring to cut a promo about an announcement he has. Havoc has never been the kind of guy to politic for stuff, but he went and asked for a match. Havoc puts over Dysfunction as a great death match wrestler and mentions that he’s retiring. It’s announced that Dysfunction will return in May to wrestle Havoc in his final death match. Havoc brings up Best of the Best taking place next month. Drake Younger will be returning to CZW next month. Havoc calls out Lucky 13 to come out and celebrate about BOTB. Matt Tremont appears from behind and attacks Havoc. Lucky 13 eventually slides into the ring with a weapon to runoff Tremont. Havoc challenges Tremont to a match in Rhode Island next month.

Ninth Contest: DJ Hyde vs. BLK Jeez: Jeez starts the match with a somersault dive over top onto Hyde on the floor. Hyde no sells a chop in the corner and spits on Jeez. Jeez works over Hyde with chops in the corner and bites Hyde’s forehead. Hyde stops Jeez with a side slam for a near fall. Hyde chops Jeez in the corner causing Jeez to bail to the floor. Hyde knee lifts Jeez against the railing and sends Jeez into the guard railing ribs first. Hyde headbutts Jeez on the floor and breaks the count. Hyde slams Jeez on the floor causing the referee to check on Jeez. Hyde rolls Jeez into the ring and taunts the fans. Jeez kicks Hyde on the knee and follows up with chops. Jeez continues with strikes and tries for a tornado DDT, but Hyde nails Jeez with a knee strike and a back senton splash. Hyde chops Jeez in the corner and taunts the crowd before being met with a back elbow in the corner. Jeez kicks Hyde and hits a missile dropkick off the top for a near fall. Hyde misses a running boot in the corner and Jeez fails on a slam. Hyde tosses Jeez overhead with a suplex for a two count. Hyde has a kendo stick waiting for Jeez, but Tommy Dreamer comes out to distract Hyde. Jeez gets the kendo stick and low blows Hyde with it. Jeez whacks Hyde over the head and wins the match. (1/2*. Hyde is annoying as all hell to watch in the wrestling ring and the finish here was predictable. Jeez is a talented worker and I’d like to see him against people on the same level as him.)

Tenth Contest: CZW Wired TV Champion Devon Moore vs. Shane Strickland: Strickland controls Moore with a wrist lock in the middle of the ring, but switches to a headlock. Strickland shoulder blocks Moore and they have a standoff after arm drags. Strickland puts a hammerlock on Moore, but Moore snapmares free only to be dropkicked to the floor by Strickland. Strickland springboards off the middle rope but settles for a slow moving moonsault over the ropes onto Moore outside the ring. Moore superkicks Strickland on the floor and scoop slams Strickland on the floor. Moore leaps off the apron to hit a shooting star press on the floor! Moore tries for a cover and manages only a one count. Moore forearms Strickland to maintain control of the match and misses a clothesline. Strickland strikes Moore followed by a kick to the head. Strickland gets out of a rollup with a kick to the head for a near fall. Moore clotheslines Strickland in the corner before hitting a top rope blockbuster for a near fall. Moore misses a springboard moonsault and is met with a double knee strike to the chest for a near fall. Strickland heads to the top rope missing a double stomp. Moore locks in a Texas Cloverleaf, or the marijuana leaf. Strickland manages to reach the bottom rope, but is pulled back. Moore lets go without getting a submission. Moore dives off the top missing a headbutt.

Strickland punches Moore a few times with Moore responding with jabs. Strickland drives Moore down with a back suplex slam for a near fall. Strickland sits Moore on the top rope and delivers a slap to the face. Moore has Strickland on his shoulders, but Strickland breaks free to kick Moore. Strickland is stopped on a springboard and Moore hits a top rope cutter for a near fall. Moore heads to the top rope hitting a shooting star press for a near fall. Moore argues with the referee allowing Strickland to recover in the corner. Strickland spikes Moore with a modified destroyer out of the corner. Strickland hits a top rope Phoenix Splash for the win and title! (***. I’m not sure if this was an upset at the time, but is certainly felt like it. I’d say this was one of the better matches I’ve seen Moore compete in. Moore showcased some fun offense and wrestled much differently than I usually see him wrestle. Strickland didn’t really standout throughout the match, but the potential is obviously there to breakout.)

Main Event: CZW World Champion Drew Gulak vs. AR Fox: Fox starts the match with a couple of dropkicks to send Gulak through the ropes to the floor. Fox fakes a dive to the floor as Gulak walks around. Gulak backs Fox into a corner and slaps his chest before backing off. Fox backs Gulak into a corner and slaps Gulak on the chest before also backing off. Gulak takes Fox down with a toss, but doesn’t followup on the advantage. Gulak almost pins Fox with a rollup and they have a standoff. Gulak works over Fox’s leg on the mat to keep the high flyer on the mat. Fox counters with an arm bar attempt, but Gulak bridges out and breaks free from Fox. Gulak shoulder blocks Fox and almost wins with a rollup. They trade a series of rollup attempts with neither man getting a three count. Gulak hooks Fox’s arms and rolls around the ring for a near fall and Fox bails to the floor. Gulak drives Fox down with a gut buster. Fox nails Gulak with a jawbreaker and strikes Gulak in the corner a few times. Fox monkey flips Gulak out of the corner and knee lifts Gulak a few times before hitting a twisting suplex for a one count. Fox clubs on Gulak over the apron and goes to the top rope hitting a leg drop onto Gulak on the apron.

Fox sends Gulak into the guard railing back first a few times around ringside. Fox nails Gulak with a running somersault splash against the railing. Fox elbow drops Gulak over the apron from the floor before returning to the ring. Gulak hits a waist lock suplex causing Fox to bail to the floor. Gulak leaps off the apron to axe handle Fox on the floor followed by more strikes at ringside. Gulak tries for a snap suplex on the floor, but Fox blocks and hits Gulak with a swinging kick to the head. Fox misses a springboard dive off the post and Gulak decks Fox with a running headbutt strike to the midsection on the floor. Gulak sends Fox chest first into the guard railing and Fox is sent back first into the railing. Fox backdrops Gulak over the railing into the crowd! They brawl in the crowd with Fox hitting Gulak with a Lucky Charms cereal box. Fox returns to the ring and and takes Gulak out with a springboard somersault dive into the crowd! Fox continues to beat on Gulak with strikes around ringside. Fox takes Gulak over with a snap suplex for a two count. Fox chokes Gulak over the middle rope and takes out Alexander James with a suicide dive. Gulak plants Fox with a powerbomb to counter a springboard attempt managing a two count.

Gulak nails Fox with an axe handle off the middle rope and controls Fox with an arm bar on the mat. Gulak knee lifts Fox against the ropes and hits a tilt a whirl slam for a near fall. Gulak rolls through while keeping control on Fox’s leg. Gulak stomps on Fox to maintain control of the contest. Gulak crotches Fox on the top rope looking for a superplex. Gulak hits the superplex and goes for a cover, but Fox pops out at two. Gulak chops Fox in the corner, but Fox battles back with a clothesline. Fox forearms Gulak into a corner and shoulder rams Gulak several times to keep the advantage. Fox nails Gulak with a big boot in the corner. Fox slams Gulak and misses a slingshot splash by landing on his feet. Fox kicks Gulak and plants Gulak with a rolling fireman’s carry. Fox hits a top rope Swanton bomb, but Gulak kicks out at two. Fox sits Gulak on the top rope and kicks Gulak. Gulak shoves Fox off the middle rope and hits a flying clothesline off the top rope. Gulak suplexs Fox into the corner and manages a two count on a pin cover. Gulak stretches Fox on the mat pulling back on the arm in a modified chicken wing submission. Gulak and Fox trade a series of strikes until Gulak slams Fox onto the ropes for a near fall. Gulak hits a bridging suplex, but Fox kicks out at two. Gulak locks in an ankle lock in the middle of the ring, but Fox is trying to fight through the pain. Gulak fall backward while keeping the legs trapped. Fox reaches the ropes to break the hold.

Gulak drags Fox out of the corner and tries for a leg lock, but Fox kicks Gulak to prevent the hold from being locked in. Fox nails Gulak with a kick to the head and both men are down. Fox chops Gulak a few times and a kick to the head. Fox is sent into corner and Gulak gets a rollup with a handful of tights for a two count. Fox kicks Gulak from the apron and kicks James on the floor, again. Fox takes out the Campaign with a sick dive to the floor. Fox hits a top rope 450 splash for a near fall on Gulak. Fox goes after Kimber Lee on the floor, but she gets in the ring. Fox grabs Kimber by her hair and delivers a kick to the face. Gulak is up in the corner and met with a boot to the face. Fox can’t hit a Spanish Fly and Gulak instead hits a German suplex off the middle rope. Gulak hits a discus clothesline and locks in a dragon sleeper submission to win the match and retain the title as Fox is forced to submit. (***1/2. I thought they delivered a really good main event. Going into this match, I was a little worried about how their styles would mesh. Despite the differences in styles the match was very enjoyable and for a near half hour match it didn’t feel all that long. Fox is a lot of fun to watch with his dives and overall wild offense. Gulak didn’t stall the match with anything boring and came back with fantastic suplexs and kept the action going at a tolerable rate. A really good main event to close the show.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a mostly average show with the undercard featuring a lot of talent that I’m interested in and that would go on to become accomplished acts in bigger promotions. Some of the hardcore focused matches and DJ Hyde wrestling were the only real negatives from the show. I’d say this is an average show with a strong main event and thus I’d give it a mild thumbs up.

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