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ECW Hardcore TV 3/5/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Cincinnati, OH

1.) Super Crazy defeated CW Anderson
2.) Rhino defeated Jazz

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The Dupps are coming through the crowd to start the program despite having lost a “loser leaves ECW” match recently against Doring and Roadkill. They have some unfinished business despite having lost the loser leaves ECW match. They think they are similar to other top tag teams in the history of pro wrestling. They aren’t leaving and nobody can make them leave. That comment brings out the Sandman and the crowd loses their minds. Sandman takes several minutes before he even reaches the ring. Eventually, Sandman whacks the Dupps with his kendo stick.

2.) Cyrus is in the ring and Joey Styles doesn’t know why Cyrus is here since it’s not a TNN taping. Cyrus has a guy wearing a Rock and Bowl shirt. Cyrus wants to know why they are plugging the video game and isn’t happy they are giving the game away for free. The referee ends up beating up the Rock and Bowl actor after he’s done dancing. Cyrus attacks the referee from behind with a clothesline and stomps.

3.) Backstage, Masato Tanaka cuts a promo in Japanese. Dawn Marie enters the scene and is pissed because she’s tryin g to concentrate. Tanaka appears to go for a kiss and gets attacked by the Impact Players. They consider that to be “one less foreigner to deal with.”

4.) Anderson and Erik Watts attack Crazy before the match began. Wiles sets a table up while Crazy fights back with a heel kick to Watts and a dropkick to Anderson. Crazy hammers away on Dangerously in the corner and puts him on the table. Crazy hits a springboard moonsault to the floor onto Anderson and Wiles. Crazy leaps off the top and splashes Dangerously through the table as the show goes to commercial. Anderson has control on a bloodied Crazy sending Crazy to the floor. Crazy sends Anderson into the guard railing, but Wiles rolls Crazy back into the ring from behind. Anderson tries for a powerbomb, but Crazy puts Anderson through a table with a DDT. Crazy sets another table up in the corner. Anderson puts Crazy through the table with a wheelbarrow suplex. Anderson has been busted open as well and manages a two count on Crazy. Wiles distracts Crazy allowing a left hand from Anderson. Anderson accidentally superkicks Wiles off the apron through a table on the floor. Crazy whacks Anderson with a chair shot and hits a springboard moonsault for the win. (***. I really enjoyed that match and the crowd was going nuts for Super Crazy. Anderson worked well with Crazy and it made for a fun match.)

5.) Footage of Doring and Roadkill finishing off Guido in a tag match to win their match is shown.

6.) Originally, Jazz was scheduled to wrestle Simon Diamond to finish off their feud, but Cyrus comes out and says The Network isn’t happy. Cyrus says there’s been too many men vs. women matches and they need to move on from the match because it’s a ratings killer. Cyrus tells Diamond to leave the ring so that Jazz can have a credible opponent. Jazz started to leave, but Cyrus ditches Diamond. Cyrus has something in mind for Jazz and calls her a “ghetto woman.” Jazz threatens to kick Cyrus up for the ratings. Cyrus introduces… RHINO!

7.) Rhino GORES Jazz as soon as he enters and spikes Jazz with a piledriver to win the match in under twenty-seconds.

8.) Tommy Dreamer comes out to cut a promo. Dreamer talks about this being the first time they’ve been in Cincy. Dreamer says everyone makes mistakes, but thinks that Pete Rose should be elected into the Hall of Fame and the crowd erupts for that. Dreamer asks if the crowd is a WWF or WCW crowd with the crowd really booing the mention of WCW. Dreamer didn’t mean to DDT Francine last week and apologizes in front of everyone. Dreamer also apologizes to Raven. Dreamer says that Raven was right for once in his life. They need to patch up their differences and win the tag titles tonight from the Impact Players. Dreamer has accepted Raven, according to Joey Styles.

Francine makes her way to join the segment as the show goes to commercial. Francine says it’s wonderful of Dreamer to come out here and apologize in front of everyone. Francine isn’t buying into Dreamer being blinded causing Dreamer to DDT Francine. She believes it was done on purpose. She thinks that Dreamer had this planned for months to get rid of her. She believes that the fans pay to her tits. Francine says that Pete Rose was not talented enough to get into the HOF. She doesn’t think that Dreamer is tough enough to survive in ECW and takes credit for Dreamer getting over with the crowd. She says that Dreamer did nothing without her previously. Francine says that Dreamer may need her, but Raven wants her. Dreamer tells Francine to leave if Raven wants her. Dreamer says that Francine is starting to believe Raven’s crap and she slaps Dreamer. Dreamer grabs Francine for a piledriver, but Raven comes in from behind and plants Dreamer with a DDT. Francine leaves with Raven as the Impact Players have a stare down with Raven, but nothing transpires.

9.) The tag title match was also shown on ECW on TNN. Dreamer and Tanaka pull off the upset to win the titles.

Final Thoughts:
I’m kind of getting annoyed that ECW on TNN and Hardcore TV are showing the same matches and segments. I know that it doesn’t last for the remainder of the run of ECW, but it is a bit annoying. It’s a solid show this week with another really good CW/Crazy singles match standing out to me.

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