WCW Saturday Night 11/13/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Paul Lee & Chick Donovan
2.) Ice Train defeated Fred Avery
3.) WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes defeated Chris Sullivan
4.) Arn Anderson & Paul Roma defeated Paul Orndorff & Yoshi Kwan
5.) WCW Tag Team Champions Nasty Boys defeated Tommy Angel & Scott Studd
6.) WCW World Champion Vader & Steve Austin fought Ric Flair & Arn Anderson to a non-finish as the match continued as the show went off the air.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with Ice Train following his victory. Train made a mistake and puts over Ron Simmons success and wants to be like Simmons. Train wants another chance with Simmons. Simmons tells Train that he has to pay attention. Simmons says a lot of people want to be like him and achieve his success. Simmons reminds Train they had a chance to win the tag titles and you never go to the floor even if it’s your mother. They walk off seemingly smoothing things over.

2.) Gene interviewed Maxx Payne and talks about blinding Johnny B. Badd with the blaster a few months ago, but recently shook his hand. Payne says there’s a darkness that dwells inside him no matter the situation. Payne is realizing that maybe he should make a change. Payne sat down with Cactus Jack and talked. Apparently, they have a lot in common. Payne says the only guarantee is that there are none.

3.) Kwan and Roma kickoff the tag match with Roma controlling Kwan with a side headlock. Roma shoulder blocks Kwan and delivers a standing dropkick followed by an arm drag. Anderson tags into the match and keeps wrist control on Kwan. Kwan knee lifts Anderson in the corner and misses a splash and Anderson follows up with an arm drag. Orndorff tags into the match to try his luck against Anderson. Orndorff backs Anderson into a corner and delivers a few strikes to gain the advantage. Orndorff works over Anderson with more right hands while arguing with the referee. Orndorff avoids Anderson in the corner and continues to deliver right hands. Anderson trips Orndorff to the mat and delivers a knee drop to the leg before tagging in Roma. Roma elbow drops Orndorff on the left knee several times. Orndorff misses an elbow drop and Roma tags in Anderson. Anderson drops Orndorff with a left hand and keeps Orndorff on the mat with a knee drops. Orndorff forearms Roma and tags in Kwan, but Roma delivers a few arm drags. Anderson returns to the match and Kwan delivers a few chops to drop Anderson. Kwan nails Anderson with a spin kick to keep the advantage. Kwan scoop slams Anderson followed by a leg drop. Anderson ducks a spin kick and clotheslines Kwan.

Orndorff drags Anderson away from the corner, but Roma still gets tagged in. Roma clotheslines Kwan followed by a powerslam for a near fall. Orndorff tries for a piledriver, but Anderson clotheslines Orndorff. Anderson and Orndorff brawl to the floor. Kwan accidentally kicks Harley Race in the corner allowing Roma to get a rollup on Kwan to win the match. (*1/4. A slow match for the most part, but the crowd was reacting well to the closing moments, at least.)

4.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with WCW Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys and Missy Hyatt. Hyatt says she’s voting for the Nasty Boys in the latest WCW Magazine as her favorite wrestlers. Gene promotes Battle Bowl, which could see them on opposite sides of the ring. Knobbs says they watch each others back over the years and that will continue. Sags doesn’t like a geek getting a free ride with them to the finals at Battle Bowl. They talk about the teams they’ve beaten such as Bagwell & Scorpio and Smith & Sting. As a result, they don’t have any competition left in WCW. Gene says that Ricky Steamboat has a partner and would like a title shot against the Nasty Boys. They say Steamboat better get in shape because he’s not going to win the tag titles a ninth time. Ricky Steamboat comes out to confront the champions. Steamboat notes they think he’s washed up. Steamboat challenges them to a tag title match next week. Nasty Boys want to know who he has a tag partner. Steamboat doesn’t reveal and says they’ll have to be here next week. I’m guessing it will be Sting or Dustin Rhodes.

5.) Sid is attacked during his entrance by the Colossal Kongs while Austin beats on Flair in the ring. Kongs hold Sid on the floor allowing Vader to deliver a big splash. Sid has been laid out. The locker room empties to runoff Vader, but the damage has been done. The show goes to commercial with everyone checking on Sid. (This would be Sid’s final WCW appearance until the summer of 1999)

6.) Flair returns to the ring with Arn Anderson as his partner. All four men are in the ring trading shots until Flair sends Austin to the floor and delivers a chop to send Austin over the railing. Anderson brawls with Vader around ringside, as well. Flair chops Austin several times while Vader nails Anderson with a headbutt. Flair leaps off the top to axe handle Vader on the floor! All four men continue to brawl outside the ring where Vader drops Flair over the railing throat first. Vader misses a splash and hits the railing before falling over the railing. Anderson and Austin trade abdominal stretches while Flair whacks Vader over the back with a chair a few times. Flair has laid out Vader on the floor. Flair decks Austin from the apron and legally tags into the contest. Flair chops Austin several times in the corner. Flair tags in Anderson and Anderson takes Austin down to the mat with a knee drop. Anderson keeps wrenching on Austin’s leg to maintain the advantage. Austin gains the advantage with strikes in the corner followed by a forearm drop. Austin is met with a strike in midair by Anderson and Flair tags in to chop Austin. Vader tags in and backs Flair into a corner to deliver vicious forearm strikes. Flair counters with chops and right hands of his own. Flair chops Vader to the mat.

Anderson tags in and delivers an elbow from the middle rope. Austin tags in and Anderson is pummeled in the corner. Flair runs in and makes the save leading to another brawl amongst all four men. Anderson decks Austin over the top to the floor. Flair goes after Col. Robert Parker, but Parker runs off. Vader sends Flair head first into the guard railing and Austin comes over delivering right hands and chops. Flair rolls Austin into the ring, but Austin gains control and chokes Flair in the corner. Flair knee lifts Austin, but Austin chops Flair to the mat again. Vader tags in and works over Flair in the corner with several strikes. Vader headbutts Flair to the floor where Austin sends Flair into the railing chest first. Vader catches Flair coming off the top rope and sits Flair on the top rope. Vader hooks Flair for a superplex and drives Flair to the mat. Vader covers Flair, but Anderson breaks the cover. Austin splashes down onto Flair’s knee and chokes Flair on the apron before backing off. Austin hooks Flair for a suplex and drives Flair down to the mat for a near fall. Austin backdrops Flair coming out of the corner. Flair chops Austin a few times to drop Austin to the mat a few times. Flair clotheslines Austin, but can’t make the tag as Austin stops Flair. Anderson decks Austin with a left hand. Flair chops Austin followed by a right hand. Flair is stopped by Austin with a drop toe hold. Flair atomic drops Austin and tags in Anderson.

Anderson delivers a knee drop to Austin and a snapmare. Anderson comes off the middle rope and is met with a boot to the face. Vader hammers away on Anderson in the corner. Vader clotheslines Anderson to the mat and taunts the crowd. Vader nails Anderson with a body block. Vader continues to beat on Anderson with forearm strikes in the corner. Vader runs into a boot in the corner and Anderson delivers strikes followed by a back suplex. Anderson clotheslines Vader over the top to the floor. Anderson drops Vader gut first over the guard railing. Anderson elbows a charging Austin before planting Vader with a spinebuster. Austin gets involved to stop a cover and Vader clotheslines Anderson. Austin tosses Anderson to the floor. Austin drops Anderson over the top rope throat first. Austin taunts Anderson by doing jumping jacks. Austin drops Anderson over the top rope. Vader drives Anderson to the mat with a vertical suplex as the show goes to commercial.

Vader has kept control on Anderson with a sleeper hold. Anderson sunset flips Vader and avoids a sit down splash attempt. Anderson headbutts Vader in the midsection a few times. Anderson kicks Vader, but Vader delivers several forearm strikes. Austin tags back in and beats on Anderson with right hands. Austin slams Anderson to the mat and connects with a knee drop for a two count. Anderson almost wins with a rollup. Anderson catapults Austin chest first into the corner. Anderson drops Austin throat first over the top rope with the Stun Gun. Vader prevents Anderson from tagging out to Flair with an elbow drop. Vader sits Anderson on the top rope looking for a superplex, but Anderson blocks it and bites Vader’s forehead. Anderson punches Vader to the mat. Anderson crawls towards the corner, but is stopped by Vader with a headbutt to the ribs. Vader clubs Anderson to the mat and tags in Austin. Austin hits a vertical suplex and leaps off the middle rope to hit a forearm drop. Austin tries to keep Anderson down on the mat, but can’t get a three count. Anderson stops Austin with a knee strike and tries to make the tag, but the referee gets distracted by Vader. The referee stops Flair from getting involved and Vader clotheslines Anderson.

Vader hammers away on Anderson with several strikes in the corner. Vader has Anderson on his shoulders and hits a Samoan Drop for a two count. Vader keeps an arm bar on Anderson, but doesn’t get a submission. Austin tags back into the match and kicks Anderson followed by a back suplex. Austin stomps Anderson a few times to keep control of the contest. Anderson fights back with left hands to stagger Austin and eventually drops Austin to the mat. Anderson tries to tag in Flair, but Austin keeps a hold of Anderson’s leg. Austin stomps on Anderson and tags in Vader. Vader leaps off the middle rope and drops Anderson to the mat with a strike. Flair tries to get involved, but the referee stops him. Vader continues with a slam to Anderson for a near fall. Vader clubs away on Anderson several times. Vader spikes Anderson with a DDT. Austin covers Anderson for a two count. Austin slams Anderson and heads to the top rope hitting a splash for a near fall. Anderson hits Austin on the knee and again tries to tag in Flair, but is stopped. Austin locks in a bearhug in the middle of the ring. Anderson fights out of the hold with left hands and drops Austin to the mat. Anderson tries to tag in Flair, but is stopped again. Vader enters and elbow drops Anderson for a near fall. Austin heads to the top rope and is launched off by Vader, but misses a splash. Flair finally gets tagged in and backdrops Austin to the mat. Flair pummels Austin in the corner with right hands and a backdrop to Austin. Flair drives Austin down to the mat with a back suplex. Flair locks in the figure four in the middle of the ring. Parker eye rakes Flair to save Austin from submitting. Austin hammers away on Flair and holds Flair down on the mat, but Anderson stomps on Austin. Anderson saves Flair for a splash attempt by Vader as the show comes to an end. (***1/2. While not getting a result of the match really makes me mad, it’s a really good match that had great intensity to start and Anderson took a great beating for what seemed like 20+ minutes. It’s one of the best WCW TV matches of the year.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a memorable show for the fact that Sid will not be seen for almost six years in WCW and for the fantastic main event tag match. That took up a good portion of the second hour, so watch the second hour and that’s all you need to see.

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