ECW Hardcore TV 3/26/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Salem, NH

1.) ECW Tag Team Champions Lance Storm & Justin Credible defeated ECW World Champion Mike Awesome & Raven to retain the titles
2.) HC Loc defeated Chilly Willy
3.) Little Guido defeated Kid Kash
4.) Rhino defeated Balls Mahoney

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) All of these matches have already been reviewed since I covered the ECW house show on March 18th. You can read that review HERE.

2.) Sinister Minister is in the ring taking credit for putting Mike Awesome and Raven together as a tag team. Minister takes credit for his plan to make them tag champions. He says you’ve got to give the devil his due. Francine stands up and confronts Minister. Francine reminds Minister that nobody knows his name in this company. Francine says that everyone knows who she is and loves her. She is the queen of extreme. Francine lists her accomplishments of managing champions in ECW. Francine thinks it was a major accomplishment to lead Tommy Dreamer to a championship. Francine tells the fans that nobody is man enough to have her. She demands respect. Joey Styles wonder if Francine put the hit out on Dreamer and if she’s the evil mastermind.

3.) Steve Corino and Jack Victory come out to the ring for a promo segment. Corino doesn’t appreciate how the fans are treating him since he’s a victim of a crime this past Sunday. Corino claims he destroyed Dusty Rhodes at Living Dangerously and beat Rhodes around the ring for twelve minutes. Corino believes he’s the new American Dream in ECW. Corino waited since he was eight years old to be in a wrestling ring to defeat legends like Dusty Rhodes. Corino gets in HC Loc’s face blaming him for his loss. Corino notes that Loc is training to become a professional wrestler. Corino gave Loc fifty-three stitches with his cowbell. Corino promises to screw with Loc everyday. Loc responds saying he’s not afraid of Corino. Loc reminds Corino that Rhodes and New Jack kicked his ass. Loc says he’ll do the same tonight, as well. Corino isn’t going to dirty his hands with Loc if he was the last guy in the company. Instead, Chilly Willy will wrestle the match.

4.) The new Dangerous Alliance make their way out for a promo segment. Electra is here to show the crowd what crashed the website and she’ll show the loudest side of the arena. Electra tricks them and says none of them will see anything from her. Electra says that the Dangerous Alliance are the only men who will see her body. Erik Watts is out there with Bill Wiles, CW Anderson and Lou E. Dangerously. Dangerously says that Salem is the worst town he’s ever been in.

5.) Backstage, ECW World Champion Mike Awesome cuts a promo in the hallway. Awesome has heard the Japanese media is pissed that Awesome has ran Masato Tanaka out of the company and sent him back to Japan. Awesome put Tommy Dreamer through a table and sent him out of ECW, which has pissed the boys out too. Awesome will take anyone out that tries to take his belt away.

6.) ECW Tag Team Champions Impact Players cut a promo with Lance Storm saying it two weeks for them to regain the titles, which will stay with them. Credible chimes in with his catchphrase.

7.) Cyrus brings a cameraman to a corner of the locker room where there’s trash laying on the ground. Cyrus asks if this is what they want him to save. Cyrus what makes ECW worth saving when he sees this trash.

8.) Joey Styles is talking to a cameraman and says he almost kicked Cyrus’ ass. Styles doesn’t realize that the camera is running. Styles goes on a tirade when he’s told about it.

9.) Sinister Minister cuts a promo saying that he’s proud of tonight’s show. They had six of the seven deadly sins. Minister is sure he can come up with something to shove down Francine’s throat next week. Mikey Whipwreck is in the corner laughing with Minister to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
An average show this week. There wasn’t anything major taking place on the show, but there was some enjoyable promos and minor angle advancements.

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