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TNA Impact 5/20/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

A video package highlighting Sacrifice from last Sunday is shown. RVD retained, Tara’s career is over. Brother Ray shoved down his student Jesse Neal. Abyss has possession of Chelsea. Jeff Jarrett was taken out by Sting. Jeff Hardy didn’t want to shake hands with Mr. Anderson.

Tonight, there will be a top ten contenders list revealed by the championship committee.

Mike Tenay says that there will be a major announcement regarding the main event tonight. Also, Kurt Angle will make his return after a month off television. Angle hasn’t been seen since Lockdown, where he defeated Mr. Anderson.

Eric Bischoff makes his way out to the ring with Miss Tessmacher. In the ring, there’s several boards to signify the top ten contenders. Bischoff knows that the fans have been waiting for this moment to reveal the top ten. Hogan, Dixie Carter, and Bischoff are the people involved in making the list. Fan polling, career win/loss and championship wins, and the TNA win/loss record were considered. The list is the following from ten upwards. There’s a video package to promote each man following the announcement by Bischoff.
10.) Samoa Joe
9.) TNA Global Champion Rob Terry
8.) Desmond Wolfe
7.) D’Angelo Dinero
6.) Abyss
5.) Mr. Anderson
4.) Jeff Hardy
3.) AJ Styles
2.) Kurt Angle, however Angle doesn’t come out to the stage like the other wrestlers.
1.) Sting and as a result will be getting a title shot against RVD at Slammiversary.

Sting walks down to the ring to confront Bischoff. Bischoff congratulates Sting in getting a title shot at the PPV against RVD. Bischoff announces that Sting will be in action against Jeff Hardy tonight. Sting says he’ll do the same thing to Hardy that he did to Jeff Jarrett on Sunday. Sting knocks down the signs in the ring with his baseball bat. Sting tells Bischoff to change the way he walks. Sting hits Bischoff with the bat a few times. Abyss runs to the ring and is clotheslined over the top to the floor. Hardy slides in and grabs the bat to stop Sting’s onslaught. Hardy slaps Sting, but Sting low blows Hardy. Rob Van Dam’s music hits as Sting grabs the baseball bat. RVD makes his way down to the ring. Hardy chop blocks Sting and hits a reverse Twist of Fate. Hardy goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Sting bails to the floor to avoid it.

Backstage, Hogan is with Bischoff when Matt Morgan comes into the room to complain about Samoa Joe attacking him. Morgan wants a rematch and Hogan suggests Morgan find a partner. Hogan says that Sting needs to disappear and Bischoff agrees.

Opening Contest: TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne vs. Roxxi in a non-title match: Roxxi is returning from a broken ankle back in December. Roxxi tries for a quick rollup, but Rayne kicks out at two. Roxxi keeps arm control on Rayne before sending the champ into the corner and delivers a splash. Rayne avoids a boot and beats on Roxxi in the ropes. Rayne delivers a kick to the chest for a one count. Rayne keeps a sleeper on Roxxi and gouges the eyes until the referee forces a break. Rayne tries for a cover, but Roxxi kicks out at two. Rayne chokes Roxxi over the middle rope. Rayne chokes Roxxi over the middle rope and plays to the crowd. Rayne kicks Roxxi to the mat and manages a two count. Roxxi plants Rayne with the Voodoo Drop for the win. (*. A bland match, but I like Roxxi’s finisher.)

Backstage, Chelsea is freaking out with Desmond Wolfe about having to be with Abyss for a month. Wolfe says that Chelsea will be fine and Wolfe thinks he’s in a worst spot than her. Wolfe says that Chelsea is his and she has nothing to worry about.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is walking and the cameraman asks why Angle didn’t come out when he was named the number two contender. Angle doesn’t answer and walks away.

A video package of Kurt Angle’s TNA career is shown. Angle is addicted to performing and would rather work for a rapid TNA fanbase than 12k people sitting on their hands.

Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring to cut a promo. Angle talks about sitting at home and watching TNA on television. Angle recalls being one of the best when he came here four years ago. The fans say that he still is and Angle takes a moment to soak it in. Angle notes a few additions to the company and several wrestlers who have elevated themselves. Angle doesn’t think he’s part of the elite and thinks he’s just another guy on the roster. Angle reveals that he’ll wrestle for free. It’s not about money or ego. It was about being in the ring and putting everything on the line. Angle was bred to be a winner and will be a winner for the rest of his life. Angle is going through a difficult time and admits it could be a midlife crisis. Angle says he has accomplished everything there needs to be in professional wrestling. Angle is going to start from scratch and announces he is taking himself out of top ten. Angle will wrestle each top ten contender starting at ten and ending at one. Angle promises some of the greatest matches of all time.

Backstage, Ric Flair is interviewed by Christy Hemme. Beer Money Inc. is there with him and Flair doesn’t care who Lethal could have as his partner tonight. Flair takes Lethal’s impression as an insult and says that Lethal cost Styles the title at Sacrifice. Flair forces Hemme to feel Beer Money’s muscles. Kazarian enters the scene and wants to talk to Flair. Flair hits on Hemme asking if she got married without trying out the legend and she storms off.

Backstage, Rob Terry cuts a promo about a knee injury, but nothing will stop him from fighting Orlando Jordan. Terry likes the pain and promises to knock Jordan’s teeth down his throat.

Second Contest: TNA Global Champion Rob Terry vs. Orlando Jordan in a non-title match: Terry has his left knee taped up. Jordan goes right after Terry before the bell. Terry tosses Jordan away, but Jordan continues to try to work over the left knee. Terry tosses Jordan away and struggles to keep pressure on his leg. Terry backdrops Jordan coming out of the corner. Terry decks Jordan with a short arm clothesline for a two count. Jordan kicks Terry on the injured knee followed by a chop block. Jordan stomps on Terry’s knee and pulls on the injured leg. Jordan continues to beat on the injured knee with strikes and pulls the wrapping off of Terry’s knee. Jordan delivers a DDT to the injured leg a few times. Jordan keeps a leg lock on Terry, but Terry refuses to give in. The referee calls for the bell and signals for medical assistance. (1/2*. The match wasn’t much of anything and was mostly just Jordan showing a vicious side, which he did well. I’m just not caring about the feud.) After the match, Jordan puts the leg lock back on despite several referees trying to help.

Backstage, Jay Lethal cuts a promo about Ric Flair taking his impression the wrong way. Lethal was trying to honor Flair and show his fandom. Rob Van Dam enters the room and offers to be Lethal’s partner and thanks Lethal for having his back at the PPV.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy is putting paint on his face. Hardy talks about looking up to Sting as a kid. Hardy has always wanted to be in a match against Sting and never envisioned that being tonight.

Backstage, Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore storm into Team 3D locker room. Neal asks Brother Ray what the hell happened on PPV. Ray gave Neal an attitude adjustment. Ray tells Moore to stay out of this. Neal thinks Ray is jealous, and Ray dismisses that. Neal warns Ray to keep his distance and they are held apart by Moore and Devon.

Third Contest: TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam & Jay Lethal vs. Beer Money Inc. (Storm & Roode): Lethal and Roode start the match with Lethal chopping Roode. Lethal hip tosses Roode followed by a dropkick. Lethal is dumped to the apron by Roode, but delivers a shoulder ram and goes to the top rope where Storm shoves Lethal off. Storm tags into the match and and double teams Lethal. Storm delivers a few elbow drops to the leg of Lethal and connects with knee strikes and a clothesline. Roode tags back in and Lethal is taken down with a double backdrop. RVD distracts the referee allowing Roode to choke Lethal. Roode stomps on Lethal to maintain the advantage. Storm tags in and works over Lethal with a strike, but Lethal hits a handspring back elbow. RVD waits on the apron and is tagged in cleaning house with clotheslines. RVD tries for a step over heel kick, but Roode blocks it. RVD goes to the top and nails Roode with a kick to the face for a near fall. RVD spin kicks Beer Money and Lethal hits a missile dropkick. Lethal nails Roode with the Lethal Combination and RVD connects with the rolling thunder. RVD takes Storm out with a slingshot crossbody. Lethal locks in the figure four in the middle of the ring for the clean win. (*1/2. It never really got past first gear, so it was a bit of a disappointment. I thought it was a little bizarre that RVD didn’t even bother to take his t-shirt off. That’s just an odd observation, I suppose. I was surprised by the clean finish, too.)

Ric Flair comes down the aisle and brawls with Jay Lethal! Flair chops Lethal, but Lethal responds with chops of his own. Flair stomps on Lethal and they continue to trade chops and they battle backstage. RVD remains on the apron during the entire brawling segment. RVD slaps hands with fans in the front row. That is until Sting, wearing a Sting mask, hits RVD with a steel chair! That is brilliant. Sting smashes RVD with a chair shot to the face. Sting tosses a chair down to the floor and leaves RVD laying at ringside.

Jeff Hardy is in the ring talking about walking to the beat of a different drum. Hardy dares Sting to try and figure him out within the next hour. Hardy calls for his creatures and says they will take Sting to the wildest depths of his imagination.

Backstage, security has arrived to Desmond Wolfe’s locker room to bring Chelsea to Abyss. Wolfe calls them monsters for escorting her away. Wolfe continues to taunt them as Chelsea is brought away.

Abyss makes his way out to the ring to cut a promo. Abyss says that Desmond Wolfe has someone that is owed to him. Chelsea is brought down to the ring by security. Chelsea is begging security to not have her go with Abyss. Desmond Wolfe is with her in the ring along with security. Abyss says this is ironic since Wolfe was his bitch at Sacrifice and tonight he’s taking his. Wolfe calls that a zinger. Wolfe tells Abyss that he’s in a false sense of security to think Abyss would get Chelsea. Wolfe says that will happen over his dead body. Wolfe low blows Abyss and the security guys. Wolfe kicks the security guys in the corner. Wolfe grabs a bottle over the ring post from Chelsea’s bag. Wolfe taunts Abyss with the broken glass bottle and swings at Abyss a few times. Wolfe slices Abyss on the arm. Chelsea wants Wolfe to stop, but Wolfe now threatens her. Abyss is bleeding badly from the arm. Abyss recovers to plant Wolfe with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss carries Chelsea away from the ring.

The Band is in the ring with Eric Young holding a microphone. Young understands the boos because he has everything and they have nothing. Young is bragging about being in the Band. Young says they are like brothers and are blood. Young says they are the best. Young says that Kevin Nash is an ass kicker who backs it up in the ring. Young says nobody has the balls to step up to Nash. Young proclaims himself to be the newest member of the Band. Young says they are here to make the big bucks and they are going to take everything. Young believes there’s nothing that anybody can do about it.

Fourth Contest: Eric Young vs. Shannon Moore: Young works over Moore with strikes to start the match. Young sends Moore into the corner, but Moore comes back with arm drags and a dropkick. Moore atomic drops Young followed by a right hand and leg drops Young for a two count. Moore shoulder rams Young in the corner, but Young battles back with strikes. Moore hits a springboard crossbody for a two count. Moore forearms Young followed by a knee lift. Young forearms Moore coming off the ropes for a two count. Young slams Moore and heads to the middle rope hitting a forearm drop for a near fall. Young chokes Moore over the middle rope. Nash acts like he’s going to hit Moore with a championship, but the referee saw that attempt. Young keeps control on the mat with an arm bar. Moore forearms Young a few times and hits a wheelbarrow bulldog followed by a spinning heel kick. Moore elbows Young in the corner and hits a twisting dive for a near fall. Jesse Neal spears Brother Ray on the ramp. Scott Hall hits Moore with a tag title. Young finishes Moore off with a piledriver for the win. (*1/2. It wasn’t too bad of a match, but the usage of Team 3D and Neal to advance the feud was a bit annoying.) After the match, Brother Ray attacks Neal with a big boot from behind and slaps Neal on the mat. Ray says he brought Neal in and can take him out. Devon is trying to talk Ray down.

Fifth Contest: Battle Royal: Generation Me, Amazing Red, Homicide, Kazarian, Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelley are involved in the battle royal. It’s down to Sabin, Kazarian and Homicide rather quickly. Ric Flair comes out to check the match at this point. Kazarian kicks Sabin off the apron to the floor leaving it down to Homicide and Kazarian. Brian Kendrick is in the match and eliminates Homicide. Kazarian backdrops Kendrick, but is almost eliminated. Kazarian hits a springboard back elbow. Kazarian eliminates Kendrick to win the match. (NR. A completely obvious outcome. I can get behind a Kazarian push outside of the X-Division.)

Main Event: Sting vs. Jeff Hardy: Sting backs Hardy into a corner and delivers a few strikes. Hardy fights back with right hands and a spin kick. Hardy clotheslines Sting sending Sting to the floor to regroup. Hardy baseball slides Sting, but misses a slingshot crossbody attempt crashing to the floor. Sting tosses Hardy onto the ramp and slams Hardy’s leg over the ramp before jamming Hardy’s knee on the ramp. Sting stomps on Hardy to keep control of the contest. Sting kicks Hardy on the knee a few times. Sting misses a Stinger Splash in the corner. Hardy atomic drops Sting and hits a leg drop to the groin. Hardy gets a two count on a cover attempt. Hardy misses Whisper In The Wind as Sting sidesteps Hardy. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock and locks it in right in the middle of the ring. Hardy crawls to the ropes to break the hold. The referee gets knocked to the floor. Mr. Anderson rolls into the ring and plants Sting with a reverse DDT. Hardy covers Sting and wins the match. (1/2*. The crowd a little annoying here as they were acting like this was some kind of classic match when they didn’t do a whole lot of anything. Sure there is a cheap finish with Hardy getting unwanted help, but I’m surprised that Sting is losing on the same show that he’s made the number one contender to the TNA World Championship. A disappointing main event on many levels.)

Mr. Anderson celebrates with Jeff Hardy, but Hardy doesn’t seem to care and shoves Anderson. Anderson is trying to reason with Hardy and calls for his microphone, but Sting attacks both men with a baseball bat. Sting leaves them laying to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
I’m liking the issues between Lethal & Flair along with the idea of Angle having TV matches with guys on the contenders list to earn his way into the number one contender spot. Aside from those two angles there’s just not a lot going on that I’m interested in at the moment. TNA has loads of talent, but there’s an inability to produce compelling TV with the talent that is alarming. I really wish they would cut some nonsense talking segments and add minutes to the bigger marquee matches on the shows.

Thanks for reading.

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