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IWC Boiling Point 9/25/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

International Wrestling Cartel presents Boiling Point
From: Monroeville, PA

Sterling James Keenan cuts a promo in the ring and is pissed about being disrespected. Keenan complains about being dropped on his head last show and now being in the opening match. Keenan promises to beat Petey Williams, Chris Sabin and CM Punk. Keenan wants to be known as “Super Indy Killer” from now on.

Opening Contest: Sterling James Keenan vs. Dirk Ciglar: Keenan backs Ciglar into a corner, but cleanly backs off. Keenan yanks Ciglar down to the mat by his hair for the cheap advantage. Ciglar misses a clothesline but connects with a fireman’s carry. Ciglar tries for a backslide, but Keenan blocks it and knocks Ciglar off his feet with a clothesline. Ciglar tosses Keenan to the mat and is met with a slap to the face. Ciglar scoop slams Keenan, but Keenan bails to the floor to avoid a moonsault. Ciglar tries for a dive over the top, but Keenan moves. Keenan kicks Ciglar on the floor and sends Ciglar into the ring post shoulder first. Keenan fist drops Ciglar followed by an eye rake. Keenan delivers a hammerlock scoop slam and a snap suplex. Keenan wraps Ciglar’s arm around the top rope and delivers a strike to the back. Keenan knee strikes Ciglar to the mat. Keenan drops Ciglar over his knee with a gut buster. Keenan hammers away on Ciglar to keep control of the contest. Ciglar powerslams Keenan after leaping off the ropes. Ciglar hits a tilt a whirl slam for a two count. Ciglar hits a snap suplex and a overhead belly to belly suplex. Keenan tosses Ciglar with a release dragon suplex. Keenan spikes Ciglar with the MK Ultra to win the match. (**1/2. Not a bad start to the show with Ciglar looking good in there with some fun offense. Keenan was okay and his finishing move is certainly an impactful one.)

Second Contest: IWC Tag Team Champions Southern Comfort (Hamrick & Smothers) vs. The Scottish Highlanders (Robbie & Rory): Smothers and Rory kickoff the match with Smothers backing Rory into a corner and doing a clean break. Smothers takes Rory down to the mat, but Rory reaches the ropes. Rory and Smothers trade some mat wrestling holds. Smothers takes Rory over with a fireman carry and keeps arm control on the mat. Rory rams Smothers into the corner. Smothers drop toe holds Robbie and tags in Hamrick. Hamrick superkicks Robbie for a two count. Hamrick overhand chops Robbie in the corner. Hamrick clotheslines Robbie followed by a mafia kick and a clothesline in the corner. Smothers fakes a dive, but dropkicks both men on the floor. Hamrick hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Smothers beats on Robbie with several strikes and a kick to the head. Smothers dropkicks Rory to the floor. Smothers falls to the floor after Rory pulled the ropes down. Smothers is tripped in the ring allowing Robbie to deliver an elbow drop and Rory keeps control on the mat. Rory chops Smothers a few times, but Smothers gets a backslide for a two count. Rory plants Smothers with a spinebuster for a near fall. Rory stomps on Smothers and tags in Robbie to keep control. Robbie powerslams Smothers coming off the ropes for a near fall.

Smothers almost wins with a sunset flip, but Robbie comes back with a dropkick. Robbie keeps a chin lock on Smothers on the canvas before switching to a headlock. Smothers elbows free, but is yanked down to the mat. Rory returns to the match and delivers an elbow drop. Robbie misses a top rope splash as Smothers rolls out of the way. Hamrick is tagged in and cleans house with clotheslines and dropkicks. Hamrick hammers away on Rory and sends them into each other. Robbie stops Hamrick with a backbreaker. Smothers almost wins with a flatliner. Rory drops Smothers with a backbreaker for a two count. Hamrick is tossed to the floor. Robbie heads to the top rope and is crotched by Rory on accident. Smothers slams Robbie while Hamrick stands on Rory’s shoulders, but slips off. Hamrick settles for the usual leg drop and earns the win. (**. Once the match broke down it was a lot more enjoyable. I honestly have a lot of fun watching Smothers and Hamrick team wherever they show up.) After the match, Norm Conners enters the ring and mentions December 11th and a dream match taking place. Conners puts over the champs as being great champions. Conners announces that Southern Comfort defend the tag titles against the Midnight Express. The champs like that and Jim Cornette will be there, too.

Third Contest: Sebastian Dark vs. Super Hentai: Dark must be a huge fan of Raven because he’s looking quite similar to him. Dark taunts Hentai that he’s going to unmask him and Hentai responds with right hands. Hentai forearms Dark several times in the corner. Hentai dropkicks Dark coming off the ropes followed by an uppercut and strike in the corner. Dark punches Hentai on the apron and they are both on the apron trading blows. Dark tries for a suplex, but Hentai counters with a DDT on the apron. Hentai continues to control the bout with strikes. Hentai rams Dark face first into the ring post. Hentai powerslams Dark on the floor. Hentai heads to the top rope, but Dark sends the referee into the ropes to crotch Hentai. Dark nails Hentai with a clothesline and chokes Hentai over the bottom rope. Dark drives Hentai down to the mat with a vertical suplex followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Dark chokes Hentai over the middle rope and taunts the crowd. Dark puts Hentai in the tree of woe in the corner hitting a dropkick. Hentai comes back with a cutter off the top rope and both men are down.

Hentai forearms Dark followed by a German suplex. Hentai clotheslines Dark and heads to the top rope hitting a big splash for a two count. Hentai uppercuts Dark and continues with strikes in the corner. Dark boots a charging Hentai in the corner and begins to try and remove the mask. Dark twists it sideways and hits a northern lights suplex. Dark keeps a pin on and has his feet on the ropes for the cheap win. After the match, Dark grabs a steel chair and smashes Hentai over the head. Dark removes the mask. Dirk Ciglar comes out and is attacked by Dark with a chair. Ciglar has a towel over Hentai’s head and Dark delivers another chair shot. (**3/4. The finish was a bit lackluster, but I thought Hentai carried the action really well here. It’s a good undercard match and it appears it will continue.)

Carlton Kaz comes out to cut a promo and says he’s mad about having a pimple on his nose and not being booked by Norm Conners, the promoter. Kaz isn’t going to leave and issues a challenge to anyone to enter the ring. Jimmy Vegas answers the challenge.

Fourth Contest: Carlton Kaz vs. Jimmy Vegas: Vegas punches Kaz and follows up with a clothesline. Vegas backdrops Kaz and Kaz bails to the floor to regroup. Vegas follows to the aisle and sends Kaz into the ring post face first. Vegas sends Kaz into the post a couple more times face first. Kaz returns to the ring and hammers away on Vegas. Kaz delivers a backbreaker and tries for a cover managing a one count. Vegas tosses Kaz overhead with an exploder suplex. Vegas stomps on Kaz and gets a two count. Vegas runs into a back elbow and Kaz hits a leaping leg lariat off the middle rope for a two count. Vegas decks Kaz with a short arm clothesline. Vegas delivers a running double knee strike in the corner for a near fall. Kaz almost wins with a rollup, but Vegas kicks Kaz and fails on a powerbomb attempt. Vegas tosses Kaz with a Razors Edge out of the corner to win the match. (*. It’s really nothing of a match, but Vegas seems to have a level of charisma that kept me interested in the match.) After the match, Vegas notes that he won that match all by himself and he wants to be champion. Vegas appears to have left a stable known as The Triple Threat.

Fifth Contest: ROH World Champion Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels in a non-title match: Joe wants to shake hands, but Daniels isn’t about to do that. Joe shoves Daniels away in a lockup. They lockup a few more times, but they quickly let go with neither man getting the advantage. Joe gains control with a test of strength. Joe leg sweeps Daniels and tries to keep him down on the mat. Joe keeps arm control on the mat, but Daniels is able to counter with a front face lock. Joe tries to counter, but Daniels keeps the front face lock on Joe. Joe gets on top and clubs away on Daniels a few times. Joe takes Daniels down to the mat with an STF. Daniels is able to break free and controls Joe with a headlock. Joe fights out and shoulder blocks Daniels to the floor. Joe takes Daniels down to the mat with a headlock takeover. Daniels quickly breaks free and puts a headlock on Joe again. Joe counters with a head scissors on the mat. Daniels tries to pop free, but Joe gets a cross arm breaker on Daniels! Daniels scrambles and reaches the ropes. Joe headbutts Daniels on the wrist and tosses Daniels overhead. Joe keeps an arm lock on Daniels, but doesn’t get a submission. Joe continues to work over the arm and lifts Daniels into the air and back down to the mat.

Joe shoulder blocks Daniels and goes back to arm control on the mat. Joe stomps on Daniels, but is met with strikes by Daniels to the gut. Joe stops Daniels with a knee drop to the arm. Joe tosses Daniels over the shoulder and keeps arm control on the mat. There is twenty minutes remaining in the match as it’s announced that ten minutes have gone by. Joe boots Daniels in the corner and drops down to recover for a moment. Joe kicks Daniels several times on the mat and goes back to arm control. Joe shoulder blocks Daniels, but is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Daniels beats on Joe with stomps on the mat. Daniels forearms Joe in the midsection causing Joe to drop to his knees. Daniels knee drops Joe a few times on the back. Daniels elbow drops Joe on the mat several times. Joe battles back with several chops, but Daniels nails Joe with a knee to the midsection. There are fifteen minutes remaining in the match, which means fifteen minutes have gone by.

Daniels pummels Joe with several right hands on the mat. Daniels rams Joe into the corner back first and delivers a shoulder ram. Daniels kicks Joe, but runs into an STO by Joe in the corner. Joe kicks Daniels on the chest and follows up with a knee drop for a two count. Joe beats on Daniels in the corner with boot scrapes. Joe gets a running start and nails Daniels with a boot wash. Joe connects with a jumping kick to the head for a near fall. Joe forearms Daniels, but Daniels counters a hip toss with an abdominal stretch. Joe hip tosses Daniels and delivers a sweeping back kick to keep Daniels on the mat. There are ten minutes remaining in the match.

Daniels beats on Joe with strikes to the back and runs into an overhead throw by Joe. Joe chops Daniels a few times followed by a jab in the corner. Joe misses a splash in the corner and Daniels hits a Samoan Drop! Daniels tries to clothesline Joe, but Joe doesn’t budge. Daniels forearms Joe and hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Daniels spears Joe after a jawbreaker for a near fall. Daniels signals for another clothesline, but Joe hits a snap powerslam for a near fall. Joe goes for a cross arm bar, but Daniels blocks it and reaches the ropes. Joe powerbombs Daniels for a two count and switches to an STF. Daniels slowly reaches the ropes to break the hold. Joe back elbows Daniels, but Daniels tosses Joe with a German suplex. There are only five minutes remaining in the time limit.

Joe clotheslines a charging Daniels, but it looked like Joe has no energy left in the tank. Daniels bails to the floor and Joe hits a suicide dive! Joe goes to the top turnbuckle, but Daniels palm strikes Joe, but Joe eye rakes Daniels. Daniels looks for a superplex, but settles for a top rope hurricanrana for a two count. Daniels looks for the Angels Wings, but Joe counters with a choke hold. Daniels drops down for a victory roll managing a two count. Daniels nails Joe with a kick to the head. Daniels tries for Angels Wings, but Joe backdrops free. Daniels knee lifts Joe to keep both men struggling on the mat. Daniels tries for Last Rites, but Joe counters and locks in a sleeper hold. Joe drops down to the mat and has a body scissors locked in with the choke. Daniels is able to hold off on tapping for thirty seconds and the match ends in a draw. The fans want five more minutes, but that’s not happening. (***1/2. I am not surprised by the draw outcome here. As soon as I realized it was non-title, I had a feeling this was likely the outcome for the match. I’m sure this is a ROH/TNA deal where they didn’t want either guy losing in front of 400 fans as if that’s going to impact anything. It’s a good match, but it lacked true emotion since it’s a non-title match. The crowd ate it up, though.) After the match, Daniels notes that he respects Joe despite not being able to wrestle for ROH at the moment. Daniels offers to do it again at a later date. Joe accepts that offer.

Sixth Contest: Alex Shelley vs. NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Petey Williams: They counter each other to start the match and have a standoff. Shelley takes Williams down to the mat and keeps arm control. Williams kicks free leading to another standoff. Shelley locks in a modified cloverleaf by hooking Williams arm. Willams breaks free and goes for a sharpshooter, but Shelley reaches the ropes. Shelley shoulder blocks Williams and blows snot onto him. Williams arm drags Shelley followed by a dropkick. Williams puts the sharpshooter on Shelley, but Shelley reaches the ropes quickly. Shelley kicks Williams in the corner and drops Williams over the top rope followed by a kick to the back. Shelley rams Williams face first into the mat while having a head scissors on Williams. Willams gets out of a sleeper with a jawbreaker but Shelley dropkicks Williams from behind. Shelley plants Williams with a back suplex for a two count. Williams hits a side Russian leg sweep and both men are down.

They trade forearms until Williams hits a heel kick and a Codebreaker. Williams nearly wins following a tornado DDT. Shelley superkicks Williams and connects with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Williams counters a snapmare to drop Shelley to the mat for a two count. Shelley crotches Williams on the top rope and hits a middle rope cutter for a two count. Shelley tries for a suplex, but Williams counters with a neckbreaker. Williams tries for the Destroyer, but Shelley counters. Williams takes Shelley down and locks in the Sharpshooter managing to get a submission. (**. I’m going to consider that a disappointing match, but considering it’s following Joe/Daniels it twas probably a tough challenge to even think they’d match it. It never felt like it was getting out of first gear. Sure, there were a couple of big spots, but it just felt flat. Plus, the crowd doesn’t get to see the Canadian Destroyer.)

Seventh Contest: IWC Super Indy Champion Chris Sabin vs. Jimmy Jacobs: Jacobs counters a wrist lock and gets a leg lock on Sabin briefly leading to a standoff. Sabin drop toe holds Jacobs and gets control on the mat with a headlock. Jacobs keeps a head scissors on the mat, but Sabin breaks free and controls Jacobs with a headlock on the mat. Jacobs hammers away on Sabin and delivers a back elbow. Sabin stops Jacobs with a backbreaker. Sabin goes to the apron and hits a springboard missile dropkick to send Jacobs to the floor. Sabin takes Jacobs out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Sabin shoulder rams Jacobs from the apron, but Jacobs kicks Sabin and hits a double stomp over the middle rope. Jacobs senton splashes Sabin for a near fall. Jacobs rams Sabin into the corner a few times to keep control of the match. Jacobs stomps on Sabin several times. Jacobs sends Sabin chest first into the apron and gets a two count before controlling Sabin with an abdominal stretch. Sabin fights out and dropkicks a seated Jacobs and both men are down on the mat.

Jacobs knee lifts Sabin in the midsection to cut off his advantage. Jacobs sends Sabin chest first into the corner a couple of times and Jacobs manages a two count. Jacobs drops Sabin over his knee face first followed by a spear. Jacobs almost pins Sabin with a rollup. Jacobs delivers a falling headbutt to Sabin. Jacobs rams Sabin into the corner and hits a running crossbody in the corner. Jacobs hits a top rope crossbody, but Sabin rolls through to hit a swinging backbreaker. Sabin atomic drops Jacobs and hits a neckbreaker. Sabin tosses Jacobs with a German suplex for a two count. Jacobs kicks Sabin in the corner and tries for a blockbuster, but Sabin caught Jacobs. Sabin spin kicks Jacobs in the corner and hits a running Liger Bomb for a two count. Jacobs gets out of a brainbuster and kicks Sabin. Jacobs plants Sabin with an Un-Prettier for a two count. Jacobs goes to the top and kicks a charging Sabin. Sabin nails Jacobs with a kick to the head. Sabin has Jacobs on his shoulders looking for the Cradle Shock, but Jacobs breaks free. Jacobs knocks Sabin off and hits a top rope senton splash for a two count. Jacobs goes to the top again, but Sabin gets his knees up to block a senton. Sabin finishes Jacobs off with the Cradle Shock to win the match. (***3/4. Yeah, I actually enjoyed this more than Joe/Daniels. The pacing for the match was done really well and the offense was a lot of fun between these two. It’s one of the better Jacobs matches that I recall seeing during this time. Sabin is loads of fun to watch and this was a entertaining match. Well done match by these two that exceeded my expectations.) After the match, Norm Conners comes out and says that Sabin didn’t come out with the Super Indy Championship. Conners notes that changes are happening for IWC. Conners has a belt maker enter the ring to hand Sabin a new Super Indy Championship.

Chris Wood and Mick Foley are the special referees for the main event.

Main Event: IWC Heavyweight Champion Eric Xtasy vs. Shirley Doe in a no disqualification match: They start off trading forearms in the middle of the ring. Doe drops Xtasy with a roaring forearm and the champ bails to the floor. Xtasy staggers around ringside and Doe follows to deliver a few chops in the crowd. Doe sends Xtasy into several chairs that aren’t occupied. Doe continues with forearms in the crowd. Xtasy sends Doe into the hockey boards and into chairs. Xtasy rams Doe face first onto a steel chair. Xtasy clotheslines Doe in the crowd. Xtasy spits a drink on Doe and tries for a suplex onto the bleachers. Doe blocks it and chops Xtasy a few times. Doe sends Xtasy onto the bleachers. Doe chops Xtasy followed by forearms. Doe rams Xtasy into the bleachers with a side Russian leg sweep. Doe tries for an elbow drop off the apron, but Doe is tripped by the referee. Xtasy spikes Doe with the STD on the floor! Xtasy rolls Doe into the ring and celebrates with the referee. Xtasy has the cover, but Doe prevents the count at two. Xtasy ducks a clothesline and Doe nails Xtasy with a clothesline for a two count as the referee says he has a wrist cramp. Doe grabs the referee, but Xtasy plants Doe face first to the mat for a near fall. Sebastian Dark slides into the ring and whacks Doe with a vicious chair shot. Doe still manages to kick out at two. Dark misses another chair shot hitting Xtasy on accident. Super Hentai spears Dark to help Doe and they brawl to the floor. Troy Lawrence comes out making his return to IWC and whacks Shirley Doe with a chair shot. Sexual Harassment is back together.

Xtasy taunts Doe and Doe says that he doesn’t need Mick Foley. Doe says he needs Cactus Jack! Cactus Jack comes out with a chair and cleans house with chair shots. Xtasy low blows Jack, but Doe is back to his feet. Doe leaps off Jack’s back to hit a shining wizard. Wood weakly hits Jack with a chair. Jack decks Wood with a right hand. Jack has Mr. Socko and shoves it down Wood’s throat. T. Rantula enters the ring and attacks Jack. Doe and Jack hit double arm DDTs. Doe covers Xtasy and Jack counts the three! Doe is the new champion. (*1/2. They did very little in the ring and relied on brawling to get through it, which was fine. I think when you’re following the prior three matches you’re better off going a different route. Had they gone with a standard singles match I think it would have been a lot worse than it was.)

Norm Conners comes out and says he’s proud of Shirley Doe before walking off. Doe thanks the fans for coming out every time they are there. Doe thanks Foley for everything he’s done.

Final Thoughts:
With a runtime of just over two hours, I’m going to give this one a thumbs up. Joe/Daniels and Jacobs/Sabin delivered enjoyable matches and there were some other solid matches. This was an easy watch.

Thanks for reading.

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