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FIP Third Anniversary Bash 9/28/2007

Full Impact Pro presents Third Anniversary Bash
From: Brooksville, FL

The YRR make their way out to cutoff the ring announcer and they make their way down to the ring. Chasyn Rance starts off putting over the group and the ladies as being gorgeous. They are Young, Rich and Ready for action. Rance introduces each member Sal Rinauro, Jason Blade, Kenny King, Lacey and Rain. Rinauro chimes in and says they are the best wrestlers. The microphone is not great so it’s quite hard to hear what they are saying. Rinauro calls the fans drunks. Seth Delay comes out and apologizes for being out there. Delay speaks for the fans in saying they are tired of hearing the YRR talk. Delay says they are never ready for action whatsoever. Delay issues an open challenge for any of the YRR members. The YRR huddle and agree on Kenny King to be in action.

Opening Contest: Kenny King vs. Seth Delay: King backs Delay into a corner and fakes a right hand leading to King celebrating with the YRR. Delay puts on King’s jeans to taunt him. Delay gets a rollup on King for a near fall. Delay keeps a headlock on King for a few moments. King takes Delay down to the mat and keeps a front face lock on Delay. Delay controls King with an arm bar on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. King manages to counter on the mat, but Delay quickly gets to his feet and shoulder blocks Delay. King misses an elbow drop and Delay keeps a headlock on King. Delay hip tosses King followed by an arm drag. King breaks free with a right hand against the ropes, but Delay hits a dropkick to send King rolling to the floor. Delay hammers away on King in the corner to maintain the advantage. Delay tries for a cover, but King kicks out at two. Blade distracts Delay allowing King to hit a spinebuster. King continues with a leg drop for a near fall. King chokes Delay in the corner to keep the advantage. King splashes Delay in the corner followed by a dropkick to the face for a near fall. King eye rakes Delay to prevent a comeback attempt. King drives Delay down to the mat with a gut buster for a near fall.

King locks in a body scissors on Delay and pulls back on his arms. King switches to a camel clutch, but Delay refuses to give in. King sits Delay on the top turnbuckle looking for a superplex, but Delay fights off and shoves King to the mat. Delay leaps off the top hitting a sloppy head scissors. Delay hammers away on King with several strikes. Delay nails King with a leaping forearm smash and almost wins with a sunset flip. King eye rakes Delay to regain control. Delay ducks a clothesline, but King hits a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. These guys are getting tired and sloppy. Delay decks Blade with a right hand on the floor after being pulled out to the floor. Delay goes to the top rope, but King stops Delay after a distraction with a low blow. King hits the Coranation (Burning Hammer) to win the match. (*1/2. I think this was an example of giving guys too much time and the wrestlers not being prepared for it. They came across as being blown up at the end and it got a little sloppy. Delay was sloppy with a few big spots in the match, as well. I do like King’s finishing move as he hits it very well and it looks impactful.)

Jigsaw comes out to cut a promo on the YRR. Considering he’s wearing a mask and the microphone isn’t connected well, I’m assuming he issued a challenge.

Second Contest: Jason Blade vs. Jigsaw: Blade bails to the floor to avoid a right hand from Jigsaw in the opening moments of the contest. Blade returns to the ring and taunts the crowd. Blade gets arm control with a wrist lock and Jigsaw manages to counter quickly until Blade reaches the ropes to break the hold. Jigsaw drives Blade down with a Gory Special and keeps an abdominal stretch on the mat. Blade elbows Jigsaw, but Jigsaw hits a heel kick and rams Blade into the corner a few times. Jigsaw is tripped by Rance on the floor allowing Blade to hit a cutter. Rinauro chokes Jigsaw over the middle rope while the referee is distracted. Blade scoop slams Jigsaw and goes to the apron hitting a slingshot senton splash. Blade argues with the referee on a slow count and puts a sleeper on Jigsaw, but doesn’t get a submission. Blade high knee lifts Jigsaw coming off the ropes. Blade holds Jigsaw and Rinauro almost hits Blade on accident. Jigsaw sends them into each other and clotheslines Rinauro to the floor. Jigsaw clotheslines Blade a few times followed by a backdrop out of the corner for a near fall. Jigsaw boots Blade in the corner and leaps off the middle rope but is met with a cutter in midair. Jigsaw elbows Blade in the corner followed by a double stomp and a tornado DDT for a two count. Jigsaw heads to the top, but Rinauro shoves Jigsaw off as the referee was distracted. Blade has a rollup and a handful of tights for the cheap victory. After the match, the YRR attack Jigsaw until Black Market rundown and make the save. They issue a challenge for a street fight later tonight. (*1/2. I was mostly bored by this one. Jigsaw doesn’t do anything for me and Blade was kind of overselling some stuff that made me roll my eyes. There just wasn’t much here to keep me interested.)

Lacey and Rain of the YRR are in the ring to cut a promo. Yet again, it’s impossible to really make out what they’re saying because the microphone quality is horrendous.

Third Contest: Daizee Haze vs. Lacey vs. SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Ray: Lacey bails to the floor to avoid both women. Haze almost pins Del Ray with a rollup in the opening moments of the match. Del Ray keeps Haze on the mat with a wrist lock. Del Ray switches to a body scissors, but Haze breaks free and gets a couple of rollups for a two count. They both miss standing dropkicks and have a standoff. Lacey is chased by Del Ray, but runs into Rain on the floor since Haze was chasing Rain on the other side. Haze atomic drops Lacey and Del Ray holds Lacey, but Rain trips Haze running the ropes. Del Ray dropkicks Haze into the corner. Del Ray hits a snap suplex for a two count. Del Ray has a submission on Lacey, but Haze puts a dragon sleeper on Del Ray briefly. Haze hammera away on Del Ray. Del Ray sends Haze through the ropes to the floor. Rain beats on Haze at ringside while Del Ray brings Lacey into the ring with a suplex for a two count. Del Ray tries for a slam, but Lacey pulls Del Ray down over her knee to gain control. Lacey baseball slides Haze as Haze slid a chair into the ring. The referee quickly gets rid of the chair as Lacey plants Del Ray with a neckbreaker and puts a under hook submission locked in. Lacey delivers a running knee to Del Ray’s back and a reverse DDT for a near fall. Haze runs into a clothesline from Lacey. Haze takes Lacey down and pummels her with right hands. Haze hits a headlock/head scissor combo takedown. Haze elbows Lacey, and gets out of a full nelson. Lacey plants Haze with a wheelbarrow face buster, but Del Ray breaks the cover. Del Ray has the Gory Special on Lacey, but Haze leaps off the top to missile dropkick Del Ray. Lacey stops Haze on the top rope with forearms. Del Ray is kicked away by Lacey. Lacey hits a backstabber on Del Ray and Haze is shoved off the ropes by Rain. Lacey hits a DDT on Haze to win the match. (*1/4. I just didn’t care about this match. I was bored and they didn’t do anything that stood out. Lacey winning doesn’t surprise me since the YRR continues to get a huge focus in FIP.)

Fourth Contest: Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Hallowicked & Scott Commodity: Commodity and Dave kickoff the match with Commodity getting control with a head scissors on the mat. Dave breaks free rather quickly and gets a hammerlock on Commodity. They have a standoff before locking up again. Commodity takes Dave down to the mat with a headlock to maintain control of the contest and switches to a head scissors. Dave breaks free with a head scissors and they have a standoff. Hallowicked misses a slingshot senton and Jake tags into the match as Dave rolled away. Hallowicked shoulder blocks Jake and a running head scissors. Commodity tags back in and Jake is driven down with a flapjack. Hallowicked splashes Jake with help from Commodity. Jake gets leg control on Commodity and tags in Dave, Commodity rolls to the floor to avoid a splash by Dave. Hallowicked tags into the match and the crowd is heavily behind Hallowicked. Crist Brothers double team Hallowicked with a big boot and a senton splash for a two count. Dave keeps a kneeling abdominal stretch on Hallowicked. Hallowicked hip tosses free and Commodity tags in to deliver a scoop slam. Commodity goes to the middle rope missing a diving headutt. Commodity is elbowed to the mat and the Crist Brothers lock in submission before Dave lets go to dropkick Commodity. Dave baseball slides Hallowicked off the apron. Commodity prevents Jake from diving after Dave dove onto Hallowicked. Commodity works over Jake’s thigh with elbow drops. Hallowicked returns to the match and works over the legs, but doesn’t get a submission. Commodity is kicked away by Jake, but Hallowicked tags back in and hits a vertical suplex for a near fall. Commodity works over Jake in the corner with an uppercut, but Jake sends Commodity into Hallowicked and tags in Dave. Dave hits a crossbody and a heel kick on Hallowicked. Hallowicked strikes Dave, but Dave delivers a neckbreaker. Commodity tosses Dave overhead with a suplex. Dave plants Commodity with a hammerlock back suplex. Hallowicked hits a Sky High, but Jake superkicks Hallowicked. Commodity has Jake on his shoulders, but Jake breaks free and drops Commodity over Dave’s knees with a Death Valley Driver to win the match. (**. Once the formula of the tag match was tossed out the window, I thought this became a fun match with a lot of chaos. Commodity seems like he gets lost in the ring sometimes and that hurt the flow of the match a bit. Crist Brothers came across like a team with a ton of potential. Not a bad undercard tag match.)

Dave Prazak comes out before the next match begins to cut a promo. Prazak speaks loud and clear enough that the viewer at home can hear despite a poor microphone. Prazak has someone to make an example out of Akuma and it’s Necro Butcher!

Fifth Contest: Gran Akuma vs. Necro Butcher in a no disqualification match: Butcher attacks Akuma from behind and they go to the floor brawling. Butcher drops Akuma over the railing groin first followed by a headbutt. Butcher nails Akuma with a chair several times to keep control and tries for a cover, but pins don’t count outside the ring. Butcher eye rakes Akuma followed a chop and knee lift. Butcher delivers a kick to the midsection. Butcher eye rakes Akuma on the floor and rams him into the post back first followed by another chop. Butcher taunts the camera with the advantage. Butcher jabs Akuma with another chair shot and a stomp to the back. Akuma sends Butcher into the post followed by a vertical suplex on the floor, which has no padding. Akuma delivers a few kicks to the chest and continues to deliver strikes. Akuma continues to pummel Butcher with kicks and strikes around ringside. Prazak holds Akuma allowing Butcher to deliver a strike in the ring to regain control of the bout. Butcher chops Akuma to the mat and delivers another boot to the face. Akuma is attacked on the floor and Butcher gets another two count. Milo Beasley left his wheelchair and it’s deemed a miracle.

Butcher connects with a wheelchair assisted scoop slam on Akuma for a near fall. Butcher continues to work over Akuma with a stomp to the head and gouges Akuma’s face. Butcher sends Akuma to the floor where Beasley hits a running elbow drop off the apron onto Akuma and may actually need the wheelchair now. Butcher gets a two count after Akuma is rolled back in by Prazak. Butcher chops Akuma several times sitting in a chair and sits on another chair where they both begin to trade strikes while seated. Akuma kicks Butcher in the head to stagger Butcher. Butcher knocks Akuma over with a headbutt to the mat. Butcher tries for a piledriver, but Akuma counters with a kick to knock Butcher off his feet. Akuma tries for a piledriver, but Butcher escapes with strikes and a running clothesline. Butcher goes for a cover and manages a two count. Butcher tries for a scoop slam, but Akuma breaks free with a German suplex onto the chairs. Akuma heads to the top rope, but Beasley grabs Akuma while the referee is distracted. Butcher press slams Akuma onto the chairs and hits a Tiger Driver onto the chairs for the win. (**1/4. A hard hitting bout and one that I enjoyed more than I expected. The match was different than everything before it and I like the placement of the match. I’d like to see more of Akuma, but not in a hardcore match setting.) After the match, Delirious runs into the ring and goes after Butcher. Delirious kicks Butcher in the corner and hits a top rope missile dropkick. Larry Sweeney attacks Delirious from behind to start the next match. Sweeney is the newest member of the DP Associates group.

Sixth Contest: Larry Sweeney vs. Delirious: Sweeney works over Delirious with several strikes to gain the advantage. Sweeney taunts the crowd after eye raking Delirious and delivers an elbow to the back of Delirious. Delirious takes Sweeney down with a side headlock and drops Sweeney gut first to the mat followed by a senton splash. Sweeney bails to the floor and runs away from Delirious. Sweeney cheap shots Delirious and gets a two count in the ring. Sweeney misses a clothesline and is kicked by Delirious followed by an atomic drop. Delirious rams Sweeney into the corner and delivers a chop. Sweeney is sent into the corner and met with a splash. Delirious continues with a back suplex for a near fall. Delirious headbutts Sweeney into the corner, but Sweeney drops Delirious over the top rope with a Stun Gun and stomps on Delirious several times. Sweeney slams the back of Delirious’s head onto the canvas. Sweeney sends Delirious into the corner, but blocks a sunset flip attempt with a right hand and tosses Delirious with a gut wrench suplex. Sweeney taunts the fans on the middle rope and connects with an elbow drop for a two count.

Sweeney controls Delirious with a chin lock on the mat. Sweeney keeps a headlock on Delirious, but doesn’t get a submission. Sweeney uses the ropes for leverage, but still can’t get a submission. Sweeney yanks Delirious down by his mask followed by a scoop slam and a stomp to the midsection. Sweeney delivers the Sweeney Stomp to keep Delirious on the mat. Sweeney dumps Delirious to the floor where Delirious is attacked by Beasley and Prazak. Sweeney chops Delirious several times against the railing. Sweeney delivers an axe handle upon Delirious rolling back into the ring. Sweeney chokes Delirious over the top rope and tries for a suplex, but Delirious blocks it and hits a snap suplex of his own. Delirious forearms Sweeney a few times and clotheslines Sweeney several times. Delirious plants Sweeney with a Rock Bottom for a near fall. Delirious is stopped by a knee lift and a fisherman suplex for a two count. Sweeney sits Delirious on the top rope, but Delirious leaps off and rolls through. Delirious drop toe holds Sweeney into the corner and hits the Panic Attack. Delirious goes to the top rope and hits the Shadows Over Hell. Sweeney distracts the referee as Prazak gets on the apron. Necro Butcher nails Delirious with a chair shot. Sweeney connects with a spinebuster and goes to the top hitting an elbow drop for the win. (**1/4. A decent match with a consistent action. The finish is a little bit of a bummer, but it gives them some more heat. It’s a bit odd to have two heel stables controlling the promotion with the YRR and DP Associates. Delirious wasn’t as annoying as he usually is to me.)

Seventh Contest: FIP Florida Heritage Champion Erick Stevens vs. Jack Evans: Evans wants to shake hands and Stevens accepts the offer. Stevens backs Evans into a corner and backs off cleanly. Stevens controls Evans with a wrist lock and Evans breaks free with a head scissors followed by an arm drag. Evans keeps arm control, but Stevens breaks free and scoop slams Evans with force. Evans rolls to the floor to regroup for a bit. Evans takes Stevens down with a drop toe hold and a leg sweep to get leg control on the mat. Stevens quickly counters to get leg control of his own. Evans tries for a hip toss, but Stevens counters. Evans hits a backflip kick to stagger Stevens and is met with a forearm strike. Evans kicks Stevens and hits a springboard kick. Evans handspring elbows Stevens over the top to the floor. Evans leaps off the apron to take Stevens out with a corkscrew dive on the floor. Stevens catches a moonsault attempt and sends Evans into the post and apron. Evans tries to fight back with strikes, but Stevens delivers a headbutt to keep control. Stevens chops Evans to the mat and continues to club away on Evans. Stevens hooks Evans for a suplex and drives Evans down to the mat. Stevens locks in a reverse cloverleaf, but Evans doesn’t give in. Evans reaches the ropes, but is tossed away by Stevens. Stevens covers, but Evans kicks out at two. Stevens rams Evans into the corner and continues with several chops and strikes.

Evans counters a hip toss and dropkicks Stevens. Stevens catches Evans on a handspring attempt hitting a back suplex for a two count. Stevens works over Evans with a strike to the back and locks in a bearhug. Evans forearms free from Stevens and hits a springboard moonsault elbow. Evans avoids Stevens in the corner and hits a springboard hurricanrana. Evans takes Stevens out with a handspring dive over the top to the floor. Evans covers Stevens managing a two count. Evans kicks Stevens a few times and lands on his feet to avoid a German suplex. Stevens plants Evans with a TKO for a near fall. Evans elbows Stevens in the corner, but Stevens rams Evans into the corner followed by a splash. Stevens shoulder blocks Evans and hits a pump handle sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Stevens forearms Evans against the ropes and into the corner. Stevens has an over the shoulder bearhug, but Evans breaks free and kicks Stevens from behind into the corner. Evans lays Stevens over the middle rope to hit a handspring moonsault kick for a near fall. Evans heads to the top rope, but Stevens stops Evans. Stevens hooks Evans for a superplex, but Evans crotches Stevens and puts the champ in a tree of woe to deliver a double knee strike. Evans heads to the top rope and goes for the 630, but Stevens got his knees up and quickly hits a powerslam for a near fall. Stevens tries for a lariat, but is kicked by Evans. Stevens drives Evans down to the mat and hits the Doctor Bomb for the win. (***1/2. I really enjoyed this match and feel like their styles played well against each other. Evans bumped around well for Stevens and made his moves look more devastating. Evans provided some good high spots and close calls to make him a viable contender to the title. An enjoyable title match.)

Prior to the next match, Jay Briscoe notes that Mark Briscoe got in a motorcycle accident and can’t be here to defend the tag titles with him. Briscoe says they can do a handicap match, but the FIP Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong comes out and says he’ll team with Jay.

Eighth Contest: FIP Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong & FIP Tag Team Champion Jay Briscoe vs. BxB Hulk & Yamato: Strong and Hulk kickoff the tag match trading wrist control. Strong takes Hulk down to the mat, but Hulk quickly gets a headlock on Strong. Hulk arm drags Strong followed by a dropkick to send Strong to the floor. Briscoe and Yamato enter the match trading arm control as Briscoe arm drags Yamato. Briscoe doesn’t budge on a shoulder block and boots Yamato in the corner. Yamato tosses Briscoe with an exploder suplex. Hulk spin kicks Briscoe as Yamato held Briscoe leading to a near fall. Yamato keeps a chin lock on Briscoe for a moment. Yamato is rammed into the corner by Briscoe and Hulk enters to deliver strikes. Hulk kicks Briscoe in the midsection. Hulk chops Briscoe a few times. Briscoe splashes Hulk in the corner and Strong tags in to deliver chops and strikes to the back. Strong scoop slams Hulk followed by an elbow drop. Strong is chopped by Hulk several times and a spin kick to the chest. Yamato tags in and double teams Strong with Hulk. Strong is shoulder blocked to the mat. Yamato stomps on Strong and delivers a few strikes. Yamato forearms Strong to the mat and rams Strong into the corner followed by chops. Hulk dropkicks Strong in the corner a couple of times. Strong kicks Hulk away and tags in Briscoe. Hulk forearms Briscoe and hits a standing senton for a two count.

Yamato clubs Briscoe over the back and runs into a dropkick off the ropes. Briscoe misses a splash in the corner and drives Yamato face first into the corner. Briscoe hits a blockbuster off the middle rope for a two count. Briscoe takes Yamato over with a snap suplex and a chop to the chest. Strong beats on Yamato to keep him on the mat. Briscoe tags back into the bout and along with Strong hits a back suplex/neckbreaker combo for a two count on Yamato. Briscoe forearms Yamato a few times followed by a stomp. Briscoe scoop slams Yamato followed by a leg drop. Briscoe puts a seated dragon sleeper on Yamato, but doesn’t get a submission. Strong keeps control in the corner with a few strikes. Strong chops Yamato in the corner and manages a two count. Strong drives Yamato down with a backbreaker and Hulk breaks the cover at two. Strong hooks Yamato for a suplex, but Yamato counters and spears Strong! Hulk and Briscoe are tagged in with Hulk cleaning house. Hulk dropkicks Strong and moonsaults Briscoe. Briscoe misses a splash and Hulk hits a spinning heel kick off the top rope. Hulk takes both men out with a moonsault to the floor! Strong and Yamato trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Yamato tosses Strong with a German suplex for a near fall. Briscoe kicks Hulk and tosses Yamato with an exploder suplex. Briscoe kicks Hulk coming off the ropes. Hulk is clotheslined by Strong for a near fall. Strong tosses Yamato to the floor and delivers a gut buster. Briscoe hits a Death Valley Driver on Hulk for a near fall.

Hulk spin kicks Briscoe to the floor. Hulk works over Strong with strikes against the ropes. Yamato and Hulk hit a double back suplex on Strong for a near fall as Briscoe made the save. Hulk elbows Strong and Yamato delivers a forearm smash. Yamato hits a fallaway slam on Briscoe. Hulk hits a standing shooting star press for a two count on Briscoe. Briscoe counters a slam and kicks Hulk followed by a sit out front suplex. Briscoe heads to the top rope, but is kicked by Hulk. Hulk stops Briscoe on the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Strong and Yamato brawl on the floor. Hulk plants Briscoe with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Hulk hits sit out pump handle driver on Briscoe for the clean win. (***1/2. I enjoyed the tag match as all four men worked a fun match full of action. They got plenty of time and it honestly flew by. It’s a well done tag match. I’m not familiar with Hulk and Yamato, but they are quite good.)

After the match, Larry Sweeney sends Strong into the ring post and cuts a promo saying that he’s coming for Strong’s title tomorrow night.

Main Event: Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) & The Heartbreak Express (Phil Davis & Sean Davis) vs. The YRR (Chasyn Rance, Jason Blade, Kenny King & Sal Rinauro) in an anything goes match: Well, this is starting off as just the Black Market against Rance and Rinauro. Market dominate the early moments with strikes. Rinauro is met with a big backdrop. Rinauro is choked over the middle rope. Blade and King slide into the ring to help their partners. The Heartbreak Express enter the match with trash cans and hit the YRR with them. Rinauro gets a trash can tossed into his face and Blade is knocked off the apron to the floor. Rinauro is nailed by a chair shot on the floor. Rance is destroyed by a chair shot from Sean on the floor. YRR continue to get destroyed on the floor. King gets some offense in with chair shots to everyone and a trash can shot. Blade beats on Phil with a chair shot. Rinauro works over Murphy in the ring, but Murphy manages to double chokeslam Rance and Rinauro. Phil is busted wide open on the floor, which is not a surprise. Sean hits King with a chair shot while having a trash can over his head. Sean hammers away on Rinuaro and drops Rinauro over the railing chest first. Phil spikes Rance with a piledriver on a chair. Sean has a chain and misses King accidentally hitting Machete with the chain. King chokes Sean on the floor with the chain. Blade covers Machete and gets the three count. (*1/4. It’s just standard brawling with nothing too crazy taking place. Considering there wasn’t any too crazy, I’m glad this didn’t go for an extended period of time. The heels winning here doesn’t bother me since I’m doubting they’d win the Cage of Pain match the next night. Keep it level heading into the weapons cage match. The finish also doesn’t surprise me as it ties into the issues previously between the Black Market and the Heartbreak Express.)

Sean Davis gets a microphone and promises to kill the YRR tomorrow night in the Cage of Pain. Machete says they will pay with every ounce of their blood. They promise a lot of weapons and a lo of blood.

Final Thoughts:
The Stevens/Evans and the tag match carry this show to being a mild thumbs up show overall. There wasn’t anything truly awful on the undercard and they kept the times on the matches limited, which benefited the viewing experience. I like the feel that FIP has compared to ROH. It feels like an old school regional promotion and I enjoy that atmosphere.

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