ECW Hardcore TV 4/2/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Kansas City, MO

1.) ECW Tag Team Champions Lance Storm & Justin Credible defeated Chris Chetti & Nova to retain the titles
2.) HC Loc defeated Steve Corino
3.) ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated Kid Kash
4.) ECW Television Champion Super Crazy defeated Rhino to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Chetti and Credible kickoff the tag title match with Credible backing Chetti into a corner and misses a wild right hand attempt. Chetti chops Credible in the corner a few times to get the advantage. Credible shoulder blocks Chetti and is met with a kick to the gut. Chetti comes off the ropes with a scissors kick and tags in Nova. Credible is hip tossed to the mat and is met with a senton/elbow drop combo. Storm is knocked off the apron as Nova kicks Credible in the corner. Storm drops Nova after Nova ducks a clothesline from Credible. Storm legally enters and chokes Nova over the ropes and Jason delivers a cheap shot from the floor. Storm rams Nova into the corner with a few right hands. Nova continues with right hands in the corner. Storm kicks Nova and connects with a clothesline before tagging in Credible. Credible jabs Nova several times to drop Nova to the mat. Credible rams Nova into the corner and keeps control with several strikes. Credible dropkicks a seated Nova and taunts the crowd before managing a near fall. Credible keeps Nova on the mat with a sleeper. Nova elbows free, but Credible hits a swinging DDT. Jason slides a table into the ring for Credible to use.

Credible tries for a suplex, but Nova counters. Credible elbows Nova and gets a chair. Nova plants Credible with a DDT onto the chair. Chetti gets tagged in and cleans house with clotheslines. Credible is sent upside down into the corner and Chetti hits a sit out Death Valley Driver for a two count. All four men are in the ring brawling with Nova punching Storm in the corner. Storm dumps Nova to the floor and holds Chetti, but Credible accidentally superkicks Storm. Nova superkicks Credible and Chetti almost wins with a backslide. Dawn Marie gets involved and Jazz clotheslines Marie. Jason enters the ring and misses a kick to Jazz. Jazz plants Jason with a Jazz Stinger. Credible has Jazz and spikes her with the That’s Incredible! Nova hits a tornado DDT, but Storm makes the save. Nova sends Storm into the corner, but Storm delivers a low blow. Nova drop toe holds Storm onto the table. Chetti misses a springboard leg drop going through the table in the process. The champs hit a spike piledriver leading to a three count on Chetti. (**1/4. A fine tag title match, but it didn’t feel like it got past the first stage. It’s a competitive match, but I know that these two teams can do better than this. I’m glad the finish didn’t include interference.)

2.) Joey Styles promotes Cyberslam 2000 and the fact that Rob Van Dam returns to television on April 8th in Buffalo, NY.

3.) Steve Corino cuts a promo saying that if he lived in Kansas City the last thing he’d do is cheer about it. Corino notes the history of old school wrestling in the area. He’s here to make a difference in Kansas City. Corino is here to stop the hardcore crap that everyone is use to. Corino beat Dusty Rhodes up at Living Dangerously only for a piss ant referee to get in his way. Corino gets in HC Loc’s face in the corner, again. Corino again mentions that Loc is the head of the class at wrestling school. Corino promises to wrap his bullrope around Loc’s face if he gets involved in is matches again. Loc grabs the microphone and says he has nothing to prove to Corino. Loc will kick Corino’s ass just like Dusty did at the PPV. Corino asks if the fans want to see Loc kick his ass. Corino backs off and Victory decks Loc from behind.

4.) Corino works over Loc with right hands in the corner to start their singles match followed by chops. Corino is shoved by the referee and Loc almost wins with a rollup. Corino decks Loc with a clothesline. Corino chokes Loc over the middle rope followed by a vertical suplex for a two count. Corino dumps Loc to the outside where Victory chokes Loc with the bullrope. Loc tries for a sunset flip from the apron and pulls Corino’s tights down, but Corino blocks with a right hand. They censor the exposed ass. Corino works over Loc in the corner with strikes. Loc fights back with a chop in the corner. Corino runs into a boot in the corner, but plants Loc with a powerslam for a two count. Loc shoulder blocks Corino and staggers around landing onto Corino’s groin as the show goes to commercial.

Loc shoves Corino off the middle rope and leaps off the top hitting a frog splash for a near fall as Victory made the save on the cover. Victory slams Loc to the mat and argues with the referee. Corino gets the bullrope and smacks Loc over the head. Corino delivers an elbow drop, but here comes Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes attacks Corino and Victory with jabs and elbow strikes. Dusty delivers an elbow drop and puts Loc on top leading to three count on Corino. (*. I’m not sure if I’d have Corino working such a long match with a referee, but Corino is more than capable of getting his heat back. Dusty getting involved continues his feud with Corino, so that served a purpose.)

5.) Kash goes right after Awesome with strikes, but is stopped by a shoulder block. Awesome hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Awesome comes off the ropes with a big splash. Awesome misses a clothesline, but counters a crucifix and drives Kash down to the mat for a near fall. Awesome sends Kash over the top to the floor. Awesome comes off the apron with an axe handle strike. Judge Jeff Jones strikes Kash on the floor as the fans are chanting for a table. Awesome sends Kash into the railing back first. Kash dumps Awesome into the crowd and hits a somersault dive into the crowd. Kash stops Awesome on the apron, but Awesome hits a slingshot shoulder block to stop Kash. Awesome splashes Kash in the corner and connects with a leg drop for a two count. Kash hits a double springboard crossbody, but runs into a clothesline. Awesome clotheslines Kash coming off the ropes. Kash shoulder rams Awesome on the apron and hits a top rope hurricanrana. Awesome counters another hurricanrana with a sit down powerbomb. Awesome heads to the top rope hitting a big splash. Awesome covers, but Kash kicks out at two. Awesome grabs a table from Judge Jeff Jones. Awesome signals to use the table. Kash breaks free of a powerbomb, but runs into a big boot. Awesome powerbombs Kash through the table and wins the match. (**. An entertaining sprint of a match. Kash is a lot of fun to watch and did well in there to get some shine. Awesome is a huge star for ECW and seemingly unstoppable if Tanaka is not in ECW for a while.)

6.) The main event match was already covered on the ECW on TNN show. The Sandman gets involved, but the Network lays out Sandman and Super Crazy to end the show. Rhino destroys Sandman with kendo stick shots as Corino and Victory held him.

Final Thoughts:
Plenty of focus on in-ring action this week, but the action was mostly average. There wasn’t anything outwardly bad, but it was just kind of there week for Hardcore TV.

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