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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #105 7/28/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #105
From: Nashville, TN

Opening Contest: Bobby Roode & Petey Williams vs. America’s Most Wanted: Storm and Williams start the match. Williams slaps Storm and is quickly backed into a corner being choked until managing to bail to the floor to regroup. Storm elbows and clotheslines Williams. Storm tosses Williams into the corner and delivers several strikes. AMW toss Williams into Roode in the corner and AMW follow to the floor to deliver strikes to both men. Harris stomps on Roode followed by chops to keep control of the contest. Roode dumps Harris to the floor, but D’Amore uses a strap on Harris on the apron to help his team. Roode stomps on Storm to maintain the advantage. Roode beats on Storm in the corner with more strikes. Williams tags into the match nailing Storm with a heel kick for a two count. Storm rolls through a sunset flip dropkicking Williams. Harris backdrops Williams coming out of the corner and clotheslines Harris. Harris plants Williams with a delayed vertical suplex. Harris misses a spear and hits the post. D’Amore continues to use the strap on Harris outside the ring. Williams works over the left arm with strikes and tags in Roode. Roode wraps Harris arm over the middle rope and D’Amore chokes Harris over the ropes. Roode tags into the match and keeps Harris on the mat with a top wrist lock.

Harris punches free on Roode and catches Roode on a crossbody. Roode elbows free and plants Harris with an arm breaker. Roode wraps Harris arm over the middle rope and Williams tags in to focus his offense on the arm. Storm tries to get involved, but is stopped by the referee. Harris fights out of the corner with strikes, but Williams tries for the Canadian Destroyer. Harris counters with a double leg slam. Roode and Storm tag in with Storm getting the advantage hitting a head scissors. Storm press slams Williams and powerslams Roode. Storm hits a full nelson slam on Williams. Storm tries to cover Roode for a two count. Storm kicks Williams to the mat and tags in Harris. AMW hit the Hart Attack on Roode, but D’Amore gets on the apron. Roode clotheslines Harris from behind while Storm brawls with Williams on the floor. Storm superkicks Roode allowing Harris to get a rollup for the win. After the match, D’Amore uses the strap on AMW for a post match beat down. Harris gets the strap and D’Amore tries to escape, but is whipped by Harris. Johnny Devine and Eric Young slide into the ring to make the save on D’Amore. AMW is held down and whipped by D’Amore until Triple X enter the ring to make the save. (**. A formula match between these two teams. The action was decent enough and it held my interest throughout. I’m waiting for them to get behind Team Canada and full push them. It feels like they start to and then backoff on the idea of the push.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett for an interview. Hudson promotes the Monty Brown vs. Jeff Hardy match taking place tonight. Jarrett could care less about which man won the match. Hudson dismisses that notion and thinks that Jarrett wants Brown over Hardy. Jarrett tells Hudson that either guy could win and notes that Hardy has never won the World Championship. Brown has never won a Super Bowl and will never be a champion either. Jarrett says that Russo and Rhodes are having issues of their own. Hudson doesn’t know anything about that.

Second Contest: Abyss & Alex Shelley vs. D-Ray 3000 & Shark Boy: Abyss and D-Ray kickoff the match. Abyss controls D-Ray with a test of strength. Ray dropkicks Abyss, but runs into a press slam attempt. Abyss drops Ray to the mat gut first and plays with Ray’s hair in the corner. Abyss uses the comb on his hair, but goes back to wrestling. Boy tries for a crossbody, but Abyss catches Boy and drops him onto Ray. Abyss tosses Ray to the floor and misses a leg drop on Boy. Boy bites Abyss on the butt and delivers right hands in the corner. Abyss misses a clothesline and Boy connects with a jawbreaker. Shelley gets kicked to the floor and Abyss nails Boy with a big boot. Goldy wants Abyss to tag in Shelley and Shelley tags himself in. Shelley kicks Boy on the back followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Shelley knee strikes Boy in the corner followed by a tornado DDT for a two count. Abyss is not happy on the apron not watching the match. Boy kicks Shelley and hits a neckbreaker. Ray tags in and cleans house with strikes. Abyss splashes Shelley in the corner on accident. Boy dropkicks Ray onto Abyss leading to a near fall. Boy and Ray hit double shoulder blocks off the top. Abyss tries for double chokeslam, but they stomp on Abyss foot. Shelley pulls Boy to the floor and Abyss plants Ray with the Black Hole Slam to win the match. Goldy now owns the contracts of D-Ray and Shark Boy. (*. I like the dynamic of Shelley being the favorite of Goldy and kind of neglecting Abyss. It may be a way to get Abyss some sympathy and if they go strong with the angle I could see Abyss getting a strong babyface push at some point down the line.) After the match, Desire attacks Goldylocks on the aisle. Sonny Siaki comes out as well until security stops them.

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviews David Young and Johnny Swinger. Young doesn’t want to hear about Glen Gilbertti and says that Gilbertti does nothing for him. Young says if he can’t beat a referee then he doesn’t deserve to be there. Gilbertti enters the scene and he’s pissed that nobody answers their phone. Gilbertti says they are both on the Gut Check list and they need to help each other. Gilbertti says that the referees are giving Posey some advice and thinks there is a conspiracy against Young. Gilbertti wants Young to trust him.

Third Contest: Mike Posey vs. David Young: Posey calls Young a loser and is still wearing a referee shirt. Posey slaps Young and bails to the floor as Young is stopped by the referee. Posey hammers away on Young and runs around the ring. Posey gets a rollup for a two count. Posey bails to the floor again and runs around ringside. Posey has a broom and hits Young over the back several times. Gilbertti takes the broom away and Young drops Posey with a clothesline. Young powerslams Posey coming off the ropes for a two count. Young plants Posey with a sit down powerbomb, but Posey reaches the ropes to break the count. Posey boots Young and misses a top rope crossbody. Posey slams Posey and heads to the top rope missing a moonsault. Posey is fired up and throws his shirt at Young. Posey tackles Young to the mat and delivers several strikes. Posey gets the broom from Gilbertti and hits Young several times. Gilbertti is on the apron and almost gets hit by Young. Posey dropkicks Young into Gilbertti and gets a rollup on Young to win the match! Young is now 0-88. (*. I’m fine with the story to have Young lose to Posey and it fits the story. I’m just not sure where else you can go with Young at this point.) After the match, Gilbertti is yelling at Young for losing the match. Gilbertti shoves Young, but Young hammers away on Gilbertti followed by a clothesline. Swinger gets in the ring and clotheslines Young. Young is double teamed by Gilbertti and Swinger. If this was an attempt to get Young over as a babyface the crowd was completely silent.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Goldylocks and Alex Shelley. Goldy isn’t here to talk about Shark Boy or D-Ray 3000. She’s more interested in talking about Desire. Goldy knows who set her up for this. Goldy knows that Erik Watts wife did this. Goldy brags about being rich. Goldy challenges Desire to a match at any time. Desire enters the scene and confronts Goldy. Siaki accepts the challenge issued by Goldy. Goldy says that Siaki will be wrestling Abyss.

Mike Tenay is in the ring and promotes the match between Sabu and Raven, which has been accepted and will take place next week. Tenay introduces Raven to the ring to cut a promo. Raven is dressed similar to Sabu and has forced Tenay out of the ring. Raven has “Die Sabu” written on his chest and claims he was a God for this sport for sixteen years. Raven says that Sabu has avoided him for sixteen years. Raven isn’t going to do this on Sabu’s terms next week. The match will happen right now instead. Raven knows that Sabu is lurking in the shadows and is terrified of him. Raven puts the ring gear belonging to Sabu’s “dead uncle” and puts them in a trash can. Raven feels he needs to up the ante. Raven has a bag under the ring and rolls the bodybag into the ring. Raven unzips the bag and it’s Sonjay Dutt in the bodybag. Dutt has been tied up and puts Dutt in the trash can! Raven pours gasoline on Dutt and is ready to set the can on fire. Raven counts down from ten, but the lights go out. Sabu is in the ring and begins to trade strikes with Raven. Security and referees try to get involved as Raven tossed a chair at Raven. Security stop them on the aisle.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with NWA Tag Team Champions the Naturals. Douglas brags about beating AMW 75% of the time. Douglas jokes that if AMW beat XXX then that makes them the best in TNA. They give Hudson a phone, which was apparently Don West’s. Pat Kenney enters the scene with Trinity and says that Big Vito made a mistake sending a woman to do a man’s job. Kenney challenges Vito to a match next week to a weapons match. Kenney promises that next week will strike three.

Fourth Contest: NWA Tag Team Champions The Naturals vs. Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper: Stevens and Skipper kickoff the tag title match. Skipper chops Stevens after being slapped. Skipper tosses Stevens with a northern lights suplex. Skipper takes Stevens down to the mat and keeps control on the mat briefly. Skipper keeps Stevens on the mat with a hammerlock and manages a two count. Stevens elbows free from Skipper and is met with a spin kick. Skipper heel kicks Stevens and tags in Daniels. Stevens comes off the ropes and is met with a hip toss. Daniels comes off the ropes to deliver a knee drop. Daniels heel kicks Stevens to the mat and nearly wins the match. Stevens kicks Daniels and tags in Douglas. Daniels hip tosses Douglas followed by an arm drag. Skipper returns to the match and they slam Douglas. Skipper slams Daniels onto Douglas leading to a near fall. Skipper kicks Douglas on the back leading to a near fall. Daniels tags back into the match and Skipper delivers a clothesline. Daniels decks Stevens off the apron. Skipper lifts Daniels into the air to deliver an elbow drop for a two count. Daniels scoop slams Douglas to the mat and hits a moonsault off the ropes for a near fall. Daniels atomic drops Douglas and Skipper misses a clothesline allowing Douglas to toss Skipper to the floor after a strike.

Stevens connects with a snap suplex on the floor and rolls Skipper back into the ring where Douglas gets a two count. Douglas pulls back on Skipper’s arms in the corner. Skipper bridges out of a cover, but Stevens dropkicks Skipper to help Douglas keep control. Stevens legally tags into the match and hammers away on Skipper in the corner. Stevens keeps Skipper on the mat with a headlock. Stevens distracts the referee to allow Douglas to cheap shot Skipper on the apron. Douglas returns to the match legally and drives Skipper to the mat with a backbreaker for a near fall. Skipper fires back with right hands and ducks a clothesline. Douglas nails Skipper with a knee lift and decks Daniels off the apron. Stevens takes Skipper over with a snap suplex for a two count. Stevens puts a knee into Skipper’s back, but doesn’t get submission. Douglas tags back into the contest and hammers away on Skipper. Naturals try for the Natural Disaster on Skipper, but Daniels makes the save. Stevens beats on Skipper hitting a backbreaker for a two count. Douglas controls Skipper on the mat with an abdominal stretch. Douglas continues to control Skipper with a chin lock. Skipper quickly gets to his feet and tosses Douglas with a headlock toss.

Daniels gets the hot tag and shoulder rams Stevens followed by a slingshot kick. Daniels drives Stevens down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Daniels clotheslines Douglas and slams Stevens to the mat. Daniels signals for the BME hitting Stevens for a two count. Skipper comes off the top with a crossbody as Daniels hit a suplex on Stevens. Douglas pulls the referee out of the ring to make the save on the cover attempt. Skipper clotheslines Stevens over the top to the floor and hits a twisting crossbody to the floor. Douglas signals for the Natural Selection but Daniels delivers a kick instead. Daniels tries for the Angels Wings on Douglas. Scott D’Amore causes a distraction and the Naturals hit the Natural Disaster for the win. After the match, Team Canada run down to the ring and attack Triple X. AMW eventually come down to make the save. James Storm has a microphone and says that Scott D’Amore’s days are numbered. They are also going to get the tag titles back. Skipper says they have had enough of AMW claiming to be the best. Skipper doesn’t think they are all that. Storm notes that Triple X was once three men but now it’s only two. Skipper shoves Storm to end the segment. (*1/2. The match is a major disappointment and I think that falls on the Naturals. They controlled a good portion of the match but their offense was boring and uninteresting. You can be heels and still have enjoyable offense.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Monty Brown for an interview. Brown says that Jarrett wants him to win so that Jarrett can continue to runaway from him. Brown promises that he’s coming for Jarrett as soon as he’s done with Hardy. Brown thinks that Hardy should have stayed in North Carolina riding a bike or on the half pipes. Brown is teaching lessons tonight and says everyone will fall to him. Brown mentions Ron Killings saying that he’ll be killed by him. Killings enters the scene saying that he’s tired of Brown talking about him. That leads to a brawl until security gets involved to break them apart.

Fifth Contest: Monty Brown vs. Jeff Hardy in a number one contenders match: Brown shoves Hardy into the corner and they have a standoff. Brown shoves Hardy to the mat and Hardy sells the ribs. Hardy takes Brown down to the mat and Brown bails to the floor to regroup. Brown returns to the ring and Hardy delivers a leg drop to Brown’s midsection followed by a dropkick. Hardy kicks Brown and plants Brown with a DDT for a two count. Brown knee lifts Hardy followed by a double under hook suplex. Brown chokes Hardy on the mat and yells at the referee. Brown tosses Hardy into the corner and delivers right hands. Hardy kicks Brown away in the corner. Hardy misses a splash and Brown connects with a back suplex. Brown drives Hardy down to the mat again with a back suplex a couple of times. Brown tries for a cover, but Hardy kicks out at two. Brown puts an arm bar on Hardy, but doesn’t get a submission. Hardy fights free with right hands and comes off the ropes, but Brown plants Hardy with a flapjack. Brown locks in an STF, but Hardy manages to avoid giving up by reaching the ropes after a struggle. Brown tries for a powerbomb, but Hardy counters with a hurricanrana. Hardy boots Brown and hits a clothesline off the middle rope for a near fall.

Hardy ducks a clothesline but Brown hits a powerbomb and both men are laid out. Brown stomps on Hardy, but Hardy hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to the top rope, but Jeff Jarrett comes out and pulls Brown out of the ring. Brown shoves Jarrett into the railing. Brown misses the Pounce and Hardy gets a rollup for the win. (*1/2. The finish felt a little off to me and hurt the flow of the match. The action wasn’t anything special either. If this match was suppose to get me pumped for Hardy challenging Jarrett then it failed in that regard.) After the match, Hardy punches Jarrett and tries to hit Jarrett with a guitar, but Brown retuned to the ring and hit the POUNCE on Hardy. 3LK eventually come down to the ring to make the save.

Dusty Rhodes makes his way out and announces that Jeff Hardy will be the next NWA World Champion. Vince Russo comes down to the ring and grabs the microphone. Russo whispers something to Rhodes and Dusty seems to get defensive. Dusty is pissed getting in Russo’s face. Russo proceeds to leave the ring.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian and Traci. Shane says that Hudson needs to shut up. Shane mentions that he’s won Ultimate X before and Kazarian was in the match, too. However, AJ Styles has never wrestled in one before. Kazarian says that Styles may be the champion but Ultimate X is their domain.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Vince Russo when Dusty Rhodes enters the scene. Rhodes is pissed at Russo saying that he Brough Hardy back to the company. Russo says he’s on Dusty’s side. Rhodes says that he gave Hardy his word and shoves the camera saying that his word is his bond.

Main Event: NWA X-Division Champion AJ Styles vs. Michael Shane vs. Frankie Kazarian in an Ultimate X match: Shane goes after Styles and Kazarian tries to get the title, but it stopped by Styles. Shane tries to climb the ropes, but Styles backdrops Kazarian into Shane. Styles clotheslines Kazarian from off the top and works over Shane with strikes in the corner. Styles chops Kazarian a few times and head scissors Kazarian. Styles climbs to the ropes and works across trying to get the belt but takes Shane over with a hurricanrana. Styles kicks Kazarian and tries to reach the title, but is kicked off by Kazarian. Shane forearms Styles and Kazarian delivers a dropkick in the corner. Shane kicks Styles and continues to deliver strikes. Styles forearms Kazarian a few times and stops Shane climbing the ropes. Kazarian decks Styles from behind to gain control of the contest. Kazarian plants Styles with a gut wrench suplex. Shane forearms Styles and Kazarian decks Styles with a right hand as Shane held Styles. Shane accidentally hits Kazarian with a forearm. Kazarian shoves Shane out of frustration. They get into each other faces. Styles hits a reverse DDT/DDT combo on both men. Styles drops Kazarian with strikes and a kick to Shane. Kazarian stomps on Styles, but Styles sends Kazarian over the top to the floor. Styles takes Kazarian out with a somersault dive.

Styles rams Shane into the steel structure and Shane falls to the mat. Styles tries to climb the rope, but Shane swings Styles off and Styles lands chest first on the ropes. Shane tries for a hurricanrana, but Styles rams Shane into the guard railing and ring steps. Styles tries to springboard onto the rope, but slips off and knocks Kazarian off the rope. Styles and Kazarian collide on stereo crossbody attempts. They trade strikes from their knees. Styles misses a dropkick and crashes to the mat. Shane is busted open and fell over the railing. Styles climbs to the top rope and tries to get the title. Kazarian manages to plant Styles with a powerbomb off the rope to the mat. Kazarian begins to climb the rope looking to get the title. Styles has recovered and climbs as well. They begin to trade kicks with Styles getting Kazarian upside and hits the Styles Clash! Shane rolls into the ring and Styles hammers away on Shane, but Shane nails Styles with a superkick causing all three men to be laid out in the ring. Shane begins to climb the rope, but Styles pulls Shane off and hits the Styles Clash on Shane. Styles climbs the rope, but Traci pulls Styles off and Styles nails Traci with the Pele kick! Styles goes to the top again and climbs the rope. Kid Kash enters the ring and nails Styles with a crutch on the knee. Kazarian and Shane climb the rope at the same time on opposite sites. They both pull the title down and have their hands on the title. The referee decides that they both won the title. (***. It’s probably the least entertaining Ultimate X match that they’ve done thus far. The match was good, but this was more focused on storyline than putting forth a crazy match. The idea of co-champions has my interest as I wonder how they will play that angle. I’m fine with Kash getting involved because I think Styles vs. Kash is a good match to have and there is heat attached to it.)

Final Thoughts:
A disappointing show this week as I felt underwhelmed by everything. I’m interested in the Raven/Sabu match, so they that going for them next week. I’m curious as to what the issue is between Dusty and Russo, as well. They’ve been rather vague about that. Hopefully they can get back on track next week and begin build to Hardy/Jarrett title match.

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