WWF Heat 1/7/2001

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: San Antonio, TX

1.) Too Cool & K-Kwik defeated D’Lo Brown, Chaz & Tiger Ali Singh
2.) APA defeated Taka Michinoku & Funaki
3.) Jacqueline defeated Molly Holly
4.) Tazz defeated WWF Hardcore Champion Raven in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Earlier in the day, Tazz is on the phone in the parking lot saying he’s going to take someone out. He’s talking to Michael Cole to carry the commentary while he’s off. Tazz wants Cole to stop begging him. Cole is seen freaking out and is met by Steven Richards and Ivory. Cole bails to avoid a confrontation.

2.) Steven Richards and Ivory are the guests at WWF New York to be with Michael Cole. Richards cuts a promo about the fans being excited to be at the restaurant. Richards is pleased to be hosting the event. Richards looks out and sees confusion, ignorance and people who don’t understand that what they are watching on television is wrong. Richards believes that the WWF is trying to make the fans act immorally. Richards says they will be punished just like Chyna. Ivory chimes in and says they tried to help Chyna, but they were slapped away. Ivory says a good woman is someone who raises her children and supports her family. Ivory puts down Chyna for posing in Playboy as it sends the wrong message. Ivory defends their actions saying that it needed to happen to Chyna. Richards says they are not to be feared but rather embraced. Richards wants to put an end to scantly clad women.

3.) Ivory is at the concession stand telling the fans to not pay for their merchandise and stop supporting the message that the WWF is providing to the fans.

4.) Steven Richards joins Michael Cole to do commentary for the show.

5.) Tiger Ali Singh cuts a promo wondering why the fans continue to chant USA at them. Singh believes the fans are ignorant. Singh wants the fans to be silent while they pay their respects. We see footage from Jakked where D’Lo Brown won a match against Sexay, but Hotty pinned Chaz on the same show.

6.) Sexay and Chaz kickoff the six man tag match. Sexay shoulder blocks Chaz and delivers a kick to the side of the head. Sexay decks Brown off the apron, but Chaz gains control. Chaz runs into a boot and Sexay hits a missile dropkick off the middle rope. Hotty tags in and takes Chaz over with a snap suplex. Hotty does a moonwalk and ducks a clothesline by Brown on the apron. Singh drops Hotty over the top rope to allow Chaz to gain control with strikes. Brown tags into the match and stomps on Hotty in the corner. Brown drops Hotty over the top rope and Chaz hits a splash over the ropes. Chaz continues to work over Hotty with strikes followed by a scoop slam. Singh tags into the match and throat thrusts Hotty followed by strikes. Brown returns to the match, but Hotty hits a facebuster. Chaz and Kwik tag into the match with Kwik hitting a heel kick. Kwik nails Chaz with a forearm smash. Too Cool double team Singh hitting a double hip toss and they backdrop Brown. Sexay sends himself and Chaz to the floor with a crossbody. Hotty bulldogs Brown and hits the WORM. Singh decks Hotty from behind and tosses Hotty to the floor. Sexay hits a top rope crossbody on Singh, but Brown makes the save. Sexay is powerbombed to the mat. Kwik nails Chaz with a scissor kick to the win the match. (*1/2. I really feel bad for D’Lo and Chaz. They were getting momentum as Lo Down and now they are saddled with Singh in just horrible gimmicks. Not much goin on here, but the action wasn’t offensive.)

7.) Ivory is being escorted away from the concessions by security.

8.) Earlier today, Michael Cole did a kitchen segment in Tazz gear. Cole renames it as being Cole’s kitchen. Cole does a Tazz impression while making his meal. He’s very bitter about Tazz bailing on him for wrestling tonight.

9.) Backstage, Ivory has been escorted to a room by security. One of the guards explains to Ivory that his job is to secure things and asks her to be quiet. Ivory warns that he’s made a big mistake.

10.) Prior to the next match, Funaki and Taka cut a promo saying that APA will die tonight.

11.) APA work over Taka and Funaki early on. They hit a spinebuster and powerbomb for a quick win. Taka gets a microphone and demands another match. APA return to the ring and Bradshaw big boots Funaki. Faarooq plants Taka with the Dominator leading to another pin. Taka gets on the microphone and says “maybe we were wrong” and they pass out. APA return to the ring with Bradshaw planting Funaki with a pump handle slam. Faarooq powerslams Taka coming off the ropes leading to a third pin. (NR. I’m all four the APA kicking ass.)

12.) Backstage, Ivory is talking to the security guy trying to defend her message. Ivory wants to call the next match since it’s a women’s match. Ivory nails the security guy with the WWF Women’s Championship.

13.) Michael Cole asks Ivory about the mock interview from two weeks ago. Ivory says she has a sense of humor for mocking Chyna.

14.) Molly puts an abdominal stretch on Jacqueline and gets arm control. Molly works over the left arm leading to a rollup for a two count. Jacqueline shoulder blocks Molly, but Molly soon comes back with a crossbody. Jacqueline delivers a standing spin kick and chops Molly. Jacqueline kicks Molly on the back several times and a seated dropkick. Jacqueline covers a two count. Jacqueline yanks Molly down by her hair. Molly almost wins with an inside cradle. Molly head scissors Jacqueline out of the corner and a dropkick. Jacqueline plants Molly with a tornado DDT out of the corner for a clean win. (*1/2. They did fine for the time they got, which wasn’t much. I was a bit a surprised to see Jacqueline get a clean win.)

15.) Prior to the next match, Tazz cuts a promo saying he ended the hardcore world of Raven on RAW. Tazz is inviting Raven into his world on his show, Heat. Tazz says that MTV stands for More Tazz Victims. Tazz decided to choke out Raven instead of calling the action.

16.) Tazz attacks Raven on the floor before entering the ring where Raven stomps Tazz. Raven misses a clothesline and is tossed by Tazz with a suplex. Tazz hammers away on Raven, but Raven eye rakes Tazz in the corner followed by right hands and a clothesline. Raven sends Tazz through the ropes to the floor. Raven sends Tazz into the railing with a side Russian leg sweep. Raven clubs on Tazz with strikes on the apron. Tazz fights back with strikes leading to a near fall. Raven pummels Tazz with more strikes and a clothesline. Tazz avoids a bulldog by sending Raven into the corner chest first and locks in the Tazz Mission for the win. After the match, Crash Holly runs into the ring with a trash can lid hitting Raven, but Tazz prevents a pin attempt and suplexs Holly to end the segment. (*. I think this was a hardcore match, but they did nothing to make it hardcore. It’s a boring match, but anytime Tazz can get a clean win, I’m all for it.)

17.) Steven Richards is freaking out about his message and grabbed Cole by this neck before grabbing the camera and is escorted out by security. Cole had his shirt ripped by Richards as the show ends.

Final Thoughts:
The best part of the show was the APA segment. Aside from that, there’s nothing really here to enjoy. RTC did a good job with their heel work, but that’s not a surprise by any means.

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