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OVW TV 4/13/2002

From: Louisville, KY

1.) Shelton Benjamin defeated Bull Buchanan
2.) Rob Conway defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champion Doug Basham

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Footage from the April 5th, 2002 Six Flags show is shown where Ric Flair teamed with David Flair. Well, the footage is literally just Ric coming out on the aisle proving that he did in fact team with his son.

2.) Buchanan backs Benjamin into a corner, but Benjamin quickly hits a crossbody off the top for a near fall. Benjamin gets a rollup out of the corner for a two count. Benjamin arm drags Buchanan after coming off the ropes. Benjamin misses a splash in the corner and is clotheslined by Buchanan from behind. Buchanan continues to work over Benjamin with strikes and a clothesline for a two count. Buchanan drives Benjamin down with a backbreaker and elbow strikes Benjamin over the apron. Buchanan strikes Benjamin a few times and chokes Benjamin over the middle rope. Benjamin tries for a sunset flip and manages a two count. Buchanan stops Benjamin with a strike and stomps on the mat. Buchanan keeps an abdominal stretch on Benjamin, but doesn’t get a submission. Buchanan clubs on Benjamin in the midsection while the fans chant for Benjamin. Buchanan continues to beat on Benjamin in the corner with strikes to the ribs. Benjamin kicks Buchanan and they collide on stereo clotheslines. Buchanan and Benjamin continue to trade strikes with Benjamin getting the better of the exchange. Benjamin shoulder blocks Buchanan a few times and delivers a spinning kick for a two count. Benjamin thinks he has won, but Buchanan was under the ropes. Benjamin monkey flips Buchanan out of the corner. Buchanan hooks the ropes in the corner to counter a monkey flip. and puts his feet on the ropes to pin Benjamin for the win. Wait a second, Redd Dogg comes out and tells the referee what happened. The referee restarts the match. Buchanan decks Dogg and is met with a superkick by Benjamin for the win. (*1/2. It’s really evident that Benjamin is a fantastic prospect and has agility that is can’t miss. Buchanan is a fine veteran, but he had a few lazy moments. The elbow strike on the apron was messed up as Buchanan slid to the floor and Benjamin wasn’t anywhere near the apron for the spot. I’d rather Benjamin just win cleanly from the get-go as the restart finish wasn’t needed.)

3.) We see footage from Six Flags where Rob Conway was wrestling the Revolution. Damaja collided with Victoria and Conway hit a DDT, but Basham made the save. Dinsmore and Danny Davis are knocked down on the floor. Davis got tagged in and fired away on Basham. Davis chops Basham against the ropes. Davis backdrops Basham coming off the ropes. Davis is sent into the referee and Basham accidentally splashed the referee. Davis hit a neckbreaker, but there was no referee on the cover attempt. Davis tries to wake the referee up in the corner, but Damaja enters and hits the Brain Damage on Davis. Basham is put on top of Davis, but Dinsmore hit a German suplex on Damaja. Victoria dropkicks Dinsmore to the floor. Conway atomic drops Victoria sending her to the floor. Damaja and Conway brawl on the floor while Davis kicks out of Basham’s pin attempt. Davis hit a stunner on Basham to win the match. Davis, as a result, is the owner of OVW 100%.

4.) We are reminded of the segment from last week where Chris Benoit put over Dinsmore and Conway. Obviously, that didn’t sit well with the Revolution and led to a confrontation. It led to a singles match between Basham and Dinsmore. Dinsmore won the match with a German suplex.

5.) Danny Davis cut a promo in an empty arena saying it is great to be back in the ring that belongs to him. Davis says there will be no more lawsuits with Doug Basham. Davis beat Basham to keep control of the company and now he’s going to make Basham’s life a living hell. Basham will be in action against Rob Conway tonight. Dinsmore and the Revolution will be handcuffed at ringside. Davis knows the Revolution will be done when Conway wins tonight.

6.) Footage from Six Flags is shown where Ric Flair wrestled Sean O’Haire and the Prototype. Flair cleaned house, but Prototype got strikes on Flair to gain control. David brawled with O’Haire while Ric delivered a low blow to Prototype. Flair puts the figure four on Prototype. Davis put the figure four on O’Haire for the double submission win.

7.) Jim Cornette is in the ring with OVW Heavyweight Champion The Prototype and Kenny Bolin. Cornette wants to know when Leviathan will get a rematch. Bolin says that he tried calling Synn, but she was too injured to answer his phone calls. Bolin says there are a lot of challengers lined up for Prototype. Prototype is disgusted in everyone. Prototype tells Cornette that he’s allowed him to be attacked by a bald headed freak. That is why Sean O’Haire is his bodyguard. Prototype says he’s not a role model, but he is a man with beliefs. Prototype should be recognized as the best in OVW. Prototype says he doesn’t need to prove anything to Cornette or anyone else and believes he’s superman. Prototype can talk the talk and walks the walk. Prototype doesn’t believe in demons. That causes Leviathan music to hit and Prototype is afraid. Leviathan enters the ring and Prototype quickly backs off into a corner. Leviathan will speak for himself and says that he wants the championship back. Leviathan demands a date be picked for the rematch. Prototype makes a joke about not beating “the man”, but beating “the DE-MON” and is promptly attacked. Sean O’Haire makes the save, but Prototype accidentally hits O’Haire. Prototype bails to the floor.

8.) More footage from Six Flags is shown where Nidia was in action and was slammed by BJ Payne. Synn then entered the match and beat on Nidia with stomps followed by a clothesline. Nidia almost won with a sunset flip. Synn got involved on Redd Dogg when he was beaten down. Dogg leg sweeps Synn and tagged in Nidia. Nidia locked in a spinning toe hold, but got kicked into the corner and was elbowed by Payne. Payne tried for a side slam, but Nidia hit a head scissors. Benjamin kicked Damien and planted Payne with a spinebuster. Benjamin hit a double clothesline off the top rope. Dogg hit a powerslam on Damien for a two count. Nidia decks Synn a few times with right hands. Nidia slams Synn for a two count as Payne breaks the cover. Payne hits the Pain Killer on Nidia. Synn goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Nidia gets the cover and pinned Synn.

9.) Conway backs Basham into a corner, but is shoved away. Conway takes Basham down to the mat and keeps front face lock control before switching to a wrist lock. Basham kicks free from the hold and nearly wins with a rollup. Conway goes back to a headlock on Basham and atomic drops Basham followed by a dropkick. Conway hits a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Basham drops Conway with a jawbreaker. Basham delivers a running knee strike in the corner and continues with right hands. Conway hits a hurricanrana and hammers away on Basham. Basham sends Conway through the ropes to the floor. Basham sends Conway into the pillar and connects with a spinebuster on the floor. Basham leaps off the top hitting a splash on Conway for a two count. Basham delivers a leg drop as the show goes to commercial.

Basham powerbombs Conway, but only gets a two count on the cover. Basham takes Conway over with a snap suplex for a two count. Conway fires back with strikes and misses a splash in the corner. Basham hits a powerslam for a near fall. Basham argues with the referee. Basham hits a senton splash off the ropes for a two count. Basham keeps control with strikes and goes for a double under hook. Conway manages to counter and plants Basham with a DDT. Conway elbows Basham in the corner and continues with right hands. Conway clotheslines Basham followed by an elbow and a fist drop. Conway backdrops Basham out of the corner. Conway tries for a neckbreaker, but Basham counters. Conway manages to get a rollup off the ropes for the win. (**1/4. A decent match between these two, but it felt a little too short. They didn’t really incorporate the handcuff aspect of the match, so I’m not sure what the real point of that was for the actual match portion. Regardless, a fine TV main event.) After the match, Basham kicks Conway Into the referee. Basham works over Conway. Johnny Spade unhooks the handcuffs and Conway is beaten down by the Revolution as Dinsmore is handcuffed in the corner. Basham hits a sit out double under hook facebuster. Dinsmore is unlocked by another referee and goes after Damaja with strikes. Dinsmore tries to fight off the Revolution but the numbers are too much. That ends the show.

Final Thoughts:
An average episode this week for OVW as they progressed the major feuds pretty well. I kind of wish that the Revolution won control of OVW as it could add some intrigue to the angles, but that’s a minor thing. It’s pretty cool to see Leviathan and Prototype interact with each other before they made it to main roster.

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