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ROH TV 9/1/2012

ROH on Sinclair – Episode 050 – 1st September 2012

The road to Death Before Dishonor continues tonight – with more action from the first round of the tournament to crown new ROH Tag Champions. I believe tonight it’s going to be the odd couple of Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas (originally scheduled to enter separately) joining forces in an attempt to win the belts then settle their dispute amongst themselves. ROH also need to address who will fill the spare slot in the tournament filled by their alliance. As is customary, we’re in Baltimore, MD’s Du Burns Arena – joining Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness in the booth.

Bravado Brothers vs Steve Corino/Jimmy Jacobs
This was originally scheduled to be the Bravados against Charlie Haas and a partner of his choosing – but since Haas is now partnering Rhett Titus it’s left a vacant spot open, with SCUM more than happy to fill it. Kevin Steen is already World Champion, and Executive Producer Jim Cornette will be desperate for the new and improved Bravados to get the win here and stop the ‘triumvirate of evil’ getting their hands on more ROH gold.

Corino announces that they’ve agreed to leave ROH if they don’t win the tournament. With so much at stake Jacobs is understandably slow to get into the ring…leading to Lancelot jumping him on the outside. It’s a strong start for the Bravados as they quickly set about isolating the Zombie Princess…as Truth Martini joins commentary to hype Rhino as the next World Champion. Corino turns the tide of the match by clobbering Lance from the outside then tagging himself in. Soon it’s SCUM in charge with Lancelot cut off from his partner. The crowd is completely silent which isn’t helping things here. We go to commercials with Corino slamming Lancelot into the guardrails – again greeted with absolute silence. When we return Lance is dropkicking the legs out from under Jacobs and scampering across the ring to make the hot tag to Harlem. Somersault plancha scores for him, and he re-enters with a blockbuster from the top for 2. Contra Code COUNTERED into a tornado DDT which gets another nearfall. Steve tags in to blast Harlem with a running knee, then joins his partner for the flatliner to running STO combo. Colby Shock nailed for 2…before Harlem fires back with a swinging neckbreaker to floor the King Of Old School. Lancelot hits the belly to belly suplex into a lariat flurry…still just 2. Gentleman’s Approach for yet another nearfall – and Steen’s cohorts are hanging onto their careers by a thread now. Jacobs hits a springboard Ace crusher on Lancelot, then a mid-air spear on Lancelot. Corino hits a Saito Suplex with a bridge, for the win at 09:52 (shown)

Rating – * – An ugly clash of styles in front of a terrible crowd. These four men never clicked, and it was made all the more awkward by the stone-cold silent live audience who literally didn’t react to anything. I think the stipulations that SCUM are out of ROH if they lose killed any drama this might have had…and as much as the Bravados have improved, people just didn’t give a sh*t about them here.

The Guardians Of Truth run in to attack SCUM…of course bringing out Kevin Steen and subsequently Rhino. GORE ON STEEN! The World Champion needs medical attention after that!

INSIDE ROH – Kevin Kelly announces that Adam Cole is defending the TV Title against Michael Elgin next week. The winner of that goes onto Death Before Dishonor to defend against Mike Mondo.

Up next it’s supposed to be Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven. However, Lethal gets on the microphone before the match to inform everyone that Jim Cornette is denying his petitions for a World Title shot – on the grounds that Lethal lacks the ‘killer instinct’ to get the job done. To prove Cornette wrong Jay kicks Taven in the balls, floors a ref with the Lethal Combination then walks out. Hot segment…although it’s a shame that we didn’t get Lethal/Taven as that would’ve been a good match.

Guardians Of Truth vs Rhett Titus/Charlie Haas
Somehow this is the main event this week. Originally Rhett and Charlie were supposed to enter separate teams in the Tag Title tournament. Titus was stripped of the belts after Kenny King left for TNA, whilst Haas was unable to compete as part of WGTT as Shelton Benjamin is currently suspended. To solve a common problem, Charlie and Rhett are begrudgingly teaming together. They want to win the tournament – then fight it out amongst themselves to decide who actually walks away as new Tag Champions. The Truthbangers meanwhile are 0-2 so far in ROH. They’ll be hoping to capitalise on the lack of cohesion on their opposing team tonight to get that first ROH victory.

Haas and Titus are bickering before the bell even rings – with Charlie actually tossing Rhett out of the ring to make sure he starts in the ring. I think it’s Mosh in there with him – getting comprehensively out-wrestled by the highly skilled amateur. As soon as Truthbanger Mosh gets to his feet again Charlie starts hiding in the ropes, refusing to fight him much to the annoyance of Titus on the apron. The Guardians start using double teams to get the better of the Outlaw, who’s seen enough and violently tags Rhett in. He takes it to the canvas to trade holds with Mosh, seemingly using his quickness to get the edge. Haas is pissed off and tries to get into the ring – which distracts the referee and allows Thrasher to sneak in without a tag to level Titus with a reverse DDT. Sure enough the Guardians set about isolating Rhett in the ring, with a beating that continues throughout the final commercial break. It’s also a beating which is so boring it feels like it’s never going to end. Haas shows his experience by pulling the ropes down and tripping Mosh to the floor…but Mosh returns to fight with Charlie on the floor enabling Thrasher to come in un-tagged for a second time and continue taking the fight to Rhettski. Thrust Buster on Mosh gets 2. He then rolls up Thrasher to win at 10:01 (shown).

Rating – DUD – This was appallingly boring. It’s an absolute farce that Haas and the Headbangers are main eventing TV shows in 2012. Had Rhett Titus, the guy unfortunate enough to be left in this sh*theap by Kenny King’s departure, not won it would have been a complete travesty. Terrible match to round of quite possibly the worst episode of ROH TV ever.

Charlie Haas shoves Rhett Titus aside and basks in the glory of victory by himself…as Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs run-in to attack the Guardians Of Truth. It’s a mess as a horrible episode ends…

NEXT WEEK – Briscoes/BLK OUT in the Tag Title tournament and Cole/Elgin for the TV Title.

Tape Rating – DUD – What is going on with ROH right now? They’ve spent most of the summer recovering strong after a lousy May…but the last few weeks of TV have been gash. I have this down as one of the worst episodes of television ROH has ever produced – and I’m including the HDNet era in that. Two awful matches with very little redeeming qualities. Honestly other than the Rhino Gore on Steen and that thirty second segment with Lethal this was an hour of my life totally wasted. How the hell are Ring Of Honor running Charlie Haas and the Headbangers in their TV main events in 2012. With Rhino main eventing their ppvs? Who is booking this sh*t? Honestly, if this is drawing good numbers I’ll eat my hat. Right now the booking is sh*t, the hardcore fans are pissed off to the point of leaving the company in droves…and are Rhino and the Headbangers really drawing in enough ‘casual fans’ to make up the difference? Somehow I doubt it

ROH on SBG Episodes 44-50 – Top 5 Matches
5) Jay Lethal/Kenny King/Rhett Titus vs Kevin Steen/Jimmy Jacobs/Steve Corino (*** – Episode 047)
4) Kevin Steen vs Mike Mondo (*** – Episode 044)
3) Rhino vs Eddie Edwards (*** – Episode 048)
2) Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole (**** – Episode 045)
1) Mike Bennett vs Lance Storm (**** – Episode 046)




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