NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #106 8/4/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #106
From: Nashville, TN

Outside, Scott Hudson meets with Dusty Rhodes, who just arrived to the venue. Dusty says he talked to Vince Russo several times and thinks they have smoothed things over. David Young enters the scene and tells Dusty that Vince Russo that he was sent home by Russo. Dusty laughs that off saying at least the losing streak is over. We’re going to find out who is on the championship committee tonight.

Opening Contest: Sabu vs. Raven in a no disqualification match: Sabu takes Raven down to the mat to start the match with right hands causing Raven to bail to the floor. Sabu takes Raven out with a somersault dive to the floor. Sabu delivers a side Russian leg sweep into the guard railing and sets a table up over the railing and apron. Sabu lays Raven onto the table and goes under the ring to get a chair. Sabu hits Raven with the chair and hits a springboard dive to the floor. Sabu splashes Raven in the corner. Sabu jabs Raven with a screwdriver a few times. Raven backdrops Sabu over the top through the table on the floor. Raven has been busted wide open and rolls Sabu back into the ring. Raven drives the chair into Sabu’s throat to maintain control of the contest. Raven delivers a leg drop to the chair on Sabu’s face. Raven wedges a chair in the corner and beats on Sabu with strikes briefly. Raven sends Sabu face first into the chair in the corner. Raven whacks Sabu over the head with a chair shot and gets a two count. Raven gouges Sabu’s eyes and mouth, but doesn’t get a submission. Raven beats on Sabu with strikes and drop toe holds Sabu face first into the chair two times. Sabu avoids a third time and springboards off the top to kick Raven. Sabu smashes Raven with a chair shot a couple of times. Sabu locks in a camel clutch, but Raven doesn’t give up. Sabu connects with a chair assisted leg drop several times for a near fall. Sabu springboards off the ropes to moonsault Raven once again. Sabu tries for a cover, but Raven kicks out.

Sabu goes to the top rope with the chair, but misses a leg drop attempt and Raven nearly steals the match. Raven goes under the ring to grab a table. Sabu smashes Raven with another chair shot to drop Raven to the mat. Sabu gets another chair from under the ring and rams Raven’s face onto the chair. Sabu comes off the middle rope to leg drop another chair onto Raven. Sabu lays Raven over the table and hits a springboard leg drop through the table! Sabu crawls over and manages a two count. We see a mystery person standing in the balcony wearing a hood. Raven misses a chair shot and hits himself with a chair. Raven avoids a DDT attempt and almost steals the match with his feet on the ropes. Raven plants Sabu with the DDT, but Sabu kicks out at two. Raven slides another table into the ring, but Sabu sets it up laying Raven onto the table. Raven kicks Sabu on the top rope. Raven proceeds to DDT Sabu through the table and wins the match. (***. I think that went the best it could have possibly went. I enjoyed that quite a bit and Raven winning is the best choice. Raven gets a big win and hopefully that starts to give him some upward momentum once again.)

Outside, Scott Hudson walks up to a limo that hits something in the parking lot and D-Ray 3000 is driving it. D-Ray denies hitting anything and has to get to the Asylum. Hudson assures D-Ray that he’s there. Shark Boy shows up with shrimp and Alex Shelley walks out demeaning Shark Boy. Shelley says that Goldylocks doesn’t like tails on her shrimp. Shelley suggests Shark Boy peel them or he’ll peel Shark Boy. Goldylocks steps out of the limo and she’s in a good mood. Godlylocks thinks that Sonny Siaki should be paying her to get rid of Desire. They open the trunk to get the baggage out and Abyss was in there laying down. Hudson tries to get a word with Abyss, but Abyss doesn’t stay anything and instead shoves the shrimp into his face.

Second Contest: Abyss vs. Sonny Siaki: Abyss shoves Siaki to start the match and taunts him. Siaki kicks Abyss in the midsection, but Abyss shoulder blocks Siaki. Siaki boots Abyss in the corner and delivers a heel kick. Siaki holds the ropes to avoid a big boot and taunts Abyss. Siaki drop toe holds Abyss into the ropes and delivers a boot to send Abyss to the floor. Siaki dives off the top onto Abyss on the floor. Siaki delivers several strikes at ringside until Abyss sends Siaki into the ring post and splashes Siaki into the post from behind. Abyss sends Siaki into the ring steps shoulder first. Abyss keeps control in the ring with several strikes. Abyss chops Siaki in the corner a few times. Siaki battles back with strikes, but Abyss cuts Siaki off with a right hand. Abyss drives Siaki down with a side slam fora two count. Abyss misses a middle rope leg drop. Siaki comes off the ropes to hit a swinging neckbreaker. Siaki ducks a few strikes to forearm Abyss. Siaki comes off the middle rope to clothesline Abyss. Abyss attempts a chokeslam, but Siaki counters and plants Abyss with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Siaki is distracted by Goldylocks and Abyss connects with a chokeslam for a near fall. Goldylocks is trying to get the contract but Don Harris and the referee are stopping her. Abyss grabs the briefcase, but Siaki avoids a strike. Siaki nails Abyss with the briefcase and almost wins the match. Desire comes down and has a catfight with Goldylocks until Alex Shelley comes out. Desire slaps Shelley, but Siaki is distracted and decks Shelley off the apron. Abyss takes advantage hitting the Shock Treatment for the win. (*1/2. It was rather predictable that Abyss was going to win the match. I think there’s potential with the story if Goldylocks is going to own the contracts of several wrestlers that don’t want to be associated with her. The match was fine for what it was, but it just felt like filler.) After the match, Desire checks on Siaki. Abyss is confused why Goldylocks favors Shelley.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with the co-NWA X-Division Champions Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian. Shane says that Russo has some kind of special match for the championship. Shane says they vowed that they’d never wrestle each other. Shane says they will not wrestle each other no matter what. Kazarian chimes in and says that Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin will find out that they own the X-Division tonight.

Third Contest: NWA X-Division Co-Champions Frankie Kazarian & Michael Shane vs. Jerry Lynn & Chris Sabin: Sabin takes out Shane and Kazarian on the floor. Lynn sends Kazarian into the apron and railing. Kazarian gets control in the ring with stomps. Lynn clotheslines Kazarian in the corner and tags in Sabin. Lynn drop toe holds Kazarian and Sabin delivers a dropkick. Sabin arm drags Kazarian and keeps control on the mat with a headlock. Sabin shoulder blocks Kazarian and hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Lynn tags back into the match and hits a double bulldog on Kazarian with Sabin. Kazarian drives Lynn into the corner and tags in Shane. Shane hammers away on Lynn in the corner, but Lynn fights back with a series of strikes. Sabin slingshots into the match and trades strikes with Shane. Kazarian pulls the ropes down causing Sabin to crash over the top to the floor. Sabin is rammed into the corner back first a few times. Sabin is driven down with a double backbreaker allowing Shane to keep control of the contest. Kazarian tags in and slams Sabin to the mat and locks in a modified chin lock. Sabin pops up and nearly wins with a rollup.

Kazarian stops Sabin with a kick to the face. Shane tags back into the match and delivers a forearm smash. Shane holds Sabin over his knee allowing Kazarian to hit a leg drop for a two count. Kazarian decks Sabin with a clothesline and stomps. Kazarian tosses Sabin with a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Shane knee lifts Sabin coming off the ropes and tags Kazarian back into the match. Sabin stops Kazarian with a swinging backbreaker and both men are down. Lynn gets tagged in and cleans house with strikes and a slam. Lynn plants Shane with a TKO. Lynn tries for the cradle piledriver on Shane, but backdrops Kazarian. Traci gets involved and Lynn hits a backpack driver on Traci. Shane knee strikes Lynn to the floor. Sabin missile dropkicks Shane. Kazarian counters the Cradle Shock allowing Shane to superkick Sabin and Kazarian gets the three count. (**1/4. A decent match with the right decision as the champions need to win these kinds of matches to continue their momentum. I thought everyone looked good in the ring and I was surprised that Traci took the bump that she took here. I think there’s potential in the Shane/Kazarian tag team to really standout.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Monty Brown for an interview. Hudson asks how the announcement is going to impact Brown. Brown is very interested in hearing what Vince Russo has to say. Brown hopes that Russo has the right things to say. Brown notes that Russo is on his endangered species list. Brown is frustrated that he’s not the number one contender after beating up several wrestlers. Brown doesn’t like that Jeff Hardy has come in and is getting a title shot. Brown is sick and tired of people getting involved in his interviews and matches. Brown doesn’t care who it is they will find out why he’s a dangerous man. They will get POUNCED!

Vince Russo is in the ring to cut a promo. Russo has always had to deal with backstage politics and says it’s not about how good you are, but who you know. Russo admits to going home every time he deals with politics. Russo talks about being a different man and having an inner peace. Russo promises to do the right thing and he’s not going anywhere this time. Russo has to address the X-Division Championship situation and the World Championship. Russo acknowledges that he can’t do this job by himself. Russo is going to name a championship committee to take the stress off his back. Russo says the first man is a big name that people in New York knew who he was. Russo announces that Harley Race will be on the committee. Russo says they will include a politician on the committee. The second man will be Larry Zbyszko. Russo says that the third guy is someone he’s had differences with, but they have put them aside. The third member will be Terry Funk. We saw Dusty Rhodes backstage thinking it would be him. Russo announces that there will be an NWA World Championship match between Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy. Russo will leave the date announcement up to the championship committee.

Dusty Rhodes makes his way down to the ring and he’s not happy about not being named to the championship committee. Rhodes asks if Russo sent him to North Carolina to get Jeff Hardy into the company. Russo says that Rhodes offered his services for Hardy and agreed to that. Russo put Rhodes in the ring with Jarrett, as well. Russo says that Rhodes is too close to the game to make the right decisions. Dusty thinks that Jeff Hardy should be wrestling Jeff Jarrett tonight for the NWA World Championship tonight. Rhodes is livid that Russo named Terry Funk to the committee. Russo says that Rhodes needs to let the past go.

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to join the segment. Jarrett is gloating because Rhodes is out of the decision making situation now. Jarrett enters the ring and gives Russo credit for keeping Rhodes away. Jarrett knows that Rhodes has a bullseye on Russo’s back. Jarrett says that Russo has Dusty on the outside looking in. Jarrett continues to gloat and Rhodes is strutting back and forth to control his emotions. Rhodes suggests that Jarrett try to kick his butt out of the company. Jarrett and Rhodes square off. Rhodes blocks a right hand and jabs Jarrett several times. Jarrett hammers away on Rhodes in the corner. Jarrett grabs the guitar, but Jeff Hardy enters the ring to make the save hitting a clothesline. Hardy holds Jarrett as Rhodes has the guitar. Monty Brown comes out and nails Rhodes with the POUNCE! Ron Killings runs out and hammers away on Brown. Killings nails Brown with a forearm strike and Hardy clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Team Canada for an interview. There will be an open invitational gauntlet for the X-Division Championship. Team Canada will also get a shot at earning a shot at the tag titles. Scott D’Amore is happy that Dusty Rhodes is not on the championship committee. D”Amore is glad they will get a shot to prove they are number one contenders. Petey Williams will be involved in the gauntlet match. Tonight, they are having a country whipping match with AMW. D’Amore doesn’t even know what that means. D’Amore says nobody can hang with them in a strap match.

Fourth Contest: Pat Kenney vs. Big Vito in a Luck of the Irish weapons match: There’s a ruby ball involved in the match. Vito chokes Kenney to start the match. There are four chests and two of them are empty. Vito has the ball and is jabbed by Kenney. Vito tosses the ball into the air and Kenney backdrops Vito. Kenney grabs the ball on the floor, but Vito maintains control with stomps. Trinity opens a chest and it’s empty. Vito and Trinity have a disagreement. Vito drops a chest over Kenney’s back to maintain control of the match. Vito opens another chest, but considering how easily Trinity moved it, it should be obvious it was empty. Vito kicks Kenney and they trap Kenney between both chests allowing Vito to deliver a sloppy dropkick. Vito slams the chest onto another chest that was on Kenney’s head. Vito jabs Kenney in the midsection and Trinity drops Kenney with a kick. Trinity and Vito continue to argue. Vito lifts Trinity intot he air and is knee lifted into the corner. Trinity lands on Vito’s groin. Kenney hits a Twist of Fate. Kenney grabs the ball and unlocks the chest with a key. However, Glen Gilbertti comes in from behind and attacks Vito. Gilbertti has the key and walks off with it. David Young cuts Gilbertti off in the crowd and attacks Gilbertti. Young smashes Gilbertti with a chair shot to the head. Young gives the key to Kenney and opens the chest full of weapons. Kenney hits Vito with several trash can lid shots. Trinity hits Vito with a weapon and Kenney decks Trinity. Kenney wraps a chain around his arm. Kenney forearm smashes Vito with the chain and wins the match. (1/2*. That was truly an awful match. I don’t think there’s much else to say.) After the match, David Young doesn’t want anything to do with Kenney. Kenney puts his hand out to show respect and Young accepts it.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with America’s Most Wanted for an interview. Hudson talks about the frustration they’ve encountered in recent weeks. James Storm says that if you don’t want to see a Canadian get their ass kicked then please turn the channel. Storm promises they are going to kick Canadian ass tonight. They will be having a best of three series of matches against XXX, with the winners getting a title shot. Harris says that XXX needs to look at what will cause their mission to fail.

Fifth Contest: Petey Williams & Bobby Roode vs. America’s Most Wanted in a country whipping match: AMW go right after Williams and Roode. Harris chokes Williams in the ring with a strap while Storm brawls with Roode around ringside. Harris holds Williams allowing Storm to whip Williams over the back. Harris plants Williams with a delayed vertical suplex. Harris removes the jacket Williams was using. Roode enters and is dropped by a left hand. Williams dropkicks Harris to the mat. Roode tags into the match and rams Harris into the corner face first followed by right hands in the corner. Harris fights back on Roode with left hands and kicks Roode. Roode stops Harris with a back elbow strike. Roode rams Harris back first into the corner. Roode rips a strap off the ropes and begins to whip Harris over the back several times. Storm tries to stop Roode from choking Harris, but the referee stops him. Roode chokes Harris over the ropes as the referee is distracted. Harris and Roode collide on stereo clothesline attempts. Storm gets the tag and Williams tags in. Storm hammers away on Williams followed by a backdrop. Storm slams Roode and double clotheslines Roode and Williams.

Storm uses the strap to whip Roode a few times. D’Amore gets on the apron and drops off to avoid a whipping. Williams clotheslines Storm while Harris clotheslined Roode on the floor. Williams tries for the Destroyer, but Storm blocked it. Harris spears Williams! D’Amore shoves Harris off the top to prevent the Death Sentence. Roode nails Storm with a clothesline from behind. Williams is put on top and Storm kicks out at two. Harris uses a strap on Roode and tries for a full nelson slam. Roode counters and attempts his own. Roode ends up decking D’Amore off the apron and Harris hits the full nelson slam on Roode for a near fall. Harris kicks Williams in the corner and plants Williams with the Hangman’s Noose. AMW try for the Hart Attack, but Roode pulls Harris to the floor. D’Amore clips Storm on the knee, but Williams can’t keep Storm down for the cover. Williams misses a splash in the corner, but Roode clotheslines Storm from the apron. Harris has a sunset flip on Williams, but Roode helps Williams until Storm superkicks Roode off the apron allowing Harris to pin Williams with a rollup. (**1/2. A solid match with a poor stipulation. I’d rather these guys just wrestle a normal tag match as it would have been a lot more enjoyable. AMW winning was predictable since they are currently involved in a feud to become number one contenders to the tag titles. Losing here wouldn’t have made a lot of sense.) After the match, D’Amore bails to the floor and tries to escape but Storm decks D’Amore on the aisle. D’Amore is rolled back into the ring and is whipped several times by Harris. Johnny Devine and Eric Young slide into the ring and attack AMW. D’Amore manages to whip AMW a few times until XXX enter the ring to make the save.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with the NWA Tag Team Champions the Naturals. Douglas isn’t interested about the number one and number two contenders. Douglas reminds Hudson that they’ve beaten AMW and XXX in the past two weeks suggesting they are the best. Stevens says they will still be champions once the best of three series is over with.

A vignette promoting a new wrestler is shown, but I have no idea who it is.

Pat Kenney and David Young come down to ringside. Kenney thanks Young for his help this week. Young chimes in and says he doesn’t have a lot of time left on his contract. Young knows that he can beat Gilbertti and wants one more chance to get a win.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Kid Kash and Dallas for an interview. Kash says that he deserves revenge for Styles causing him to get suspended. Kash didn’t pay his bills for two months and Dallas almost had his twelve kids taken away. Kash is going to prove he’s the original money maker. Dallas chimes in and says that Styles is dead meat.

Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Kid Kash: Kash has his ribs taped up for the match. Kash controls Styles early on focusing on the arm. Styles kicks Kash in the ribs to gain control of the contest. Styles arm drags Kash and they shove each other. Kash forearms Styles, but Styles comes back with strikes and a shoulder block. Styles hip tosses Kash followed by an arm drag. Styles arm drags Kash to the floor causing Kash to regroup. Kash takes his time returning to the ring. Styles chops Kash in the corner followed by strikes. Styles dropkicks Kash in the corner followed by a clothesline. Styles slams Kash and comes off the ropes to deliver a knee drop for a near fall. Styles dropkicks Kash again and is dumped to the apron. Dallas gets kicked away by Styles. Styles takes Dallas out with a springboard moonsault to the floor! Kash takes Styles out with a hurricanrana on the floor. Kash chops Styles on the floor a few times. Kash goes to the top rope hitting a flying clothesline for a two count. Kash clotheslines Styles and nearly wins the match. Kash pulls Styles back for a surfboard and wrenches back on Styles neck. Kash kicks Styles off and Styles hits the mat face first. Kash avoids a Pele kick and puts an ankle lock on Styles. Styles kicks free and takes Kash over with a kip up head scissors. Kash dumps Styles through the ropes to the floor. Dallas waits on the floor and decks Styles with a clothesline as Kash distracted the referee. Kash tries for a cover, but Styles kicks out at two. Styles forearms Kash several times against the ropes. Kash kicks Styles from the apron and drops Kash with a double under hook backbreaker for a two count.

Styles stops Kash with a jawbreaker and chops in the corner. Kash kicks Styles in the corner and hits a top rope clothesline causing both men to be down on the mat. Styles clotheslines Kash a few times to gain momentum. Kash avoids a springboard reverse DDT. Styles connects on a second attempt for a two count. Kash counters a neckbreaker attempt, but Styles almost wins with a backslide. Kash eye rakes Styles and hits a hurricanrana followed by a tornado DDT for a near fall. Kash removes his back brace. Styles nails Kash with a kick and a Pele kick. Kash drops Styles over the top rope throat first. Styles fights Dallas off. Kash misses a dangerous somersault dropkick in the corner. Kash landed short and Styles drops Kash with a slam. The referee is distracted allowing Dallas to deliver a big boot for a two count. Kash knee lifts Styles a couple of times, but Styles nails Kash with a discus clothesline to cleanly win the match. After the match, Dallas enters the ring and attacks Styles. Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin enter the ring to make the save. Kazarian and Shane enter the ring as well. XXX storm the ring to add to the brawling followed by Team Canada. 3LK enter the ring and the show goes off the air with a massive brawl. (***. I wasn’t expecting Styles to win here, honestly. I feel like Kash winning would have been ideal as Kash is in need of a strong win and the feud could be dragged out with Kash winning the first match. I can’t imagine there being a draw for another match between these two since Styles won already. Unless Kash does something to make the angle hotter, I don’t know if I’d want to see this again. It’s a good match, but they seemed to be off on a few spots, which hurt the flow of the match.)

Final Thoughts:
A couple of good matches on the show most notably the opener and main event. I’d probably recommend Raven/Sabu over Styles/Kash, though. This was a better week than last week since there was better in-ring action and a more focused storyline advancement, as well.

Thanks for reading.

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