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Rebooking The WWF: Week 7, 1995

WWF RAW 2/13/1995
1. Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Kanyon in 2:26 following a super kick. After the match, Lex Luger appeared and gave a mock applause saying that Michaels will never beat him at WrestleMania.
2. IRS defeated Scott Taylor in 2:55 following a running lariat. During the match, Duke Droese shared pre-tape comments saying that he is going to shut the tax man up and the hard working fans will stand behind him to finally get one up on the tax man.
3. Kings Court w/ Randy Savage: Jerry Lawler introduces the “washed up” Randy Savage, who lost a lumberjack match to Bam-Bam Bigelow match last week. Savage plays to the crowd and asks who Lawler is calling washed up. Lawler naturally back peddles a little bit. Savage is angry and reminds Lawler that he had a clown get involved and cost him his match against the beast from the east. Savage doesn’t find this to be a joke so he suggests that Lawler get the smirk off of his face real quick. Little does Savage realize, but Lawler is smirking because Doink the Clown is right behind him with a pie and Savage turns around he is met with a pie to the face. Savage is blinded by the pie and wildly swings at Doink, but is met with a back suplex instead. Lawler asks Doink a question and Doink nods yes while laughing. Lawler grabs Savage and spikes Savage with a piledriver! Lawler and Doink stand tall to end the segment while Savage is laid out on the canvas.
4. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Steiner defeated Mike Davis in 4:05 following a Death Valley Driver. After the match, Rick Steiner yells into the camera that, “Scotty isn’t going to survive in the ring!”
5. Rick Martel defeated Tim White in 2:11 with the Boston Crab.
6. Jim Cornette & King Yokozuna Interview: Vince McMahon is in the ring to bring out Jim Cornette and the WWF World Champion King Yokozuna. Cornette tells McMahon to stop yapping so much and let the champions speak. Cornette says every week it seems like Diesel signals that the WWF World Championship is going to be his. Sadly for the WWF fans, Diesel lives in a land of fiction. King Yokozuna has been the most dominating wrestler in WWF history and has defeated every challenger that has come his way. Cornette doesn’t care if Diesel has millions of fans behind him, that just makes Yokozuna angrier and hit harder. The more you cheer, the more hurt your favorites suffer. Of course, the fans begin to chant for Diesel, which makes Yokozuna furious. McMahon and all the WWF fans you’re going to have to deal with the reality and the reality is that King Yokozuna is not only a man you should be bowing down too, but also your WWF World Champion and is going to stay that way for a long, long time to come.
7. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Mo in 2:09 following a diving head butt.
8. Mr. Perfect defeated Tim Horner in 4:42 following the Perfect Plex. After the match, Perfect is interviewed and says that Helmsley yelled into his face that his career was over with. Perfect doesn’t like an empty threat. Thus, Perfect suggests that Helmsley step up and try to end his career at WrestleMania XI.
9. Ric Flair Interview: Jim Ross introduces Ric Flair, the leader of the Dynasty, for an interview. Ric Flair notices a fan dressed up as the Undertaker in the front row and laughs that off. Flair enters the ring and tells Ross that the Undertaker, a dead man, has these morons idolizing him. Yet, a man like himself full of wealth and good looks is getting booed? Wouldn’t you want to be me and not a dead guy? Ross notes that this whole thing started with Flair getting involved at the Royal Rumble when Undertaker was battling Scott Norton. Flair tells Ross that he was being a leader and a leader helps his men in a good or bad situation. Flair says that the Undertaker crossed the line and he isn’t one to let that go. So, if the Undertaker wants to mess with Ric Flair and the Dynasty, then so be it. Tonight, it goes in full gear as his best friend Arn Anderson has stepped up and will battle the Undertaker in the main event tonight. Then, if the Undertaker survives that, he can get in the ring with the Nature Boy, but he strongly doubts Taker will get past the Enforcer. Flair struts off and Woos at the fan in the front row dressed as the Undertaker.
10. Chris Benoit & Owen Hart defeated Scotty Anton & Mike Sharpe in 3:58 when Owen made Anton submit with the Sharpshooter. After the match, Jim Ross attempted to interview Owen Hart, but Benoit prevented any communication after whispering into Owen’s ear.
11. Hulk Hogan Video Package: A video taking a look at the career of Hulk Hogan is aired highlighting his key career victories. At the end the question is asked “Is the Movement of Ron Simmons the one obstacle that Hogan can’t overcome?”
12. Diesel defeated Crush in 5:11 following a Jackknife power bomb.
13. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview earlier in the day in the backstage area with Bret Hart regarding the actions of Owen Hart last week. Bret doesn’t know what happened because he thought he was having a competitive battle with his younger brother and they’d remain a tight unit, but Chris Benoit must have gotten in Owen’s head with nonsense and he was left laid out after several chair shots. Bret says he’ll try to talk with Owen without Benoit around and hopefully they can square any kind of miscommunication away and move on as a great wrestling brother duo that he knows they can and will be.
14. The Undertaker defeated Arn Anderson in 6:14 following a tombstone piledriver. After the match, Ric Flair attempted to get involved with a steel chair, but the Undertaker scared Flair off the apron

WWF Superstars 2/18/1995
1. Psycho Sid defeated Barry Horowitz & Doug Peterson in 2:54 following a power bomb on both men. After the match, Ted DiBiase cut a promo saying that Bradshaw will sent through the mat when they meet in singles action.
2. Razor Ramon defeated Steve Anderson in 1:45 following the Razors Edge.
3. The Smoking Gunns defeated AJ Fatal & Damien Wolf in 2:09 when Billy pinned Wolf. Prior to the match, Fatal and Wolf came out with replica tag titles saying they were defending the titles since they were the real champions, but were promptly defeated.
4. Ron Simmons defeated Rick Martel in 6:09 following a spine buster. After the match, Simmons grabbed a fans Hulk Hogan headband and tore it up.


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