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ECW Hardcore TV 4/23/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: St. Louis, MO

1.) Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Little Guido & Big Sal
2.) Super Crazy defeated Kid Kash
3.) Nova & Chris Chetti defeated CW Anderson & Bill Wiles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Scott Anton (Scotty Riggs in WCW) starts the show leaping off the top rope hitting a crossbody on Rhino for a two count. Rhino GORED Anton after Corino got involved with a cowbell and GORED both the referee and Anton through a table in the corner. Rob Van Dam’s music hit and RVD made his way down to the ring. RVD ran into the ring and traded strikes with Rhino. RVD hit a step over heel kick and they continued to brawl despite officials and wrestlers trying to get involved.

2.) Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso remain in the ring with RVD saying that he’s not 100%, but he still came out to the ring. RVD asks the fans how excited they are to see their favorite wrestler, Rob Van Dam. RVD plays to the crowd on the middle rope to get a warm reception. RVD promises to comeback and show that he’s the whole f’n show.

3.) Guido and Doring start off the tag match with Guido backing Doring into a corner and delivers shoulder ram and stomps. Guido backslides Doring for a two count. Doring shoulder blocks Guido and kicks Guido in the groin. Doring hits the Bareback and backs Guido into a corner. Doring yanks Guido out by his feet and Sal tags into the match. Doring tries to clothesline Sal a few times, but Sal doesn’t budge. Sal shoves Doring into the corner and plays to the crowd. Roadkill wants to tag in and enters the match. Sal shoves Roadkill to the mat and taunts the crowd. Roadkill tries for a shoulder block, but is knocked down to the mat. Roadkill hammers away on Sal with right hands. Roadkill splashes Sal in the corner and continues with right hands. Sal staggers out and Roadkill hits a springboard clothesline to knock Sal off his feet. Roadkill leaps off the apron to dive onto Sal on the floor. Sal sends Roadkill into the railing and delivers a splash. Guido keeps control in the ring with stomps on Roadkill. Roadkill plants Guido with a side slam causing Guido to bail to the floor. Doring leaps off Roadkill’s back to dive onto Sal on the floor. Guido hits a middle rope side Russian leg sweep on Roadkill for a two count. Roadkill and Doring mistime their version of the Hart Attack leading to a near fall. Guido nails Doring with a middle rope leg drop for a near fall.

Guido connects with a seated dropkick for another near fall on Doring. Sal works over Doring with strikes before hitting a belly to belly suplex. Guido returns to slam Doring and Roadkill distracts the referee. Guido elbow drops Doring and Sal hits a middle rope diving headbutt for a near fall. Guido has a steel chair, but Doring low blows Guido and drives Guido face first onto a chair. Roadkill gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes and clotheslines. Doring sends Roadkill into the FBI with a splash. Guido is nailed with a wheelbarrow leg drop combo for a near fall. Roadkill hits a top rope splash onto Sal after a chair shot from Doring for the win. (**. A decent match between these two with Sal not looking so bad in there. I think it’s obvious that Doring and Roadkill will be tag champions to defeat the Impact Players.) After the match, Da Baldies attack Doring and Roadkill with steel chairs. Doring is driven down with a double flapjack and another chair shot. DeVito hits a moonsault on Roadkill with a chair laying on him. Da Baldies stand tall to end the segment.

4.) Crazy controls Kash with a hammerlock, but Kash counters quickly with a hammerlock of his own. Kash snapmares Crazy and they trade arm drags leading to a standoff. Kash hammers away on Crazy against the ropes. Kash dumps Crazy to the apron and hits a springboard dropkick to knock Crazy to the floor. Kash hits a springboard dive onto Crazy outside the ring. Kash rolls Crazy back into the ring and manages a two count. Kash shoulder rams Crazy in the corner followed by a chop and eye poke. Kash clotheslines Crazy in the corner and plays to the crowd. Crazy plants Kash with a powerbomb and hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Crazy pummels Kash with right hands in the corner. Kash nails Crazy with a double springboard crossbody. Crazy comes back with a kick and a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Crazy hits two moonsaults, but Kash blocks a third with his knees. Kash kicks Crazy and tries for a powerbomb, but they trade rollup attempts. Crazy spikes Kash with a brainbuster to win the match. (**1/2. A quick sprint, but enjoyable nonetheless. The idea of these two working a longer match would be a lot of fun to watch.)

5.) Lou E. Dangerously is in the ring with Electra, CW Anderson and Bill Wiles. Dangerously gets some cheap pops for putting over the athletes and sports franchises in St. Louis. Dangerously calls them all a city of losers.

6.) Wiles and Nova kickoff the tag main event with Wiles controlling with a headlock. Wiles shoulder blocks Nova, but Nova fights back with right hands. Nova connects with a middle rope clothesline after avoiding Wiles and tags in Chetti. Chetti delivers a kick to the back and Nova connects with a kick to the face. Anderson tags in and is kicked by Chetti followed by a scissors kick. Chetti drops Anderson over the top rope followed by a senton splash. Chetti chops Wiles against the ropes and is met with a low blow by Dangerously with Wiles on his shoulders. Wiles nearly wins the match. Anderson punches Chetti allowing a swinging neckbreaker by Wiles for a near fall. Anderson rolling neck snaps Chetti and Wiles delivers a leg drop for a two count. Wiles continues to beat on Chetti and tags in Anderson. Chetti ducks a left hand and hits a back suplex on Anderson. Nova forearm smashes Wiles and clotheslines Anderson coming out of the corner. Nova clotheslines Wiles and hits a running bulldog for a near fall as Anderson broke the cover. Chetti heel kicks Anderson, but Wiles clotheslines Chetti. Wiles puts Nova in the tree of woe and delivers a few stomps. Nova manages to hit a cutter while in the tree of woe, but Electra eye rakes Nova on the pin attempt. Jazz gets in the ring and tackles Electra to the mat. Dangerously tries to get involved and is met with the Jazz Stinger. Chetti superkicks Dangerously. Nova and Chetti hit the Tidal Wave on Anderson to win the match. (*1/2. This performance cemented my mindset that Doring and Roadkill are the team to dethrone the Impact Players when the time is right. There’s nothing horrible about the match, but I’m just not getting tag team champion vibes from Nova and Chetti.)

7.) Backstage, Raven and Francine are sitting on the floor. Raven talks about Cyberslam and says he knows that he’ll never have to ask what about him because everyone will be talking about him. Francine agrees, but points to herself.

8.) New Jack is outside cutting a promo about Cyberslam. Jack says people are going for titles and belts will change hands. Jack isn’t going for any belts because it makes his suitcase heavier. Jack is coming for Da Baldies. He’s going to show he’s the original gangsta.

9.) Backstage, the Dangerous Alliance cut a promo with Anderson saying they will steal the show. Wiles is becoming more and more like Elvis. Electra chimes in and says she’s stealing the shows with her breasts.

10.) Backstage, Cyrus and Rhino cut a promo with Cyrus saying that Rhino will regain the ECW Television Championship from Tajiri, who is part of the plan. They are expecting Tajiri to just hand the title over to Rhino.

11.) Joey Styles says that ECW World Champion Tazz will defend against Tommy Dreamer. RVD is making his in-ring return at Hardcore Heaven 2000 and we’ll find out his opponent at Cyberslam.

12.) ECW Tag Team Champions the Impact Players cut a promo about people talking about violence and the titles in the company. The only thing that matters is the people who make the impact. Credible doesn’t do his catchphrase but rather says “got impact? Right here.” I wonder if that will stick.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a fine week of TV as next weeks show appears to be a loaded show since it’s footage from Cyberslam, which has never been released on tape. I’m looking forward to next weeks show and this week did a fine enough job to build towards next week.

Thanks for reading.





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