WWE Heat 6/2/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat
From: Edmonton, Alberta

1.) Matt Hardy defeated Justin Credible
2.) Raven defeated Shawn Stasiak
3.) WWE Hardcore Champion Steven Richards defeated Crash Holly
4.) X-Pac defeated D’Lo Brown

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Coach is joined by Jacqueline to be on commentary since Raven is in action this week.

2.) Credible shoves Hardy from behind and taunts him to start the match. Credible punches Hardy out of the corner, but Hardy battles back with a right hand and a wrist lock. Credible misses a clothesline and Hardy hits a clothesline of his own. Hardy tackles Credible and delivers several right hands on the mat. Hardy back elbows Credible and tries for the Side Effect, but Credible breaks free and sends Hardy to the floor. Credible punches Hardy on the apron and hits a springboard leg drops over the middle rope for a two count. Credible works over Hardy with chops and stomps in the corner. Credible powerbombs Hardy out of the corner for a two count. Credible controls Hardy with a sleeper hold on the mat. Hardy breaks free with right hands and a northern lights suplex. Hardy blocks right hands and drops Credible with a series of strikes. Hardy elbows Credible followed by a fist drop. Hardy holds onto the ropes and catapults Credible into the corner chest first. Hardy slams Credible and misses a leg drop, but lands on his feet. Hardy connects with the Side Effect, but Credible kicks out. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate, but Credible rams Hardy into the corner. Credible superkicks Hardy after nearly colliding with the referee, but can’t get a three count. Credible sits Hardy onto the top rope, but Hardy punches Credible off. Hardy leaps off the top to hit an elbow drop and finishes Credible off with the Twist of Fate for the win. (**. A solid opening match and Hardy looked good in there. This seemed like one of the stronger reactions for Hardy on TV in recent memory. Credible is a good hand in the ring to put guys over in decent matches on the B-show.)

3.) Raven starts with a top wrist lock on Stasiak, but is tossed to the mat. Stasiak decks Raven with a right hand. Raven kicks Stasiak in the midsection followed by strikes in the corner. Stasiak puts a full nelson on Raven and almost wins the match. Stasiak catapults Raven chest first into the corner. Stasiak continues with right hands in the corner and stomps. Stasiak misses a spear hitting the ring post. Raven drives his knee into the back of Stasiak’s head off the middle rope for a near fall. Raven flips Stasiak down to the mat by his arm and follows up with a seated dropkick. Raven dumps Stasiak to the floor and delivers a side Russian leg sweep into the barricade. Raven comes off the ropes with a clothesline followed by a knee lift for a two count. Stasiak puts a sleeper hold on Raven, but Raven breaks free with a jawbreaker. Stasiak hammers away on Raven and delivers a leaping back elbow strike a few times. Stasiak drops Raven over his knee gut first. Stasiak gut wrench tosses Raven for a near fall. Stasiak sends Raven into the corner, but is met with a boot in the corner. Stasiak avoids Raven in the corner and almost wins with a rollup. Stasiak gets another near fall following a clothesline. Raven plants Stasiak with the Raven Effect for the win. (*1/2. The crowd likes Raven and there’s no denying that. The match felt a little clunky and Stasiak didn’t seem to really have a good flow for his offense.)

4.) Richards works over Holly with strikes against the ropes. Holly avoids a dropkick and clotheslines Richards followed by a head scissors to the floor. Crash leaps off the apron to hit a crossbody on the floor for a two count. Crash rams Richards face first onto the barricade. Crash tosses a trash can into the ring and is attacked by Richards from behind. Richards drops Crash throat first over the ropes. Richards elbow drops Crash and gets rid of the weapons from the ring. Richards puts a headlock on Holly, but Crash quickly breaks free and almost wins with a rollup. Richards plants Holly with a powerbomb for a two count. Richards grabs the trash can lid to hit Holly from behind. Richards uses the lid again for a two count. Richards hits a vertical suplex and goes to the middle rope with the trash can lid. Holly kicks the lid back into Richards face. Holly hammers away on Richards and delivers a back elbow followed by a dropkick. Holly slams Richards and hits Richards over the head with the lid for a two count. Richards elbows Crash in the corner but is crotched on the top rope. Crash puts Richards in the tree of woe and gets a trash can. Richards nails Crash with the Stevie Kick sending the trash can into Crash’s face for the win. (*1/4. Richards was anti-weapon and then proceeded to use weapons anyway. That was a bit bizarre to do. The match wasn’t anything great, but had these two had a more traditional match, I think we’d be surprised by how good they would be able to work together.)

5.) Pac arm drags Brown to start the main event and taunts the crowd. Pac controls Brown with a side headlock and switches to a go-behind before taking Brown down to the mat. Pac walks over Brown’s back and taunts D’Lo on the bottom rope. Brown sends Pac into the ropes to deliver a shoulder block. Pac tries for a hip toss, but fails and D’Lo delivers a clothesline. Brown elbows Pac to the mat and delivers a leg drop for a two count. Big Show pulls down the ropes causing Brown to crash to the floor. Pac works over Brown with chops in the corner. Brown battles back with chops of his own. Brown boots Pac, but runs into a spin kick by Pac for a two count. Pac misses a splash in the corner and crashes to the mat. Brown hammers away on Pac and delivers a heel kick. Brown plants Pac with a spinebuster for a near fall. Pac ducks a clothesline, but Brown hits a swinging side slam. Brown kicks Show off the apron and dives off the top only to be caught by Show and rammed into the ring post. Show press slams Brown back into the ring and Brown kicks out at two. Pac goes for the bronco buster, but Brown got his boot up to block it. Brown heads to the top rope, but Pac hits the X-Factor in midair for the clean win. (**. They have some good chemistry and this reminded me of their feud back in 1998 for the European Championship. I enjoyed the action this week.) After the match, Big Show chokeslams D’Lo Brown. However, Bradshaw runs in and makes the save hitting the Clothesline From Hell on Pac after knocking Show to the floor.

Final Thoughts:
A couple of solid matches this week makes this an easy thumbs up for Heat.

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