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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #109 8/25/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #109
From: Nashville, TN

Backstage, Scott D’Amore is telling Larry Zbyszko that he wants Dusty Rhodes suspended. D’Amore is not happy that he’s booked to be in a match. Zbyszko tells D’Amore that he’s not in charge and he’s only concerned about Jarrett vs. Hardy. D’Amore decides to find Russo on his own since Zbyszko won’t help him.

Opening Contest: Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian vs. LA Park & Psychosis: Shane and Kazarian attack before the bell to get the cheap advantage. Psychosis is double teamed after Park is sent to the floor. Psychosis gets a few right hands on Shane, but Kazarian decks Psychosis from behind. Park enters and everyone is brawling. Shane and Kazarian are sent into each other and met with stereo spears. Park and Psychosis go to opposite corners to hit splashes for a two count. Psychosis and Park dropkick Shane and Kazarian to the floor. Park backdrops Psychosis over the top to the floor onto both men. Park hits a twisting dive over the top to the floor. Shane hammers away on Psychosis to get the advantage. Psychosis hits a reverse DDT onto Shane for a two count. Shane kicks Psychosis and tags in Kazarian, but Psychosis takes Shane down with a drop toe hold. Park enters the match and is decked by Kazarian. Park runs through Kazarian with a clothesline and a running hurricanrana. Park hits a snap powerslam and a spinning heel kick to send Kazarian to the floor. Park takes Kazarian out with a suicide dive to the floor. Kazarian hides behind Traci, but Shane nails Park from behind.

Shane sends Park into the railing chest first. Kazarian pump kicks Park for a two count. Park is taken over with a double vertical suplex. Park is double teamed in the corner. Psychosis is distracting the referee. Kazarian slams Park and hits a slingshot leg drop. Kazarian keeps a chin lock on Park and switches to a headlock. Park gets to his feet and is met with a clothesline. Kazarian mocks Park a few times with slaps to the face. Park decks Kazarian with a clothesline. Psychosis tags in and goes after Shane with right hands. Psychosis nails Kazarian with a spinning heel kick. Psychosis clotheslines Shane in the corner a few times followed by a running bulldog for a two count. Park tosses Kazarian over the top to the floor and does his dance. Shane ducks a double clothesline and Traci pulled Park to the floor. Shane superkicks Psychosis while Kazarian did a leg sweep and that’s good enough for a three count. (**1/2. A fine opener and a good win for Shane and Kazarian. I wouldn’t mind if they were a focus in the tag division at some point as they are a good unit. Park and Psychosis were fine here with Park standing out more than Psychosis, which was not something I was expecting to see.)

Scott D’Amore and Team Canada make their way down to the ring walking past Shane and Kazarian on the aisle. D’Amore has a microphone and cuts a promo. D’Amore says that Vince Russo is letting the inmates run the asylum and calls out Russo to the ring right now. Russo comes out to confront D’Amore. Russo doesn’t have a problem talking to D’Amore, but tells D’Amore to not call him out onto national television. Russo tells D’Amore that he needs to make an appointment to talk to him. Russo tries to leave, but is stopped by Bobby Roode. D’Amore wants Russo to take care of Dusty Rhodes, but Russo has done nothing. D’Amore says he’s a national treasure. D’Amore suggests that Russo get control of the show. Russo says that D’Amore will never tell him how to run the show. Dusty Rhodes and 3lK make their way down to the ring to runoff Team Canada. Dusty cuts a promo that D’Amore enjoys making a living in United States and issues a challenge to D’Amore, but wants it right now. D’Amore is livid thinking that Dusty is out of control. Russo tells Dusty that he’s not going to do anything. Russo has pleaded with Dusty for being out of control. Russo reveals he has no other choice than this. Russo suspends Dusty and says he’s barred from the building. Team Canada loves this development. Security comes out to escort Dusty out of the ring.

Goldylocks cuts a promo in the ring and wants Desire to humor her. Goldylocks says Desire is as useless as Sonny Siaki. Goldy wants a contract and wants to expand her enterprise. Goldy wants Desire and Sonny to be under her control. Desire comes out and reveals her mystery wrestler as being… LA Park? It’s clearly not LA Park.

Second Contest: ‘LA Park’ vs. Alex Shelley: Shelley stomps on Park to quickly start the match. Shelley kicks Park, but is met with a clothesline. Park slams Shelley followed by a pump kick. Park grabs Shelley hitting a chokeslam for the win. (NR. That was a quick result.) After the match, Goldy is shocked by this and is upset with Shelley. Abyss is at ringside and Sonny celebrates with Desire on the aisle. The real LA Park comes out with a steel chair and he’s not happy. The fake Park takes his mask off and it’s Erik Watts! Goldy yells at Abyss blaming him for the loss, apparently. Goldy shoves Abyss and Shelley steps in front to shove Abyss, as well. Abyss grabs Shelley and looks for a chokeslam, but Goldy scolds Abyss. Abyss seems conflicted and eventually lets Shelley go and is yelled at some more.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko doesn’t like what happened between Dusty and Russo. Larry is just there to observe what’s going on. Zbyszko hypes up the September 8th show and the match between Jarrett and Hardy. Hudson asks if Dusty Rhodes Brough Zbyszko here, but the segment is cutoff. Erik Watts, Sonny Siaki and Desire come into the scene and Watts says his contract expired on August 20th, which made him a free agent. Watts is willing to put everything on the line. Next week Watts wants a tag match where when they win the hostages are set free from Goldy’s control.

Third Contest: Jason Cross vs. Joey Matthews vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt in a tornado number one contenders match: All four men are in the ring brawling to kickoff the match. Sabin clotheslines Dutt and Matthews, but is stopped by Cross in the corner. Dutt kicks Matthews and Cross and is monkey flipped by Sabin into both men to hit a clothesline. Sabin chases Matthews into the ring and Dutt nails Matthews with a 619 for a two count. Dutt head scissors Matthews on the floor. Cross kicks Sabin in the corner, but Sabin comes back with an arm drag. Sabin dropkicks Cross on the knee and delivers a seated dropkick for a two count. Matthews returns to the ring and nails Sabin with a neckbreaker. Matthews drops a knee on Sabin and along with Cross double teams Sabin. Dutt hits a missile dropkick on Matthews and Cross. Sabin connects with a double clothesline off the top, as well. Sabin and Dutt hit stereo hurricanranas for a two count. Matthews is met with a double flapjack, but Cross decks both Sabin and Dutt. Cross hits a standing somersault leg drop on Dutt. Dutt is taken over with a double vertical suplex by Cross and Matthews. Dutt is driven down with a double chokeslam, but Matthews and Cross can’t agree on the cover attempt.

Matthews and Cross begin to trade strikes with Matthews taking Cross down with a leg lock. Sabin comes off the top to hit a leg drop on Cross as Dutt does one to Matthews! Matthews almost pins Sabin with a northern lights suplex. Dutt head scissors Matthews off the middle rope. Dutt signals for a top rope move, but Cross cuts off Dut and that leads to a Tower Of Doom spot. Sabin nails Matthews with a boot and Dutt clothesline/backbreaker on Cross. Matthews decks Dutt from behind and hits a facebuster over the knee for a two count. Cross elbows Matthews in the corner and delivers a few more strikes before hitting a flipping Un-Prettier out of the corner. Sabin dropkicks Cross and sits Cross on the top rope. Sabin hits a Razors Edge out of the corner for a two count. Sabin sends Matthews over the top to the floor and takes Matthews out with a crossbody. Dutt hits the Hindu Press on Cross to win the match. (***. I thought it was a decent match despite the crowd being mostly dead for the action. I’m not surprised that Dutt won since he’s coming off the huge Raven win. I’m not thinking Dutt wins the title since Petey Williams just won it and he’s likely going to get a decent run with it. Anyway, this was an enjoyable contest to me.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with the NWA Tag Team Champions the Naturals. Hudson asks who they’d rather wrestle, but Stevens says it doesn’t matter because they’ve beaten both teams. Douglas chimes in and calls the two teams idiots because they are the best tag team.

Fourth Contest: XXX vs. America’s Most Wanted: All four men are on the floor brawling to kickoff the match with Harris sending Skipper into the stage face first. Harris chokes Skipper with a chair right behind the announcers. Skipper battles back with a few strikes. Daniels clotheslines Storm in the ring as the match officially begins. Storm and Harris double team Daniels with Storm dropkicking a seated Daniels and Harris gets a few strikes in. Skipper tries to help, but is met with a double dropkick. Storm chops Skipper a few times and Daniels nails Storm with a kick to the head. Daniels stomps on Storm in the corner and Skipper tags in to do the same. Skipper hits a gut wrench slam and tags in Daniels. Daniels plants Storm with an STO after Skipper lifted Storm into the air. Daniels hammers away on Storm with right hands and stomps. Skipper elbows Storm over the apron while the referee is distracted. Storm gets a rollup on Daniels for a two count. Storm stops Daniels with a jawbreaker, but Daniels knocks Harris off the apron and leg sweeps Storm to the mat. Storm is slammed to the mat and Skipper slams Daniels onto Storm for a near fall. Skipper kicks Storm on the back for a two count.

Daniels returns to the match and continues to work over Storm with a kick to the ribs. Daniels slams Storm and hits a split legged moonsault for a two count. Storm has an inside cradle for a two count, but Daniels keeps control with a clothesline. Skipper decks Harris on the apron and is chased by Harris until the referee gets control. Storm knocks Skipper off the middle rope, but Skipper persists and tries for a suplex, but Storm counters with a sunset flip powerbomb! Harris is tagged in and Harris cleans house with a series of left hands. Harris backdrops Daniels and plants Skipper with a full nelson slam. Harris connects with a running powerslam on Daniels for a two count. Daniels fires back with strikes, but AMW hit the Hart Attack for a two count. Skipper avoids a crossbody and Harris clotheslines Skipper. Daniels decks Harris from behind and XXX hit a vertical suplex/crossbody combo for a two count. Daniels sits Storm on the top rope and delivers a right hand. Daniels takes Storm over with a hurricanrana and Skipper walks the ropes before hitting a leg drop for a near fall. Harris spears Skipper on a somersault clothesline attempt. Storm nails Daniels with a superkick! AMW try for the Death Sentence, but Daniels breaks free. Harris almost pins Daniels after a top rope crossbody, but Skipper makes the save. Storm and Skipper crash to the floor. Daniels sends Harris into the referee and tries for the Angels Wings. The Naturals enter the ring and toss powder into both Harris and Daniels face. Naturals whack both men with steel chairs and the referee throws the match out. The match is a no contest. (***. The finish doesn’t bother me as it gives the Naturals some extra heat. The action was again solid here, but the crowd continues to seem to be uninterested by what’s been going on this week.)

Andy Douglas says it’s a whole lot easier to be champions rather than challengers. So, if there’s no winner then there’s no number one contender and there’s no title match next week. Larry Zbyszko comes out to confront the Naturals. Zbyszko isn’t going to let the punks do that. On Impact, they will have a sudden death match and the Naturals will be barred from ringside.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with BG James and Konnan for an interview. Konnan is tired of giving Russo the benefit of the doubt. Konnan says the game has changed and it’s every man for themselves. Konnan notes that they were both part of the biggest groups in wrestling. Konnan is pissed that Ron Killings has been screwed out of the championship two times. Konnan thinks that Russo is trying to breakup the 3LK. Konnan says that Russo is starting something he can’t finish. BG James chimes in and says that Russo will not forget what happens tonight.

Fifth Contest: Scott D’Amore, Johnny Devine & Eric Young vs. BG James & Konnan in a handicap match: Konnan and Young kickoff the match with Konnan locking in a pendulum swing, but Devine enters to stop the move. Konnan puts a submission on Devine until Young breaks up the move, too. Konnan locks in another submission on Young, but Devine breaks it up again. Konnan nails Devine with a rolling thunder clothesline. BG enters the match against Devine. BG has a wrist lock on Devine, but Devine counters quickly with a side headlock. BG nails Devine with a right hand and big boots Young. BG jabs Young and Devine, but misses a double clothesline. BG connects with a double clothesline on a second attempt. BG gets a rollup on Devine for a two count. Devine nails BG from behind and keeps BG on the mat with a snap leg drop. Young tagged in and hits a top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Young pummels BG with right hands on the mat and locks in a headlock. Young kicks BG in the corner followed by a clothesline for a two count. Young chokes BG over the middle rope. BG continues to be worked over in the corner as D’Amore tags in and jabs BG several times followed by a right hand for a two count as Konnan made the save. Young drives BG down with a backbreaker for a two count.

Devine works over BG with right hands alongside D’Amore. Devine hits a snap suplex on BG for a two count. Young works over BG in the corner with more right hands. Young shoulder rams BG from the apron and they collide on stereo clothesline attempts. Konnan and Devine get the hot tags with Konnan press slamming Devine to the mat gut first. Konnan plants Young with a double leg slam and a double clothesline. D’Amore bails to the floor to avoid the 3LK. Konnan sends Young over the top to the floor and we see Dusty Rhodes in the crowd. Rhodes returns to the ring and attacks D’Amore to prevent the usage of the hockey stick. BG hits the pump handle slam on Devine and wins the match. Not so fast, Vince Russo comes out and talks to the referee about Dusty Rhodes getting involved and the match is overturned. (*1/2. I feel like they really like the reverse decision gimmick in recent weeks. The end game here has to be a Dusty/D’Amore singles match. I’m really not caring about 3LK, at all.)

Outside, Vince Russo confronts Dusty in his truck. Russo wants answers from Dusty. Dusty says they think about the business differently. Russo demands that Dusty not show up to Impact on Friday because he’s suspended.

Backstage, Monty Brown tells Scott Hudson that he’s ignorant to think that he’s not ready for a NWA World Championship opportunity. Brown focuses on Vince Russo and says that he feels ready and looks ready for the title shot. Brown is more than ready for a title shot. Brown agrees that he can’t be compared to Hardy and Jarrett. Brown’s not into politics and says he lives by the motto of kill or be killed. This is the survival of the fittest. Brown will not be prevented. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett enters the scene and says that they are not enemies. Jarrett is not standing in Brown’s way of a title shot. Jarrett tells Brown that one man is standing in his way and that man is Jeff Hardy. Jarrett says that they can not deny the fact that Jeff Hardy would be taken out and Brown would have the title shot on September 8th. Brown thinks that Jarrett looks and smells like a liar. Brown doesn’t trust Jarrett even a little bit. Jarrett doesn’t trust one human being in the building let alone the industry. Jarrett wants Brown to pick his poison because they both have an enemy in Russo. Brown promises that someone will feel the POUNCE tonight.

Main Event: AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy & Ron Killings vs. Monty Brown, Dallas & Kid Kash: Styles and Kash kickoff the main event. They trade right hands until the referee gets in the middle of them. Killings tags in and powerslams Kash. Dallas is clotheslined over the top to the floor. Brown is knocked off the apron by all three men. Styles, Hardy and Killings hit stereo crossbody blocks to the floor. Styles comes off the ropes to leg drop Kash for a one count. Hardy tags into the match and hammers away on Kash in the corner followed by kicks. Hardy sends Kash into the corner and delivers a dropkick. Killings tags into the match and works over Kash with strikes and a back suplex for a two count. Killings is stopped by an eye rake and dropped over the ropes. Kash delivers a kick to Killings and tags in Brown. Brown works over Killings with stomps and rams Killings into the corner face first. Brown beats on Killings with right hands. Killings nails Brown with a leaping side kick and continues with right hands. Brown misses a clothesline and tosses Killings with a fallaway slam for a two count. Brown knee lifts Killings and locks in abdominal stretch using Dallas for extra leverage. Killings tries to hip toss free, but instead plants Brown with a flatliner and both men are down.

Styles and Dallas tag in with Styles hitting a head scissors and a leaping clothesline in the corner. Dallas catches Styles on a springboard crossbody, but Hardy dropkicks Styles onto Dallas for a two count. Dallas nails Styles with a big boot followed by stomps. Dallas press slams Styles over the ropes chest first. Kash tags into the match and Dallas slams Styles to the mat. Kash nearly pins Styles after an assisted moonsault with help from Dallas. Kash slams Styles and locks in a surfboard dropping backward and lifts Styles into the air pulling back on AJ’s chin. Brown delivers several punches to the ribs until Killings gets involved to help Styles. Kash drives Styles down with a backbreaker and tags in Brown. Styles comes off the ropes and is met with a double clothesline. Brown chokes Styles on the mat to maintain control of the contest. Brown beats on Styles with strikes over the back and strikes against the ropes. Styles dropkicks Brown after rolling over Brown’s back. Brown catches Styles and hits a fallaway slam for a two count. Brown chokes Styles on the mat and tags in Kash.

Styles hammers away on Kash, but is met with a boot and Kash slams Styles to the mat. Hardy tries to get involved, but the referee stops Hardy. Styles is stopped by a boot to the gut, but Styles low blows Kash. They collide on stereo clothesline attempts. Hardy and Dallas are tagged in with Hardy ducking a big boot. Hardy kicks Dallas, but Brown enters the match. Hardy hits a neckbreaker on Brown and the Whisper in the Wind on Kash. Hardy plants Dallas with a flatliner, but Kash drops Hardy over his knee with a double under hook. Styles connects with the springboard reverse DDT. Dallas drops Styles with a swinging slam. Killings scissor kicks Dallas and Brown goes after Killings with strikes. Brown is nailed by a springboard forearm by Styles. Hardy is dumped to the apron and hit by Kash. Dallas is slammed by Styles and Killings. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb on Dallas to win the match. (**. I mean, there was never a chance that the heels were going to win this match. This went mostly as I expected as it gives Hardy the shine and a win heading into the championship match in two weeks. It was mostly basic stuff, but the fans responded well to it.)

Jeff Jarrett slides into the ring and attacks Hardy from behind. Monty Brown shoves Jarrett away to get a few shots in on Hardy. Jarrett and Brown miss a double clothesline and Hardy hits a clothesline on both men. Hardy fights them off with right hands, but Jarrett low blows Hardy and Brown hits the POUNCE! Jarrett goes for the figure four and locks it in right in the middle of the ring. Brown beats on Hardy to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
I’m going to give this week a mild thumbs up as the show had some solid action throughout and they are progressing storylines fairly well. The Russo/Dusty stuff isn’t all that compelling, though. I’m looking forward to Jarrett vs. Hardy in two weeks. I’d have to think that Hardy walks out the champion… right?

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