WWE Velocity 7/20/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Velocity

1.) Shannon Moore defeated Hugh Morrus
2.) Albert defeated Nick Dinsmore
3.) WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble defeated Funaki to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Morrus works over Moore in the corner with chops to start the match. Morrus misses a splash and Moore continues with forearm strikes. Moore gets a victory roll, but Morrus kicks out at two. Morrus catches Moore on a crossbody, but is sent into the corner and dropkicked by Moore on the knee. Morrus misses a clothesline and is met with another dropkick leading to a near fall. Morrus plants Moore with a flapjack. Morrus continues to deck Moore with right hands for a near fall. Morrus splashes Moore in the corner and Moore falls to the mat for a two count. Morrus keeps a headlock on Moore and remains on the mat. Moore elbows free, but is yanked down by his hair. Morrus has a wheelbarrow, but Moore counters with a bulldog for a two count. Moore forearms Morrus and tries for a crucifix, but Morrus hits a Samoan Drop instead. Morrus signals for the moonsault, but Moore gets up and knocks Morrus off the top rope. Moore heads to the top and hits a corkscrew moonsault to pin Morrus for an upset victory. (*1/2. It’s not too bad of a match with Moore doing a good job in his role. The finish was similar to Kid/Ramon back in ’93, but obviously nowhere near the level of importance.)

2.) The Rock shared a pre-tape promo regarding Vengeance being only 24-hours away. Rock has a lot of excitement and can’t explain the feeling. He’s looking forward to make history as a seven time WWE Champion.

3.) Albert tosses Dinsmore to the mat a few times, but Dinsmore tries to fight back with strikes. Albert misses a splash in the corner and Dinsmore almost wins with a rollup. Albert has Dinsmore over the shoulder, but Dinsmore breaks free. Dinsmore runs into a big boot leading to a near fall. Albert punches Dinsmore a few times in the corner followed by stomps. Albert chops Dinsmore and continues to pummel Dinsmore before chasing the referee away. Dinsmore fights back with strikes, but runs into a back elbow. Albert taunts the fans before catapulting Dinsmore into the middle rope for a two count. Albert keeps a head vice on Dinsmore, but doesn’t get a submission. Dinsmore elbows free, but Albert plants Dinsmore with a head vice slam for a two count. Albert runs into a big boot in the corner and Dinsmore drop toe holds Albert into the corner. Dinsmore ducks a clothesline to forearm Albert and dropkicks Albert on the knee. Dinsmore goes to the top rope hitting a missile dropkick for a near fall. Albert backs Dinsmore into the corner and delivers a flurry of elbows. Dinsmore avoids the Baldo Bomb with elbows, but Albert connects with a splash in the corner. Albert slams Dinsmore and tries for a splash, but Dinsmore got his knees up. Albert plants Dinsmore with the Baldo Bomb for the win. (*1/2. Dinsmore got a fine amount of shine to hang in there with Albert. They seem to be doing a slow build for Albert to get shine on Smackdown as Cole noted that if Albert can figure it out he’ll be a force in the WWE.)

4.) WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly makes her way down to the ring to cut a promo. Molly has a responsibility against the women on both RAW and Smackdown for the fans. She loves to hear the fans cheer for her, but she hears them snickering and laughing at her. Molly says they all laughed when Trish Stratus pulled her pants down. Molly knows they think she has a big behind, but that’s okay. Molly says she is pure and wholesome. Molly is a role model and believes the women should strive to be like her. Molly knows the men wouldn’t even know how to treat her. Molly has decided she is not going to defend the championship. Molly walks off.

5.) Noble controls Funaki early on with elbow drops to the upper back and stomps on Funaki in the corner. Funaki fights back with right hands in the corner, a hip toss and a dropkick after Noble missed a running strike in the corner. Noble tries for a backdrop, but Funaki delivers an arm breaker and locks in a submission until Noble bails to the floor. Funaki kicks Noble on the floor and is sent into the ring steps shoulder first. Noble stomps on Funaki before delivering a knee breaker. Noble splashes down onto Funaki’s leg, but is kicked over the top to the floor. Funaki is pulled down and Noble wraps Funaki’s leg around the post a few times. Noble continues to focus on the leg, but Funaki almost wins with an inside cradle. Noble locks in a hammerlock single leg Boston Crab before letting go and ramming Funaki’s knee onto the mat. Funaki kicks Noble after a knee breaker and both men are down.

Funaki delivers a few strikes and clotheslines Noble coming off the ropes. Funaki drops Noble onto the mat gut first and hits a dropkick for a two count. Funaki hooks Noble for a suplex, but Noble counters and kicks Funaki into the corner. Funaki punches Noble in the corner and tries for a tornado DDT, but Noble counters with a fisherman suplex for a two count. Noble heads to the top rope, but Funaki crotches Noble. Funaki goes to the middle rope and Noble floats over. Funaki connects with a tornado DDT, but Nidia gets on the apron to distract the referee. Noble counters a German suplex and rolls through to lock in the Trailer Hitch. Funaki is trapped and is forced to submit. (*1/2. The match wasn’t bad by any means, but nobody is buying into Funaki even in a non-title match. I would have avoided a distraction assistance and given Noble a clean submission win since Funaki is pretty low on the list in the division.)

Final Thoughts:
A disappointing episode of Velocity with none of the matches providing much entertainment this week.

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