ECW Hardcore TV 6/11/2000

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV

1.) Kid Kash defeated CW Anderson
2.) Chris Chetti & Nova defeated Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond
3.) Little Guido defeated Mikey Whipwreck

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show starts off with footage of the Baldies wrestling Danny Doring and Roadkill. Doring hit a DDT on DeVito after avoiding Angel in the corner. Simon Diamond and Swinger attacked Roadkill on the floor to leave Doring by himself in the ring. Doring is driven down with a double flapjack and is pinned by the Baldies. That’s a big win for the Baldies even with the interference, which wasn’t directly into the ring. After the match, New Jack’s music hits, but we get the opening video package. We return to Jack smashing Angel on the groin with a chain. Jack goes to the top rope with a chair and smashes Angel over the head to earn a three count. I don’t think that’s a match, but apparently it was an impromptu street fight.

2.) Joey Styles says we’ll see controversial footage that was censored by TNN.

3.) Lou E. Dangerously is in the ring and insults the fans as being cajun crack babies. Dangerously says the last time he was here the fans showed how rude they could really be. Dangerously didn’t pay to see the fans, but rather the fans paid to see him. Dangerously demands some respect until that changes. Dangerously tries to do his catchphrase, but is stopped by the fans. He threatens to leave with his stable, which the fans would welcome. Dangerously is able to deliver his catchphrase and introduces everyone in his group.

4.) Anderson shoves Kash into the corner and taunts him for a moment. Kash gets arm control on Anderson with a wrist lock, but Anderson counters quickly with a headlock. Kash is met with a shoulder block and tries for a hip toss. Anderson tosses Kash into the corner with a hip toss. Anderson taunts the fans, but Kash delivers a few strikes to gain the advantage. Kash elbows Anderson to the mat and ducks a clothesline. Kash hip tosses Anderson followed by a few arm drags. Anderson is sent to the floor following a dropkick and Kash hits a springboard dive to the floor as the show goes to commercial.

Electra has gotten on the apron and slaps Kash, but Kash recovers and pulls Electra into the ring. Anderson saves Electra by nailing Kash with a superkick. Anderson taunts the fans as Electra regroups on the floor. Anderson continues to work over Kash in the corner with stomps and strikes. Anderson focuses his attack on the left shoulder of Kash. Anderson stomps on the shoulder several times. Anderson hits a hammerlock sit out slam for a two count. Anderson sends Kash into the corner with a left hand strike. Anderson misses a clothesline and Kash hits a springboard axe handle. Anderson tosses Kash with an exploder suplex for a two count. Anderson chops Kash a few times in the corner and sends Kash shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Kash tries to fight back, but Anderson kicks Kash on the shoulder. Kash is sent shoulder first into the corner and Anderson hits a single arm DDT for a two count. Anderson keeps working over the shoulder, but misses a splash in the corner. Kash tries for a hurricanrana, but settles for a DDT managing a two count. Anderson plants Kash with a spinebuster for a near fall as Kash reaches the ropes. Dangerously accidentally smacks Anderson with the cellphone and Kash pins Anderson with a rollup. (**1/4. A competitive match with both men looking good in there. I like the finish to protect Anderson and Kash gaining some momentum for himself is a positive. The crowd seemed to respond well to both men, too.)

5.) The controversial footage is the rant by Paul Heyman where he completely shreds TNN for not promoting or supporting their show. They are giving 100 million dollars to the WWF. Heyman promised they’d need that money in court and that the war has just begun.

6.) Simon Diamond is in the ring reminding the fans they set an example on Doring and Roadkill earlier. Diamond proclaims they are not a comedy act.

7.) Chetti works over Diamond to start the tag match. Chetti backdrops Diamond coming off the ropes and connects with a scissors kick. Nova tags in and Diamond is met with a few kicks to the chest. Swinger tries to help and is knocked down. Nova hammers away on Diamond and avoids a dropkick. Swinger clotheslines Nova from the apron and Diamond superkicks Nova to the floor. Chetti is distracting the referee while Nova is beaten down on the floor. Swinger chokes Nova over the middle rope and Diamond keeps control with stomps to the ribs. Diamond and Swinger hit a side slam/reverse DDT combo for a near fall. Swinger plants Nova with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Diamond continues to hammer away on Nova, but Nova battles back with strikes. Nova boots Diamond in the corner and tries for a tornado DDT, but Diamond counters hitting the Simon Series. Nova connects with the Spin Doctor. Swinger and Chetti tag into the match with Chetti cleaning house. Chetti kicks Diamond and Swinger. Diamond decks Chetti from behind with strikes. Chetti heel kicks Diamond through the ropes to the floor. Swinger nails Chetti from behind and delivers a few strikes in the corner. Swinger dumps Chetti to the apron and knocks Chetti off the apron onto the railing chest first. Swinger hits a side Russian leg sweep on Nova for a two count. Doring and Roadkill have come out to attacking Diamond and Swinger for payback from earlier. Nova takes out the entourage of Diamond. Swinger works over Chetti with strikes in the corner. Chetti hits the Amityville Horror for the win. (**. It was not a shock for Doring and Roadkill to come out and get revenge for earlier. That seemed like a pretty obvious booking decision. I’m not big on Diamond and Swinger now losing their first two televised tag matches. They gotta get momentum fast or they won’t be a credible tag team moving forward and the division needs more credible teams.)

8.) Backstage, Tony Mamaluke meets up with Guido and Sal, but gets shoved down by Sal. Mamaluke apparently setup a match for Guido.

9.) Prior to the main event, Mikey Whipwreck sets the ring bell on fire.

10.) Guido stomps on Whipwreck to start the match followed by chops. Whipwreck tries for a tornado DDT, but Guido counters with a jawbreaker and middle rope dropkick for a two count. Guido stomps on Whipwreck and they trade chops. Whipwreck tries for a Whippersnapper, but settles for a drop toe hold into the ropes and a leg drop over the middle rope. Whipwreck misses Mamaluke and hits the railing chest first. Guido misses a clothesline and Whipwreck hits a powerbomb for a two count. Whipwreck sits Guido on the top rope looking for a suplex, but Mamaluke hits a hurricanrana off the top. Guido plants Whipwreck with an Un-Prettier to win the match. (NR. It’s a short match and a lackluster one at that. The crowd didn’t care about it.) After the match, Whipwreck hits a double Whippersnapper. Big Sal enters the match and splashes Whipwreck in the corner. Sal dumps lighter fluid on Whipwreck, but Balls Mahoney makes his way out for the save. Mahoney jabs Sal several times followed by a low blow and a chair shot. Sal stops Mahoney with a belly to belly suplex. Sal connects with a big splash.

11.) Footage from Hardcore Heaven is shown where Justin Credible hit Dawn Marie with the That’s Incredible. Dawn Marie will be at the ECW Arena to get her hands on Francine on July 8th.

Final Thoughts:
There wasn’t a lot of high profile performers on the show this week, but I’ll still consider this an average show with two matches having some quality action. The main takeaway from this episode was probably the “controversial” comments by Heyman regarding TNN. There wasn’t much advanced here, though.

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