WCW Saturday Night 6/29/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night

1.) Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Billy Kidman
2.) Jim Duggan defeated The Gambler
3.) John Tenta defeated Earl Robert Eaton
4.) Disco Inferno defeated Johnny Boone
5.) WCW Television Champion Lex Luger, Sting & Randy Savage defeated Meng, The Barbarian & Maxx

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Mysterio rolls over Kidman’s back and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count in the opening moments of the match. Mysterio arm drags Kidman out of a wheelbarrow and fakes a dive to the floor. Mysterio tries for a moonsault, but Kidman sidesteps the move. Kidman slams Mysterio and hits a slingshot leg drop for a two count. Kidman heads to the top hitting a crossbody for a near fall. Mysterio boots Kidman in the corner, but Kidman connects with a powerslam. Kidman is stopped on the top turnbuckle and Mysterio hits a victory roll off the top for the win. (**. That is one of the better under four minutes squash matches I’ve seen.)

2.) John Tenta is wrestling the match with his left eye bandaged due to the attack by Big Bubba on Nitro with a sock full of quarters. Eaton goes right after the eye in the corner with right hands, but is shoved away. Tenta knee lifts Eaton in the corner, but is stopped by an eye rake. Eaton misses a swinging neckbreaker and Tenta hits an elbow drop for the win. (DUD. I’m not entirely sure why I spent the time to watch this one, actually.)

3.) WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko cuts a promo saying that Disco Inferno needs to earn respect. Malenko doesn’t take lightly what Inferno did on Nitro. Malenko is giving Inferno a chance at the PPV to prove he can handle wrestling him in the ring.

4.) Sting and Meng kickoff the main event. Sting hammers away on Meng with right hands. Meng shoulder blocks Sting and gets a two count. Meng stomps on Sting before tagging in Sting. Barbarian slams Sting and misses an elbow drop. Luger tags in and Barbarian delivers a few elbow strikes. Luger backdrops Barbarian followed by a clothesline. Savage enters the match and locks up with Maxx, but is shoved into the corner. Savage boots Maxx and backs him into the corner. Savage jabs Maxx several times, but is met with a back elbow. Maxx side slams Savage to the mat. Maxx misses an elbow drop and Luger tags in. Luger clotheslines Maxx followed by a powerslam for a two count. Meng and Barbarian miss stereo top rope splashes hitting Maxx on accident. Savage dives off the top to elbow drop Maxx for the win. (*. Obviously just a showcase for the top faces involved in the PPV main event in just a couple of weeks.)

5.) Tony Schiavone interviews Sting, Lex Luger and Randy Savage. Sting says that Nitro was just a teaser. Sting calls them thugs trying to takeover WCW. Sting says they have only issued challenges and picked on commentators. Sting says they are in the jungle now. Luger chimes in and says that in time of war that everyone bonds together. They’ve all had their issues, but they are together to fight the Outsiders. Savage admits that he’s had his issues with Luger, but there is respect between them now. Savage says he’s the Macho Man and not the Nacho Man talking. They are going to take care of business at the PPV.

Final Thoughts:
Kind of a letdown week for Saturday Night. I mean, unless you’re a huge fan of Rey and Kidman there’s no reason to checkout this show. They are just progressing things to BATB.

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