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ECW Hardcore TV 6/18/2000

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Pittsburgh, PA

1.) Tajiri defeated Tony DeVito
2.) Mikey Whipwreck & Balls Mahoney defeated Little Guido & Big Sal
3.) Pierre Oulette defeated HC Loc
4.) Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) DeVito kicks Tajiri and delivers a snapmare to gain the advantage, but doesn’t followup on the mat. Tajiri kicks DeVito and slaps the back of his head on the mat after a snapmare. Tajiri leg sweeps DeVito and connects with a kick. DeVito gets an arm lock on Tajiri, but Tajiri quickly counters with a hammerlock. Tajiri locks in a submission, but the show goes to commercial.

During the commercial, Paul Heyman promotes an upcoming show at Poughkeepsie while also threatening TNN.

Tajiri is working over Angel in the tree of woe and hits a baseball slide. DeVito side slams Tajiri for a two count. DeVito continues to work over Tajiri with a dropkick. DeVito chokes Tajiri over the middle rope. Angel delivers a few cheap shots from the floor. Angel has a chair on the apron, but DeVito gets sent into the chair. Tajiri handspring kicks the chair into Angel’s face. DeVito plants Tajiri with a reverse DDT for a two count. Tajiri kicks DeVito, but is met with an elbow drop. DeVito leg drops Tajiri and argues with the referee. Angel enters and hits an F5 on Tajiri while the referee was distracted leading to a near fall. DeVito jabs Tajiri several times and kicks Tajiri to the floor. Angel works over Tajiri with strikes on the floor and Tajiri goes under the ring. Angel follows under the ring and Tajiri delivers a kick on the other side. DeVito takes both men out with a somersault dive to the floor! DeVito slams Tajrii and goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Tajiri hits a handspring back elbow and a kick to the face. Tajiri delivers another kick to the face. Tajiri beats on DeVito in the corner, but Angel punches Tajiri. DeVito has Tajiri for a powerbomb, but Tajiri mists Angel off the top and spikes DeVito with a brainbuster for the win. (**. I wasn’t all that interested in the match because it’s an odd matchup to begin with, but DeVito displayed some offense that I was not expecting, at all. So, this turned into a decent little match.)

2.) Outside, Sinister Minister is with Mahoney, Whipwreck and a few goth looking people. Minister talks about censorship and how some people would make you think watching ECW means you’re going to hell. Minister doesn’t believe in censorship and nor do the people with them. Prodigette was under the podium suggesting she was blowing Minister. Prodigy is pissed and they walk off while everyone is laughing.

3.) Backstage, Tony Mamaluke tells Big Sal they have a match against Mikey Whipwreck and someone else. Guido is pissed that Mamaluke is wearing an FBI shirt because he hasn’t earned it. Mamaluke says he will prove he’s FBI tonight.

4.) The Sandman has been sent to the hospital with a concussion. Raven has an ankle injury due to Anton’s Clap submission.

5.) Whipwreck and Mahoney start off going after Guido and Sal with right hands in the ring. Mahoney knocks Sal through the ropes to the floor. Mamaluke sends Whipwreck into the top turnbuckle chest first and delivers a few uppercuts. Mahoney hits Sal with a drink on the floor. Sal sends Mahoney back first into the corner. Mamaluke avoids the Whippersnapper, but not a swinging neckbreaker. Sal tosses Whipwreck into the crowd and chokes Mikey until Mahoney makes the save. Mamaluke dives off the top to take them out with a somersault dive. Whipwreck chokes Mamaluke with a shirt. Mikey sends Mamaluke over the railing into the crowd. Whipwreck brings Mamaluke back to the ring and hits a slingshot leg drop for a two count. Mikey goes to the top rope, but is shoved off by Sal from the apron. Sal splashes Whipwreck in the corner and chokes Whipwreck. Sal punches Whipwreck several times and Mamaluke tags in to choke Whipwreck on the mat. Mamaluke takes Whipwreck over with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Whipwreck side slams Mamaluke and tags in Mahoney. Mahoney drops Mamaluke with strikes a few times. Mahoney jabs Mamaluke several times and delivers a thumb to the eye. Mahoney hits a sit out spinebuster, but Sal makes the save on the cover. Mahoney jabs Sal several times followed by a low blow. Mahoney has a chair and smashes Sal over the head. Mahoney and Whipwreck hit a powerbomb/top rope clothesline combo on Mamaluke to earn the win. After the match, Little Guido enters the ring and hits the Kiss of Death on Whipwreck. Sal punches the chair into Mahoney’s face. Sal pummels Mahoney with right hands as Mahoney has been busted open. Mahoney is laid onto a table at ringside and Sal comes off the apron with a chair to hit an elbow drop through the table! (**1/2. The match was enjoyable as all four men did a good job. Mamaluke is incredibly underrated and fits in really well with ECW. I really like the idea of Whipwreck and Mahoney teaming up, too. The aftermath was done really well, as well.)

6.) Backstage, Bill Alfonso is with Rob Van Dam. RVD is pissed off and he has to do something with his negative energy. He’s coming to Milwaukee and he’s going to unleash his bad mood onto Rhino, Anton or even Jerry Lynn.

7.) Backstage, Jerry Lynn cuts a promo talking about Chicago show. Lynn is showing up to wrestle and not just shake hands. Lynn reminds us that he beat RVD and he’s the New F’n Show.

8.) Pierre Oulette is better known as Quebecer Pierre or PCO in 2022. Oulette attacks HC Loc, the referee and hits a Samoan Drop. Pierre connects with a sit out slam followed by a running powerbomb. Pierre heads to the top rope hitting a swanton bomb and makes his own cover and count. They treated that as an official match, apparently. Pierre in ECW could be awesome.

9.) Chetti, Nova and the Dangerous Alliance brawl on the floor before the main event started.

10.) Doring is met with a double elbow strike by Diamond and Swinger. Roadkill hits a top rope clothesline to gain control for his team. Roadkill hits a splash in the corner and Doring plays to the crowd. Roadkill plays to the crowd, and gets a good reception from the crowd. Tom Marquez powerbombs Doring while the referee was distracted and Diamond only manages a two count. Diamond stomps on Doring in the corner to keep control. Diamond connects with the Simon Series for another two count. Diamond argues with the referee and Doring almost wins with a rollup. Diamond misses a dropkick and Swinger clotheslines Doring. Swinger tags into the match and they hit a side slam/reverse DDT combo on Doring. Swinger continues with a back suplex and chokes Doring over the middle rope. Swinger drives Doring down with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Swinger chokes Doring over the top rope for a moment. Swinger and Marquez double team Doring until Roadkill makes the save. Doring misses a wild right and sends Swinger into Marquez. Doring connects with the Bareback.

Roadkill and Diamond are tagged in with Roadkill cleaning house hitting a side slam on Diamond. Roadkill plants Swinger with a TKO. Roadkill is crotched by Marquez on the top rope. Diamond hits a top rope hurricanrana for a two count as Doring makes the save. Doring and Roadkill hit the Lancaster Lariat of Lust for a two count on Swinger. Diamond makes the save on the cover. Diamond dumps Doring to the apron. Roadkill and Doring hit a wheelbarrow facebuster/middle rope leg drop for the win on Diamond. (**. I’m really starting to think that Diamond and Swinger are the favorites to win the tag titles after losing all these tag matches. That just seems to be something Heyman would want to do. It’s a decent match between these two teams. I really do like the Swinger/Diamond team. They just work well together.)

Final Thoughts:
The undercard guys delivered a quality show this week. The show flew by and it didn’t feature top guys in the ring. I’m liking the idea of Pierre in ECW as his style easily fits in with the promotion. The guys on the show took advantage of the exposure on TV this week. I enjoyed the episode.

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