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WWF Heat 12/17/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 12/17/2000
From: Little Rock, AR

1.) D’Lo Brown & Chaz defeated Too Cool
2.) Test defeated Bradshaw
3.) Road Dogg & K-Kwik defeated Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Outside the arena, Bubba Dudley tells Santa that he never liked him. After Bubba leaves, Santa gets on a phone and tells someone that “it’s going according to plan.”

2.) Dudley Boys appear on the stage at WWF New York. They greet the fans with “What’s Up” a few times and say they have come home for the holidays. D-Von says tonight it isn’t about tables, Right To Censor, Edge, Christian or the tag titles. This is about having a Dudleyville Christmas. Bubba says it’s always about the tables. Bubba doesn’t want to be right if putting people through tables is wrong. Santa comes onto the stage and suggests they put the tables away. Bubba insults Santa and Santa thinks they should take backstage about this. Bubba warns Santa against touching the tables or experience his holiday hell. Santa awkwardly walks off.

3.) Backstage, D-Von Dudley talks to Santa. D-Von says that Santa forgets Bubba every year. Santa admits that he’s made mistakes and wants to make it up to Bubba. D-Von lets Santa into the room.

4.) Tiger Ali Singh is in the ring with D’Lo Brown and Chaz. Singh says that the fans attitudes are beneath them. Singh gets cutoff by Too Cool.

5.) Chaz works over Hotty in the corner with right hands. Hotty gets out of a back suplex and ducks a clothesline to hit a forearm smash. Sexay comes off the ropes to hit the Hart Attack on Chaz. Sexay backdrops Brown and kicks Chaz. Singh drops Sexay throat first over the top rope. Chaz clotheslines Sexay and Brown enters to deliver a few strikes. Brown drops Sexay with more strikes and decks Hotty off the apron. Singh comes over and beats on Sexay with right hands. Brown sits Sexay on the top turnbuckle trying for a superplex. Sexay drops Brown to the mat and stands on the middle rope connecting with a clothesline. Chaz and Hotty get tagged in with Hotty cleaning house. Hotty plants Chaz with a neckbreaker for a two count. Brown is driven down with a double flapjack. Hotty comes off the ropes to bulldog Chaz and goes for the Worm. Hotty hits the Worm and Sexay tosses Singh into the ring. Hotty plants Singh with a bulldog. Brown sends Sexay into the railing and Hotty is met with a double powerbomb leading to the three count. (*1/2. I’m really not digging the direction they’ve gone with Brown and Chaz. This match would have been a bigger deal a few months ago, but again, Too Cool seems to be on the decline. Brown and Chaz can’t get momentum and seem to be stalled out.)

6.) Backstage, Bubba Dudley confronts Santa. Bubba complains about all the gifts he didn’t get through the years. Bubba is pissed that he had to buy Mick Foley’s book. D-Von suggests that Bubba give Santa a chance and he agrees.

7.) Backstage, Bubba and D-Von tell Santa that they want wood. Santa tells them they better be good and it’s for their own good. They look at Santa intently.

8.) Test hammers away on Bradshaw before the bell for the early advantage. Bradshaw shoulder blocks Test and delivers a few knee lifts and a clothesline in the corner. Bradshaw hits a back suplex to keep control. Bradshaw chops Test a few times followed by an arm breaker. Bradshaw continues to knee lift Test and runs into a back elbow. Test drops Bradshaw with a big boot. Test hammers away on Bradshaw on the mat. Test pummels Bradshaw with strikes on the mat. Albert chokes Bradshaw behind the referees back. Test continues to stomp on Bradshaw and hits a clothesline in the corner. Bradshaw shoulder blocks Test but is stopped by a low blow and DDT by Test for a near fall. Test takes Bradshaw over with a snap suplex for a two count. Bradshaw takes Test down with a swinging neckbreaker for a one count. Bradshaw big boots Test and continues with a forearm shot. Test misses a splash in the corner and Albert pulls Bradshaw to the floor. Faarooq brawls with Albert while Test gets a chair. Test smashes Bradshaw over the head while Trish distracted the referee and wins the match. (*. Considering the angle they’ve been doing with the APA having just returned, I was surprise to see Test get a win. Sure, it wasn’t clean by any means, but it continues their momentum.)

9.) Earlier today, Tazz and Dudley Boys were in the kitchen making food. Tazz continues to put random stuff into the meal. It’s just continued comedy, but it’s not funny.

10.) Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly and Molly Holly make their way down to the ring for a promo segment. Molly wishes everyone a Merry Christmas on behalf of the Holly family. Hardcore tells Crash to shut up. Hardcore reminds Crash of Thanksgiving and getting the turkey leg out of his ass. Hardcore doesn’t care about any of the crap they are talking about. Crash isn’t afraid of Hardcore and wants to hit Hardcore, but instead sings. Hardcore grabs Crash by the neck. Taka Michinoku and and Funaki come out. Taka “speaks” as the voiceover guy asks if they can fight. Taka wants to make them pay for their actions. Molly asks if they are challenging them and they say they are. Crash and Hardcore knock Taka and Funaki down with right hands. Molly delivers a clothesline to Funaki. Hardcore hits a top rope leg drop onto Taka. The bell had sounded, but this wasn’t a match. Hardcore wishes everyone a happy holiday and new year.

11.) Backstage, Santa wants the Dudley Boys to meet his elves. Santa tells them that tables are bad. Santa tries to convince the Dudley’s that Road Dogg and K-Kwik are bad people, too.

12.) Buchanan and Kwik kickoff the tag team main event. Buchanan knee lifts Kwik followed by a few strikes for the early advantage. Buchanan staggers on a few shoulder blocks, but Kwik hits a head scissors. Buchanan eye rakes Kwik and tags in Goodfather. Kwik drop toe holds Goodfather followed by strikes. Dogg gets tagged in and decks Buchanan to the mat followed by a double elbow drop. Goodfather misses a clothesline and Dogg delivers a few jabs. Goodfather clotheslines Dogg from behind to send him to the floor. Buchanan clotheslines Dogg on the floor and Dogg continues to be beaten down. Goodfather tries for a cover, but Dogg refuses to stay down. Buchanan chokes Dogg over the middle rope and enters the match to put a sleeper on Dogg. Dogg boots Buchanan in the corner and they collide on stereo clotheslines. Kwik gets tagged in and hammers away on Buchanan. Kwik nails Buchanan with a leaping forearm. Dogg and Goodfather brawl in the ring, too. Buchanan tosses Kwik to the floor where Kwik decks Richards. Kwik dumps Goodfather to the floor. Dogg lifts Buchanan up and allows Kwik to deliver a heel kick for the win. After the match, RTC enter the ring and attack Dogg and Kwik. Buchanan hits a scissors kick on Dogg and Goodfather planted Kwik with a backbreaker. (*1/2. That’s another huge upset win on Heat. That’s been a trend on Heat in recent weeks. It gives Kwik and Dogg an important tag team win to make them look like a worthwhile team. I wouldn’t expect them to do much of anything, though.)

13.) Tazz left commentary to go handle something, apparently. Tazz tells the Dudley Boys they will continue to put people through tables. Bubba and D-Von leave with Tazz. Tazz threatens Santa and leaves. Santa gets on the phone and says they have to use plan b.

14.) Tazz is on the stage and introduces the Dudley Boys. Bubba plays the piano and sings “Deck The Halls” with the fans. Santa comes out and tries to attack Tazz, but Santa is knocked out. Bubba gets Santa and powerbombs him through a table. They continue to sing to close the program.

Final Thoughts:
The Santa/Dudley’s segments were not enjoyable and were rather lackluster. None of the matches really stood out, either. I’d consider this a skippable episode.

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