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Rebooking The WWF: Week 14, 1995

WWF RAW 4/3/1995
1. King Yokozuna defeated Chris Kanyon & Barry Horowitz in a handicap match in 0:45 when Yokozuna pinned Horowitz after a Bonzai Drop. After the match, Yokozuna takes both men out with a second Bonzai Drop. Jim Cornette continues to yell out “Diesel” and Yokozuna responds with continually yelling “Bonzai”.
2. Kings Cort w/ Rick Martel: Jerry Lawler hosts the segment, as per usual. Lawler notes that his guest this week as a reveal of a new tag partner that he believes will assist him in reclaiming a championship. Lawler introduces his guest, Rick Martel. Martel is met with a positive reaction, which has been the case for several months now. Martel tells Lawler for the last several months his career has been in a downward spiral. Ever since Tamara ditched him for the homeless looking Brian Lee, Martel hasn’t been able to get any positive traction. Martel thinks he knows why that is. Lawler wants to know too. Well, Martel thinks it is because he’s been listening to the fans. That leads the fans to instantly turn on him. Martel has been looking around all over the world to find himself a tag team partner as he looks to get some gold around his waist. Luckily, Martel found him. In fact, it’s someone that has competed in the WWF years ago. Martel introduces… PAUL ROMA! Roma makes his way out with a cocky smirk and asks the camera “did you miss me?” Roma gets in the ring and embraces his new friend, Martel. Martel says that what we are looking at is the team known as Role Models. Martel says they are going to be showing everyone who they should aspire to be. “Because, I can tell nobody in the crowd is happy with themselves. You all have no class.” Roma chimes in and says he’s ready to dominate the WWF with Rick Martel and win the tag titles. Lawler hypes up the new team as they pose for the crowd, who is giving them good heel reaction.
3. Adam Bomb Vignette: A vignette promoting a new superstar known as Adam Bomb is shown. Bomb is a large man at 6’6’’ 280 is one of the survivors from the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown in the late 70s. Bomb’s eyes are green and has a dark red tongue. Bomb says that the WWF can’t prepare for this explosion.
4. Owen Hart defeated Bob Holly in 4:53 with the Sharpshooter.
5. Hakushi defeated Steve Lombardi in 2:06 following a top rope moonsault. After the match, Jim Cornette came down to ringside to seemingly recruit Hakushi.
6. Diesel Interview: Vince McMahon is quite excited to introduce the new WWF World Champion, Diesel for an interview. Diesel makes his way out and is met with a great reaction as he holds the championship in the air. McMahon puts over Diesel for accomplishing the impossible and powerbombing Yokozuna last night at WrestleMania. Diesel proves that anyone that is met with the Jackknife stays down for the three count. This is a new era and it’s the era of Big Daddy Cool. Diesel knows that Yokozuna has a rematch clause and he’s ready to give him a rematch whenever he wants it. He doesn’t think it matters when that happens because the same result is going to happen. Diesel will defend the championship against anyone at anytime and he’s determined to go down as the greatest WWF World Champion!
7. Randy Savage defeated Hughie The Clown by disqualification in 5:09 when Doink attacked Savage.
8. Kama Vignette: A vignette promoting a new wrestler, Kama, is aired. Kama is shown hitting a punching bag and causing it to explode. Kama claims to have been kicked out of MMA, and now he’s coming to the WWF to destroy anyone that gets in his way.
9. Jeff Jarrett Interview: Jim Ross interviews Jeff Jarrett who has the steel chain from last night wrapped around his fist. Jarrett says that he outsmarted Ramon and got a win on the biggest stage the WWF has to offer. Jarrett also points out how his former Dynasty members Ric Flair and Arn Anderson haven’t been seen and they might not ever comeback because the Undertaker took them out. Jarrett thinks he was always the leader of the Dynasty and he wouldn’t ever runaway from a challenge. Jarrett declares himself the new leader of the Dynasty, without consulting Scott Norton.
10. Rick Steiner defeated Paul Stevens in 2:14 following a middle rope bulldog.
11. Ron Simmons & The Movement Interview: Vince McMahon introduces Ron Simmons and the WWF Tag Team Champions Carlos Vega and Tatanka for an interview. Vega and Tatanka are celebrating Ron for his victory at WrestleMania XI against Hulk Hogan. Simmons tells McMahon that nobody thought he’d win last night against Hogan and that everyone should feel ashamed for doubting him. Simmons believes he’s the best singles wrestler and that Vega/Tatanka proved they are the greatest tag team to ever compete in professional wrestling. They are the Movement and the final stage of their goal is to win the WWF World Championship. Simmons believes he has ended the myth of Hulkamania and now he’s going to end the new era of Big Daddy Cool. “The real new era is going to be the era of the Movement and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”
12. Razor Ramon defeated Scotty Anton in 2:33 following the Razors Edge.
13. Psycho Sid defeated John Bradshaw in a no disqualification match in 7:43 after hitting a powerbomb through a table.

WWF Superstars 4/8/1995
1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defeated Barry Horowitz in 5:03 following a Frankensteiner.
2. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated AJ Fatal in 3:15 following the Pedigree. Prior to the match, Helmsley threw down a towel similar to Mr. Perfect’s signaling the end of his career.
3. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Mark Thomas in 3:55 following a diving headbutt.
4. Razor Ramon defeated Greg Valentine in 6:11 following the Razors Edge. During the match, Jeff Jarrett cut a pre-tape promo saying he didn’t use a chain to beat Ramon. He’s the new leader of the Dynasty and nobody will stop him from winning the World Championship.
5. WWF Tag Team Champion Carlos Vega defeated Mo in 4:19 following a spinning heel kick.





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