ECW Hardcore TV 7/2/2000

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV

1.) Nova & Chris Chetti defeated EZ Money & Julio Fantastico
2.) Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond defeated Bill Wiles & CW Anderson and Danny Doring & Roadkill in an elimination match
3.) Kid Kash defeated Steve Corino

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Cyrus and ECW Television Champion Rhino cut a promo. Rhino is focused on Sandman and says he’s done playing with him at the PPV. Sandman means nothing to him and at the PPV he’s done playing with Sandman. Rhino promises that Sandman will die remembering Rhino.

2.) Money and Nova kickoff the tag match. Money shoulder blocks Nova and delivers right hands against the ropes. Nova backdrops Fantastico and head scissors Julio while keeping a headlock on Money. Nova head scissors Money to the floor and fakes a dive. Julio is worked over by Nova in the corner and Chetti tags into the match. Nova double knee strikes Julio and Chetti connects with a side kick. Hamrick distracts Chetti allowing Money to deliver a slingshot somersault clothesline. Julio dropkicks Chetti for a two count. Chetti hammers away on Julio, but is stopped by a swinging neckbreaker. Money tags in and keeps control on Chetti with strikes. Money kicks Chetti and delivers a running dropkick. Money taunts the crowd and hits a standing moonsault for a two count on Chetti as the show goes to commercial.

Chetti plants Julio with a sit out back suplex. Money and Nova are tagged in with Nova cleaning house. Nova hits a powerbomb/elbow drop combo on Julio. All four men are in the ring at this point. Chetti takes Money over with a vertical suplex and Nova is crotched on the top by Hamrick. Julio spin kicks Chetti and goes to the top rope missing a moonsault. Nova nails Julio with a swanton bomb for a two count as Money makes the save. Chetti hits a sit out Death Valley Driver and goes to the top with Nova. They hit the Tidal Eave on Money for the win. (**1/2. Alright, so it looks like Money and Julio are another new tag team to the division and I support it. I enjoyed the contest and appreciate the clean finish for Chetti and Nova. I could see Chetti and Nova winning the tag titles.)

3.) Backstage, Sinister Minister is with Mikey Whipwreck and Whipwreck says there’s a girl in the room that is special. Minister is not believing Whipwreck. Minister opens the door and it’s Gorgeous George sexually dancing. Minister can’t believe it and is trying to regain his composure. George is the WCW person that has defected. Whipwreck does a Macho Man impression.

4.) Backstage, the Dangerous Alliance is walking in a stairway. Dangerously promises they will show they are the best tag team going today. Simon Diamond, Swinger and their entourage are there, too. Diamond cheap shots Wiles and Anderson just walks off not helping his partner. Diamond smashes Wiles on the arm with a chair shot against the wall. Wiles is screaming in agony. Diamond says that is how they solve their problems.

5.) Backstage, Raven is sitting somewhere cutting a promo on Scotty Anton. Raven says that Anton’s fifteen minutes of fame are coming to an end. Raven recalls blinding Anton in WCW and allowed Anton to worship his alter of pain. Raven says the darkness of people don’t scare him. Raven says when you only see darkness that is when you’ll see Raven.

6.) Wiles and Anderson attack Diamond and Swinger on the aisle to start the elimination match. Wiles is all taped up from the attack and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Diamond in the ring. Doring and Roadkill come running out to join the match. Doring and Roadkill get a good pop from the crowd. Doring takes the heels out on the floor with a dive. Roadkill goes to the top rope, but Anderson yanks Roadkill down from behind. Anderson decks Roadkill over the back. Anderson runs into a body strike by Roadkill. Roadkill hits an elbow drop off the middle rope. Diamond hammers away on Roadkill with strikes, but Roadkill hits a side slam on Diamond. Swinger takes Roadkill down with a side Russian leg sweep. Swinger beats on Wiles injured arm against the ropes. Swinger is clotheslined by Doring and Wiles. Doring works over Wiles injured arm with stomps. Anderson tosses Doring with an exploder suplex for a two count. Wiles accidentally nails Anderson with a phone. Anderson plants Wiles with the spinebuster, but may have been unaware. Roadkill and Doring hit a wheelbarrow/leg drop combo to eliminate Wiles for the first elimination. Anderson decks everyone with left hands to leave them all laying. Anderson walks off pissed off.

Diamond works over Doring against the ropes with strikes. Diamond and Swinger hit a side slam/reverse DDT on Doring, but the referee is distracted. Doring continues to be double teamed. Roadkill hits a top rope double clothesline. Prodigy enters to clothesline Roadkill and Prodigette misses a top rope moonsault attempt. Doring hits the Bareback on her and the Lancaster Lariat on Prodigy. Roadkill slams Diamond to the mat and splashes Swinger in the corner. Doring leaps off the top to hit a leg drop on Diamond. Roadkill goes to the top rope, but shoved off by Swinger and Roadkill falls through a table at ringside. Diamond has a chair and is kicked by Doring. Doring is sent into the ropes and is met with the Problem Solver leading to a three count for Diamond. (**1/2. This was a solid three way match and I’m glad that Swinger and Diamond finally won a tag match. I think it’s especially good that they beat two other teams in the process to winning the matches. Giving all the teams some momentum is fantastic and prevents an obvious winner from being too predictable.)

7.) Francine cut a promo saying that she refused to wrestle Jazz tonight. Jazz ended up coming out and threatened Francine saying she’s going to kick her ass. However, ECW World Champion Justin Credible attacked Jazz from behind to help Francine. Tommy Dreamer ran down to the ring save Jazz and run the heels off. I’m sure there is mixed tag matches on the house show market. Actually, this is apparently footage of a mixed tag match that had happened in Milwaukee. It’s kind of a bummer to get a clipped version of this. In the end, Dreamer hit a cutter on Credible to win the match. Jazz brought barbed wire to the ring, but Steve Corino and Jack Victory attacked Jazz on the floor. Credible whacks Dreamer with a few kendo stick shots on the floor. Dreamer has been busted wide open. Credible brings Dreamer back into the ring with the barbed wire. Credible hits That’s Incredible on the barbed wire! Credible puts Francine on top of Dreamer and counts the pin.

8.) Backstage, Jazz has barbed wire and says she happens to like it a little rougher. Jazz says that implants don’t impress her. Jazz says that she will make Francine drown in her own blood if she gets in her business one more time. Jazz will show just how extreme she can get.

9.) Backstage, ECW World Champion Justin Credible cuts a promo about how it would be awful if Sandman won the title. Credible talks about all the people he has turned on to get where he is. Credible is going to fight for his life next week against Sandman to remain the title. Francine delivers Credible’s catchphrase. Credible can’t help himself and does it too.

10.) Corino backs Kash into a corner, but cleanly backs off. Corino tries to cheap shot Kash, but Kash blocks with a right hand. They trade wrist control for a few moments. Corino gets a hammerlock on Kash, but Kash counters. Corino arm drags Kash and they have a standoff. Kash doesn’t shake hands and instead flips Corino off. Corino kicks Kash and they trade chops in the middle of the ring. Corino shoulder blocks Kash and is met with a few arm drags by Kash. Corino punches Kash several times and sends Kash to the floor. Kash pulls Corino over the top rope and drops Corino face first to the mat. They trade a few more chops. Kash dropkicks Corino and clotheslines Corino over the top to the floor. Kash hits a somersault dive to the floor onto Corino and Victory on the aisle. Kash sends Corino over the railing into the crowd. Kash plays to the crowd in the ring and goes back to stomping on Corino. Kash chops Corino against the ropes. Corino plants Kash with a powerslam for a two count. Corino continues to stomp on Kash in the corner and Victory delivers a cheap shot from the floor.

Corino keeps control of the match with strikes in the corner. Victory chokes Kash while the referee is distracted by Corino. Corino sends Kash into the corner a few times and delivers a backbreaker for a two count. Kash gets distracted by Victory again and is decked by Corino from behind. Victory drops Kash chest first over the guard railing. Corino continues to work over Kash with strikes on the floor. Corino goes for a cover, but Kash kicks out at two. Corino sends Kash into the corner and is met with a boot. Kash hits a moonsault off the top, but Corino hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Kash chops Corino to the mat and manages a two count. Kash springboards off the ropes to crossbody Corino for a two count. Kash clotheslines Corino a few times. Kash backdrops Corino coming off the ropes for a two count. Kash has a double under hook on Corino. Victory tries to get involved, but fails. Corino almost wins with a rollup. Corino and Kash trade rollup attempts. Kash tries for a backslide and nearly wins the match. They trade chops again and Kash wins the match with an inside cradle. (**. This is an upset win for Kash and one that I was not expecting. I believe they said that Kash is undefeated in ECW, so I guess that makes sense to keep that streak. It was a decent match, but to some extent their styles didn’t mesh the best.)

Final Thoughts:
A strong episode of Hardcore TV as we got a lot of feature players and a few solid matches. I really liked the incorporation of the advancing feud between Credible and Dreamer. Adding a layer with Jazz and Francine may be a little repetitive to previous angles, but I think it helps here anyway. This was an enjoyable episode of Hardcore TV and added interest for Heatwave 2000.

Thanks for reading.

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