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WCW Main Event 2/25/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event:
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Blue Bloods (Eaton & Taylor) defeated Brad & Steve Armstrong
2.) Nasty Boys defeated Public Enemy

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Steve and Taylor kickoff the tag match with Taylor tossing Steve to the mat in the early moments of the match. Taylor arm drags Steve to the mat and keeps arm control. Taylor counters a hip toss with a rolling arm drag. Taylor keeps arm control for a few moments. Steve tries to break free with a head scissors, but Taylor blocks it and tosses Steve to the mat. Steve takes Taylor down to the mat for a moment and they have a standoff. Taylor trips Steve to the mat, but Brad gets tagged in. Taylor uppercuts Brad and rams Brad into the corner. Eaton tags in and delivers a backbreaker. Eaton stomps on Brad followed by strikes to the chest. Brad punches Eaton a few times and tags in Steve. Steve backdrops Eaton and decks Taylor off the apron. Steve hits a top rope flying clothesline. Eaton accidentally collides with Regal on the apron leading to a near fall. Regal gets on the apron and decks Steve with a left hand allowing Eaton to get the pin for the win. (*1/2. Not a bad little match, which I was surprised to see the Blue Bloods win. I had a feeling that maybe the Armstrong Brothers were going to pull this one out.)

2.) The Nasty Boys vs. Public Enemy match took place at a WCW Nitro show taped before the live broadcast.

3.) All four men start going at it in the main event. Rock is sent to the floor by Sags and Grunge is tossed out by Knobs. Sags tosses Rock into the ring and rams Rock into the corner face first. Knobs splashes Rock and Sags delivers a clothesline in the corner. Rock is rubbed into Knobs arm pit for Pity City. Grunge decks Knobs from behind allowing a running headbutt strike by Rock. Grunge tags into the match and works over Knobs in the corner with right hands. Grunge rubs Knobs face over the top rope. Knobs is met with a double back elbow strike by the Public Enemy. Rock is nailed by Knobs coming off the ropes. Sags enters the match and decks Grunge to the floor. Sags shoulder blocks Rock, but Grunge pulls the ropes down to dump Sags to the floor. Sags is sent into the guard railing shoulder first. Grunge delivers a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Sags is dropped over the top rope by Rock. Grunge chokes Sags over the middle rope. Rock hits a springboard moonsault for a two count on Sags. Sags bails to the floor, but Grunge delivers an axe handle and rams Sags into the railing. Rock knee drops Sags to maintain control of the match. Sags is met with a double clothesline. Rock tries to slam Sags, but Sags blocks it. Rock goes to the top rope, but Sags got his boot up. Grunge knee lifts Sags from behind, but Knobs enters the match and cleans house with clotheslines. Rock decks Knobs from behind, but Knobs hits a double facebuster. Sags is sent into the railing by Rock. Rock accidentally senton splashes his partner and Knobs pins Grunge while Rock awkwardly stands in the ring. (*1/2. The match was okay, but the finish was rather awkward with Rock clearly being able to break the pin, but Sags must have missed his spot to pull Rock out of the ring. I prefer these two teams to wrestle in a stipulation rather than a regular tag match.)

4.) Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Booty Man cut a promo to end the show. Hogan says they aren’t nice anymore and Nitro will have a war of all the wars. Hogan predicts a seek and destroy mission. Hogan predicts a secret weapon to blow them out of the WCW. Savage says they are going to put them in a world of shock. Hogan says they are fighting for their souls and not any titles. Booty Man enters the scene and talks about surviving Sullivan and betraying the Horsemen. Hogan says that Booty fears no man and feels no pain.

Final Thoughts:
An average episode of WCW Main Event this week with the feature matches being okay and they promoted Nitro fairly well.

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