ECW Hardcore TV 7/9/2000

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV

1.) Chilly Willy defeated EZ Money
2.) Kid Kash defeated Bill Wiles
3.) Rob Van Dam defeated Little Guido

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Money hammers away on Willy with right hands in the corner to start the match. Money runs into a clothesline in the corner. Willy plants Money with a Samoan Drop and a few more forearms. Willy plants Money with a spinebuster for a two count. Money rams Willy into the corner face first and connects with a somersault clothesline from the apron. Money comes off the ropes to deliver a dropkick and hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Money stops Willy and hits a powerbomb. Money connects with a top rope moonsault for a near fall. Money misses a clothesline and is nailed by Willy’s backside. Chris Hamrick is on the apron and gets knocked off to the floor. Willy hits a twisting sit out vertical suplex for the win. (*1/2. Money did a good job displaying some solid offense and that held my interest. These two had a fine quick match that seemingly did it’s job to get the crowd amped up a little bit.)

2.) Paul Heyman is hyping up Joel Gertner to promote the Manhattan show. It’s going to be bigger than their Queens shows.

3.) Backstage,, Cyrus says that Sandman has a lot of heat with the Network. ECW TV Champion Rhino chimes in and says that Sandman comes in smoking and drinking. Sandman is crying over his crippled wife. Rhino is coming into the match as the champion and Sandman will go home a loser. Rhino says that Sandman will have to kill him to take it away from him. Rhino is willing to kill to keep the belt.

4.) Paul Heyman continues to tell Gertner about the Manhattan show, which will be at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

5.) Wiles arm drags Kash to the mat and Kash returns the move leading to a standoff. Kash shoulder blocks Wiles and hits a tilt a whirl head scissors. Kash arm drags Wiles followed by a dropkick to the floor. Kash takes Wiles out with a somersault dive to the floor, which Wiles failed to catch him on as the show goes to commercial.

They collide in the middle of the ring and both men remain down for a few moments. Kash chops Wiles a few times and delivers a clothesline. Kash backdrops Wiles coming off the ropes. Wiles begs off in the corner and sends Kash into the corner shoulder first. Kash spikes Wiles with a tornado DDT, but the referee is distracted by Electra. Wiles almost wins with a cheap rollup. Kash hits a standing hurricanrana and pins Wiles for the win. (*. Kash remains undefeated in his ECW career. Kash had a few fun moves, but this wasn’t all that thrilling largely because of Wiles for me.)

6.) Guido takes RVD down to the mat to start the match, but RVD counters until Guido reaches the ropes and bails to the floor. RVD ducks a clothesline and forearms Guido. Guido takes RVD down with a fireman’s carry and they have a standoff. Guido shoves RVD in the corner and yells at RVD. RVD blocks a kick and tries for a back suplex, but Guido counters and gets a rollup on RVD leading to standoff. RVD misses a kick and spin kicks Guido to the mat. RVD springboards off the ropes, but Guido locks in an arm bar. RVD reaches the ropes to break the hold. Guido beats on RVD with strikes and chops against the ropes. RVD press slams Guido followed by a standing moonsault. RVD plays to the crowd and hits a middle rope splash for a two count. RVD plants Guido with a front suplex and a handspring splash for a near fall. Guido gets out of a slam attempt and drives RVD down to the mat with a reverse DDT. Guido delivers a dropkick for a two count. Guido stomps on RVD in the corner to maintain control of the contest. Guido runs into a boot and shoves RVD off the ropes to the floor onto the guard railing. Big Sal splashes RVD against the railing! Guido hits a middle rope leg drop to drive RVD to the mat and delivers a knee drop. Guido brings a chair into the ring and connects with a slingshot leg drop onto the chair for a near fall.

Guido continues with strikes against the ropes and shoulder rams in the corner. RVD is driven down to the mat face first, but kicks out on the cover attempt. Guido leg drops RVD again and smashes RVD with a chair. Guido hits a back suplex onto the chair for a two count. Guido stands on Sal’s shoulders to hit an elbow drop. Sal delivers an elbow drop, as well. Guido tries for a cover, but RVD kicks out at two. RVD lifts Guido into the air and connects with a dropkick. RVD spin kicks Sal off the apron. RVD gets out of the Kiss of Death and kicks a chair into Guido’s head after Alfonso tossed a chair into the ring. RVD monkey flips Guido onto a chair and plays to the crowd. RVD shoulder rams Guido in the corner and delivers an atomic drop. RVD dropkicks a chair into Guido in the corner. RVD plays to the crowd. RVD connects with the rolling thunder on a chair over Guido’s body. RVD pulls Guido to the middle of the ring to get a two count. RVD sits Guido on the top turnbuckle to deliver right hands. Guido hits a side Italian leg sweep off the middle rope for a two count. Guido leg drops RVD before going to the middle rope. RVD kicks Guido on the top turnbuckle. RVD forearms Guido several times and drops Guido groin first over the top rope. RVD kicks Guido and kicks a chair into Guido’s face on the top rope. Tony Mamaluke is hit with a chair, as well. RVD heads to the top rope and hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. (***1/4. This was far more competitive than I was expecting and I thought they did a great job. Guido looked great and RVD gave him a lot of offense. These are the kinds of matches that showcase the value that Guido brings and that he could be elevated up the card and work well if given the chance. A nicely done match with quality action throughout.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a decent episode with a strong main event saving the episode from feeling like a complete filler week. They’ve been doing a good job promoting Heatwave and it seems like a PPV I’d be inclined to actually purchase.

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